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7-9-05 Kuthumi speaks about the London bombings

 We welcome you and would like to take a brief moment to comment on the situation in London:

 From the perspective of the ascended masters, the details of reality are not set in stone; you as souls create your personal reality by exercising more and more free will choice as you mature into adulthood and then go about living your life. You are the ones who will judge the self in relation to all actions in this lifetime. Each action and reaction and all related events will be reviewed by you after your transition to the soul realm, to determine your soul’s next course of actions. This is a simplistic but overall, accurate view of a soul’s assignment on earth.

 On a large scale, there is a bigger reality that is more solidified, and the outcome, more assured.  What we see in the Ascended Master realm is a critical mass number of souls making individual choices to that will affect reality on a large scale. We see the possibility of ascension for humanity has moved into the probability domain and is on its way to reality. It is a matter of the timing of this critical mass; thus, your individual choice greatly matters.  For it is the critical mass of humanity that will move you forward, not one person, not a group or a nation, but a critical mass of all people.

This point in time, the year 2005, 7 years before the great transition of 2012, is a critical period of the exercise of free will choice and the decision to end all karma, karmic obligations, vows, contracts and belief systems, so that you can join the universal group of ascended planets. This is the “bigger picture” and even in saying this, there is a bigger picture than this: as we have stated, it is the interplanetary masters’ evaluation period of earth and humanity.  How do they evaluate at this level? On a vast number of levels starting with the individual, the family group, the community, the city, the state, the nation, the power-structure of nations and finally the interplay of countries in the world.

 Events such as the London bombing are now interwoven as part of the Plan and thus, evaluated on many levels.  For humanity has the ability to transcend beyond the need for such violence, but the reality of violence does not end until free will choice is made “en masse” to move beyond the old paradigm of “might makes right” and hence, victimization – and this is a mutual decision – for those creating the bombings are working against what they perceive as the “mighty” world powers of the west.  They are making a statement that might does not make right and that they have the ability to continue to “upset the apple cart” by creating havoc and chaos.  They are operating out of a low level consciousness of the larger picture, attempting to assert their power in a struggle to create their own hegemony of spirit.  The reactions of the world and the world leaders, as well as the “average” person, are very much being observed in the spiritual hierarchies, not just the hierarchy of earth, but of the inter-planetary system of ascended galactic unions. 

 While this is a vast scale issue, it is in reality, no different that the parallel of the questions many of you have asked in various forms about self-determination: is my life set in stone or do I truly influence the outcome of my life? Do I control my own destiny or am I a pawn in a bigger picture?  You see our friends in light, you also have your own emotional and mental struggle and desire to assert control over your reality.  What level of choice will you act out of?  The lower or the higher self?  This is a key choice factor.

 Do you understand that you have complete ability to live in Right Action?   And what is that?   From the level of the Soul it is: to Love and forgive the self so completely and totally that every action is compassionate, loving and honoring.  You must first and foremost, understand and integrate to wisdom, that your soul has set out to learn the primary lesson of ascension: Love.

 WE hold in great compassion the souls that were directly impacted by this karmic dance of shifting realities. They are souls of beauty, wisdom and light and have taught us once again that we are interconnected to the All and part of a large scale Plan for the ascension of all of humanity.  You must each and every one of you, make a conscious choice, for the time is Now, there is no greater reality than Love and you are the Masters of your own free will to choose the path that liberates you from the wheel of lower self, destruction, hatred and violence.  Even though it may not seem to you in this moment to be the case, please know from the Spiritual Hierarchy that Love, Light and Power has restored the  Plan on Earth.    This does not mean that there will no longer be conflict.  Alas, this is not yet the case.  It does however, mean that you have the capability to exercise your free will choice to join the forces of Light.  In so doing, you increase the vibration of Love on the planet so that the mass consciousness of humanity will together accept the Collective Return to the Path of Love in the highest and greatest good of all concerned.



 I ask Kuthumi to please speak more on the London bombings and how they relate to the Plan. 

