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DK Wednesday Teleconference Class, August 3, 2005


“Esoteric Astrology, Aligning with the Cosmic Map”


Channeled by Terri Newlon, RevTerri@lifetimeaddress.com


Permission is granted to share, forward and post this information.  Kindly do so in its entirety, unaltered, with proper credits, and without commercial gain.  Thank you.  

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Djwhal Khul here.  Tashi delek.


All right, this is one of my personal favorites in terms of topics, so let’s begin by visualizing the cosmos, if you will.  Now if you know astrology or astronomy and you want to visualize the night sky or something like that and you just want to see it that way that would be fine.  If you prefer rather than looking at constellations and such, you can imagine sort of lifting up above the universe.  We are talking about getting a very big overview. 


Take a look or request to see what is called the Cosmic Map.  Surprise, isn’t it?  You are going to get different images as you relate to it differently because the brain has to make some adjustments to be able to see it.  I like to think of it as something that looks something like a cosmic runway, like a landing strip or a flow in motion rather than going in circles or orbiting and that way it is more of a flow.


The cosmic map is a different way of looking at esoteric astrology.  This, in and of itself, will open many new doorways for a lot of you who would work with those energies and the astrology.  I would encourage you to, from time to time on your inner planes activities such as night school and so on, see if you can just take a course, if you will, or take a class on cosmic mapping.  There is a whole science to that.  It is not one that is normally taught.  It is a very advanced teaching.  So allow yourself to go into that realm and see what happens with it.  Those of you that are ready to study that level will get pictures and perhaps some comprehendible information, but I would say that more than likely you are not going to be able to understand what it is that you are receiving there, but you will know that something is happening. 


Before I go into teaching about the cosmic map, what I would like the group to do is very simply to make a very simple request.  Now when you make a simple request or simple commands, the body immediately does it.  You can also ask your consciousness to do something.  In this case we are going to work with your whole consciousness, not just your physical body, and not just the four or five bodies, which is the way some of you work.  We are going to ask your entire consciousness. 


The request is, “Consciousness, align with the cosmic map now.”  Keep breathing.  We will do it again.  This is kind of a slow process and this is not something we normally teach, so I am getting some lag time here.  And always when you request something do it by speaking nicely and not an abrupt command.  Talk to yourself with kindness, talk to creation with kindness because the energy charge that goes with it is what you are going to get boomeranged back.  So if you angrily speak it, you are going to get an anger boomerang right back at you.  We want to put out what you would like to get back.  That might be love, that might be nurturing, that might be kindness.  Always put out what you would like to get back.


So again, the request, “Consciousness, align with the cosmic map now.”  I can see that I might have experimented with this before.  It is going to take us a while and that is all right.  We have, I believe, a good forty minutes remaining, so we will get it.  You know what is happening here, interesting to note, is that the consciousness is so vast.  The consciousness knows that it is sort of spread out all over the universe, so it is taking a while to process the request.  When I check with my teachers on this subject and see if it is all right to request that just the body aligns, they all concur, “No, we want to always ask the entire consciousness.”  We are just going to let it take its time.


We are going to let it take its time.  Let’s make the request again.  “Consciousness, please align with the cosmic map now.”  There now, you are going to begin to feel some changes.  Notice essentially that the parts of the body that are in conflict are the parts the consciousness will be feeling it in the body.  Like it might be one eye suddenly feels a little tired and the other one feels fine.  Or it might be that it feels like you have streaks of light running through your head, or it could be that your adrenals got more of a tired feeling.  So, just stay with the body as we keep requesting.  I think what is going to happen is that the energy is going to scoot closer and closer and closer to its goal. 


So, again, “Consciousness, please align with the cosmic map now.”  And again, if you are really flowing with your body, things will be happening there.  Your head might tilt to one side, or a leg might go off to one side. Keep breathing.  If you continue to move the breath, essentially the consciousness is working on the request.  If you hold your breath, consciousness stops working.  It stops moving and flowing as well, so if we just keep the breath moving, you will align with it.


Now, how large of a request is this?  Well, it is a large request and a very important one.  The cosmic map, how can I relate this in astrological terms?  You know your own astrology birth chart or maybe your own numerology chart and what have you is really a map of your entire life.  And then what happens as planets are in motion and you go from one time period to the next, maybe even a season to another season or one phase of life to another phase of life, or just year to year to year. 


