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Please discuss the coming changes for Earth and Humanity, for the greatest good of all concerned.

The Light Council of Seven

We welcome you our friends in Light. Speaking to you first will be the Light Council of Seven. We will acknowledge to you that there have been many signs in the celestial heavens coming to your reality. Many of you have inquired about the meaning of light manifestations and crop circles, which you interpret as coming from extra-terrestrial sources. There are many layers of explanation of these things. We will focus on the aspect of explaining the incoming energies for the greatest good of earth and humanity.

On June 8, 2005, there was a sighting of seven lights over Phoenix, Arizona, recorded on video and available for you to view on the internet. As a way of simple introductory explanation, we will tell you that the configuration of lights that you have seen is a representation of the seven sisters of the Pleiades. It is also a manifestation of the seven major planetary systems coming to aid and assist in the transformation of humanity to its full place of honor in the Plan of Light. This is a most auspicious time and a long awaited transition.

Intersecting Realities

As sentient beings of Light, we are the very pinnacle of diplomacy. This you will see and begin to experience as we intersect with your mental grids, first of all, your emotional grids, secondly and then last of all, but certainly, as you say, not least, your physical realities. We have on all of humanity been working for many years on the spiritual level grids of consciousness. We have appeared in this spiritual level of your reality very frequently. Now, there have been many, many attempts to block our work. This we acknowledge and hail, as part of the intersecting reality shift. You see, when so much change is shifting from the energetic center of probability, to possibility, to finally, reality, there will be much plotting and counter-activities on the side of the status quo, which happen to be those in power as was discussed in the discourse you received two weeks ago. You will know that the two power centers anchoring the status quo in the United States are in Washington and in Hollywood. These centers are in their own way, waging a war against the emerging new reality and will kick and scream all the way down the path of those things which are soon to be relegated to the past and the annals of history.

Light Constructions as the precipitator of the New Reality

The reality shift, is occurring throughout the world, but it is at this time, is very visible in Phoenix and a few other locations because of the massive grids of light under construction in this areas. The light grids and sacred geometrical forms have been brought in by you, the lightworkers, in great intentionality. Merkabas, vortices, grids, repaired ley lines and crystal matrices have been restored. This work has been carried on by many, including those who have been working one-on-one with individuals in the healing and vibrational shifting modalities, the new “medicines of light”. We give great thanks to all those of you who have been activating this new way. Because of your work, many physical localities have achieved what we call the “Critical Area of Mass Light Consciousness”. We would like all of you, no matter where you find your physical location, to participate in this great awakening and the vision that will come to all open to receive on the Summer Solstice, 12 days from now.

The Light Network of Ascension and the Holy Grail return to Earth

This is a reminder of what we have described to you before: the LNA will be activated. The LNA is the Light Network of Ascension. This is a much stronger and vibrant force than anything you know up to this point. It is greater than DNA, RNA and the light grid currently in place, known as the earth’s “crystal matrix of accelerated light.” We wish for you to prepare a place in your hearts, the center of your beings, a space for anchoring in the LNA on the summer solstice. We wish for you to enter into sacred communication with your highest of high selves, preparing the temple within, becoming ready to activate, accept and acknowledge the return to humanity, of the Holy Grail. We are so very honored to bring this to you. There are many messengers of Light, preparing to go forth and share this. This great gift to humanity is open to all who ask, who seek and who have held forth in the long dark night of the human soul, as lights to the world.

Thank you for this opportunity to speak to you.
The Light Council of Seven.

6-11-04 continuing

An Explanation of the Return of the Holy Grail

Yes. We welcome you again and give thanks for your return to this discourse, for herein, we will provide you with an explanation of the Holy Grail and what its return to humanity signifies, both as an energetic gift and as a spiritual gift. There is much written and speculated about the Holy Grail in your reality. We will give you some background from our perspective in order to place this transformational symbol and gift into right order. For this, we are calling upon the consciousness of Sananda.

