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by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

2 Ik, 5 Xul, 1 Caban        11/8/05

Greetings, dear Hearts! We return with more to discuss.  Presently, your world is watching as the last cabal scurries about trying to right its hopelessly sinking ship.  Every day, we receive encouragement from the fact that the misdeeds of these arrogant ones are seeing the light of day.   As this process moves forward, our Earth allies continue to prepare the world for an amazing prosperity. Watching these events being coordinated by those in charge has been both insightful as well as amusing for us.   Only a few months ago, secret meetings with this dark cabal were terminated at their behest; it seemed that they believed that our programs were to be successfully thwarted.   Now the folly of their hasty actions has hit home, and it is now this cabal that anxiously wonders how long it can stay in power.   Many of the things now delaying open disclosure are attempts by the once most powerful to lessen the sting of their downfall.   These informal talks have droned on during recent weeks and created a temporary delay in the disbursal of the numerous prosperity programs.  This delay is now nearly over.

      Your time has finally come!  As the clock winds down on this cabal's mishaps, our Earth allies ready themselves in the interim to take control of the American government.  Currently, the Constitution that rules this great land is badly damaged and requires the drastic action that is about to take place. Most of the legislative and the judicial branch are as severely damaged as the executive.   Everywhere the fallout from this dark cabal has infected your government.  This has created a domestic and foreign policy that has thoroughly trashed its once enviable reputation.   In its place is to be forged new governance dedicated to the enactment of policies capable of reforming this government and restoring America to its most lofty perch.   During their brief time in office, those in the interim government need to set the right example.   You can expect some help from us, but this task is set squarely on your shoulders alone.  The gift of America was stated in the Declaration of Independence and reiterated in the first ten amendments to your constitution, known also as the American Bill of Rights.

      The present global diversity of random violence, unnecessary wars, and needless confrontations is epidemic. These are omens that the structure that once ran your world is losing its tight grip upon you. These dreary upheavals drone on in record numbers because the traditional power structure of your planet cannot control you. Look around at the rising demonstrations for peace and demands for the creation of a new reality. These less sensational happenings hardly get a nod from the world's newspapers, let alone time in the precious minutes of local and national newscasts. Why? Simply because it reminds too many in power of the time in the late 1960s and 1980s when the powerful were successfully challenged. Now, a new uprising is underway. Many individuals and groups, who in fact are part of this once-unapproachable power structure, now lead the way. The current goings-on behind the scenes signal that these efforts are about to be made public. You have a ringside seat, watching and participating in a "quiet revolution", as history is made. Soon, the ramparts will be breeched and an amazing world fully revealed to you.

     First contact is a complex operation made even stickier by the conditions and struggles on your world. Normally, we simply consult the local Spiritual Hierarchy and those who govern the planetary system chosen by us for this honor. Rarely, if ever, do we send our fleets or appointed representatives into a primitive mess, the likes of which characterizes your present planetary affairs. Nonetheless, at Heaven's behest, we have come and gradually involved ourselves in your concerns. This unusual policy, after a decade of remarkable patience, is starting to bear fruit. Many accords, resifted policies, and carefully posited decisions have helped your first contact team to learn how your confused conceptions work. As a result, we assisted you in forming alliances upon your world that can make a difference. Actions taken by these individuals and groups are causing what you now see. Indictments are merely the start of other procedures running parallel to them. Legal maneuvers to unseat this dark regime have only just begun.

      Many actions are also being taken covertly by holders of high office in this government.  Unseating such a powerful regime relies upon a vast, coordinated effort.   Decades of dedicated assistance by influential bureaucrats and compassionate judges have set the stage for what is to happen. Your government is not monolithic; many dare, on a daily basis, to defy secretly those actions that aim to restrict your freedoms and illegally limit your income. These courageous ones form only a small part of those working to release America from bondage. The Ascended Masters have encouraged many wealthy and influential people to follow this same path. In the last seven years, this forged a network that has greatly added to our own efforts. These networks are only the beginning. Others formerly associated with the military are likewise lending their assistance.

