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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
1 Lamat, 11 Tzec, 1 Caban       10/25/05

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Ones, with more to discuss with you! Your world continues her steady march to a new reality.   Our Earth allies are working ceaselessly to bring forth the legal and financial documents that ensure the end of this last dark cabal and the manifesting of your prosperity.   These actions are part of a larger global effort to prepare your world for first contact.   Before first contact, an enormous number of political, social, and economic variables need to be set in place.   The imminent actions of our Earth allies are the opening shots of a global "quiet revolution".   The former Earth-bound minions of the Anunnaki have delayed these requisites for nearly half a decade.   During this period, more details were hashed out between our Earth allies and the many factions that joined them due to their opposition to the odious, uncaring policies of this last cabal.   As a result, many possible difficulties are now solved.   These agreements can make the immediate objectives of many worldwide caretaker regimes much easier for them to obtain.

      Along with the many prosperity programs and the removal of those regimes controlled by this last cabal are plans to terminate all debt and to permit prosperity to reach the lives of those who live in the so-called Third World. These plans are now completed. Currently, a number of groups and individuals are manifesting those elements necessary for starting these programs, and much success has already been achieved. The last steps are likewise being readied for quick implementation. The goal is to have the payout of all the various levels of the prosperity programs coincide with the introducing of the global debt forgiveness plan. The second stage entails provisions for a large stipend to be paid to each person on the planet. Global poverty is to end, and society's infrastructure set to receive a huge leap in technology. This will include devices introduced by the Galactic Federation after first contact is accomplished. Thus the basis will be provided for a major ecological push by the world's governments.

      As you can see, what is afoot is quite detailed and complex. We are most grateful to the many individuals and groups who have come forward to serve as the point persons for these activities. They come from every corner of the planet. Their enthusiasm and ability to work together as a coherent force is truly wonderful to observe. Their dedication and their willingness to devote a great deal of their valuable time are likewise deeply appreciated. Their task has not been easy. Many tremendous obstacles were overcome by their solidarity and their concentrated efforts. We thank them and bless their accomplishments. It is because of the instruments set up by them that your globe is assured of an unprecedented and astounding, bloodless revolution. The nations of the world must have the means to provide their citizens with water, food, clothing, shelter, and education. Each is to have the basic necessities of life provided for them. This operation is part and parcel of a massive effort to reorient your global society. The redistribution of wealth is indeed pivotal, but is by no means the only thing to be done.

      Your world is a planet in transition; she desperately requires your assistance. Thus the push to introduce new Earth-friendly technology is vital. The world's governments know this, as do most multinational corporations. To form an alliance equal to the task of creating a viable ecology program of global proportions, a massive reformation of corporate and governmental interaction must be launched. Furthermore, the many elements of the present ecology movement can be united under one coherent banner. Together, these concerned groups can work in tandem with corporations that have similar goals. The old divisive politics can no longer be tolerated. A new politics is to allow the manifestation of new technologies and ensure that those entrusted with planetary rehabilitation realize their objectives. Constant evaluations are to be made of personnel and of the technology in use, with the equal participation of all concerned.

      The new corporate/government model is to be based upon new regulatory statutes. The "revolving door" policy, whereby high-level corporate officials also serve as heads of government agencies, is to cease. In addition, members of the public are to be deeply involved in the new process. The arrival of global abundance can allow the public to become members of official watchdog agencies. Those already active in the ecology movement can educate the public, redirect the goals of corporations, and re-establish the regulatory powers of government. This form of cooperation exists in some measure in some areas, but the intent is to make this procedure global. It is essential that a comprehensive system of ecological reform be allowed to manifest quickly. To do this, corporations need to be re-chartered to ensure their ecological and social responsibility.