Sananda speaks of Divinity Within

Thank you my friends in Light. I AM Sananda. From the pinnacle of the One Most High, I speak to those of you who will listen. I am so doing for you have asked, and by Divine Law, when you ask, so shall you be answered. This Law is a fundamental law operating to shift all realities to align with the higher reality of Light and Love. Once the return of the grail comes to earth in 11 days, you will no longer need to struggle with the veil of separation from the Source. For those of you willing to open your hearts, the Source will be within. You will no longer feel the urge to look outside of yourself for your divinity. You all know that this is true, but still, have spent many long years searching for answers. I will have you know that while this spiritual principle of divinity within is accepted knowledge, it is a much different thing to experience, in an integrated way, this gift directly in your own heart through the Holy Grail. You will feel this difference.

So many of you have struggled with the work of being the divine self. You have heard this, you have meditated on this, and you have even had small glimpses and feelings of this state of One-ness. You know in your hearts and minds that you are meant, in your energy make-up, to be one with the Creator, to be a co-creator and to respect yourself as coming from the Creator, thus, part of the Divine Mind. But you have been several steps removed from the energetics of this, and thus, have struggled and labored on, feeling more often than not, separated, alone and abandoned.

Removal of the Holy Grail

We will tell you why this is so, that in spite of yourselves, you have had difficulty with this “reality”. The Holy Grail was removed from the planet 144 years after the birth of Christ, or 105 years after his ascension. This was done in protection of the Holy Grail and to preserve the purity of this gift for humanity at a time, which is now, that could be of greatest use in the ascension of the planet and in the healing of hearts of human-kind.

The Holy Grail – the Heart of the Cosmos

What is the Holy Grail? Is it a cup? Is it a bloodline? Is it a symbol of Christ? Is it a quest of the Self? It is all of these things and none of these things, our friends in light.

The Holy Grail is the energetic connecting point of each human heart to the Heart of the Cosmos. It is an actual light body which contains spiritually centered and attuned light, coming from the Source, which attunes you to Oneness at all times. So with this energy installed into your heart center, you have no need to access being at-one, through any technique or meditation or prayer or activity. It is the divine birthright of all humanity coming back to reality. Once accepted into your heart, you are Home, in this moment of Now, at all times. We will return to this in several moments, but first, I will describe to you what transpired in order that the Holy Grail was removed from humanity in 144 A.D.

(Note from Ronna: Historical background- this comes from a Christian History website so it is slanted and biased:)
Ironically, the process of collecting and consolidating Scripture was launched when a rival sect produced its own quasi-biblical canon. Around 140 a Gnostic leader named Marcion began spreading a theory that the New and Old Testaments didn't share the same God. Marcion argued that the Old Testament's God represented law and wrath while the New Testament's God, represented by Christ, exemplified love. As a result Marcion rejected the Old Testament and the most overtly Jewish New Testament writings, including Matthew, Mark, Acts, and Hebrews. He manipulated other books to downplay their Jewish tendencies. Though in 144 the church in Rome declared his views heretical, Marcion's teaching sparked a new cult. Challenged by Marcion's threat, church leaders began to consider earnestly their own views on a definitive list of Scriptural books including both the Old and New Testaments.
Another rival theology nudged the church toward consolidating the New Testament. During the mid- to late-second century, a man from Asia Minor named Montanus boasted of receiving a revelation from God about an impending apocalypse. The four Gospels and Paul's epistles achieved wide circulation and largely unquestioned authority within the early church but hadn't yet been collected in a single authoritative book. Montanus saw in this fact an opportunity to spread his message, by claiming authoritative status for his new revelation. Church leaders met the challenge around 190 and circulated a definitive list of apostolic writings that is today called the Muratorian Canon, after its modern discoverer. The Muratorian Canon bears striking resemblance to today's New Testament but includes two books, Revelation of Peter and Wisdom of Solomon, which were later excluded from the canon.
“Historical” Background described by Sananda

In the several years leading up to 144 AD, there was much fighting and struggling going on to consolidate power and to claim ownership of the one “right way” of thought, word and action. The opportunity for humanity to learn the pure and true message and way of the teacher Christ, my own incarnational energies, was available to all. However, those in power, worked very diligently and through fear, to “own” the birthright of all humans. They worked to keep humanity enslaved to their purposes of control and manipulation, to create a new status quo where not only were individual people removed from direct access to the Divine Mind, but the Word of Christ was manipulated and changed so that many, many of His Truths were watered down and fed, in tiny pieces to people in fear and in guilt.