      This diverse effort has spread worldwide. Many officials, former and current, in key financial and monetary organizations have helped to forge new policies that will be announced once this evil cabal is driven from power. These new policies have affected international legal organizations as well, and the means to reform and carry out a new Nuremberg-style trial are now in place. Those who dared to obstruct the natural flow of events since late 2000 need to be punished for their actions. The world community understands the severity of what has occurred, and many have stepped forward to join us. This on-going march for freedom has grown immensely in the past two years. The events just starting to manifest in America are only the start of a much wider effort. This effort is to bring global prosperity, freedom, and individual sovereignty to all.

      First contact has led us to know much about those on your world devoted to the Light. We have seen how bravely they have faced the dark ones and despite grievous threats have persisted. We thank these individuals and know that their efforts will soon be rewarded. The most important of these efforts involves the prosperity programs. In fact, these fantastic amounts of money are the key to ensuring the manifesting of your new reality. The dark knows this and desperately pursues strategies for entangling them in red tape and carefully thought-out snafus. This has delayed their delivery for years. Now, the means to finish the job are at hand. A special system to accomplish this is currently in its final process, and we expect some of you to soon receive a most wonderful and welcome surprise!

      Mother Earth is busily preparing herself for her new look. The great changes to come are only starting to appear. As the Earth moves into position, many large earthquakes and similar events will happen. Remember, the Himalayas are to return to the way they were before the fall of Lemuria. The vast central plains of Asia will flow naturally into the broad savannas of northern India. Many of the islands of the Pacific Ocean will coalesce into the reborn continent of Lemuria. Atlantis will rise, and the cordilleras of the Americas will transform as well. This new planet is being born in small episodes that will increase in severity as time goes on. It is for this reason that your coming work needs to address the issues of your fragile planet. Together, you can create a most beautiful and lush environment for Mother Earth's marvelous diversity of life!

      Today, we have talked about things afoot on your world.  We ask you to have patience and comprehend deep in your heart that your new reality is close at hand. First contact similarly is very near. The world you know is ending. In its place, a new and glorious reality is ready to appear before you. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

8 Men, 18 Tzec, 1 Caban            11/1/05

Selamat Jarin! We greet you and arrive with more to tell you about your reality.  In the past week, much has happened to move you toward a final resolution in dealing with Earth's last cabal. These now desperate men and women have made a number of secret deals to obstruct those who desire to remove them from office.   However, they are playing their final hand.  A ring of legal and economic problems is encircling them in a vice from which they cannot escape.  As they scurry into what they feel to be their last refuge, these hapless wrongdoers only set the stage for their own fall and, in the process, unwittingly prepare you for the events that will enable the transitional regime to gain power.    This regime is to restore constitutional rule in North America and alter a shameful "economy of the truth" into a global flood of good tidings.   Moreover, many terrible humanitarian conditions can be turned around as the plans for global prosperity coupled with a government-backed pledge to service is brought to bear upon these iniquities.    We pledge you our full support as you start out toward your new reality.

      The growing need for change produced a vast network dedicated to supporting the swift rise in consciousness upon your globe. This includes many who seek to use their influence and power in service to the Light. At present, your world is a volatile and dangerous place. Many nations want to stockpile a nuclear arsenal and have constructed elaborate missile development programs. They are also focused on developing economies and acquiring military forces to rival those of the West. This has led to secret alliances in the so-called Third World aimed at challenging the power of the West. A swift end to this potentially suicidal arms race is essential and pressing. We have watched carefully as your planet's nations hurtle, like lemmings, toward the precipice. Moreover, poverty and disease continue to spread. These factors alone signal the need to wrench this last dark cabal from power and set your fragile planet upon a course toward peace and cooperation. Your transitional leaders are more than capable of accomplishing these lofty goals.