As everything is moving, say Saturn moves to a certain point in your chart or Mercury moves to a certain point, or the moon.  The moon is probably because of moon wobble, earth wobble, and sun wobble, those things probably more immediately affect your chart.  But literally you can sit down with an ephemeris and chart your entire life out.  It is your map, it is your personal map. 


So we are looking at the cosmic map that literally charts up the entire universe.  What exactly is going to happen in all of creation?  That is what the cosmic map is.  It is based on the same technology or the same science that you would use in determining a time period.  Like, “Oh, this would be a very productive time period on your life.”  Or, “This time period might have some health challenges but if you prevent them now, you might not have to go through them or they might not be as severe or whatever.”  So as you can predict with an astrology chart and I think there are some astrologers that do a good job of that.  There are many more that go a little too much into gloom and doom and personal interpretation.  I am not fond of that style of astrological interpretation. 


You can also look at your personal chart to transcend certain things.  In other words, there are levels or layers just like all of creation, there are steps.  So as you look one way at the personal chart, you will see the personality playing out, and then you can look more in depth at ego, or you can look at the physical body and the emotional body and so on.  But as you move more into your soul’s design and out of the personality level, what happens in the personal chart is rather than being a lot like your sun sign, you become like your rising sign.  So as you look at an astrology wheel, whatever sign is on the left.  Top to bottom, centered and over to the left, that would be rising sign.  You would take on more of that appearance on the physical plane, the way other people would see you more so than wherever your sun was when you were born. 


So just taking that one level, maybe you are a Taurus sun sign, but you have a Capricorn rising or something.  You will be a lot like a Taurus normally early in life and then later in life you will be more like a Capricorn.  With maturity will come more essence of the rising sign.


In the cosmic map, of course the same thing is reflected. There is one way of reading the cosmos from the useful kind of let’s experiment a lot, let’s see haphazard, maybe even a bit of the dare devil, let’s be careless type of cosmic energy which eventually gets transcended into a much more mature kind of energy.  Now, I don’t really know if there is a way I can convey what the cosmos might be in terms of a sun sign and rising sign or even a moon influence because there just aren’t words and forms that fit into vocabulary that exists now.  But that gives you a general idea that you can relate to the cosmic map on more than one level. 


What you want to do if you are working toward enlightenment or ascension or you are a very old soul and you have been around and around and around for a long time, you are really looking to relate to it on a more evolved level.  You can also request that.


First, we have to get aligned with the basic cosmic map.  So let’s go back to this request and see if you can feel various parts of your consciousness moving or changing or aligning as we again give the command. 


“Consciousness, please align with the cosmic map now.”  Notice what happens in your body.  Sometimes body parts actually change.  The shape of your head might change a little bit.  I am just going to really, I know this might sound repetitive, particularly so in a transcript, but it is working, and I am anxious to have the group forum here so that we can experiment with this because if all goes well, then we will go to the next level which would be aligning the earth with the cosmic map. 


Generally speaking, enough other consciousness has to be aligned first.  It is what we call that hundredth monkey, it is called a syndrome, but maybe there is a better word for that.  When consciousness learns something new, any consciousness, and with the monkeys, it was the monkey that learned to wash its food before it ate it and then suddenly all the monkeys not having observed it, monkeys on another island that weren’t even trained began to wash their food as well.


 Consciousness evolves in that way when enough at the root level or the turning point level make a shift in consciousness, then all of consciousness shifts. This is why it is important to work with things like world peace.  First begin with inner peace.  It is always an inside job.  So you work with your own inner peace and then when that is achieved, you begin to project world peace and you begin to act out world peace.  You imagine peace, you co-create peace and so on.  And then at a certain point, suddenly, large groups of other humans are doing the same thing. 


So, that is what we are looking for here, the same principle with the cosmic map, enough of you individually aligning with it so that we can bring the earth more into alignment with it.  Let’s make the request again, and again pay attention to what you feel or what you otherwise notice as soon as we make the request.


