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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
7 Cauac, 7 Kank'in, 13 Eb       4/19/05

Greetings, dear Hearts!   We arrive before you again!   Your World is Now in the last stage of her Transition to a New Reality. Many final steps required to achieve your grand victory are currently taking place. These involve numerous governmental, diplomatic, and military moves.  Because of the stringent necessity for utmost secrecy concerning these events, we can only tell you that the time for celebration is near.  Let it be known, however, that our Earth allies are acting on all prescribed levels.  When completed, these actions can at last set you free!   Our personnel report that these actions, once fully set in motion, can result only in success.   We have therefore instructed our special action teams to begin their various incursions at the times given to us by our Earth allies.   The contingent of our first contact fleet assigned to these tasks is presently in position and awaiting their final orders.   Our command board is currently involved in special meetings and poised to put into action any directives issued by our Earth allies or by your Ascended Masters.

      What we ask of you is a continued commitment to your victory.  Use the coming disbursement of the Abundance Programs to begin a wide redistribution of the untold wealth of your global society.   In addition, use your knowledge and compassion to inform your communities of the reasons for these great changes.   Many still believe the insinuations and outright lies promulgated by your corporate mainstream media.   This misinformation is shortly to be corrected by the massive governmental and corporate shift that is to be brought about by the actions alluded to above.   It is vital that you assist in bringing home these shocking truths to your neighbors.   As your world moves through these avowals of governmental wrong-doing, of public arrests of high government officials, of decrees of world peace, and, finally, of our existence, the need for those who can emanate hope and Love in their neighborhoods will be great.   People, especially in North America, will be both shocked and relieved by the coming events.   Your role is to be a calming element to help allay anger and replace it with Love.

      The role of the new transitional governments, of your Ascended Masters, and of course ourselves is to start a massive educational campaign.  Your global society needs to be made aware of what has truly occurred in the last decade and a half.   Then, many incredible technologies are to be publicly introduced.   These can quickly eliminate the high pollution levels on your world.   They can also resolve the massive dangers posed by industrial "garbage dumps", not to mention the urban ones, by converting these toxic and solid wastes into biodegradable fertilizers.   These can then be used to grow food crops and reforest the great temperate and tropical rainforests of Africa, Asia, Australia, the Americas, Europe, and Oceania.   As you learn about the true nature of your living planet, you can begin your return to being free, sovereign, and abundant Beings.   The natural joy and released passions of your global populace can engender a surge of creativity that can solve any present and future problems.   It can also prepare you to more graciously accept your new reality.

      While all this is occurring, you need to be gentle on yourselves:  you are still in the process of altering into a fully conscious Being of Light.   This is no small matter.   Such a huge change in your abilities can mean untold bodily aches, pains, and symptoms that can on occasion be like a number of potentially serious diseases.  These signs can often be debilitating, and yet the need for you to go on in your chosen roles as communicators and healers in your community is vital.   We realize this is asking much of you.   Even so, we must!   Many of those around you are confused about the truth of what is ensuing.   Your purpose is to share your knowledge with them and help to ease their inescapable initial anxiety.   Never forget that you are here on Mother Earth at this time to help ensure that this monumental transition into a new reality goes as smoothly as possible.   Moreover, your immense dedication and Love is vital to anchoring in this awesome change and permitting this new reality to be born.

      This new reality comes in initially as an amazing revolution.   A relatively bloodless coup will render the last dark cabal powerless. Stripped of its resources and its leaders in prison, this last cabal will finally be forced to bend to the new "realities" and concede its position of power.   Swiftly spreading peace, prosperity, and cooperation will sweep to the fore, creating a quick transition period between who you are now, and who you are to become.   Overseeing this brief period are your Ascended Masters. These grand orders of Heaven and physicality are to provide you with an inspiring plan for your transformation.   Thus, these orders of divine Sisterhoods and Brotherhoods are to make themselves known to you.   They are to guide you from your present state of understanding to a world of increased responsibilities to be decreed for you by Heaven.

