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by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

10 Akbal, 6 Yaxk'in, 1 Caban            11/29/05

Greetings, dear Hearts!   We come again with many interesting things to tell you.   We first ask you not to be discouraged by the slowness of the events of the day.   Much of immense value is occurring behind closed doors.   The communications that we continue to receive tell us that meaningful progress is being made on a number of vital fronts.   Putting an end to a group that knows how to use the powers conferred on it by the fact that it is the current American government is an incredible undertaking.   We wish that we were able to go into greater detail in these matters.   As you know, we are governed by the procedures that our diplomatic personnel have marked out for us.   Accordingly, we have held back from implementing a number of scenarios that we planned nearly half a decade ago.   This was done to appease our Earth allies and also to comply with the prohibition of our heavenly supervisors.   This means that a variety of options remain open to us.   However, we are not to "go down these roads" unless our heavenly supervisors authorize it.

      Heaven is the prime mover in these events.   The divine plan has outlined what is to happen and how.   These directives shape our actions and determine how we plan the concluding act of the cosmic drama called first contact.   This operation, as noted many times before, is being carried out on many interconnected levels.  Keep in mind that your reality, your global society, and your place in this galaxy are being drastically changed.   Such a massive transformation in consciousness is no small matter to contend with. The implications of this are monumental and, quite simply, mind-blowing.   In a short time, you are being made ready to accept things that are currently beyond your comprehension.   This requires a strategy that forces the dark's hand and at once permits a predetermined victory for the Light.   All this is now well underway.   The institutions for change are now in place.   The rules for a new integrated American domestic and global banking system are written.   The last known obstacle is the present North American regime whose power stretches from Hudson Bay to the borders of Mexico.

      On other fronts, your astronomers are recording important and "inexplicable" changes in your solar system.   They also observe many strange phenomena throughout the observed universe. The same oddities are occurring on and around your Sun.   These things astound and frighten your secret rulers.   These last obstinate ones devise methods to defend themselves against us while still searching for ways to stay in power.   But what their scientists report confirms the futility of their efforts.   And still these dark ones persist.   Each time they discover a new move of attrition against them, they tighten their grip on the global movement of money.   They know full well that money lies at the root of power, and they therefore monitor and manipulate it carefully.   Our Earth allies likewise know this.   The result is a financial war that has turned deadly in its attempts to evict these defiant ones.   Our role is to ensure that our allies be instantly informed of all devious and sudden movements of the dark so that appropriate countermeasures can be taken.

      This covert war has been waging ever since this cabal illegally seized control of the American government in 2000.   But, inevitably, their growing arrogance will be their undoing.   So great is this cabal's sense of superiority and invulnerability that it has conducted a huge number of highly profitable and illegal financial activities.   Recently, however, our Earth allies put a stop to many of these transactions.   The appropriation of these accounts badly eroded the plans of this cabal and started a process to rein in its attempt to dominate the world's financial markets.   As a result, it has seen many more of its key associates jumping ship, which has dealt severe body blows to its operating capacity.   As you can see, our Earth allies now possess a weapon that can permanently cripple the effectiveness of this last cabal.

      As each part of the operation to unseat the illegal American regime moves forward, there comes a time when one action intertwines with another.   At this point, it is necessary to create diversions that will misdirect the actions of this cabal.   Elaborate back-up events are staged to lure it down a path that can end in its swift destruction.   With the advantage now afforded by recently acquired assets, our Earth allies have set up two such traps for the downfall of the cabal.   One option comprises a very swift series of events leading to its defeat; the other is a slightly slower scenario that would have the same result.   Each path is manned by two separate teams that are in constant communication with each other and that are both determined to complete this task in the time allotted.   Needless to say, we carefully monitor each team and help them to ensure success.

      While these two teams work diligently toward their goals, Mother Earth prepares for vast changes to her surface configuration.   These preparations have already resulted in many preliminary adjustments, including the earthquake-tsunami of Christmas 2004 and the large 2005 earthquake in the southern Himalayas.   These large-scale movements are, however, as nothing compared to what the upcoming Earth changes can potentially dish out.   We are living through the mere beginnings of a period in Earth history when already, in the past four decades, the number of category 4 and 5 hurricanes have more than tripled, and the number of earthquakes of level 6, 7, and 8 on the modern Richter scale have more than quadrupled.   We tell you this only to inform you and help you better understand the enormous scope of the changes you are going through.

