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The Gift of  EASTER 2005

channeled by  Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

That which once dwelt in the house of the most holy was sequestered from the eyes and the hearts of those that sought it.  That which once held a love beyond time, beyond flesh beyond spirit, found itself wandering endlessly seeking its mirror reflection.  All that has come undone due to the deeds and the misdeeds of others now rights (writes) its self.  The doorways of the past swing both ways, as what was not seen stands at the top of the heavenly staircase.

Magdalene descends, and wraps herself around the new octaves of light, which allows the world to finally see her true beauty, purity of heart and service to the Divine Light.  The Christ who has stood alone awaiting for this time of reconciliation now moves toward his consort with a quickened step.  He has allowed himself to be displayed as a singularity for 2000 years. His holy consort comes forth to his side. Standing as an equal Light.  Reflecting all that that has not been seen by humanities sheltered eyes.  She asks everyone to see beyond what can be felt.... To see beyond what can be proven... and to see beyond what has been accepted as a truth. She looks into the eyes of her beloved with a watery gaze. He reaches for her hands, moving closer to ultimate oneness.  She feels a great strength within his hands knowing that he has been busy working the clay of earth.  The gentleness of his touch tells her he has been awaiting her presents and her presence.   They look eye to eye... heart to heart... light to light.

For many eons of time mankind has served the lessor of gods.  Being comfortable and happy and quietly sublime within its boundaries.  As the energy of what lives in humanity awakens from a long nap the doorway to the future opens allowing a peek into what is possible.  Each person is given an opportunity to be escorted into a higher ascension pattern but only after the need for crucifixion has been eliminated. The very word ascension will now be dissolved and rebuilt from a different spiral of DNA.  The longitude and latitude of preconceived ascension has changed and now opens to a level of Light that was not available in biblical times.

The Grail encodings of the holy presence of the Magdalene and the sacred essence of the Christ intertwine with one another.  Like long lost starry eyed lovers they have waited 1000's of years to be together again. Never losing focus of their love... never turning an eye to another... never doubting the lasting eternal love in their heart that went beyond time and space and being together. They are as two galaxies moving towards one another yet always sidestepping what is destined to be. Making the dance last longer, savoring the sweetness of what will be.

The holiness of all that is sacred within the feminine aspect of nature and humanity is birthed in the time of Easter.  In ancient times the goddess Eostre/Ostara brought forth her plenty and the promise of renewal in spring.  She birthed the deep cellular memory of divine sexuality in a sacred holy union within man and beast alike, as they awakened to their potential of creation in the time of spring.

As this doorway of Easter opens it beckons the sacred union of all that is holy within self... within life.... within union.  Escorting it forward to a place of safety above all the stumbling blocks of earth and humanness.  Moving those that are committed in heart and action and 'I do's' forward into a place of divine intervention via the healing of the intertwining Divine DNA.

Birthing portals of expression that explain all that has been hidden. What is truly holy is spared the darkness of confusion and pain. What is holy appears waterproof to the soul tears that seek an outlet. The energies of earth coil around those that have misused the elements and the dialogue with nature. The vibrations of what is stellar and holy beyond time now rushes forward as a light brigade lifting all that stumble in their heart to a place of safety. As the time of Easter births itself, the energies that bombard and befall humanity seek an outlet. The debris of the ancient past bubbles to the surface in molten form needing a reprieve from darkness.

The nature of Earth is manipulated in this day and time. The nature of earth screams in pain as she wrys at what is induced into her body.  It is time to take the sacred cells of earth that live in your body and heart and move them to a place of safety created by every thought and action.  Time cannot lag between one dimension and the next for more than a breath. Those that understand this must energetically and quickly lift themselves to a place of knowing and actually animate that knowing. You were birthed to hold the memory of clear water, a bright sun, and good earthly nutrition. These things have been distorted and are affecting the next step of Earth's evolutionary procession.

Between the time of Spring and the Autumn equinox of 2005,  the earth's body will expand and contract in a new biorhythm.  She does not activate to punish.  She must shake off what offends and probes her and makes her become mean of nature she does not like herself in this mode.  She asks you not to be angry with your God or her but understand that this mother must do what she must to save the children that she loves. She has awaited patiently for others to pick up the slack to change their personal dark into light. Time no longer allows the waiting and she springs forth from her haunches unleashing the full intent of her being to heal and to survive. Taking back her power from mankind knocking over his tinker toys of destruction.

Woman of earth will emulate this aspect of Earth, much to the dismay of the males, As they too stand in the greatness and softness of their warrioress ability.  This great surge of female healing comes forth in alignment with the healing of the Magdalene as she takes the hand of her beloved and asks to be recognized in the fullness of time written.  This energy is amplified to the zenith degree during the 2 eclipses in April 2005.

Mother Earth asks all that has been female and strong of nature from time beginning to stand by her side and not be afraid of what they are asked to do. There is no backing down as the females (both human and of Light) of all time hold the Hope high for generations to come. Globally this will be instructed and installed.

The warrioresses of Light must stand silent and soft awaiting the perfect point of power.  Waiting until others venture to step over the line of light that is drawn in her soul. Do not be afraid dear female of light at what rages and rises with in you. Release is granted for all the lifetimes that you backed down and gave in and gave up and did not stand in the fullness of your light or power. Like a she wolf that protects her cubs death does not matter in this game that is played once again. Mother Earth will back you in all of your active healing endeavors. It is time to speak what you believe is your truth. For to hold it will increase the toxicity in your body and world. Causing much disease and pain beyond your ability to heal. This level of the past must not be healed but released quickly without spending time and energy in the land of healing.

I am the energy that is aligned with the sacred feminine the holy female. In this time of holiness and Christedness.  Let go of the need to crucify yourself.  Let go of the need to fix those close to your heart, they hear only with their hindquarters.  Let go of the need to embroider your mark on another's soul.   You are not to change others; you are to change your self.

Each of you will be issued a grail knight of energetic proportion to stand watch over your energies. (many men of earth on an efforted spiritual path will be imbued with this essence as well).  The grail Knights were birthed to protect 'she who holds the grail,  They protected the memory, the /DNA, and the bloodline. He will stand before you at all points of entrance and exit.

Women come to right the ancient injustices when women were forced to turn the other cheek time after time, Layers upon layers of ancient soul scars come to the surface to be healed.  I am MA RI. I ask as you hear these words to allow your Grail Knight to come to you.  Feel his energetic presence, Grand of light. Great of purpose.  Dedicated. diligent and virtuous he stands giving of his light and life to guard 'she who is the vessel of the grail'.  Allow him to enter your energy field. He will not rape or pillage or plunder you.  Even though his eyes may gaze upon you appreciatively for he sees your true beauty, he does not covet it, he does not want to own it and he does not abuse it.

This encoding is held within the cells of all mankind. Held deep in the abyss of the DNA.  Many men have forgotten the grail knight contract they made before coming to earth. The seed of creation is carried within woman and it must be nurtured if mankind is not to succeed from the union of heaven on earth.

It is time for Women to acknowledge their calling in the form of a soft power and not scrub away what appears to be tarnished.  The grail knight sees you in all of your true beauty and loves you more for your so called imperfections.  As women align with this grail knight and the grail encoding they will stop being so angry with the men of earth.  They will begin to see the strands of honor and virtue that weave within all men.  In order to survive through time eternal men have sequestered this sacred part of themselves away for it fit not in the game of survival.  This Easter The Christ and The Magdalene will conduct the SACRED MARRIAGE of what is holy within women and what is holy within men. And this dear ones is the Gift of Easter.

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