      Heaven is lovingly awaiting your metamorphosis into full consciousness, whereupon you can resume your duties as acolytes to the many orders of Ascended Masters.  You, dear Ones, are special Beings who have come into this aspect of physicality for a purpose.   This purpose is to ensure that this realm be successfully transposed into its new reality, one in which her inhabitants can at long last become aware of the full extent of the divine plan.   The mysteries currently surrounding this matter can then end.   As these things become part of your general perceptions, a full measure of divine free will can be given to you.   This act implies that you accept the full brunt of the heavenly duties assigned to you.   It will be your responsibility to decide how to implement them and also to understand the consequences of your decisions.

      First contact is a significant factor of your initial transitional realm. The Galactic Federation's primary role is to show you what the glorious, unlimited potential of full consciousness looks like.  This is difficult for you to envision because of your present level of consciousness.   You have been indoctrinated to expect Heaven to be a certain way, and yet this concept is largely erroneous.   Heaven is more than merely the realm of Spirit: she contains vast, infinite regions that surround and interweave with physicality.  Moreover, death, to you, appears final.   And, of course, it is not.   Your Soul is immortal and infinite.   Your True Self is the essence that you are to shortly embrace.   This coming union can explain all your age-old questions and enigmas, and so much more.   The realm of Spirit can finally be opened to you, and the full range of your abilities restored.

      As you can see, the great events that we have long described to you are about to happen. These changes have taken a long time to come about.   Just think of it!   You are actually to be set free after nearly 13 millennia of lies, distortions, manipulation, and forced servitude to the dark.   With this freedom comes great wisdom:  you have met the dark head on; it has bloodied both you and your ancestors.   Nevertheless, you have prevailed.   The dark has shriveled before you, and their demise has left you with the keys to untold wealth and vast new responsibilities.   We know of the great Love, compassion, power, and joy within you.   These energies, when united with your "I am Presence", can produce a most amazing Being.   It is this Being that can bestride the realms of Spirit and physicality and reveal the final aspects of the divine plan for this Creation.

      Today, we have looked at what is preparing to happen on your world.   We have considered, in a new light, the transitional world to come and your return to full consciousness.   Never loose sight of the vastness of who you really are!   And always remember that Together,  We are indeed Victorious!   We now take our leave.   Blessings, dear Ones!   Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours!     Selamat Gajun!   Selamat Kasijaram!   (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
13 Eb, 0 Kank'in, 13 Eb          4/12/05

Selamat Jarin! We joyously return, dear Ones, with more to tell you!   Surrounding you is a rapidly shifting reality.   Each day, the collective consciousness of your reality rises.   This heavenly procedure is part of a vast transformation affecting not only this reality but also a plethora of others surrounding your own. These changes are allowing a new sculpturing of physicality. In this new mode, an enormous inundation of Light by the Creator will unite the dark with the Light in many new and unique ways. This reordering will open up an immense number of new possibilities. In this way, your own alterations are a reflection of the huge order of changes being mandated by Heaven. What you are experiencing is merely the start of a significant new prototype for all of physicality. And it is for this reason that Heaven has told you that the makeover of your reality is truly a done deal. All that remains is a series of special events. These can permit you to finish this noble task and assume your true roles. This present illusion is in its last days. Be prepared for some astounding changes!

      This shift in your reality is happening on many levels simultaneously. A reality is both a physical and a spiritual construct. The Creator forged physicality out of a number of limitless possibilities. Each range of possibilities was embodied in a specific Creation, and each Creation led explicably to the next. All ten Creations together forged the unlimited whole put forth by the Creator at the moment of their mutual creation. What you see around you is merely an iota of what actually exists. Yet, when you go into the spiritual realms, the wholeness of this divine thought quickly becomes apparent. Behind all this is a grand sacred plan which is now revealing itself to you. Your current purpose, therefore, is to go beyond your limited physical self and discover how this amazing blueprint is to be realized. As you do this, you become wondrously aware of the divine magic behind its construction. As your awareness of this and of your ultimate connection to every other Being in this reality grows, you become increasingly unwilling to believe in the dogma of the concepts that supposedly govern this reality.

