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    Never forget that you all are powerful Beings.    Many of you have come from the highest regions of Heaven that stand by the throne of the Almighty!    Your power is immense.   Use it,   read below

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

6 Chicchan, 13 Mac, 13 Eb             4/5/05

Greetings, dear Hearts!   We arrive once again with more to tell you!   As you know, Mother Earth is desperately in need of transforming her surface.  Until now, these necessary changes have taken place in a piecemeal fashion.  Now, she desires to speed up this divine process.  However, the failure of our Earth allies to speedily move forward and complete their required tasks has skewed the timetable originally offered to them by your Ascended Masters.   Due to this ongoing lack of compliance, a number of European and Asian financial managers have been rushed to North America, and some key accounts have been reassigned to different banking facilities.  These band-aids are increasing the pressure upon those who are to arrest the principal parties of the illegal North American regime.   The success of these preparations, however, has enabled Mother Earth to feel secure about somewhat decreasing the rate of the interlocking of the Pacific and Indian Ocean plates with those of the Americas, Asia, and Australia.   This is a prelude to a series of huge seismic and volcanic events.

      These stupendous phenomena have been on the verge of happening for the past decade. Yet, they have not manifested except for the occasional, major (by your standards) earthquake and intermittent volcanism.  And even these occurrences were greatly curtailed by the intercession of Mother Earth's Elohim, concurrent with that of many dedicated Galactic Federation scientists.   This abatement of the Earth's momentum for change is intended to allow our Earth allies  the time to complete their mission to prepare your global society for first contact and its divine destiny.   We are deeply grateful for what these brave allies have done and for the tremendous odds they faced in the past seven years.    Nevertheless, if their heroic efforts are to progress, our interaction with them must now be increased.   A number of "unacceptable" events occurred in the last ten days that briefly delayed the completion of some of the initial delivery procedures.   The immediate redressing of these setbacks is now a top priority.   Furthermore, we intend to ensure that a final "dress rehearsal" of the arrest procedures be planned without delay.

      Our operation on your world is, of course, oriented toward the completion of first contact.  To this end, we closely observe how the covert and the public leaders of your society interact with one another.   Their meetings demonstrate that definite progress is being made. Indeed, a coalition composed of individuals both known and unknown to you has been formed as an adjunct to the activities of our Earth allies.   These powerful Beings are using these meetings to fine-tune the arrangements being made to help you adjust to the sweeping and wondrous changes now close to manifestation.   Our diplomatic and liaison personnel are overseeing these "festivities" and reporting back to us in detail.   Their reports indicate that a hitherto unprecedented change of heart in these groups of world leaders is increasing the isolation of the North American regime.   This ever-strengthening quarantine aids those engaged in their upcoming overthrow.   It also permits many new accords to be drawn up that can allow for a more harmonious and cooperative reality.

      This post first contact world is to be very different from the one that you currently know.   To begin with, the isolation of your world can finally end, resulting in your reunion not only with Spirit but also with your planetary and space families.   With this, your present concepts of geology and indeed of most of your physical sciences will be hugely altered.   This new paradigm in your sciences will then sweep through your core philosophies and religions.  The Anunnaki discovered, long ago, that skewing the words of your great religious prophets and holy avatars easily hoodwinked you into believing their dark message.   This control and manipulation is now to end, as the Ascended Masters deliver to you the truth about the fundamental beauty of Love, your wondrous connections with one another, and the lost messages of your various religious prophets and avatars.    In short, you are about to discover the truth about who you really are, and receive detailed revelations about your mission here on Mother Earth.

      The cabal that rules North America is constantly attempting to create "incidents" that will force your global society to bend to their will.   Our efforts to prevent this are isolating this illegal regime worldwide. Their growing "bunker mentality" has caused a number of dastardly deeds to be ordered in the past few years by this regime.   At each attempt, we intervened either directly or by means of messages sent to those in the government dedicated to obstructing this cabal's hegemony.    Yet, their strategy for perpetrating mayhem of a catastrophic nature continues unabated. This task of stalling their iniquities is the daily duty for many of our defense units.    We tell you this to stress one major point: the use of weaponry that threatens the very existence of your global society is not an option.    This message was sent to them and will be unfailingly enforced by us.   Your destined reality will manifest.    Make no mistake about that!

