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7 November 2005    
 "a Loving Voice'

Calm and Present

Dear Ones,
Let us speak to the seemingly unrest which is occurring in France at the moment.  First of all, this upsurge of apparently negative energy is not a reflection of something that has gone wrong only in France. There is a new balance that you are in the midst of – not only in Europe, but throughout the world. These uprising will occur more frequently – with corresponding earth changes.

The world that you are experiencing is an ever-changing one that, for a while at least, will be and has been experiencing an escalation of violent activity.

Whenever there is too great a difference between the “haves” and the “have-nots”, there is social unrest. You can expect these types of disturbances to continue, especially in large cities.  All areas of the earth have changes in store for them as the new energy enters into the atmosphere and the natural order is restored.

This means that nations with too much power will be brought into balance, meaning certain leveling actions will occur.  And those who have in the past been powerless will begin to have more say in the policies of the earth.  This is only a natural evolution.

All this that we have said should not be news to most of you, as it has been said many times in different ways before.  If you read any future predictions or if you just look around you at what is happening in your own backyard, you will know from your own direct experiences that something monumental is happening to the earth and its inhabitants.

You are in a great transition, both internally and externally and for this you can rejoice. The question that many of you ask is how are you going to survive – how are you going to make it through this time of transition. First of all, let us say that the period is long as is every major shift in consciousness. It will take time. Some of you will not physically survive this period simply because you will be leaving your body due to natural causes, however, most of you will be around to see a settling down of balanced energy.

Thus most of you can rest assured that you are not in any real physical danger.  Just think of past events. We know that some of you had vacations planned to the area where the tsunami hit, yet your scheduled dates were after the event. Others of you owned houses in the path of hurricanes, yet you were led to sell and move on, thus you didn’t need to experience the turmoil. Flight schedules have been changed, trains taken a day before an accident occurred, and so on. Well, you get the idea – if you pay attention, you are protected.

You might ask how to pay attention.   We ask that you stay focused on the present moment.  If you are feeling agitated or disturbed by something, try to wait and come to a balance point before you leave your homes. It is important to be as peaceful and centered as possible when out in the public realm.

Take a few deep breaths and ask yourself what you want to experience. You will find that you always want to experience peace and calm. Go to silence and when you are in that peaceful state, then all answers and guidance can come to you.

If you are in a turbulent state, guidance cannot “get through”.
You know what we mean from your past experiences. If you are upset, nervous, worried, sad or angry, you are not in a receptive state. Think of it this way: your good, Divine guidance, is always flowing toward you much like a river flows. When you are out of balance, you dam up the flow – you create a barrier through which guidance cannot pass.

Here’s another example. If you have a telephone with static on it, you cannot clearly hear the person’s voice at the other end. The static is your disturbed thoughts and emotions. In order to hear clearly, you must reduce the static. If this means meditating, withdrawing from daily activities, exercising, or whatever you do to calm your being, then do so.

When you are calm and present, you are naturally more alert to what is happening around you. If you have trouble being “present” – remind yourself of where you are physically and tell yourself that you are present in this moment. Example: “I am in Santa Fe, New Mexico and I am present in the moment.” Repeating a statement like this (with where you actually are, of course) will help you stay in the moment.

This is extremely important because some of you may have to make quick decisions to change your plans. If you really don’t feel like going somewhere, then don’t. Here we aren’t talking about not feeling like going to work or school, but more this. If you suddenly feel a sense of heaviness or dread about taking a certain route, bus, metro, etc., it may be a warning to keep you out of harm’s way.

By inner listening, you will be able to avoid unpleasant situations such as natural disasters, accidents, riots and other forms of social unrest.  During these times of change, it is very wise to ask yourself before you make a decision if you “feel” right about doing whatever it is. For example, if you are about to take a train, ask yourself before you get on that train if you feel okay about it. If you should ever receive a strong negative (which will be rare), then our advice is to wait and take a later one. If you are suddenly wait-listed on a plane, smile and be happy. There’s a reason for everything. Most of the time, the reason is nothing grave, you are simply being guided to have the most pleasant experiences possible, that’s all.

We are not telling you this to frighten you, but to reassure you that you are 100% protected. You have nothing to fear. When something surprisingly unexpected happens around you, stay as calm and present as possible. Don’t get caught up in your own drama or that of others. When you are calm, you can receive good vitally important information about what action to take or not take. When you are present, you can easily perceive what is happening around you.

You are all being guided. All good will come to you. With just a bit of attention to your state of being – calm – and your state of awareness – presence – all will be well.

We are with you.

(Message received by MmePhoebeLauren@aol.com
Ms. Lauren is an international author, lecturer, workshop leader, and artist,  specializing in issues of self empowerment through embracing spiritual truths.  She also works as a “spiritual counselor”and takes down messages which come through her from a “loving voice”.. She lives between Santa Fe, New Mexico and Paris, France and considers herself a citizen of the world,   and currently gives workshops and lectures in Europe and the U.S.A

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