As the spiritual hierarchy watched over this situation, a very serious and grave decision was made. We traveled through many probable reality scenarios and found that the best way to help humanity was to remove the Holy Grail energy from earth so that it could be preserved for All, to be returned to the Earth at a time when the power structures were collapsing and no longer held sway over human hearts and minds.

What we saw in our very purposeful work with the timelines of earth, is that if this step was not taken, the message and gift of the Christ could be lost for an infinite time (this is to say, that we could not see the return of the Cosmic Christ without first protecting the Holy Grail). So, in our wisdom, we removed the direct access to the Holy Grail from humanity, so that it could not be taken, enslaved and possessed by those in power. In return, we were able to leave the primary messages of Christ in place: You are a child of God, Love God above all else, and love your neighbor and enemies as you love yourself. These messages of Truth have resonated throughout the last two thousand years, and as in any Truth, could not be suppressed entirely. But the body of Christ’s true teachings is much more vast than this, which all of you know. Many of the true wisdom teachings from all great religious traditions, are being returned to you, and we will tell you that you still, must use your divine ability of discernment, on your own, to determine that which is Truth.

Now, why was there a need to remove the Holy Grail, you are asking? If it is a divine birthright, how could there be a need, or a greater good served by taking this away? To you at this moment, it makes no sense. For why would the Creator, manifest a teacher such as Christ and a gift of the Holy Grail, and then take this gift away in energetic form, even though the word-form and thought-form still existed? Why you ask? This seems too cruel to be true. We will tell you, our dear hearts, that it was out of Love that this occurred, not out of parsimoniousness.

The Gift of the Holy Grail

The Holy Grail resides in the heart. It is part of the biologic heart structure which is a holographic representation of the Heart of the Cosmos. When one has installed into the heart center, the Holy Grail, one is open to All. When one has the Holy Grail in the heart center, one is in the wonder-ment of the child of God. When one has in the heart center, the Holy Grail, one is trusting, giving, willing and boundless. So what happened? When Christ “died”, he gifted this to all humanity. This is one layer of the true representation of the purpose of his life, death and resurrection. His method of transition was chosen to show that nothing a person can do to another can change the reality of the Creator’s love for humanity. There are so many lessons here that we will not go into a discourse on this. Let us say however, that there were forces at work, who wished to suppress this gift - for the disciples (male and female) went about their tasks of spreading the true message, and this did not bode well for those in power. So rather than fighting against the tide of change, many in power joined forces to control the tide of change in their own personal favor.

The Gnostic Marcion – a textual encoding of the Word

The Gnostic Marcion’s teaching carried the true message of how the Creator is Love, not a destroyer god to be feared, but a loving God, the One God, to celebrate in joy and light. This message of Christ, carried on by several, and encoded in a textual interpretation by Marcion, empowered ALL PEOPLE! In principle, it removed the power structure of those in control through the hearts and minds of people. In many ways, this was considered much more threatening than Christ himself, for Christ was one man while the textual teachings spread like wildfire and were believed to be impossible to control if they were not squelched. The church in Rome began a systematic campaign to counter-act the textual encodings of the true message of Christ. The written word is very power-full our dear friends, for it makes possible the direct repetition of vibrational sound and mental concepts. The written word solidifies thought-forms into reality and this is why those in power wished to suppress and manipulate the Word of Christ, for it greatly shifted the power structures from the leaders to the individual.