“Consciousness, please align with the cosmic map now.”  Let’s add something.  This is part of the Twelfth Ray Attunement.  The three words spoken together that draw all of your consciousness into one place.  I am going to keep experimenting until we figure this out together.  The words are, “Present, Here, Now, align with cosmic map”.  That was better.  “Present, Here, Now” pulls all of your consciousness into center and you will feel usually a little tug on the navel point or something right around the belly there that confirms that your consciousness just became present, right here, right now.  It does draw all of your consciousness, not just local energy.


Again, “Present, Here, Now, align with cosmic map.”  Now if you are just relaxing, you will see a change in your breath.  There is almost either a pause or a lengthening out of the breath or it starts and stops again, more of that kind of sensation.  We want it to be organic, natural, not something that you work at.  Again, just notice it.


Let’s do that sequence again.  “Present, Here, Now, align with cosmic map.”  Good.  Now when you keep practicing this, you are going to eventually - - - when you say, “Present, Here, Now,” pause enough to feel the sensation around your belly button.  Not just your physical umbilical cord going into the belly button, it is also your spiritual umbilical cord. 


The belly, the navel point, is really quite important.  You are still attached to the cosmos in that way, if you will.  So pause long enough to feel a sensation.  Then when you say the words, “Align with cosmic map now” or just, “align” because you have already said, “Present, Here, Now”.  You will feel a vibration in the belly almost like when you are speaking and you can put your hand on your upper chest or something and you can feel the vibration of your voice or maybe when you sing certain tones or something, you can actually feel the buzz there in the chest or maybe right over the throat chakra.  You want to feel that same sensation right there in the navel point as if your request to align with the cosmic map is coming from there, from your “Present, Here, Now” point. 


I hope you will keep practicing and have fun with it.


Perhaps now we can go into a little bit of teaching about the cosmic map.  All of creation is made in the same image.  In other words, you can look at an atomic particle and you can see, well, now you can see with your technology and such, that it is in motion.  It has an orbit pattern.  If you are not sure what I am talking about you can look up the image of an atom relatively easy at the library or on the Internet or maybe a bookstore or what have you.  All of creation is animated, even something like a piece of steel or very hard rock, technically it is animated, and it is in motion.  So all of creation is moving and it all is moving in circles or more elongated orbital patterns.  It is a very beautiful design. 


The flower of life design if you are familiar with that one would be a more accurate read of what the cosmic map looks like, very close to that, as a matter of fact.  And there are different layers so sometimes there is one image with a layer of another image on top of it and yet another image or layer on top of it.  So to some of you it will look more complex than the flower of life and others will see it more like that or even a more simplistic version of the flower of life.  If you have one and you know what it is and you have sort of drawn it out a little bit, or you have never seen it before, we are going to focus on an image of the flower of life right out in front of you.  And for fun rather than say in your visual range, let’s put it out in front of your belly button.  Just a little bit in front of the belly button there.


Let’s try our sequence that has been working.  “Present, Here, Now, align with cosmic map.”  We are really sort of bringing the cosmic map into you, involution, rather than leaving anywhere to go align with it.  This is very important as you learn that the power lies within.  Power is always internal, never external, so whenever power appears to be external, one of the things you can do with it is just merge with it.  Become at one, because external projections of power will seem as though they have power over you or they can manipulate you or can upset you and so on.  Another way of looking at it would be a kind of disowned self.  Simply merge with it and see what happens. 


Let’s take a moment to go back to an overview imagining that you can float above the cosmic map and look down at it because now it is going to go back to that long runway energy look, more so than a flower of life pattern.  It is kind of like looking at your solar system from the earth or looking at your solar system from standing on the sun.  It is going to look different to you depending on your viewing point or your point of view. 


Let’s imagine hanging there above the cosmic map, it tells the entire story of creation and just sort of attune to it that way.  In other words we want to just let the hands sort of feel their way into it.  Your entire body may start getting warm.  If there are any fears about creation or about the creative process or your creative power, they will begin to be highlighted now.  Keep breathing.  In other words fear is something outside of self appearing to have power.  We are continuing to breathe and we are letting the power come back inside of you.  So some of you will get some anxiety or maybe a panic attack doing this exercise. 