      Government is to be transformed. To this end, your abundance is to be the catalyst for a rapid explosion of public participation in government. Many of our Earth allies favor a system that permits the local population direct access to government. These "town meetings" can add the rights of the people to the actions of government. The powers given to the electorate to oversee their representatives need to be fully exercised. In addition, the workings of politics in general are to be changed. For example, the enormous campaign funds given to candidates must be disallowed, and a fair and legal electoral system instituted. The Galactic Federation has studied this matter, and possible alternatives are to be delineated after first contact. The true democratizing of your systems of governance can be a way to ready you for your coming galactic society.

      This operation to move you toward your new galactic society is one that Heaven fully supports. We wish to carry this out in a few rapid stages that will permit you to absorb many new and unusual techniques. Most of your training can begin in conjunction with the changeover in the operation of your various systems of governance. A growing respect for your planet needs to be coupled with an awareness of your collective responsibility for your actions. The macrocosm of international cooperation is merely the reflection of the microcosm of individual or group cooperation. The responsibilities of citizenship on Mother Earth are a prime and vital duty for everyone. This honor is to be expressed by your actions and by your participation in government and community affairs. Each is expected to contribute in her or his own unique way.

      Helping one another is considered by Heaven to be as important as the assistance you give to sustain Mother Earth. We emphasize that, once the encumbrances of monetary survival are removed, Heaven expects you to pursue activities that help you and your fellows to grow, to heal, and to learn about the wonders contained within each other. For too long, you have been induced to perceive illusory divisions between one another. The time has now come to drop this foolishness. Use the new energies released by this quiet revolution to foster a deep Love for each other. Let this Love guide you to new understandings and visions. Allow these positive energies to heal yourselves, your society, and your precious home, Mother Earth. Permit your new reality to blossom around you, turning your planet into a glorious garden paradise for all humanity, a fitting arena for your triumphant return to full consciousness!

      Today, we have focused on what is about to happen. We have also delved into how these things are to be implemented. We ask you, as ever, to commit yourselves to your inevitable victory. We ask you to make a bold move and let go, now, of the negative perceptions that limit who you truly are. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation        Changes currently occurring in your solar system
7 Imix, 4 Tzec, 1 Caban                10/18/05

Greetings, dear Hearts! We come with more to tell you about your ever-changing reality. The process for governmental changes that we have described to you continues to move forward.   Right now, the final steps in this highly detailed and involved procedure is nearly over. The remaining pieces of the puzzle are assembled and await these final and most crucial legal maneuvers. The various teams needed for this transition has been selected, properly trained, and now daily anticipate their call to action. We, likewise, have used this remaining time to assure our Earth allies, put our requisite personnel on stand-by, and position our ships for the preliminary first contact scenario. All is ready for the last element to click into place. Concurrently, Mother Earth is completing the stabilizing of her present surface features. As stated in many prior messages, a series of immense geological changes is slated to begin in the very near future. One of our major tasks is to help coordinate this procedure for Heaven and to supervise, when so directed, the mass evacuation of the surface population to inner Earth.

      The massive interaction between the Galactic Federation and the heavenly hosts of Mother Earth has yielded an enormous amount of data about your home world and your solar system.   One of the present misconceptions of your science is how the Sun interacts with your many sister worlds.   This exchange is, in effect, more spiritual in nature than physical.   Each moment, your Sun sends Mother Earth a series of energy messages.   These determine the nature of the solar system's electromagnetic web that keeps each component healthy and in contact with each other.   These messages help Mother Earth, in turn, to align her own planetary electromagnetic web and the frequencies of her electrogravitational fields that hold everything together. This gravitational energy exists as multidimensional packets of energy, some of which can be measured by your science. However, most are as yet undetectable. These presently invisible energy packets determine weather changes, earth movements, and ocean currents. In fact, these conscious interactions are quite similar to the way your body communicates with itself.