Why the spiritual hierarchy removed the Holy Grail from direct human access

What was the great risk in leaving the Holy Grail in place at this time? This requires a little more explanation of the grail. For in principle, the Grail is about perfect and divine Love that exists within all of us. Why would this need to be removed to be protected? What we saw through the projected time lines that was that humans would require nearly 2,000 more years to learn to accept the responsibility for their own path and hearts. The turning of Pisces to Aquarius has always been the planned point in time that earth would ascend. The question for those in the spiritual hierarchy was simply one of how would the intervening 2,000 years be experienced by humanity? What were the major lessons to be learned and what form would they take?

Most certainly, humanity needed to learn tolerance. This was not possible in 144 ad. There was very little tolerance of new beliefs and of others’ ways of life. Humanity also needed to learn respect for others and for all those unlike the self. This was sorely missing. Humanity needed to learn the power of receiving AND giving, and not just fending for and protecting oneself. It was a possible reality that these things could have been learned through Christ’s messages 2,000 years ago, but human free will took the planet on a longer and more difficult course, and that decision was out of our hands.

In our estimation in 144 a.d., for the greatest good of all concerned, it was decided to take away the Grail back to the Divine, back to the Center, back to the Heart of the Cosmos, not only to protect it, but to encourage the Quest, within the heart of every human who chose to love. We took away the Grail, so you could have the very strong and pronounced urging to seek the Truth, to find a way out of the “might makes right” mode of living, to find your way back Home. We took away the Grail, so you could seek it, even though the power structure was attempting to thwart you. If the Holy Grail had remained within, there would be no need for you to continue to seek and to learn these lessons. Alas, humanity was not far enough along to take responsibility for this gift. For you see, the gift makes you vulnerable and powerful all at the same time. And if you had not learned to be tolerant, to be respectful of others, to be giving, this gift could be usurped by others as a tool of control! We had seen this as a probable reality before Christ incarnated. But, we were willing to take the chance that we could permanently install the Holy Grail in advance of the Aquarian Age, to accelerate the wisdom path of many. But this was not to be, it was premature, and for the greatest good, we removed the Holy Grail from the heart of humanity.

The return of the Holy Grail

Very many great and beautiful things have come from the Quest for the Holy Grail. Also much suffering has come from the Quest. But the root of all of that suffering came from the separation and the learning of those necessary lessons. So now, today, on the summer solstice of June 2005, all of you who have toiled through many subsequent incarnations in the last two millennium may take the great gift offered to you now: the return of the Holy Grail into your heart!

For now is the time to prepare for the Cosmic Christ. For the Cosmic Christ is within. Tolerance, respect, and the act of giving (the true energy of faith, hope and charity), are returned to the planet. Yes, there are forces still at work to keep the old order and way of fear in place, but these things are coming to pass. For there is enough of humanity at a critical mass of light and love, to now, in great anticipation, to receive the return of the Holy Grail to your energy systems.

Simply know that you may feel very vulnerable and open for a time as you adjust to this new energy body – the Holy Grail Body in the Heart. Many of you will regain your multidimensional abilities, many of you will return to your true path, and all of you, will learn to feel connected with the Divine Mind at all times. This is our gift to you, for all the work you have done, for all the times you have endured alone, for all the love you have shared, for the greatest good of humanity and all concerned.

It has been my great honor to speak with you this morning and now, we will take our leave to allow the Holy Grail invocation to be shared by Kuthumi, the World Teacher of Light and Love.

I AM Sananda, Amen.

For those of you wishing to participate in this experience from a distance, you may wish to use the following meditation, affirmation and prayer, being free, to add your own aspects to it.

Activation of the Holy Grail – meditation, prayer and multidimensional experience

I AM Kuthumi. We welcome you and invite you to join in the reclaiming of the Cosmic Christ energies. We do not wish to incorporate a ritualistic aspect to this experience, for there is no wrong way to accept the gift of the Holy Grail back to your heart. All you really need to do is to be open on the summer solstice or on any day thereafter and many will find that the gift has been received. Those of you who enjoy the sacredness of ceremony and the exercise of your co-creative gifts in unison with other beings of light, may choose to participate in the following way:

Sit in a sacred place. This means in any place you make sacred. This exists everywhere, it is your intention that matters. You may sit on a rock, under a tree, in a church, on your couch, anywhere at all. Many people will enjoy facing the east, where all new and returning energies come into your energetic bodies.

