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It is important in life
To breathe
As we live each moment
We breathe
In all that we do
Let’s breathe
Deeply, slowly deliberately

Life is speeding up
Things are moving faster
Major shifts happening
Love is outpouring
At times we may feel spaced
Or perhaps odd !!
No matter, all is well

It is important in life
That we breathe
As we live each moment
Please breathe
In all that we experience
Just breathe
Deeply, slowly, deliberately

An uplifting is occurring
Energies are lightening
Consciousness is changing
An alertness is happening
A feeling of magic in the air
The unknown breaking out
Love is flowing, flow too.

It is important in life
For us to breathe
With each moment of now
Just breathe
Experience the presence
Through breathing
Deeply, slowly, deliberately

Develop eyes to see
And ears to hear
Let the inner voice
Guide you to safe havens
Of love, peace and joy
Then pour the love outwards
To all on earth, everywhere

It is important right now
To breathe
As each moment presents
Just breathe
Enjoy the new ride
And breathe
Deeply, slowly, deliberately

This is more than a poem.... it is a channeled message which I have been asked to network far and wide.... I give permission to post anywhere and everywhere.... so folks, please network everywhere you deem appropriate.
Thank you
 ,   In peace, love and light ,   Elizabeth  x x x

© Elizabeth A Feisst 8 May 2005

May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder.

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