      This growing need for a new set of blueprints is behind the seemingly slow but steady changes of the past eight millennia.   It was necessary that these "nudges" be largely imperceptible while yet retaining a modicum of truth in the face of the dark burden imposed by the Anunnaki.   Bit by bit and generation-by-generation, your many regional societies were prodded forward. Heaven knew that at a specific moment in this process a great leap forward would at last be possible.   But until then, she also knew that her many avatars, prophets, and progressive rulers would mostly be killed and their great wisdom suppressed or cleverly twisted.   You, dear Hearts, now see around you the results of these innumerable intrigues between the Light and the dark.   Extensive "lost" literature is today available to you that allows you to learn about the sorcery of the former Anunnaki.   You also have telling evidence of ancient civilizations whose existence the Anunnaki's earth-bound minions have largely buried.   The uncovering of this evidence and the accompanying knowledge allowed you to begin your quest for the Truth.

     All these individual quests for truth altered your reality profoundly and forever. Understand that this questing did not begin accidentally, nor is it random. Deep within, you each tap into an enormous collective. This collective is the interconnected whole, consisting of every conscious Being in this reality. At night, you live in this "other" collective. You work with each other, revisit your previous lives in physicality, and train each other for the final push toward your inevitable triumph. Those who still embrace the dark spy upon this other world and try to control you; yet their dark schemes are duly failing. The power of this grand collective is not to be misjudged: as this greater whole, you have set the stage for the events to follow. As you watch them manifest, know that your daily and nightly efforts have born fruit. This spiritual work of yours, blessed Ones, opened the door so carefully crafted by Heaven. Due to this, Beings of higher awareness can now be born. This speeds your advancement to full consciousness.

      Full consciousness is the ultimate reward for your perseverance. Swiftly now, the web of illusion spun by the Anunnaki and their minions will be revealed in its true light. As your consciousness grows, you become more able to discern how the "powers that be" in your world acquired control of every mainstream form of communication. Their purpose was to suppress the evidence of the great shift in consciousness and portray your world as growing only darker by the minute. This, as you know, is not true. Far from drifting toward greater chaos and proliferating strife, your world is becoming one with the Light. Yet, your mainstream media ignores this fact and daily depicts an ever-spreading "war on terrorism". Mounting threats to your personal well-being are constantly focused on. Fear and despair are being used to manipulate you. As soon as you rise above this narcotic and discern the Truth, you are on the path to your liberation.

      The Galactic Federation is here not only to carry out a first contact mission, but to accomplish, at the request of Heaven, a far greater task: to assist each of you to transition back into fully conscious Beings of Light. This behest has required us to do something that is normally not allowed by our Main Federation Council: that is, to interfere on a large scale in your affairs. This introduced us to a cast of characters whose morality is greatly in question. Our interaction with these individuals allowed us to learn the difficulties that you face in your daily lives and increased our respect for what you have done. Your commitment to victory is most admirable, and we deeply desire at this time to thank you for your continued diligence. Whenever we effect an operation to move first contact forward, it is in order to assist your coming Victory!

      The various changes required to alter your world dramatically are progressing swiftly on all fronts. The setbacks we discussed with you in our last message have been remedied.  The dress rehearsal for ousting the North American regime was a success.  We expect the actual operation to be carried out in the very near future.  All other pieces of the puzzle are also in place.  The "dominoes" set in place by our Earth allies are getting ready to fall as planned.   Those who oppose these actions find that supporting this last dark cabal is becoming nearly impossible.  From without, it appears that support for this illegal regime is growing; in fact, those actively seeking its downfall are rapidly increasing.   This swing toward our Earth allies assures you that your victory is indeed inevitable.

      The vital point for you to consider is that this great shift in consciousness is both divine and also very close.    Heaven has been directed by Lord Surea to fulfill your miraculous return to full consciousness.  This return is essential for you to carry out the decrees prescribed by the divine plan. They explain in great detail that you are now at the point where this transformation is to happen. We, in Heaven and in the Galactic Federation, are deeply dedicated to fulfilling this holy decree. This is why we are closely observing your efforts to free yourselves of your oppressors and stand ready to grant this to you immediately if necessary. Never forget that when finally unleashed by Heaven, we can assure your success in the twinkling of an eye. So until our arrival, be patient, and know, with no shred of doubt, that a huge coalition of Beings is intent upon your freedom.

      Today, we discussed the events secretly taking place on your world.  We ask that you remain patient and committed to your inevitable victory. Know that this momentous event is very close to happening. We leave you with another important point: Remember that Together, We are indeed Victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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