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by Kelley Hunter  ©2005

SPRING SOLSTICE jump-starts us into the astrological year. It opens a week thick with planetary turnings of the tide and emotional paradigm-shifts, punctuated by a Full Moon in Aries-Libra. The following calendar outlines the sequence of stimulating potentials.

This trickster planet appears to go backward in the sky 3-4 times a year for 3 weeks at a time. Mercury retrograde is blamed for many mini-disasters and, yes, cars can tend to break down, we play more telephone tag, and computers want a vacation. But the world goes on--learn to use it.

Mercury retrograde is about RE-THINKING. For these three weeks it is asking us to check our Aries impulsiveness and reconsider new ideas before we find ourselves out on the proverbial limb. Impatient Aries starts a lot of fires, but many go out, unattended. Why spend time on it if it isn’t really your thing? What puts a sparkle in your eye and moves you to action? Think about it twice…..THEN do it—after April 13.


At best, Aries generates new initiatives with clarity and courage. Otherwise it can ride roughshod over others, pushing its way rudely forward in a trigger-happy manner. There are some of those people around.

Ruler of Aries, Mars has a big say in what’s going on. This planet activates new social dynamics in Aquarius, stimulating groups of people to act. Perhaps especially men. Mars comes into an interesting conjunction with Chiron, evoking spiritual warriorship—see below. Who’s on your team?

Mythically Chiron is a unique being, a centaur who is a great teacher and healer, but who cannot heal himself. His gifts are to help others. In Aquarius, Mars suggests groups of men—troops, teams, clubs—shifting social conscience and consciousness. But it’s not just men—it is about community action. There’s that 60s song: “Come on, people, smile on your brother, everybody get together and love one another right now.” That’s what it’s all about, plus a little positive political action doesn’t hurt either. Chiron aligns the spiritual, mental-emotional and physical levels, and will literally point out where the energy isn’t moving through smoothly.

Do you know where is your Chiron is? Most everyone born 1955-1960 has Chiron in Aquarius, with extended antennae tuning into the higher atmospheres. See CHIRON SPECIAL below.

Saturn has been retrograde since November and is now turning face-forward to finish its last months in the sign Cancer. Cancer is like a cow with seven stomachs. After these Saturn retrograde months of deep feeling, careful reflection, resolving old issues, working through hesitancies and fears, Saturn says we’re DONE looking back. IT’s TIME, spring time – time for new unfoldings, taking steps. Circumstances manifest (Saturn) in response to needs (Cancer)—both personal and social. Where Saturn demonstrates lack, Cancer wants to supply. Let it in, be open to the flow.

The BLACK MOON LILITH stands by Saturn, the Great Cosmic Mother giving birth to whatever is needed. Ask her, name it. She will feed your soul first, for what is of primary necessity is soul growth. When we open our souls, all is provided. Remember the lilies of the field.


March 23 Mars conj Chiron 2 Aquarius
March 24 Venus sextile Mars-Chiron
Venus has been hanging out with the Sun, enveloped by its light and invisible to us. In May she will make her evening debut of the year.
Venus and the Sun=Sun Goddess. In Aries, she shines forth as Zena, Amazon warrior-queen, acting with integrity and clarity. She sends a sexy sextile glance over at Mars in Aquarius. Aries and Aquarius work well together, stimulating a good emotional flow between Venus and Mars, the female-male interaction. It takes a special man to appreciate and be a match for Zena.

Here is an early, lovely example:

Sophia, named for the goddess of wisdom, is having her Chiron return, at 0 degrees Aquarius. The Sabian Symbol is
OLD ADOBE MISSION NESTLED IN THE CALIFORNIA HILLS. Sophia lives in said California hills.
One recent night a man violently broke into her house. The police responded—the town’s entire swat team, dozens of them, all brandishing automatic weapons. Miraculously, nobody was hurt, not even the intruder. The man was arrested then let free, pending a hearing. The neighborhood and the police are on alert.

One young police officer had stayed with her for hours after the break-in. Sophia sent a thank you card to her special protector: "You are truly Peace Officers in the true sense of the word.” He came back by to check on her and said they rarely get thanked for the work they do. He photocopied the card and handed copies out to the entire task force.

Sophia reports: He told me the guys were all over the moon about this! It's wonderful to imagine their reactions, because on one side I put stars and butterflies around the text: You guys rock!"

From the heart of her Chiron return, Sophia says: People need to be reminded how much beauty can come out of what seems like horrifying darkness. We all need hope and inspiration...

March 25 EASTER FULL MOON in Aries-Libra
The Full Moon in Libra reflects the light of the Sun in Aries, looking for cooperation. We can’t do it alone. This is the high-light and high tide of the month. This first Full Moon after Spring Equinox marks Easter each year. Here in the Caribbean, we can see the Easter bunny sitting in the Easter egg of the Full Moon. You in more extreme latitutes, what do you see in your Easter Moon egg?