      This shift in consciousness inevitably creates sweeping changes to your reality and to your understanding of how your reality operates.  Your technology has produced a global society that is highly fragmented and filled with deep divisions.   Yet these same technologies also permitted great changes in the way you perceive each other spiritually, and this is preparing you for the changes mentioned above.   Put another way, your state of limited consciousness has a paradoxical effect:  it seeks on the one hand to maintain the status quo, and on the other, to constantly improve the lot and the understanding of the individual.   And herein lie the seeds of change.   The enlightened quickly know the divine simplicity and truth within this seeming contradiction.    It has brought you to your modern world, but also to the brink of self-extermination!   Yet your rise in consciousness pulled you back from the brink and is, instead, paving the way to your salvation.

      In such an environment, a formal first contact takes time to precipitate.   Heaven knows this and devised a perfect scheme to "leaven the dough".   Acting like fragments of yeast, myriad little "lightening" actions done anonymously around the globe set you on your heavenly path.   The big changes now underway are also accomplished in the detail.   These details are almost impossible to discern as they emerge; yet, hidden among the maze of confusion generated by the dark, each Light-inspired detail sets up the inevitable.   Once these details reach critical mass and start to meld, the momentum generated is too great for the dark to counter.   This melding is happening at an increasing rate, and now this reality finds itself firmly turned around and swept up into a final push toward its divine destiny.   See how truly miraculous are the subtle ways of Heaven!

      Today, we continued our discussion about how change is happening on your world.   Be patient, and at the same time in joyous anticipation of your inevitable divine victory!   What you are living though is at once the end of the old reality and the beginning of a glorious new one.   Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!   We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones!   Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

3 Cib, 19 Xul, 1 Caban                 11/22/05

Selamat Jarin!   We return, dear Hearts, with more to discuss with you.   Your world is still undergoing the death throes of the domain of the dark.   These amoral ones fully know what is happening and, with distain, are making life difficult for those innocents who know nothing of what is truly transpiring on your globe.   Using the excuse of the "war on terrorism", they monitor and obstruct the passage of standard business exchanges at every step, and international transfers of vital financial papers have been slowed to a crawl.   This heightened interference is due to their fear that things are afoot that they somehow cannot control; and they are right.   They are tumbling to the fact that they can no longer determine the outcome of current events.   Far from it!   Despite growing restrictions, our Earth allies are almost at the point where these rascals can be evicted from power.   Many more indictments and the arrest of this illegal North American administration are swiftly drawing closer by the day.   A final spurt now requires a bit more patience and a courageous resolve to get to the finish line!

      Those in charge of carrying out the Light's agenda on your world are fully aware of what is required of them.   They know of the Galactic Federation and of the importance we place on their activities.   This knowledge has encouraged them to progress cautiously, confident that their endeavors will meet with success.   We have not only protected them from undue harm in many ways but have also prevented the implementation of numerous monstrous schemes plotted by the dark.    The technology of the Galactic Federation and the careful supervision of Heaven created an unusual milieu on your world, in which the work of the Light has moved forward at a relatively slow pace.   But there is another option.   A much more dynamic plan is waiting in the wings, which can be sprung on the dark, if necessary, at the behest of our heavenly supervisors.   Know that this contingency plan does exist and that a triumphant finale to your present beleaguered reality can be manifested at a moment's notice!   The determining factor lies with Heaven's messengers who decide how and when the divine plan is to be revealed on this world.

      The minions of the dark continue to scurry about the globe hoping for a miracle to save them from their fate.   The result of these journeys is a slight escalation of the chaos and fear that still pervade your realm.   But this build-up has in no way deterred our Earth allies from achieving their main objectives. It is most regrettable that these interferences by the dark have hindered the earthquake relief efforts in South Asia and severely impeded the resolution of the many medical disasters still sweeping across central and southern Africa.   The dark are also preventing talks from taking place that can result in a truce in many civil wars that have infected the Third World for decades.   In this message, we reminded you about the escalation in chaos in order to inform you that remedies to these situations are waiting to come forth as soon as this dark cabal is removed from office.     Many top secret global conferences generated plans to eliminate poverty, redress grievances, and generally assure the world that global cooperation is indeed possible.

