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 Gabriel's  Overview of 2005


The Year of Resolving Chaos

to Reveal the Essence of the Rising Soul

(the Midpoint of Creation)


We enter 2005 in a very unique position to anything we have known.  We have entered the mid-point of creation as we have known it on Earth.  What does that mean?


All of creation exists as a reflection of everything else, with everything moving in cycles.  We, as humans, relate to these cycles in the smallest form through our breathing.  We breathe in and we breathe out.  The same is true for all creation.


You might say that for this universe, we have known only one half of that giant cycle.  We have only been in the out breath so far, much like a pendulum swings in one direction before returning.  We have now reached the maximum point of expansion of that out breath, bringing many things to their extremes.


The part of the cycle that provides the most challenge in many ways is that it is at this extreme that we have moved away from an awareness of Source or the oneness of creation.  We have moved into the extremes of separation, which is how a great deal of the world relates to the other parts of creation – in fear and separation.


However, as we approached this time, we had two major events that heralded meeting this mid-point and inevitable return to Source and oneness.  The first of these events was the alignment of the Sun, Venus and the Earth in June, 2004.  This was an alignment of the energies of physical (Earth), soul (Venus) and spirit (Sun).  This reminder of our spiritual connection to All That Is prepared us for the most recent initiation in the fall of 2004.


In November, 2004 we reached a critical time of planetary alignments – both connected by five heavenly bodies lining up in the perfect five-pointed star configuration.  In the center of these alignments, we experienced both a lunar and solar eclipse – an interruption to the male and female energies on our planet (mental and emotional patterns of our lower selves.)  These alignments created book ends to the doorway of energy that awaken us on higher levels to the awareness of a return to Source, love and oneness.


Five in the system of numerology is two things that serve our purpose here.  Five is the number of change and chaos to structure.  It is also the mid-point of the cycles of numbers (which go from 1 to 9).  Not only that, but the five pointed star is also reflected in the actual orbital pattern of Venus.  And Venus represents the energy of the soul archetype. 


So we have all of these cosmic clues to what is taking place – a move out of separation into the oneness of a soul and Spirit connection.


As this shift of energies takes place for the Earth and our universe, it creates a shake-up to all that we have known.  For those who have been doing the inner work to prepare for a soul connection, this will be a more graceful awakening to the fact that we are returning “home.”  For those who are still very attached to the things or situations in the physical to give them an artificial sense of self – this will be a time of chaos and heightened fear.


Think of a pendulum that is in motion in one direction.  When that direction reaches its peak, it reaches a still point or suspension of movement before it begins moving “against” the direction it was always in.  We have now reached the still point, leaving many people feeling a loss of the self they have always felt defined by.  Many are feeling that their old motivations have died, unsure where to look or what to do.


This is merely an opportunity to re-evaluate life and who we are within it.  This is a time that encourages us to look within – something that is foreign to the mass consciousness of our planet.  This is a time to let go of the descriptions of self that we have clung to – for any description limits the totality of creation and the reality of who we really are.  A description creates a wall of separation not only from all that we don’t know how to love and embrace in the world around us – but it also creates a sense of separation from our true hearts and essence.


Think about it.  Most people have always had a sense that “something” is missing.  This is simply because we have disconnected from the parts of self that we learned to shame and judge in our early lives.  The something that is missing is a conscious connection to the core of our own Self!  And this has left us like little children, looking outside of self to mommy and daddy to help.  When they did not know how to teach us to look within, we were left looking to the outer world, to achievement and accumulating things to try and fill in the emptiness or void within.


This will never work!  And this is the time when we will become painfully aware of it if we continue to look outside.  For as we move into the mid-point and then reverse our movements by the year 2012, the things in the outer world will hold less and less appeal as inner replacements.  Nothing can fill in the inner emptiness, but a sense of loving the self, getting to know the self, reclaiming the deepest parts of our lives and hearts.  This is what we have to look forward to.


And we need each other more than ever, to encourage this loving connection to our sacred individual selves! 


This is what is happening as we enter 2005 – the interval at the mid-point of creation that will take us to the year 2012 (the end of history as we have known it).   This will not be the end of the world as some have predicted.  We certainly can make that choice if we fight inevitable change hard enough.  Resistance to the natural flow of life creates pain and breakdown.  However, if we choose to wake up and connect to our inner selves, we will grow into the time that ends the experience of separation from each other and ourselves.  We have the opportunity to literally move into the most loving, soul-connected reality we have ever imagined.  We can return to Heaven on Earth!


As always, it is up to each one of us.  If you want to know how to counter the feeling of powerless that so many are talking about recently, then powerfully choose to look inward and get to know the deepest parts of yourself!  This and this alone will allow us to know how powerful we truly are.  As long as we are disconnected from this sense of self, looking outside to the “big people” who replace our need for mommy and daddy, we will remain powerless to heal our world.  This is what we have know as a mass consciousness, a world of wounded children, easily duped or manipulated – seemingly left with the poor option of trying to manipulate things outside ourselves out of fear and control.  As long as we continue to do this, we will remain disconnected from the true power within!