 We welcome you and we will start this morning by saying I AM Kuthumi.  We will address your question about the London bombings and how they relate to the Plan. For we see that you are dissatisfied with the answer that we presented on 7-9-05.  You have asked specifically how can it be that the Holy Grail, the Christ Consciousness Grid and the activation of the Plan has come into your reality and these things continue to occur?   For if all of the wonderful things of light and love are in place, would there not be a ceasing of all such hostilities and violence?   How can the Plan be active with love and light restored to the planet and yet these things continue to go on and on and on?   When will suffering end?   When will people realize that they can no longer continue on in the vein of hatred, might makes right and hegemony of spirit?    What is the Plan anyway and how do we know it’s working?   What if all of this is some fantasy for people seeking answers for all of this insanity around you, as all of humanity has done since time began on the Earth?

 We have throughout the last week, revealed to you a series of concepts that we would like to refer to as the Keys to the Kingdom teachings.  What we have told you is that the first key is that of releasing blame.  This is a radical concept and one that will take some time for you to work through.   As long as you seek someone to blame, you are still blocking the divine energies of love and light from entering in fullness into your reality.   Within the paradigm of “might makes right” is the fundamental energy of hegemony and blame.   There are two groups in this system: the first group are the leaders and event makers (and they include both legitimate and illegitimate leaders – ie, governments and insurgent groups to name one parallel) and the second group being the rest of the world who watches,  follows and is reactive to their power games.   The first group tends to exercise their power through what they perceive as the right of hegemony; and the second experiences reality from the energy of blame.   The first group believes that whatever means and manipulation they use to maintain or to obtain hegemony, is justified.    The second group uses blame to explain their sense of victimization and lack of control over their reality. 

 From the point of view of those laboring under the illusion that they have “power” and can exercise that power in the form of control of fellow humans from the vibration of fear,  they believe they have the Right to dominate others with their world view.  They have the Right to control others through any means necessary,  including terrorism,  economic control of wealth,  control of information  and control of your very emotional state of dis-harmony by broadcasting and networking fear into the daily fabric of your lives.   The rest of humanity blames them for this and looks to oust those in control to create a new way (or to simply stay powerless which many actually enjoy for then they do not have to take responsibility).  Which way is Right?   Which way is better?   We will tell you that neither way works to create a new reality.  This is why we have spoken of the need to release blame as the first key to the kingdom.

 You see, our friends in Light, the Plan is working out and we can see this because of the very nature of questions that you are asking.  

For in every key is the underlying Truth that you must let go of the duality paradigm and see all as within, before you can change what is without.  The triad form of love and wisdom, connected with Power is the way of restoring the Plan into full reality.  The Plan is here, but you have to make it Real.    Well, you are saying, this is all well and good and we are doing this on our little scale of personal reality.    We will tell you, that most of you are not – even if you think you are.    Most of you are still working on the energy of blame, either blaming yourself, or using the very convenient method of blaming others, such as terrorists or government leaders, for what is wrong with the world.    Neither way works.    How do you let go of blame and how does responsibility work into the scenario?

 This key works through the Heart and only the Heart.  It is in encompassing all of humanity as One Being,  One Mind and One Spirit,  that the key unlocks the door to the next key: that of Trust.   If there exists a person on the planet that is willing to harm another, that means you each have this ability within yourself.    The only difference between you and this person is what you perceive to be the free will choice not to do such a thing.   You choose to act out of love and compassion, and they choose to act out of hatred and fear.   Where did this other person come from that they make this choice?    Did they come from a situation of love, understanding and compassion?    Or did they come from a perspective of needing to be “right” at all costs, exercising hegemony of their own self above all others?   It is in seeing others through the heart and with compassion, that the dynamic begins to change.   This does not mean that you give terrorists a hug vs. put them in a place where they can no longer cause harm.   It simply means that you cease the energy of right and wrong, blame, fear and disharmony by centering yourself in the heart, and seeing them as a fellow soul working through the duality paradigm.    If you cannot forgive them for their choice as a soul, you also cannot forgive yourself.   Do you understand this?   This is a radical concept.

 What if it was one of your own loved ones who was killed or injured by a terrorist bomb?  Do we mean to say that you must then love and forgive the terrorist because he is a soul working out some of his personal stuff on you and your family?    Yes, because the only way that these two very different people and realities directly intersect is if there is a need and a purpose for them to be played out on the individual soul level.   So to forgive yourself for being in a position to be directly impacted on a personal level by such an event, is also to forgive the terrorist.   To not blame the terrorist, is to not blame the self.   And for each one of us not directly impacted by these events, but impacted on an energetic level, the only way is also to forgive them as we forgive ourselves.   For global humanity is still in need of these examples of harming itself in order to forgive itself.  This is the opportunity to release blame.   Release blame through Love.   It feels very complex and over simplistic at the same time.   If there still exists a need to forgive and accept the soul in all of its manifestations, there will be continuing examples on large scales of the need to do this.