      This growing web of covert agreements will be made public once the illegal American regime is forced to resign.   These concords permit a new reality to come into existence.   In this new realm, the present economic supremacy of the so-called First World will mutate into a support structure linking all nations.   Nuclear and conventional disarmament will be mandatory, and our benevolent presence will be formally announced.    Then the Galactic Federation can complete first contact and guide you through the interim period until your return to full consciousness. In this interim period, your governments are to change, and this requires your participation.   True democracy relies upon an informed citizenry who can ensure that their government heeds its voice, complies with its needs, and safeguards each individual's sovereignty. It hinges on the word "participation".   Your coming abundance will allow you to revel in these responsibilities and create a forum where the voice of democracy can truly be honored.

      Many of you are curious about the role to be played by the Ascended Masters once first contact is formally acknowledged.   These great Beings are to begin a series of "appearances" around your globe that are intended to provide spiritual guidance to heal the endless regional squabbles involving religious differences.   They understand that only these sudden and continued appearances can resolve the planet wide petty doctrinaire-ism that has sundered man from man for millennia.   Healing the roots of violence and bringing peace and unity to Mother Earth's people lie at the very core of the mission of the Ascended Masters.   In this Light of divine Love, the world and you can mend.   Then together, you can prepare for a rapid return to full consciousness.   In this atmosphere of healing, you can develop a greater appreciation for the diversity of your global cultures.

      Once peace is declared, the world is to receive the new teachings of the Ascended Masters.   We have mentioned many times before that Mother Earth is a living Being.   Your role as planetary guardians was thrown off track by the distorted dogmas in many fields concocted by the dark through the centuries.    The Ascended Masters intend to redress the bunkum you have been fed, and this includes a retelling of the true genesis of humanity.   "The Truth shall set you free" is the aphorism underlying their teachings.   The reality you know is a web of misconceptions, trickery, and outright lies.   This nonsense is to be expunged using methods that are visionary and infallible. The sins of the past can thus be rescinded, and the memory of your manipulation and control by the dark eradicated.

      These teachings can reveal the operations of Heaven. Things long forgotten can be re-membered and a new reality permitted to flower. You, dear Ones, are a group of Souls who were only temporarily thrown into amnesia. On your world, the dark took advantage of this disability to stand truth on its head in order to control you. As you remember the ways of Heaven, so the Light can fully descend into you, making a full ascension inevitable. This the dark also knows, and so they threw everything in their armory at you to delay your ascension, filling you with false notions that would lead you to perceive them as the only possible masters of your destiny. But now the Light of Heaven has descended upon you, and a ladder to this most glorious world has begun to manifest. You are to be at once a dweller in Heaven and a resident of physicality!

      Your role in physicality is to change. No longer submerged in ignorance, your wisdom is to enrich and transform your world. You are hereby reborn as an instrument of the divine plan. You become a physical Angel and a participant in the unfolding of the plan. You become a great Being of Light and return to your true mission. Your physical and your heavenly councils can now manifest and together lead you toward your sacred destiny. This is currently well beyond your comprehension. But know that it lies within your heart energy and there awaits your ascension. The very spark of Creation is contained deep within this heart energy, for the sacred Light was birthed from Love and is destined to reappear, once you fully accept again the wonder and miracle of this Love and her amazing Blue Light!

      You are in a time of transition; first contact approaches, and your sacred abilities are now forming. The dominion of the dark is waning, yet it spins an illusion of invincibility. In truth, it is being transformed and its vast powers taken from it. Be strong, and remain focused on your victory! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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Hello, Central!" Would You Share Your Thoughts ON: 
Why We See No Good Changes,
About Our Solar System Friends and about
The Ongoing Reptilian Attacks
and Illuminati Karma Games?

----- Original Message -----
From: GMG
To: four winds
Sent: Friday, December 02, 2005 7:18 AM
Subject: Changes

Hello dear Patrick,
I send to you and your wife all the love and light that Iím capable of and thanks a lot for the work youíve been doing at FourWinds. It helps us a lot as lightworkers.
I need your help on the following questions:

1/Christ Michael said in a message through Anne on 15-11-05 that all the governments are now ready to come to the light except the three evil ones of U.S.A., Britain and Israel
But Iím having some difficulties believing that all the dictatorial regimes ruling in Africa, Asia and elsewhere are ready to make changes unless they been booted out of power and replaced by new enlightened people.
Why is that we are not seeing any sign that things are moving and actions been taken to improve life for the citizens in the countries that are supposed to be yet ready for the changes?
It seems like without NESARA been announced in the USA first, nothing can be done.
Even China that supposedly is to play a major role by putting pressure on US economy to enforce NESARA announcement is in a bad position.
Is that so hard to bring some little freedom and abundance to the people even without NESARA?   How can one government like in China support NESARA which brings so many good things to the world that they refuse to their citizens?