      Some seven years ago, an operation was started to end the outrageous crimes foisted upon you by a dark cabal centered mostly in North America. This global group has been at the forefront of an effort to enslave humanity since the late 1940s. In its early days, this cabal assassinated the first US Secretary of Defense and proceeded to establish a global cover-up of the existence of UFOs. Next, these dark ones consolidated their power by perpetrating an artificial "cold war" in collaboration with their cohorts in the East. Concurrently, they treasonously set up pacts with various dark galactic empires, benefiting from these ill-advised connections to consolidate exorbitant temporal power. Under cover of the cold war, powerful off-world and secret in-house technologies were exchanged, including mass mind-control capability. Along the way, they accumulated truly mind-boggling amounts of financial wealth. In the 1950s and 60s, they wielded their power to dispose of presidents and world leaders at will and generally seemed unstoppable.

      Yearning for yet more power, this cabal fought to gain the allegiance of the other cabals that ruled your world, and by the late 1980s, this was done. The Anunnaki were compelled to bow to their rising power and appointed them the prime cabal on the planet. With this in hand, this dark group focused on schemes for achieving its remaining objectives by the late 1990s. However, Heaven knew of its aims and set forth countermeasures to lure this arrogant group to an unanticipated defeat. Remember that this was done because your divine destiny is freedom, not slavery; also, the galaxy was now ready to change her path. These points are crucial to knowing your future. As the dark ones gathered momentum, the Light countered their ambitions by creating conditions that would demolish them. This is why you are now watching this last cabal scrambling even to retain its power base in its North American homeland despite its erstwhile supremacy.

      The present American regime, finagled into power by this dark cabal, is riddled with conspiracies merely to maintain its power. Nonetheless, it has allowed its powerful mentors to rig oil and gas prices, invent fictional energy crises, and manufacture an illusory "war on terrorism". Taking lessons from the past, these dark ones demolished the World Trade Center, started a number of illegal wars, and in general spread havoc worldwide. To top all this, they more than tripled their already obscene amount of wealth. Their final ploy is either to achieve world domination or to goad their global opponents into an Armageddon-style confrontation. This insanity must be halted at once, and therefore their every move is monitored by Heaven. The intention is to replace this loathsome regime with one that can completely reform American and global society. This is the primary goal of our Earth allies.

      And how have our Earth allies set about affecting this monumental task? To begin with, and against much global opposition, they compiled a huge abundance and set up a means for reforming worldwide and local banking practices. This initiative was supported by elements within the US government that were setting the stage for the removal of this regime. The restoration of constitutional governance and a return to "common law" are necessary to re-establish freedom and end the illegal practices that have long denied Americans their homes, their income, and their sovereignty. This restoration can bring back faith in fair government and end the rampant spread of political and corporate corruption. The new government-in-waiting is resolved to reverse the present suicidal policies and pursue total global peace.

      This dramatic political about-face hangs on the legal processes that will remove this cabal. These procedures were obstructed time and again by the duplicity and perfidy of those still in league with the dark cabal. Once these officials were finally weeded out, the process surged forward. Now, major breaks are ready to occur and it is picking up a momentum of its own. Remember that all but superficial changes take place in strictest secrecy on this planet. At present, those in charge of this "countercoup" have secured their positions and taken on new allies. Moreover, this dark regime is finally tumbling to the fact that its fall is imminent. It is surrounded by those who daily negotiate secretly for their removal. Its only remaining ploy is to play for time and to try to stall these negotiations.

      The groups involved in the interim government are resolved upon a due legal format for the new "Nuremberg" trials. Those who hatched the recent treachery will receive the due process of the law. Furthermore, the new government requires the legitimacy to effect America's transition, politically and governmentally, back to the position she was in prior to Lincoln's assassination (he, too, was removed by the forbearers of this dark cabal). The Constitution in force at that time can then be restored. Applying the provisions of constitutional law will result in a sweeping purge of all present government. The power of allied Banking and of Bar Associations will end, paving the way for new banking and legal systems. America will be set free, and the tyranny that took root with the murder of Lincoln will be expunged! Together, We are Victorious!

      Today, we reviewed what is happening on your world. We ask you to begin a mass letter-writing crusade to end the present criminal American regime. Unite in your own way with those designated to be the active players in this drama. Show them that you support change and are willing to donate your services once these rapscallions are out of office. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)




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