 If you think of the example of Susan Smith (a very generic western name similar to John Doe) who killed her own children, you think “this is tragic, I would never do that”.   But is this as far as this experience can go for you?   For within each one of you has the potential to do such a thing, but a free will choice not to do it is the only thing that separates you from her.  Why do we mention this in context of the bombings?   Because it was one small example that was largely broadcast by your media and throughout the world.   And it gave to you the opportunity to forgive.   If you cannot forgive her, you cannot forgive yourself.    For you must for-give your own capacity to cause harm and then take that to the next level which is to Love.   For we will assure you that each one of you has caused harm in some way in this lifetime, and has caused harm in other ways, perhaps on a large scale, in other lifetimes.   These things are held before your conscious minds as opportunities to forgive and release blame, for you are not simply releasing blame for “others” but releasing blame on deep and vast spiritual, psychological, emotional and physical levels, of your self and your journey as a soul in this realm.   WE will assure you that on the ascended master level, we do not engage in the energy of Blame in any form.   We have worked through this before we took our ascension.

 What are the lessons of these events?  That you are victims and remain vulnerable to victimization at every turn of the wheel of time?   Or that you are co-creators in your life, bringing those things to your conscious mind that are in need of examination, of healing, of clearing and of releasing, so that you can move on to that next key: that of Trust?   You must choose your framework of reality.  Victim/victimizer or co-creative responsibility.   And the only way through this is the release of blame.   For as you blame others, you blame yourself.   As you hate others, you hate yourself.   As you condemn others, you condemn yourself.    This is no different than the lesson of Christ to love your neighbor as yourself, to love your enemies and above all else, to love God.    For that releases blame and puts you on the next octave of evolution: Trust.   For all is underpinned, surrounded and infused with Love – you must Trust this, by having first released Blame.    Do you see?

 You may make a conscious choice to believe that the Plan is working out and that the Holy Grail is returned to humanity. Or you may continue to be skeptical until you have “proof” of the Plan in such a way that makes more sense to you than the seemingly random acts of violence and ill will of humanity towards itself.   As Christ said to his followers who were asking him why he didn’t cure all ills for once and all: “there will be poor always.”   This is by no means a simple statement.   It is a concept that can be discussed at length on its own.   But let us speak about only two levels of this message.  This first is that there will always be those wishing to remain unconscious of the Plan so they can play out scenarios of suffering and blame.   This is their karmic path and desire to stay on the wheel of karma and astrological predetermination.    The second level is that these people and events serve as very great teachers for you, who wish to make a different choice.    For if there were no examples of what you no longer wish to manifest, how would you learn?   There would be no value in a lasting peace if you had not experienced the opposite of it first.   There would be no great calling for a world leader of integrity if you had not experienced the opposite first.   For in order to transcend to the third point on the pyramid of love, wisdom and power, you must have fully experienced the duality of things first.   When you have finished with the duality experience and can hold the trinity together by conscious intention and divine will, you will Be in Love, in Trust and in Harmony at all times, not just in your silent meditations and your individual places of safety and tranquility, but in all times, no matter what is going on around you, no matter what or where bombs are exploding, no matter, no matter no matter.   For you are held at all times in the great compassion and Love of the Divine Mind.    You are all ultimately safe, and you are all on the pathway of ascension, through love back to the Heart of the Cosmic Christ. 

In honor, peace and love,



Please give me a better, clearer answer to the purpose and meaning of the London bombings.  We are asking from a place of needing real answers that can help us on our dimension make sense of the continuing violence of humanity towards itself.  I still don’t understand why this is existing if the Plan is in place and is working.   Why?

 Our dear friends in Light, we see that you are not satisfied with our previous discourses.  We have spoken about these acts of violence as teachers.  We have spoken to you about these acts as opportunities.  We have stopped short of speaking to you as these acts as gifts, for we know that is too difficult to comprehend this so near to the event. 