2/Iíve read on one French website a message from Sananda that said there has been a reptilian attack on Earth-shan last month or so in an attempt to keep us from ascending to 5D. But we have been told some years ago that the Anunakis, former masters of the illuminates, have surrended to the light and decided to be part of the solution.
I wonder who is still attacking apart from the Earth minions of the ancient Anunakis?
Are the Reptilians and greys different from the Anunakis?
Are they not partners or allies in the dark empire of Anchara as the Sirians call them?
Some say the illuminates are now alone trying to achieve their agenda of world domination while someothers say the dark off-world masters are still attacking. Whatís going on?

3/Can you tell me more about Beings living on other planets of our Solar system like Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and especially Mercury?
Because weíve often heard over Venus and Mars but the rest not
What role did they play and/or are they still playing in our lives?

4/Why does it seem like the illuminates can play with the karma of the people while they can avoid their own by all means?

Please help me with some clarifications. Share your thoughts on these with us.



FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer        http://www.fourwinds10.com/
DATE: Dec. 4, 2005

Dear GMG:
Thank you for your kind words for our work at Fourwinds, and for your questions. I honor you for being a Lightworker and a Truthseeker.

Q. 1: There is a general ferment of change happening at the grass-roots level all across Earth Shan. The masses are fed-up with the Darkness and are seeking the Light. Most of such inside deterioration of the government structures of our planet are purposely covered up by the mass media. Still these are many clues of this happening, even in China, Russia and Japan. We see this in the U.S. Israel and Britain, where the people are deeply frustrated with their governments and are taking action to bring needed change.

China is pushing for economic power but is deteriorating from within. The Chinese Dynasty wealth is soon to be released to the poor people of China, and the present government cannot stop it. That government will topple with NESARA.

Q. 2: Much of what is presented as spiritual messages is only nonsense. The Reptilians are long gone from Earth Shan and have no power over us. Many of the Reptilians and Annunaki have returned to the Light, including Satan. No Dark off-world entities are allowed on or even near Earth Shan any more. Only some Illuminati are yet here representing the Darkside, and they are soon to leave, as well.

Q. 3: Earth Shan is the only planet in our solar system not in 5D. All of these planets have advanced civilizations on them, which we can not see with our 3D frequency eyes. Venus is a twin to Earth Shan and a most beautiful planet. The people of Venus sent us a great gift of gold to assist us in our banking change. This gold is held in the World Trust of St. Germain.

The Martians are building starships for us to use in the next few months after NESARA happens. Pluto is the supply planet for this quadrant of the Nebadon Universe and will be providing us with many things we will need in our future. The peoples on the other planets of our solar system are helping us in many ways to move into 5D by 2008, if possible. There are also over 200 Star Nations represented by the starships waiting to land on Earth Shan. Soon we shall be traveling all over the Cosmos and visiting our friends and relatives of the Stars!

Q. 4: The basic Law of Creation is the Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect. There is a cause and an effect in all that happens. Every effect has a cause, and every cause has an effect. Translated into 3D terms, every thing we do has a consequence or effect. Therefore, we are held responsible for each consequence because we were the cause of the consequence.

This effect or consequence is also called karma. The Illuminati are no different than any other beings of Creator Source's creations. By Cosmic Law they, too, are held accountable for the karma they create. No one escapes this Law of Karma, though it many seem to us at times that they do. In the ending of each of their 3D lifestreams they, again, stand before Creator God on the Astral Plane and judge themselves against the Laws of God and Creation. Then they must decide where they shall go to continue their lessons in soul growth.

We have been there and done that many times. Now, we have the choice to graduate to 5D right here on Earth Shan. If they pass their lessons, the Illuminati can do the same. May they choose wisely. We send them Love and Light, and may we, also, choose wisely.

In Love and Light,
Patrick H. Bellringer


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