We can only take so much Plutonian transformation at a time. The Sagittarian fires of inspiration and vision are to be fueled at a very deep iner level until September, Pluto moves forward again.

Sabian Symbol for 25 Sagittarius:
We can play in our imagination to re-vision reality -- or escape from it. Mythopoesis is a form of research in which storytelling is considered a fundamental category of thinking and learning. Joan Halifax wrote:

Stories knit together the realities of past and future, of dreamed
and intended moments. They teach us how we perceive and
why we wonder.

What is the story you are telling yourself? Do you want to change this story in your real life? Imagine possibilities with in all their brightest colors. We have Pluto in Sagittarius for just a few more years, galloping on toward further cosmic vistas. Let your imagination gallop to the stars, like a wild horse.

Whiter than the snow and salt crystals
The flora of the night opens its petals
And grows, filling spaces of the sky
Where the azure horse neighs, kicks out, and bolts
Toward field covered with recent stars
Across harvests of stars and reflections
Of the fire of four horseshoes splashing the veils
He dives to the very depths of the milky darkness
Unfurling the ribbon of the abolished cycles….
--Robert Desnos, The Fire After-Midnight

AOL USERS: I have had aol messages blocked since January. If you have been trying to email me with no response, that is why. Please try again now. I welcome your messages.

CHIRON READING—Where is Chiron in your chart? What does it mean to you that Chiron is entering Aquarius? Chiron adds a unique dimension to your chart, the maverick element, a daimonic guidance, a healing journey, a window into past lives, a soul gift. Alice was having a Chiron transit when shse went down the rabbit hole into an altered space-time realilty. Are you in one now? Aren’t we all! Though irregular, Chiron has a 50-year orbit, so I am offering a 50-minute reading for $50—until the April 8 eclipse.

Astrologer Kelley Hunter lives in St. John, US Virgin Islands, where she leads star gazing nights. She teaches with Self Centre International at Caneel Bay Resort. Kelley recently earned her Ph.D. in an interdisciplinary combination of philosophy, cosmology and myth. To be on her e-mail list for monthly articles or for an astrology consultation, write kellhunter@earthlink.net. Explore her website at www.heliastar.com.

M. Kelley Hunter Ph.D.
PO Box 37
ST JOHN VI 00831-0037
19, 20, 21
The Galactic Times for March 16, 2005
by Philip Sedgwick
Perhaps you noticed that last week there was no Galactic Times posting by e-mail. Seems AOL and I had a couple of conversations about how many e-mails can be sent per unit time. No worries. There is a solution. You can go to www.philipsedgwick.com, click on Star Blogs, scroll to the bottom of the page and register your e-mail. You will be sent a confirming e-mail that you must answer for the address to be included. And last week's intended Galactic Times is posted in the 2005 Archived GT Folder.
Wait! Did you read www.philipsedgwick.com?? Yes, you did. I am not a Luddite, after all. It just might seem that way, given the fixity in my chart. But I now have a website. You can visit this current Galactic Times as well as many archived ones, ask questions of my spiffy Galactic Oracle and get free weekly horoscopes starting 3/20/2005. These scopes will be just like the Space Scopes I used to write for scifi.com years ago. Cool, huh? You can also order things from my store and you will be kept up to date on all sorts of galactic things. Speaking of which, tell me something I want to know, right?
Depending where in the world you are, Mercury goes retrograde on the 19th, the Sun enters Aries on the 20th and Saturn turns direct on the 21st. You've probably heard you astrologers caution you as to Mercury retrogrades. Sure, everything having to do with paperwork, e-mail and communication goes amuck. There is a way to work with Mercury retrograde constructively. This Mercury retrograde occurs in Aries. First, take your finger off the trigger of the rapid fire communication urge. Think, before writing, speaking or screaming. Imagine what result will be produced by blurting in the moment. Compare that with a spoonful of restraint, possibly a dose of communicative pleasantry and a well-thought statement. On 29 March, Mercury and the Earth align. At this point, you can best attend to all wayward communications, statements that require reissuing and soothing talk, e-mail or IM ruffled feathers.
On the northern side of the world Spring commences; in the Southern Hemisphere fall begins. This change of seasons occurs at the equinox, which more or less means equal night. A balance of light and dark results in terms of actual daylight, and a resetting of cosmic balance also applies. A critical turn in the natural ebb and flow of life causes reflection, consideration and suggests the tidying up of disorderly elements such that one's personal life matches the collective rhythms. Even the simple aspect of the weather enforcing a change in the style of one's dress symbolizes these shifts. The message seems simple. Things are changing in the natural annual cycle. Act accordingly. What worked three months ago, probably won't work now. Stay current. Stay timely. Stay seasonal.
Saturn offers a subtle little cycle of its own right now to enforce the seasonal pattern. Actually, it's current stimulation takes us back eighty-two days. Honest, it's worth counting back. Saturn offers half of a 164 day cycle found in odd black hole system, SS 433, which it now opposes as it stations to resume direct motion on the 21st.
SS433 dictates a need for clarity of one's own inner energy. This can suggest the simple rest/effort axis or it can indicate the flow of energy between the chakras in the body. Regardless, one must be in synch. The Capricorn black hole entity that Saturn opposes insists upon integrity. The issue of integrity arising here urges an individual to do what they know to be their cosmic purpose in life regardless of other factors. Consider this a reminder. Even though you have a job, family, yard to rake, store to visit or e-mails to forward, you still have a destiny and purpose for existence.
Truly, the last couple of weeks have tossed up a series of obstacles for many to encounter. The ultimate application is to ask a simple question that has a most difficult answer. Did the obstacles impede the path of your progress toward purpose and destiny to confirm your commitment to your life's cause, or did those buffets seek to remind you that a more spirit-driven stratosphere exists at a different altitude and on a different course? So hard to know.
The trinity of planetary effects at hand helps reshape the purposeful course in life. Mercury offers mental pause, reconsideration and the re-articulation of principal issues. The Sun's seasonal reference urges a good clearing out of debris, restoration of longer range vision and the recreation of vitality. Saturn's change of course provides a correction toward one's more cosmic drive in life, regardless of a touch of an "on the edge" feeling.
It's a gourmet feast of planetary and galactic energies. Strive to be well seasoned.
PLEASE NOTE: The Galactic Times will be sent through AOL only a few more times. You must opt in to receive it by e-mail as of April 20th. At that point, the GT will appear under Star Blogs on my site and sent only to those who registered their e-mail on my site (no addresses will be sold or exchanged).
If you are a website posting the Galactic Times, please feel free to continue to do so. If you have a banner, I would be pleased to post in on my "Links" page. You may link to my website and may use the banner provided on my "Links" page.
Copyright, 2005, Philip Sedgwick, all rights reserved.
Philip Sedgwick