 We have spoken to you about releasing blame and about truly entering into Trust. We have spoken to you about the underpinning lesson of this all: Love. And yet this is not enough.  You suffer still for those who have suffered.  This is part of your humanity.  You want answers that end this violence and conflict, not answers that explain the purpose behind it and the forces which keep the cycle of violence in reality.

 Why would the Plan have anything to do with violence and inhumanity?  We will tell you that we, the ascended masters, do not direct the details of the Plan, we simply impel into your dimension the spiritual energy and awakening that will allow you the opportunity to learn and to make a choice, as we have discussed.  Each individual choice to exercise free will from the triad of love, wisdom and power, adds mass to the number of awakening humans.  As we have said, it is your choice and your path to take, to make this into a global reality.   The exact timing is not known (other than by 2012 Thy Will Be Done).   The exact form is known.   The Plan will reign supreme for it is the Plan of the Divine Mind.

 Already, do you not see many more examples of love and compassion in your lives?  Do you not experience the impact of greater levels of tolerance for others? Do you not know that we are Here? This is a vast change from even 20 years ago, much less 200 years ago and much less 2,000 years ago.  Time seems long to you even as you experience it accelerating in your lives.  But to us, the next period of 7 years will be completed in a micro-second of the nano-second.  So we already see what you are hoping for, the Cosmic Christ in Reality.  We already know what you wish to believe but remain skeptical of: Love reigns supreme.

 In every act of violence, there is today, a vastly different reactive energy of exponential Love.   This is the Plan in action.  Several hundreds of people were harmed in the bombings. But many millions of people reacted in compassion, in prayer, in meditation, in sending light and love to those impacted, in standing united, once again, against these forces to proclaim that “we are the people, we will not bow to fear, we will Love, we do Love and we will continue to Love.” There is an exponential mathematical factor that exists in sacred geometry which you may know as the Fibonacci sequence. We would like you to know that there is a similar dynamic for the energy sequence of Love.  You may look into the sequence on your own if you are so inclined, but let us tell you that when sacred movement towards Love begins, it is exponential such that after only 200 “turns”, angles or factors, the number in the sequence is thus:


 Can you even fathom that number?  Can you count it? Can you measure it? This is the number or value of energetic outpouring of Love of only 200 people! With only 200 beings of Light sending Love to fellow beings in need, the sequence pattern generates this amazing amount of power.  This is only a number you are saying!   And a number cannot heal or touch a human heart.  This is where you are skeptical and wish still to blame, thus staying out of Trust.   For sacred geometry is about much more than shapes and numbers.   It is about the structure of reality.

 If this much love is generated by only 200 people, what is the power of 2 million, 20 million, 200 million, 2 billion?  It is infinite and this is the message:

 Love in this proportion has never been seen anywhere in the galaxy.

 This is true in spite of and because of your outpourings of heart to such events as are troubling you right now!  The power behind the Fibonacci sequence is greater than ever before, even though the mechanics of the equation have not changed.  This is also because the Christ Consciousness grid, earth’s crystal matrix grid, the angelic healing ray grid, the many other grids of light have been repaired and restored in your reality.  This has been done by your consciousness, your co-creative cooperation with the Spiritual Hierarchy, and your free will.   These grids amplify Love through the Aquarian Age in a way never before seen.  The light grids appear as such strong beacons that many are gathering in great anticipation.  You are waiting for something that is Here.  You are doubting something that is Real.  You are saddened because you cannot see the bigger picture of the Plan. 

 And can we tell you with any satisfaction what this is?  Can we give you an answer more complete than the Return of the Cosmic Christ to your Heart?   Can we prove to you beyond a doubt that Love and  Light has returned to Earth?   Look into your own hearts, our friends in light.  What is there?  nThis is where your answer lies.  If you look at all that is outside you and continue to despair, you will never be satisfied with any answer we provide.  If you look within and are in Love with your own soul and feel the Love of the Creator, you already have the answer.

We heard a very pertinent reminder this morning in Unity Service: “Those who are poor go without; those who are abundant go within.”  This is not a pat or trite statement.  Look to your hearts, your Creator, your Soul within.  Therein are all your answers.  Therein are all your doubts put to rest.  Therein shall all become One.

 In great Love for humanity

 © Ronna Prince 2005 (This document may be forwarded with permission with the attached copyright.)

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