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Message One: "The Gifts of Easter/Wesak 2005 : The Energy of the Great Mother activates the Planet": Quan Yin through Celia Fenn.

Dearest Ones, we bring to your Planet a great gift at this time. The energy of the Great Mother descends to the Planet from the Galactic Center, and I, Quan Yin, am here to assist you to open your hearts and your deeper being to these loving new energies.

Between the New Moon of the 8th of April and the Full Moon on the 24th of April, which is the Wesak Full Moon, the energy of the White Tara will manifest on the Planet.

Between the New Moon of 8th May and the Full Moon of the 22nd May, the energy of the Green Tara will manifest on the planet.

This is a great gift for the New earth, for the energy of the Tara is the enlightened and compassionate energy which is the Feminine counterpart of the Buddha energy. The Taras bring a gentleness and a love for humanity and the planet that will motivate and energize the efforts to create and establish the New Earth on the matrix laid down by the Phi Gate energies as the Paradise Grid.

As you have passed through the sacred festival of Easter, you have experienced a heightened sense of the Christ consciousness, and the path of the compassionate and enlightened being that was Christ. And at this time, the energy of Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary, streamed towards the planet to begin the work of activating the feminine in the hearts of humans. Now, as you move towards Wesak, you begin to experience the compassionate and enlightened energy that was the path of the Buddha. And you experience also the energy of the Divine Taras.

The energy of Tara has been on your planet for a very long time, but now she is rising in your consciousness to assist you with the changes that must come. Her name means "star"in Sanskrit, which indicates her origins in the stars. But her name can also mean "bridge" or "crossing", which indicates her role now as the bridge or crossing point for the Feminine Energy as it enters the New Earth.

tank3.jpg White Tara, the first energy to enter, is the goddess of Compassion and Mercy. She brings with her a great sensitivity to the suffering of beings on the Planet, and her gift is the gift of Healing. She brings health, longevity and beauty. True gifts for the New Earth. As her energy grounds into the New Grids, she will bring to your hearts a new sense of compassion and service. She will teach you, in the next cycle, the true meaning of service to others and compassion for all beings. You will once again understand the great joy of being in service to the purpose of releasing fear from the World and bringing in a world of Peace and Love.

And know, dearest Lightworkers, that as the next wave of Ascensioners moves into the transformation, you will indeed be called upon to live out these ideals of compassion and service. There will be much to do for those of you who have chosen to be the helpers for this next wave of beloved beings who will awaken and begin their ascension towards the light. Let White Tara be your guide and your support. Her energy will instruct you from the Heart.

Then, in the May Lunar Cycle, the energy of Green Tara will enter the Planet. Green Tara is the Great Mother in action. She cares for the Planet, and sweeps away all injustices and imbalances. Hers is the energy that will ensure that the Planet returns to balance, guided by the hand of the Great Ma'at (the aspect of the Divine Mother that holds the Cosmic Balance), Green Tara will activate the hearts of those of you whose work it is to return Paradise to the Planet. She will connect Lightworkers with the Elemental beings who are returning to assist with the creation of the New Earth. She will gather those who have agreed to be the pioneers of the "greening" of the Planet. And she will light their hearts with courage and determination and love.

So, dearest Lightworkers, we urge you to be aware, at this time, of the strong influx of Divine Feminine energy from the Taras. You will feel it as increased sensitivity and compassion. You may feel emotional and tearful very easily. Remember, the legend says that White Tara arose from the compassionate tears of the Buddha. This will bring increased gentleness into your relationships, and increased understanding.

Those of you who embrace the energy of White Tara, will also find yourselves going through a deep cleansing and detoxification, as this highly refined energy enters your being. And you may feel a loss of focus, as the gentle and diffuse energy of the goddess becomes part of you. But you will find in this, an expansion of your consciousness and an expansion of your mission and your service in the next cycle.

Those who embrace the energy of Green Tara will feel a passionate desire to bring back the "green world" that is fast disappearing from the planet. They will be the Lightworkers who will plant and grow and work with the natural energies to bring back the garden. For the Original Paradise blueprint that was called Lemuria was for a Garden world. And so it will be. But the challenge now will be to transform a planet with billions of inhabitants into a Garden Planet. It can be done, and with the assistance of Green Tara, many of you will begin the first steps in this project of global greening and transformation.

And so, dearest Lightworkers, at this time I ask you to be open to the stirrings in your heart - of greater compassion and service, and of a desire to return to the Original Garden of Life, for these are the gifts of the Great Mother to the New Earth at this Time.

The Energies for April 2005

Hold on...Everybody...Here we Go!......

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

Dear Lightworkers, April is going to be one of the most momentous months in the Ascension and Transition Process. We can only say...Hold On....because everything is moving....and fast!

This is a wonderful time for the Planet. In this Sacred Space that has been created between the Festivals of Easter, in late March, and Wesak, in late April, you as First Wave Ascensioners have agreed to be part of a huge energetic push or surge that will anchor the Second Wave of Ascensioners at the same level as yourselves. That is, ready to enter the 5th and 6th Dimensional consciousness levels of the New Earth.  This means that a considerable group of Lightworkers is ready to enter the New Earth.  This in turn means that the next wave is ready to go.  And by the laws of attraction, this wave will be HUGE!   There are enough of you at New Earth level to attract and draw the next wave, who are now ready.  All we can say, Lightworkers, is be prepared. There will be much work for you to do in assisting the next wave in the next eighteen months.

You will astonished at the way in which people will begin seeking the knowledge that you have as they awaken and begin their ascension journey.

And we know that already many of you are in place for the next phase of your work. You feel already that there is much to do and you are ready.