ASPECTS ~ Tomorrow's news today.
By national best selling author and lecturer Timothy Curley.
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Friday, March 18th, 2005

Hello Keoth,
As promised, below is the second and final installment of the two-part Aspects' Spring Equinox series. The previous installment discussed last Sunday's Jupiter trine Neptune aspect whose energy created a natural pathway to higher consciousness. This recent energy corridor leads directly to this Sunday's spring equinox. This confluence of energy assists in setting the global energy stage, which will allow you to more fully capture the powerful fresh birthing energy available to you only during the equinox.
The second exciting installment of the series (below) explains how to easily capture this energy during a simple yet joyful celebration making the spirit of Spring Equinox 2005 available to you throughout the year.
Star Portal (a personal one-year forecast based on your birth data) is still available at its special prepublication price of only $20 (regular price $35). Spring equinox is the perfect time to purchase Star Portal and preview your forthcoming major astrological influences.
For more information or to order Star Portal, click on the link directly below.
Take time now to enjoy your Spring Equinox Aspects article. And begin making your plans for a simple, joyful, and productive equinox celebration.
Astrologically Yours,

ASPECTS - Spring Equinox 2005 celebration (Sunday March 20 4:34 AM PST)
Spring equinox is rapidly approaching as our Sun moves closer and closer to Earth's equator. This special, powerful, and unique time of year heralds the birth of new energy. During the equinox the entire planet is bathed in transformational fresh solar vitality. The new spring energy yields hope
by clearing the path of the old and birthing the new.
Translated literally, equinox means "equal night." Because the sun is positioned directly above the equator, day and night are equal in length during the spring equinox. Thus, it is an astrological global event. It is one of the four great solar festivals of the year. In addition, each spring equinox marks the beginning of the very first sign of the Zodiac, Aries. Anything done during this period will be charged with the energy of new birth, vitality, and freshness.
As a special feature and as a timeless tradition of spiritually minded individuals throughout the world such as yourself Keoth, many gather items from nature during the equinox. This helps to preserve the spirit and energy released during the powerful spring equinox shift. These items can be used later in the year when they are wanted as support or reminders to further projects or emotions on a spiritual level. Thus, flowers, leaves, rocks, fresh river water, or any of nature's bountiful items gathered during the equinox can be both a reminder as well as a server of the energy of new birth. All items gathered in nature during the equinox continue to carry and perpetuate the spirit and energy of spring throughout the year. Also, acts such as rituals, prayers, or meditations performed during the gathering are additionally helpful.
So don't forget to plan a special walk in nature for gathering equinox items this weekend. You'll be glad you did! Especially later on in the year when you can turn to them as powerful energy- charged reminders of the spring equinox. Think of them as galactic souvenirs. They help to remind you of and connect you with a powerful place and time in the universe you once visited, Spring Equinox 2005.

Thank you Keoth for reading Aspects today.

To set a time for a private astrology reading call: (916) 326-0402 or email: TimothyC@MySpiritualAstrologer.com
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the past.
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