We are approaching the ability to know our power more than we have ever imagined.  If we choose to move into loving ourselves and then recognizing the loving reflection of sacred individuals around us – we will change the face and more importantly the experience of our world!


This is what we have to look forward to….



(In order to do this successfully, we all need a lot of support and clear information.  There is a lot to integrate in this time of unprecedented change.  There are more energy movements on levels that we have never been taught even exist.  Understanding these energy movements give a sense of personal power to make clear decisions about HOW to work with these healing shifts.


We have had the privilege to work with Gabriel for 15 years, being taught about many levels of energy and creation.  From that information we have created a metaphysical school.  For instance, we have clients who have worked with us – studying for years how to understand and work with more and more layers of these energies.  We mention this to say that if there is anything we can do to help in your process of awakening, please let us know.  We teach workshops on a constant basis.  It is simply that there is so much information to pass on.  And it continues to come through week after week. 


We mention this mostly because we cannot imagine going through all of these shifts without a clear sense of what is happening and how to work with the energies.  This is a very challenging process (challenging to the limitations we have known).  And we only have the opportunity to share a small amount of this information on this web site.  So please let us know if you want to connect to our teachings more directly.


As we reach this mid-point, we also reach the fourth year of the 7-year cycle of Tribulation/Transformation that we have been in since 2002.  If you have been following the web site, you know that each year has been about awakening and working on one of the lower three chakras (energy centers in the body). 


We now move into 2005, the fourth year and the fourth chakra.  This is the mid-point of this cycle as well, as we move into the heart to prepare an intimate connection to the soul.  The heart is the access point of the soul.  Therefore, this year is all about clearing four levels of resistance to the essence of the soul.


The energies of our individual souls come through on the force of love, also accessed in the heart center or chakra.  This energy is so much more than the sentimental feeling we have gotten used to associating with loving.  It is a force that reveals the truth of creation – that does not tolerate anything outside the neutral acceptance of all that is. 


So as the force of love and the emerging soul enters our lives, it wreaks havoc on our resistance, shame, fear and judgment.  You might say that it does not recognize anything but the oneness of reality.  And therefore, it comes in to create a unity within and without.  If it becomes necessary within our choices to bust down the walls of our separation, then that is how it seems to operate.


We need to understand that the old way will not only fail us at this time, the old limitations will not even be tolerated within the power of the love force.  So we truly need to get tools and a deeper understanding – to make the transition into oneness the most graceful and life-enhancing thing we have ever known. 


As we enter this time of change, it will accelerate a sense of heaven or hell for each one of us, depending on our individual choices.  Your indicator will be that if you experience more pain, fear and chaos, it is because of the practiced layers of resistance and separation.  And it is vital that we all learn how to shift WITH the flow of energy, rather than fighting and moving against it.



The year 2005 will introduce many movements of energy.   As is has been introduced to us, Gabriel is dividing this year into four segments of three months.  In each one of these segments, we will be faced with one of four layers of resistance or friction with the life force (that comes from fear, defense and separation from life).


This will bring us into a relationship with the shake-up or chaos created by soul revelation.  The soul is in direct opposition to isolation and separation.  It wants our deepest and truest fulfillment.  However, it may create a clash of the old reality with the new force of soul and love, communion and oneness.


The ego exists within the illusion of isolation all the time.  It exists within the force of friction (created from resisting the flow of life).  The first three months will deal with the Void or stillness, taking many into this experience for the first time in many ways.


As the pendulum swing ends its movement, we must learn to become aware of inner stillness.  This stillness has always been filled with all of our descriptions and limitations.  We have filled ourselves this way, because none of us were taught how to fully connect to the essence of self.  This is where we have filled the inner stillness with all our judgment and fear, based on our inner child’s decisions and initial experiences.


This return to the stillness brings all of our layers of fear and judgment to the surface.  This is why very few have willingly looked here.  By looking outward, we had the illusion that we could control the environment and one another to successfully dance over the fears held inside.  However, if we are going to heal our selves and our world, we must each take responsibility for responding the wounded child within.


Having taught this process for so many years, we can assure you that this is not threatening at all.  As we learn to feel safe with feeling our authentic feelings, we open to nurture and heal our wounded inner selves.  However, this is a challenge without loving support, for these feelings have long been held in a sense of shame, frozen in deep fear.


But it is time to wake up and introduce an adult perspective of reality into the mix, rather than being ruled by the childish perspectives of our early lives.  We must learn to show up for ourselves and become the responsive, nurturing adult that we never had (with mom and dad not fully educated about our deepest needs).  The information is available to educate ourselves into new perspectives of love, compassion and nurturing response.  This and only this will allow us to reach the wounded inner child.  This and only this will allow us to respond and grow up into the vast potential of our true natures.


So in the first three months we will learn to deal with stillness, the energy that holds the Void of creation in place.  This is where we hold the etheric matter that holds the potential of all creation.  Only by becoming intimate with this stillness will we learn how to direct the energy of creation to manifest the lives we have always dreamed of.