You may wish to light a candle or to place a sacred object in front of you as a symbol of your sacred gift returning from the Cosmic Center.

You may affirm: “I am a being of light and love, here by the intersection of fixed design and free will, to participate in the awakening of the Cosmic Christ and the Sacred Heart Center. I give great thanks and gratitude to the multitude of hosts gathered here today, to aid and assist, in making the receiving of this gift into a reality. I now bring in the highest octave of joy into my being: that of ecstasy of knowing, feeling and believing that I AM ONE with the Creator and the Divine Mind. I allow these vibrations to wash through my body, in the second baptism of my Divine Self. This is the Holy Spirit’s Gift: the waters of consecration, the baptism to the return of the Divine, into my Spirit, never again to be separated. I accept the mantle of the Teacher. I will hold in my divine mind, that I AM a co-creator with the Divine Mind. I respect all others, I am tolerant of all others, I give to others of myself through the vibration of Love, through my heart center, the internal representation of the Cosmos. All is within. The Holy Grail is now within. I am a microcosm of the macro-cosmic Divine Being of Love. I am a micro-cosm of the multi-cosmic Universe. And I accept the role of Uni-server of the Uni-veral Way, Truth and Light. For the greatest good of all concerned. So be it, and so it is.”

You may then wish to sit in this energy, watching, feeling or hearing in any way you so choose, to experience this energetic gift come into your heart center. You may wish to take this energetic journey of the heart where you will be transformed. Allow your emotions to wash through you, cleansing and purifying you in the great baptismal font of Divine Love.

Be most grateful for your own selves and souls at this time. You are a World Server. You are the return of the Cosmic Christ.

Gift from the Ascended Masters: the revised Great Invocation

We now gift to you through Dwal Khul, the revision of the Great Invocation, for the coming 7 years:

The Great Annunciation

From the point of Light within the Divine Mind,
Light has streamed forth into human hearts and minds
In the return of the Holy Grail.
Light has returned to Earth.

From the point of Love
Within the heart of the Creator,
Love has streamed forth, free and clear
Into human hearts in the installation of the
Holy Grail Body.
Love has returned to Earth.

From the Cosmic Center where the
Divine Will of the Creator resides,
The purpose of humanity has returned to
Each and every human, whose wills are now
Aligned, through the Holy Grail within,
to the Divine Plan. Let all of humanity now
Serve the Plan in Light and Love.

From the Cosmic Center which contains the
Human race of divine beings, connected through
the Holy Grail within,
We affirm that the plan of Love and
Light is working for greatest good of all concerned.

The time has Come.
Love, Light and Power has restored the
Plan on Earth.



An additional opportunity and gift from the Masters

WE welcome you once again and thank you for your willingness to open your heart. Speaking to you on this final morning of transmission of this message will be the Master Kwan Yin. Through the balancing of male and female polarities, you have the opportunity to make a consciousness shift.

The symbol of balanced integration: The white dove

I AM Kwan Yin, representing on this glorious morning, the feminine Face of God. Overlighting my message today is the Archangel Metatron, the masculine Face of God, who holds forth the white dove
. The white dove is the symbol of balanced and integrated polarities. If you choose to accept the Holy Grail into your heart, you are called to enter into balance. For all strife and conflict in humanity has originated from lack of balance, from the over-identification of one polarity over the other. Thus, I AM called upon, to re-mind you that you all have the sacred responsibility to balance polarity in the heart now. The heart is the balancing point for all that is sacred. For humanity, it is the heart center, for earth, the great crystalline core, for your planetary system, the sun, and on and on until we reach the Cosmic Heart in the Great Central Sun. All things are balanced in the heart.