I always recommend, by the way, that you do these classes and such from somewhere that is safe like your home or what have you so that you can process afterwards.  It is not a good idea to do them while driving.  Never, never.  Some of you do it anyway but it is not my advice to you. 


Again, cosmic map, you are floating above it, your hands are just sort of pointed toward it so you are tuning into the energy of that cosmic map.  Whatever is happening in your body, if it is an unpleasant sensation like a fluttering in the chest or an odd sensation in the throat chakra or what have you, just breathe.  You might add the words, “I claim my own power.”  “Power is within me and it is all good.”  And you can also perhaps work with the affirmation that, “Creation is Love”. 


This cosmic map is all about love.  Fear is the opposite of love so when fear arises it is a misinterpretation or it is the desire of the ego to create separation rather than oneness.  Just go back into the love.  Creation is love.  And according the cosmic map that is what all of creation will arrive at is oneness in love.  Right now it is in a state of diversity, complexity, individualization, the ability to rebel against its own nature, its own programming. 


It is like a big experiment, basically and you have complete choice.  You have always had complete choice over what you want and what you don’t want.  If fear gets in the way, you will probably choose the path you fear the most.  However, if you stay in the love center, you will attract what you are putting out. 


You always get what you focus on, or whatever you feed will grow.  That is why these ones that worry a lot and imagine a worse case scenario, you are going to get exactly that because that is what you are giving food to.  If you want your life to be smooth and easy and you want your health to be good, then you put your attention there.  You feed those feelings, you feed those thoughts and they will grow. 


I say this over and over and over and yet I witness daily exactly the opposite. 


Then there is the pretence to be powerless.  “Well, I don’t know how I can stop those thoughts.”  Well, if the thought arises and you say to yourself, “Stop!  I am going to think this instead.”  That is how you do it, nothing more complex than that.  After a while the thinking is re-trained.  It is oriented toward your conscious choices rather than your unconscious choices.  Or you say, “I had a really bad dream about a car accident.  What does it mean?  Does it mean I am going to have a car accident?  When will the car accident be? How bad will it be?  Who else will be injured?”  And you go on and on and on.  Stop. 


You wake up from the dream and you say, “I choose safety.  I am not going to let myself go through that and I am not going to let anybody else go through it.  I choose safety.  No thanks to a car accident, I am choosing something else. I am choosing staying safe and being well and enjoying being in my body.”  And that’s it.  It is not any more complex than that.  FEED WHAT YOU WANT TO FEEL AND THINK AND STARVE WHAT YOU DON’T WANT TO FEEL AND THINK.  This is exactly just the way creation works.


So cosmic map, again I want this image of focusing above it.  You are drifting above it.  See if you can get a sense of the magnitude of it.  Again you are sort of hovering on your belly above it, facing it.  Go ahead and work with an image that the mind can grasp.  With your hands pointed to it, notice now what parts of the body are feeling a little shaky or empty or scared.  Continue to breathe and make the request, “Present, Here, Now, align with the cosmic map.”  Good.


Now in our remaining time, I must bring up that it you have got a mental projection of what is the cosmic map or your personal, like, “I am going to get married at age 24 and at age 27 I am going to have a set of twins, and at age 30 I am going to have my own business and at age whatever, or by next week, I am going to want that $10,000 in my bank account.  I am going to win the lottery.”  Whatever you are projecting that you are supposed to be getting out of this cosmic map or out of your own personal astrological map or out of your own creative process.  Please know that it most likely is not aligning with the cosmic map. 


In other words, wishful thinking may or may not be what the cosmos has in mind.  So let go.  If you have put a design on it like, “I need to find my soul mate or I need to make a lot of money or I need to be famous or I need to be doing this many healings per week or I need, need, need, need.”  Or, “It is my divine mission that I am going to bring through a new art form” or whatever it is.  Let it go. 


When you surrender all things, you truly align with the cosmos.  And, if the cosmos has something else in mind, who are you to decide, “No, thanks, I have got a better idea.”  Kind of a silly thought, really, but again that is often what happens. 


There is attachment to an outcome or attachment to a process. Some people are really quite attached to staying in the process of healing themselves, so they never become healed because they are attached to the processing.  I am hoping that is making sense.  More attached to the process than to the outcome.  Although they might appear that they really like the healing, they really like to stay not quite healed, or far from being healed. 