      The present period is a transition between the world you have known and the one we often describe to you.   Even though it seems improbable to many of you, a vast fleet of advanced Beings united in the Galactic Federation is indeed determined to make first contact with you.   Our ever-increasing numbers are clearly visible in your night sky.   On your planet surface, you have seen how we have alleviated, where divinely possible, a number of potential disasters; although, in other cases, the movements of Mother Earth result in unavoidable destruction.   All in all, if you look discerningly around you, our presence is clearly apparent.    It is unfortunate that the continuing scientific and "UFO" cover-up creates a fašade of unrelated and "strange" scientific reports.   You need to exercise much more discernment as you sift through your daily news sources.

           The difficulties swamping your global society must be resolved now.  This urgency has been communicated to our Earth allies, and their commitment encourages us.  Nevertheless, the actual timing of their various projects usually over-runs the estimations they give us.  Hence, Heaven has permitted us to increase the level of our involvement a little at a time, thus clearing the way for our Earth allies to complete some of their tasks closer to the assigned dates.  Be that as it may, the requests of your local Elohim must be heeded, and certain warnings must be issued.  We ask you to use your great spiritual powers and help us bring your glorious, new reality into manifestation!

      Never forget that you all are powerful Beings.    Many of you have come from the highest regions of Heaven that stand by the throne of the Almighty!    Your power is immense.   Use it, and the wonders promised by the divine plan can be yours with very little delay.   We can say this because those aligned with the dark have underestimated you.   This last cabal has set up huge networks for global mind control and planted the seeds for further, as yet unveiled, heinous offences against you.  Do not let their belief that you are "controlled" stop you from moving forward.   Let your power command this reality.   Reconnect to your True Self, your "I AM" presence, and let this sacred Creator Self reveal to you your role in bringing forth your new reality.   Recognize in the core of your Being how powerful you are and go forth!   Remember,  Together,  We are Victorious!

      Today, we discussed some of the things happening on your world. We have asked that the clarion call for your liberation go forth. Join together during these few remaining days to manifest your divine destiny. Let all of Heaven rejoice in your power and bless you for your grand victory! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
12 Etznab, 6 Mac, 13 Eb     3/29/05

Greetings, dear Hearts! We arrive again in your midst with much to tell you. A crucial element in doing anything is setting forth a desire and then permitting Spirit her timing to manifest this true desire. The multitudes of wishes you have deeply expressed to us are presently in progress. Your world is indeed transforming according to the glorious destiny we have long prescribed for you. This operation is being locally directed by your Ascended Masters and is being managed in Heaven by Lord Surea's Seraphim. This great power is manifesting all according to the sacred decrees of the divine plan. This heavenly schedule is approaching a point where a number of requisite developments are ready to happen.   As you know, a group of powerful individuals that we call our Earth allies is diligently progressing toward the implementation of a number of important goals.  These include the overthrow of the illegal regime currently ruling North America.  To accomplish this goal, certain major elements in this same government must work secretly for its called-for demise.

      This particular procedure has taken longer than originally envisioned.  This is due to the fact that loyalties in certain areas of this government are quite fleeting.  Therefore, this project has been transferred to a special group fully dedicated to achieving this mission when called upon to do so.   The next required step is to ensure that those who are to be arrested can no longer hinder our success.   This requirement has been tricky at best.  The loyal intelligence arm of this administration has been able to thwart a number of past attempts.   Currently, a new operation is underway.   On another front, the financial distribution program has entered its final phase: the actual disbursement of its funds.  Because all parts of this mission are interdependent, the arrests need to be firmly assured before the delivery process can be formally begun.   This impasse is presently delaying the orders to be issued by our Earth allies to their North American directorate.   To correct this, a number of specially trained personnel have been sent from Europe and Asia to the North American theatre.

