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     January 28, 2005    


 I AM Mary, I AM Miriam, I AM Mari, I AM the Mary energies, the Marias,

I AM Sophia, I AM SHE, I AM the Shekinah, the Mother Goddess, the Divine Feminine.

I AM. I AM here. I AM here now. I AM that I AM.

Blessings to all this day. Dear Ones, love is here with you, has always been. Allow it to return to your conscious awareness, as I so return. There is a doorway within your own heart, and your heart wants to open, longs to let love flow through again. Love surrounds you in every moment, and for so long humanity has held the door closed. Let it flow through now, let it be a river of love flowing through you, leading you on a joyous path long forgotten.

Let the changes open you up, the heart changes, the earth changes. Open now so that less is required as drastic measures to bring you to awareness. All is connected. Mother Earth has chosen to ascend. She must go through her cleansings and realignments. You can help by doing your own work of aligning and healing. Your resistance creates more in the way of stress, and your releasing and renewing brings ease.

You are the guiding light for those around you who are only now beginning to stir. You’ve been through the challenges, you’ve spun off the dross of many lifetimes of karma. You are steady now, while others will be going through their own challenges, releasing, and "wobbles". You may feel unready to be a light for others, but your light is shining brightly now, and it is time. You’ve planned many lifetimes just to be here as you are now in this moment. And you are ready.

Let go of judgment, of yourself and others. Let go of the anger, fear, guilt, and shame. Your companions in life have played their parts to bring about the appropriate lessons. Forgive. Forgive even your higher self for the tests, and the setups. You agreed to it all on some level. Now it is time to move forward.

A new reality is being formed. It is time to step into your power. It is time to take on the mantle and become the new creators. What is your highest reality? Dream it, intend it, bring it into being. What thought can you hold, what steps can you take now, today? You are the architects, the builders, the artists, the designers of the new earth. What would you bring to this new reality? Together you will shape the substance of creation into the template of life that follows. There are many here to help you now. Many loving beings wish to help you in this creation. However, they are limited in the scope of what they may do. There is much that must come through those in embodiment on the planet, those incarnate in human form...those like you. Manifestation comes about ever more quickly. Hold the intention for the best and highest good for yourself and all others, and create. You are ready. It is time.

We hold you in the greatest of love and esteem. We are with you, in loving partnership in the unfolding of heaven on earth. With love, Maria-Sophia n

Through Bonnie Waters


Of Dogs and Angels:

Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.During my years in animal welfare work - I served as the president of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - I have heard wonderful stories about the power of the human-animal bond. One of my favorites is about a girl and her very special dog.

When the girl was born, her parents were stationed with the U.S. Army overseas. The tiny baby spiked a fever of 106 degrees and when they couldn't help her at the military base, the baby and her family were flown home to the United States where she could receive the proper medical care.
The alarming fever kept recurring, but the baby survived.

When the episode was over, the child was left with thirteen different seizure causes, including epilepsy. She had what was called multiple seizure syndrome and had several seizures every day. Sometimes she stopped breathing.

As a result, the little girl could never be left alone. She grew to be a teenager and if her mother had to go out, her father or brothers had to accompany her everywhere, including to the bathroom, which was awkward for everyone involved. But the risk of leaving her alone was too great and so, for lack of a better solution, things went on in this way for years.

The girl and her family lived near a town where there was a penitentiary for women. One of the programs there was a dog-training program. The inmates were taught how to train dogs to foster a sense of competence, as well as to develop a job skill for the time when they left the prison. Although most of the women had serious criminal backgrounds, many made excellent dog trainers and often trained service dogs for the handicapped while serving their time.

The girl's mother read about this program and contacted the penitentiary to see if there was anything they could do for her daughter. They had no idea how to train a dog to help a person in the girl's condition, but her family decided that a companion animal would be good for the girl, as she had limited social opportunities and they felt she would enjoy a dog's company.

The girl chose a random-bred dog named Queenie and together with the women at the prison, trained her to be an obedient pet.  But Queenie had other plans. She became a "seizure- alert" dog, letting the girl know when a seizure was coming on, so that the girl could be ready for it.

I heard about Queenie's amazing abilities and went to visit the girl's family and meet Queenie. At one point during my visit, Queenie became agitated and took the girl's wrist in her mouth and started pulling her towards the living room couch. Her mother said,

"Go on now. Listen to what Queenie's telling you."

The girl went to the couch, curled up in a fetal position, facing the back of the couch and within moments started to seize. The dog jumped on the couch and wedged herself between the back of the couch and the front of the girl's body, placing her ear in front of the girl's mouth. Her family was used to this performance, but I watched in open-mouthed astonishment as the girl finished seizing and Queenie relaxed with her on the couch, wagging her tail and looking for all the world like an ordinary dog, playing with her mistress.

Then the girl and her dog went to the girl's bedroom as her parents and I went to the kitchen for coffee. A little while later, Queenie came barreling down the hallway, barking. She did a U-turn in the kitchen and then went racing back to the girl's room.

"She's having a seizure," the mother told me.

The girl's father got up, in what seemed to me a casual manner for someone whose daughter often stopped breathing, and walked back to the bedroom after Queenie.  My concern must have been evident on my face because the girl's mother smiled and said,

"I know what you're thinking, but you see, that's not the bark Queenie uses when my daughter stops breathing."

I shook my head in amazement. Queenie, the self-taught angel, proved to me once again how utterly foolish it is to suppose that animals don't think or can't communicate.

~ The Author is Roger Caras ~

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52Best's Friday Morning Story
Making a Difference - One Story at a Time

February 3, 2005         Volume 7, Story 5   

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