Another way to say this is that we have to let go of the busy mental descriptions of life – the “way it is” in order to get used to a stillness that does not describe limitation – it is inclusive.  Only in that inner stillness can we open to the intuition and know creation as it really exists.  Only then can our souls speak to us in the physical.  This process can only be accomplished by learning to love and accept life, ourselves and one another fully.



In the second three months, we move into the experience of the emotional body.  This is our first experience of being an individual in the void as a child.  So as we go to recreate a deeper connection to self, we have the opportunity to move through the process we did as an infant and child – building a deeper, conscious relationship in it this time around.


The emotional body is where we learned to create drama and glamour, when our feelings were not experienced as safe and fulfilling in our early lives.  When mom and dad (or the world) did not know how to hold a place for us to have our feelings, we experience the drama of pain through the resistance to these parts of ourselves.


So as we go in to reconnect with these parts of ourselves now, we must learn to nurture and release these dramatic ways of processing our feelings.  Only when we feel and express, releasing any charged judgment, shame and fear associated with specific feelings can we neutralize the emotional body.  Only this sense of neutral will allow love to flow through our experience of life – opening us to deep intuition and intimacy.


We must also release ourselves from the glamour or attachment to things, based on how we feel about them.  For instance, “I MUST have things this way.  I MUST have the situation this way – in order to avoid feelings I don’t want to have.”  This kind of fearful, glamorous connection to situations will keep us looking to things and situations as the source of our happiness, safety or fulfillment.


We can begin to see that it is only by making peace with our feelings from within that it is even possible to begin letting go of our attachments and glamour.  Without knowing we are absolutely safe to feel our feelings, we will never know peace, love or true fulfillment.


Letting go of these attachments is scary to the wounded child.  “No, you don’t understand.  I MUST avoid these feelings.  Therefore, it MUST go my way.  I MUST have the situation a particular way.”  This will always keeps us in the hell of fear.  So we must learn to go inside and nurture this wounded child.


So in these three months, we will be faced with the emotional issues that have been held in the stillness of the Void within.  Many people have been doing this, but it will become a deeper awareness at this time with whatever is not in neutral acceptance and self-love. 

This sense of deeper connection will allow those who are doing inner healing work to be able to become true initiates of the soul.  This has not been possible at these levels for mass consciousness before.  However, we are being encouraged to become an initiate through these movements of energy.


This brings us fully into the Crucifixion of the lower self – the place of synthesis of the separated self with the soul or the vastness of true Self.  This comes from a complete surrender of the old descriptions and limitations as our way of relating to creation or the physical world.



The third set of months (July, August, September) will move us into the mental body – mental stimulation and energetics.  This involves your ability to stimulate things through thoughts.  This is also the part of you that allows you to perceive time in separation from the oneness of life.


This set of three months will open us to a sense of the vastness of life and who we truly are, as you let go of your attachment to mental descriptions.  The soul will allow us to bypass these descriptions.  It will allow us to open to knowing reality.  We will begin to perceive the essence of things in truth.


This deeper experience of life requires us to identify and let go of all our illusions of separation (as well as the illusions of the physical as the source of fulfillment).  This may require that we move through an awareness of the chaos created by the control of our mental bodies.  As we move through this shift (revealed chaos), we will learn to move into the fulfilling wholeness of the silence at the center of Self.  This is the place where nothing is missing.  There is no deprivation or yearning.


If we do not get in touch with these old beliefs and mental attachments, we will continue to create and direct creation to manifest the same old reality.  However, we will be more and more aware of its illusive and unfulfilling nature.


If, however, we choose to clear the mental body and allow a move into neutrality, we will begin to perceive the divinity of our true nature and the absolute blessed nature of life as it really exists.


This is, of course, a direct threat to the wounded inner child’s creation of the ego defense and its attachment to life as a fixed form that it constantly seeks to control and repeat.


The last three-month segment is when we deal with the fourth force of friction  - as we begin to transform the pure force of electricity that moves through us.  This is the force of creation that is held in the atom, but has been inaccessible to us in duality, fear and separation.


In this last segment of the year, the dweller on the threshold (the personality) will meet the angel of presence (the soul Self) more fully than ever.  This will be able to take place as we face and clear deeper and deeper layers of the lower self and move into the heart in new, fulfilling ways.


This year holds a great deal of potential.  However, in order to experience and fulfill that potential, we must face the chaos of revealing the stillness of the void, the glamours of the emotional body and the attachments and descriptions of the mental body.  This will allow us to make distinct moves toward the fulfillment of oneness and unity on our planet.  In doing so, we will know love for the first time.


This is when we begin to become experiential initiates, in a real sense of personal power.  We will know ourselves as conscious creators unlike ever before.  As we move out of resistance and friction to life, we learn to flow with it and even to direct it to create the reflection of our individual soul plans.  And we become empowered to create a new Earth…


This is indeed what we have to look forward to in 2005.

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