Again, let it go, “Present, Here, Now,” feel the belly button, and then, “align with cosmic map.”  Anything in your body that is not consistent with the cosmic map usually will come to your attention.  Maybe it is pressure in the center of your chest.  Maybe your feet ache.  Maybe that knee suddenly becomes quite painful.  So you breathe again.  You can actually go to that body part and ask it to align with the cosmic map if you feel that some part of your consciousness is resisting.  Talk to it individually and see what you can do there.  So again, please don’t assume that your idea is far more brilliant than what the cosmos is designed to do.  You want to just surrender to what really is, not what the mind perceives there to be. 


All right.  Good.  I see a lot of people throwing away certain ideas and just let them go.  If they are truly to be made manifest they will cycle back in.  In other words, you can’t really get rid of your own destiny.  You can only fulfill it sooner or later.  You can’t actually slide off of whatever it is you were designed to do.  Sooner or later your consciousness will perform according to the cosmic map.  Maybe that is a relief to some of you. “Oh, boy, I won’t have to work so hard any more.  If I align with the cosmic map, things will fall into place.”  That is true. 


And I will clarify that because I see where that next little step is going.  This doesn’t mean sit around and do nothing or meditate all day.  It means you will be responding to prompts.  Consciousness may prompt you to make a phone call or consciousness may prompt you to go ahead and paint that fence, or consciousness may prompt you to go to bed early or drink extra water or start writing or whatever it is.  You are following prompts. 


Keep in mind, all of creation is in motion, so when you are stagnant or refusing to move, something is amiss.  That means your own personality or ego or fear thinking or something got in the way and caused stagnation.  How you get past that point, again, you claim, “Present, Here, Now” wait for your feeling in your belly button.  If you don’t feel it, it is there, probably within 4 seconds at the most, usually faster.  And then you say, “Align with cosmic map.”  Or, “Consciousness, align with cosmic map.”


Now you do have components within you that are unconscious and subconscious.  So consciousness, again, is also layered, just like the cosmic map is layered, your personal astrology wheel can be viewed in layers.  So leave open for there to be maybe a surface viewing, and then a deeper view and then a deeper yet view of how things are functioning or how they are working.


All right, let’s go to I think one more time there hovering above the cosmic map.  You can see the whole view of it.  Let your hands and the fingertips, it is somewhat true of the feet as well, but usually the hands are what take in information, the hands, the eyes and the face and so on.  And then your exhaust stream or discard is out the backside of the body or down through the feet. 


When you really want to take something in, I would suggest keeping the hands relaxed, you don’t want them to be stiff.  Relaxed, the fingers will curl a little bit and you will feel the energy coming in through the palms and the fingers.  And of course keep breathing, don’t stop the motion.  Keep the breath flowing.  And that doesn’t mean work hard at breathing, just relax and keep breathing rather than holding the breath.  So, again, this exercise is designed to point out to you where there is some fear residual.  Good.


Let’s go back to an image of being here on the planet earth and from here, I want you to just attune to that cosmic map.  It is integrated or interwoven into existence, so you are inside the cosmic map perceiving it from that angle.  Sometimes that is when you feel the lines in the head or something is not quite synchronized.  Maybe we can call it synchronized and see what happens there.  So, again, the exercise is, “Present, Here, Now.  Synchronize with the cosmic map.”  The breath will change a bit.  It usually stops and starts back up because your consciousness is literally synchronizing or re-calibrating from where – probably breathing from the mind or from the emotional vehicle and then it calibrates and goes back to a cosmic map breath. 


Those are subtle things there that you can look for.  At this time I really don’t have an in depth teaching on this topic.  That might take several years, quite frankly.  Hopefully this has been helpful to you and then you can begin to notice some changes in your life.  The QX machine and the flower essences that we are doing now through different sources here designed for world servers and healers are all sort of bringing alignment into that cosmic map.  And again, that process takes about a year technically just to get rid of all the misalignments and to get your entire consciousness especially brain function working in perfect synchronization rather than working against yourself. 


All right, dear ones.  Thank you very much, and my love to you.


Djwhal Khul


(Transcribed by Joan Taylor)


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