      In past messages, we described the many changes currently occurring in your solar system. We mention them again to emphasize how the macrocosm of this reality is intricately related to the microcosm of your immediate reality. All in nature, including you, is connected. This is mirrored even in the tiniest fragment of the atom. Your physical and spiritual transformation is reflected throughout your reality, which is made up of all of the individuated consciousnesses that she contains. These are put together according to spiritual rules enacted eons ago by you and your heavenly counterparts. The guiding conceptions of this reality establish the rate of change and, specifically, the greatly increased present rate. Consider the horrors of war and climatic devastation as merely signs that a turn to the Light is in effect. They are confusing paradoxes on the road to this most desirable destination, troubling way stations that are actually heralds of exciting changes just around the bend.

      Your world is destined for great things. We return to this point repeatedly; this constant reiteration is to drum into you the full significance of the changes now underway. Your reality is at a divine crossroads. She is moving through the last vestiges of an old, familiar world and approaching the bridge to a new land, a heavenly wonderland that is strange and yet filled with riches and joys that many of you were forced to give up in childhood. This destination is not pie-in-the-sky! Heaven is showing you the way there, and we are designated as gatekeeper and teachers. This is necessary because first contact will present you with a strange, new worldview. Many of you have a few mental images, but to actually experience these new perceptions at first hand is quite another matter. With this in view, the divine plan has moved you to where you are now. The rest of the journey will continue to accelerate the old and bring in the new in a most unusual and fascinating way.

      Change in a limited consciousness realm is effected differently than in a fully conscious one. This is why such an improbable assortment of on-planet agents was selected. This plan has progressed on an innumerable number of levels over the past eight centuries. The purpose was to move the dark into a position where the requisite change became inevitable. The emergence of democracy was forged in many stages. Freedom and sovereignty similarly were tailored from the dark cloth available. Heaven's goal was the reality that is now surreptitiously forming around you. Each component was achieved via a carefully orchestrated struggle with the dark. Each had to appear to be merely another option in the games it played. Gradually the plan manifested, and the Earth minions were imperceptibly maneuvered into situations that are to result in your many unalienable rights. Now the final elements are coming into view, and with them, your victory becomes truly inevitable!

      This plan was conceived with an enormous number of possible scenarios. Heaven therefore views the current international scene as comprising innumerable possible plot lines, each with myriad possibilities. Each one links up with another that assures your victory. Heaven watches and constantly adjusts as necessary. The desired result will be achieved at the very moment called for in the divine plan. Therefore do not fret about what you see happening around you. Heaven wishes you to understand these events in the light of an old adage of the Roman Empire: " All roads lead to Rome". Likewise, all that you presently see before you, regardless of how ominous it appears, can and will lead to a glorious, new, Light-filled world! Dear Ones, we repeat: Your victory is indeed inevitable!

      As you look about you at present conditions, what we have said takes on meaning. Every blatant act of defiance thrown at the Light by the dark has consequences. The rules created in response to the plans of the Light have forged ways to defeat the dark. These rules hold sway during the present times. Hence, the dark is setting in motion forces that will inevitably "hoist them on their own petard" (to paraphrase another old adage). Events now underway will bring down this last dark cabal in a legal and forthright manner. This was no small challenge; it required a veritable mountain of formerly ignored evidence and the commitment of a "braveheart" willing to pursue these essential matters. These requisites are to hand, and actions are in progress that are to transform your world.

      In the coming times, many astounding things are set to happen. These happenings and the events surrounding them are merely the first steps on the road to your new reality. Throughout all this, your commitment and support of these events are vital. We call upon you to observe, analyze, and then act appropriately. Your world will change. Things that now seem set in concrete will eventually disappear. Recognize that it is you and your fellows that are the true foot soldiers in this "quiet revolution". This revolution of your Weltanschauung, right political action, and the divine intervention are intended for your benefit. These magnificent energies are to restore your freedoms and ensure your unalienable sovereignty. Moreover, they will end your long quarantine from your space family. It is abundantly obvious that the time for our joint celebration is very near!

      Today, we discussed the events of the day and asked you to look at them in a new light. Surrounding you, events of stupendous proportions are readying themselves. These events will mark the end of "the dark old ways" and signal the transition to a new one. Further, they will set the stage for first contact. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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