The Miracles of 2005 continue!  But let us speak now of the energies that you will encounter in April and their significance.


The Solar Eclipse and the Lunar Eclipse

There are two smallish eclipses in April, but with enough potency and energy to assist in aligning and integrating the New Energies into place and helping with the energetic transitions that are under way.

On the 8th of April, at New Moon in Aries, there will be a Solar Eclipse. This will facilitate changes in the Aries Solar energy on the planet. Aries symbolizes the Individual and the Child, or the Ego self. It is ruled by Mars, the planet of masculine energy, which is placed in Aquarius at this time.

This Egoic energy is being realigned to bring it into harmonic with the incoming Divine Feminine energies and the rebirthing Divine Masculine energies.

It is a time in which the Inner Child or Ego will finally heal all issues with the Mother and the Father, in order to accept and integrate the new Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies. What this will mean is that those who are ready will move into complete harmony and integration with their Higher Aspects. They will learn to trust the guidance of the Higher Self as it expresses the Divine Masculine and Feminine energy of Source, and will no longer follow the fear based insecurities of the Inner Child.

This means a complete shift into Unconditional Love and Acceptance, which means finally living beyond fear and manipulation. If there is nothing to fear, then you cannot be manipulated. It is that simple!.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 24th will be the Wesak or Buddha Full Moon. With the moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Taurus, and Venus in Taurus, this will be a powerful time for a Lunar Eclipse. Sun in Taurus focuses energy on the Home and Possessions, and Moon in Scorpio shines energy on the deeper aspects of the psyche. It will be a time when those who are ready will be welcomed Home, to the New Earth and to levels of Consciousness and Joy that are their birth-right and that were demonstrated in the life of the Buddha.


Easter and Wesak

Dear Ones, this is indeed a sacred month and a sacred time. This period in which you are now is a "gateway" between the sacred festivals of the Christ and the Buddha. It is a time when the heightened sacred consciousness on the planet allows for a huge shift of this nature.

In the Christ story you have the model for the ascension into higher consciousness, also known as Christ Consciousness. And it is also a time on earth when many of you are reading about the Goddess energy, and the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalen. And at this time, the Pope of the Catholic Church has also passed away.

This in turn creates a space in the Catholic Church for change. For the church to begin to open to and acknowledge the Feminine energy that has been suppressed for so long.This will come. Those in the Church know that they can no longer keep the Divine Feminine in chains. The balance must be brought back.

And as these changes occur in the Christian world, the consciousness of the Buddha also assists in bringing in the qualities of the Divine Feminine which include Compassion and Acceptance, which were the primary lessons of the Buddha.

Lady Quan Yin watches over this aspect of the Higher Consciousness as it anchors on the Planet at this time.


The Next Wave

And so, dearest Lightworkers, we have prepared you for the huge task that lies ahead. It will be a wonder and a miracle as you see the critical point being reached and the consciousness on the Planet really changing and rising to higher levels.

This is because Pluto, the engine of transformation, is now conjunct the Galactic Center. The powerful transmissions from the Galactic Center or the Divine Mother are being amplified through Pluto, so that change is unavoidable and rapid.

Pluto will soon go retrograde, however, and will not actually cross the Galactic Center until early 2006 and then late 2007. At these times the shifts you will see will be magnificent. You will look back and understand that this was the point of no return, the moment when Critical Mass was reached and the Journey of Ascension for the entire Planet became something that was not only possible and probable, but a fact that has already been accomplished and now but needs to maifest into the physical.

Move forward in Joy.

What you have worked so long for is about to birth before you.

The New Earth is manifesting into Reality.


celia@starchild.co.za <celia@starchild.co.za>


Dreaming Big and Moving the Energy

Sometimes, when we begin to really focus on our dreams, pay attention to our thoughts and create what we want in life, things just flow. Suddenly, we're riding a wave of potential and everything is good. That happens some of the time. At other times, we begin to ride that wave of potential and everything comes to a sudden stop. Nothing works and we feel like we have gone back to the beginning and have to start all over. What we thought was going to be a fast ride forward down easy street turns out to be a slow and painful ride backwards through a repeat of what we are trying to 'undo' and every fear and anxiety that we have about what we want to create rises to meet us. Nothing is wrong, but it's time to face ourselves on the path to change.
When we start to dream big and allow ourselves to live our lives in another direction, we move the energy around us. In other words, we 'stir the pot' so to speak, and everything that has been hiding from us (or that we have been hiding from) rises to the surface. And sometimes that isn't very pretty. When we begin to move the energy we get to look at many things in our lives that we didn't notice before and because we are in change mode, we look at them in a different way.
The purpose of this exercise is not to stop us in our tracks, as it sometimes does, but to give us a final opportunity to review the issues, to ensure that we are complete with them, tie up any loose ends and to let them go. Too often, though, we let what feels like a 'blast from the past' stop us, thinking that we have gotten as far as we can and that's all there is. But that is not the case at all. Remember that when we move the energy in our lives we bring up all of the past issues that exist for us. It's all part of the process. Since we have been shifting our energy and thus our perspective, we have a chance to look at these issues in a different way.
Dreaming big is a life-changing process and facing our fears about what we want is part of that process. We have to ask ourselves whether we believe we deserve what we want, whether we are ready to face change, how we are going to re-structure our lives and what our next steps are. We also have to learn to walk in faith and trust, knowing that our deepest desires are right for us and what we go through when we stir the energy is part of a process of removing the obstacles from the path to fulfillment. The flow is always there and we are always in it, we merely have to face and overcome our fears and then we can continue on our path to making our dreams part of our reality.
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