The Old Symbol, the Scales of Justice, shifts to the New Symbol

I will share with you one concept of the change in the symbol of balance for the new Age of Humanity. For thousands of years, the outer symbol of balance has been represented by the scales of justice. For this contained the element of judgment. The mental concept of balance was to weigh and balance the scales, so that each side equaled the other, thus being considered to be “in balance”. The vertical axis represented the balancing point, a single line from earth to heaven. Many wisdom teachers knew that this was the outer symbol of balance and was a representation of duality. These teachers, adepts and arhats understood that the true symbol of balance is the dove. Now, this symbol is brought to full light and return to its place as integrated balance.

The white dove represents integrated balance. For scale balance may be tipped by a slight shift of realities, whereas integrated balance, as represented by the White Dove, cannot be lost by change or shifts. The White Dove transcends. This is a very crucial time for you to accept this symbol. For much will change in the next seven years and you will be greatly served if you learn to be in balanced integration.

Calling the Dove Home

The physical release of white doves in ceremonies over the last millennium has been the yearning of the heart to shift the symbol of precarious balance to balanced integration. Each time a white dove is released out of captivity to the earth’s free orbit, it was the call of the soul to remember that this day would come. Now, the white dove comes home to your heart as the symbol of integrated balance. And like the dove, you may find that it comes and goes, and that you must remember to call it Home each time you find yourself in duality. Thus, it is a very beautiful representation of how to live in your dimension, with tools, techniques and intention, on a day to day basis.

All you need to “do” is to breath into your heart and the white dove is there. If you find yourself in duality, you may call it home in an instant. And yes, there is one final aspect to this gift of balanced integration. It is thus: If you wish to focus your mindfulness and intention on balanced integration, you may experience in your heart, the de-activation of your consciousness from the fear grids surrounding the earth.

An Experience of Balanced Integration: Love

You may wish to experience this by closing your eyes and going within. You may bring in whatever balancing technique you choose: grounding, golden light, white light, symbols such as the dove, or any other thing that resonates with you. For you are the Master of your own sacred self, and no one can tell you what is the “right way” for you.

You may wish to breath into the heart center, where now resides the Holy Grail. With the symbol of the white dove, you may wish to connect to the heart of every being on earth that has chosen the Light. You may also wish to connect with every being, regardless of their choice, in the exercise of free will and your acknowledgement of your ability to relinquish the judgment inherent in the scales of duality. Thus, connecting at whatever level you are most comfortable with, feel this great Love in your heart. Feel the endless connection with yourself, humanity, all sentient beings on earth, and all of the realms of Light. If you wish to use your innate gift of clairvoyance, imagine (as real) the grids around and in the earth. You may see many levels of grids. There are light and dark grids around the earth. The dark grids attempt to enslave and control the human heart through fear, to prevent humanity as a whole from accepting its divine birthright and to thwart the Plan of Light, Love and Power. You know, our friends in light, that this attempt is nearing an end, for the Divine Plan will reign and is reigning Supreme.

What you may wish to do, in enlightened consciousness, is to remove all control of these dark grids from your energy bodies. Now, this is not to say, that to become in integrated balance you must “shun” the dark – for you see, this is just one aspect of continuing the polarity and the judgment. What I AM suggesting to you, my dear hearted friends, is that you see this aspect of polarity for what it is, thus ending its ability to control and enslave you. It is not to say “I shun the dark because I fear it” No, it is to affirm the Lightworkers Proclamation:

“I choose the Light, in its full spectrum (which includes dark), because I AM an integrated being of Light, Love and Power! I claim my divine birthright to live in the Heart of the Cosmic Christ! I affirm to the Universe and all Consciousness in it, that I am the divinity within, I claim my sacred power, I AM the most sacred vibration of Love. I AM that I AM that I AM!”

Thus, integrating the divine gift of the Holy Grail, the White Dove and the Cosmic Christ.

Gratitude and Final Blessing

I give great thanks for this opportunity to address you, I bless each one of you with the enfolding wings of Grace of Metatron, and hold you in the highest regard.

I AM Kwan Yin.

For the Greatest Good of All.

The time has Come.
Love, Light and Power has restored the
Plan on Earth.

© Ronna Prince 2005 (This message may be sent on to others with this copyright attached. Namaste.)

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