      This impasse is likewise delaying the various global, humanitarian projects that are ready to roll, the government declaration of formal recognition of our existence, and the establishment of world peace required for open first contact.   These delays have forced us to think seriously about possible alternative solutions to this deadlock.  Similar excuses were used in the recent past to prevent the degree of success needed to carry out a first contact.  As noted in previous messages, the Galactic Federation has a number of advanced technologies capable of swiftly completing first contact.   However, Heaven has stated from the beginning that the primary objective was for certain elements on your world to wrest power from the dark before proceeding with the rest of the activities that are to herald first contact.   Because of the gravity of the many volatile situations on your world,  Heaven has had to reassess her directives regarding first contact.   Bear in mind, dear Ones, that free will in your reality is quite limited in its scope.  Your limited consciousness free will preferences cannot prevent us from acting for the best.

     Your reality, dear Ones, is destined by the decrees of the divine plan to change into a new, more harmonious one.  This new reality is a given.   Your present level of physically oriented free will cannot prevent it.  If necessary, you can be sent "kicking and screaming" into your new reality!   Heaven and the Creator are the sole judges here of these matters.  The dark and its agents of misinformation continuously ignore this fact.   They still disregard the fact that massive nuclear confrontation is not a workable option.   Your sole task is to incubate into fully conscious Beings who can learn about free will and how to responsibly use it.   This we need to emphasize.   For too long, your world has labored under certain delusions: the main one being that you have the free will option to either evolve toward full consciousness, or slide back into the dark abyss.   Heaven and the divine plan ruled otherwise, and we are here to act as the enforcers of these sacred edicts.   Be clear on this point: if required, we can land in the twinkling of an eye.

      Your world is moving toward its divine destiny at a prescribed pace. Heaven is setting this path, and we are here as both watcher and, if required, as a sacred enforcer of this path.   Surrounding you is a dying world, masquerading as a healthy one.  In reality, this old world is in panic:  she knows that the time for her passing is rapidly approaching, yet she wishes to somehow produce the conditions that will allow her to physically survive.   But Heaven has decreed otherwise and knows that the moment for her to transit into a new and glorious self is nearly at hand.   This struggle is at the heart of the current chaos.   Do not let this final drama allow you to lose your focus.   Remain on course and know that myriad heavenly forces and dedicated individuals are working together to ensure that your new reality happens as planned.

      We have told you many times about how our fleet is deployed around your world and throughout your solar system.   It is crewed by personnel deeply dedicated to the way of the Light.   We are here solely to make sure that your transformation into "physical Angels" occurs as divinely decreed by Lord Surea.   Hence, our activities are wholly centered on this one prime objective.   Because of this, we have deferred many times to the Ascended Masters and cancelled announced first contact dates.   Your move into this new reality is what Heaven desires for you.   A procedure is currently underway that assures your coming liberation.   This operation must remain completely secret until it appears formally before you.   We know that this can lead to varying degrees of frustration.   We therefore ask you to look inside and to remain confident.

      Your reality is transforming along lines that are quite usual for a major paradigm shift.   However, the unusual aspect in this case is the great denial of this fact by the ruling orders of your planet, and the rise to prominence among this elite of a group that dearly desires to maintain the old misguided ways.   These groups clash, and new alliances are formed.   This determination to maintain the old ways and deny that a huge paradigm shift is in progress successfully masks the depth and extent of the transformation currently underway.   An example of this masking process was the tragic incident pulled off by this group that provided the excuse for uncalled-for wars and for the ongoing amassing of wealth by the upholders of the old ways.   But the Machiavellian plots and barefaced lies of these allies of the old ways are leading inevitably to their downfall.

      Recognize what is truly happening on your world: a grand, final drama on the road to your transformation into fully conscious Beings.    Those who rule your world are moving in a direction that will either cause us to massively intervene or permit those groups allied with the Light to oust them.   As this final, global drama plays out, be ready to accept that your part in this is to support change.   How the divine plan works this out needs to be left to Heaven.   Your part is to be confident and willing to accept your role of setting a new, divine energy foundation upon which your new reality is to be built.    Inside the walls to be erected by Heaven, you can flourish, and achieve the grand goals you set for yourselves when you designed this life's contract.  So, dear Hearts, be prepared, be joyful, and above all be willing to live out fully what you have so graciously agreed to.

      Today, we discussed the nature of your world and addressed the elements that are delaying your grand consciousness shift. Finally, we asked you to stay calm and focused on your true role in this final drama. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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