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The Big "Fall" 
+ more below          June 4 , 2005



Okay, okay, May was a very strange month, but there is always order and good reason for everything as it fits perfectly into the divine plan for the Shift of the Ages.


May was, generally speaking, a strange month as it was the LAST month before we experience a very substantial shift, and then things will never be quite the same again.


In May, we were “preparing” for what is to come. If you found yourself unusually busy, or dealing with situations that needed your attention, or “wrapping” up long-standing situations, or finalizing new ones, you were simply experiencing your manifested version of the energies that have been presented to us. In addition, you may have been “preparing” physically as well.


With a theme of “getting things done” we needed to attend to much, because as of June and especially July, and then on-ward, we will be in a new space with a completely different scenario, and will no longer be poised or have the time and space to get these things accomplished.


In May, we also attracted to us what we were vibrating, as we are in a much higher resonating frequency now and much will manifest in a near instant. There was also a feeling and energy of “nothing moving” much, as again, we were in preparation mode for the months to come. There were just unusual and “strange” occurrences for many this month.


In addition, we are also “preparing” in other ways, as we are being readied for our new roles and being readied to embody as much light as possible. So in a sense, it is a bit difficult to really pinpoint one particular energy and experience for all of us. We are all in our own unique and different phases of ascension, and at different levels, so at this point, there can be many variations to our current experiences.


So what about this “preparing” mode?  I was speaking to my web site host and friend, Bryce, the other day and he began telling me of a recent experience he had had, that depicts things well. While out on his ranch and among the sagebrush, he noticed an interesting phenomenon.  A large family of ants were climbing into the sagebrush and meticulously chewing off the leaves. As the process continued, the leaves would drop to the ground, and then a purposeful and diligent team of ants would push, pull and drag the leaves into an orderly fashion on the ground.  It became evident to Bryce that they were following the direction of the intuitive queen and they were most certainly “preparing” for something.


My 23 year old daughter phoned me late the other night from North Carolina , as she wanted to tell me about an interesting dream she had had.  Very briefly, her dream was about a man digging a very large trench or tunnel.  Ari and I proceeded to tell the man that he shouldn't be digging there. “Oh no,” said the man. “I am digging tunnels for everyone to stay in and be safe for what is to come!”   Well, evidently we told him to go ahead, by all means.   While we were later in the tunnel, we were guided to “hide” under the lights, where nothing could find us.   We did, and were just fine.


So what is all this about and what is coming on the horizon?   June 21 st marks the half way point for this amazing year of 2005 and all the changes it will bring. For the first six months, we experienced a deeper cleansing and releasing followed by a burst of energy of New and higher experiences in March and April.


During March and April, first and second wavers made ascension leaps, there-by affecting the balance of the planet. And know that these leaps were also accompanied by leaps in planetary vibration as well. ALL is vibrating and going higher and higher as part of the process. Everything is in on this together.


Now we are nearing the “half way” point and much is in the balance, so to speak. The ascension leaps made by many in March and April, along with the planetary leaps, have now tilted the scales. June will mark a time of a great and powerful TURNING, or in other words, a “turning point”.


Energetically, it looks like the planet will be totally turning around and turning in a New direction. This will be a monumental shift and could very easily affect much.


With the balance going now in “our” (the light) direction, there will be a substantial opportunity for much to occur. And I cannot emphasize enough that this scenario and time is simply an opportunity. We never really know just how things will unfold.


Most prevalent will be the opportunity for the darker/denser energies to really “fall”. It is like the “fall” that occurred eons ago, only now it is going in the opposite direction where these older energies will be the ones to fall. With the balance now on the side of the light and with the advent of reaching the middle point, this will create a snowball or domino effect, therefore supporting this process.


Will it all happen at once? It never does. Things occur in the most gentle way possible. And we as lightworkers are always assisting, whether consciously or not, in maintaining a beneficial balance for all.


So what are some of the possible manifestations of this “turning”?   There could very well be geographical disruptions. Then there could not. I had several acquaintances, for example, move to new areas or who found themselves spending time in areas (such as Southern California and Hawaii , for example) over a period of time this year. They were very much drawn there, and then they suddenly left, without perhaps even knowing why or what happened. They were very needed and proved to be influential in supporting the arrival of very powerful New energies.  And in addition, they greatly helped to alleviate any Earth changes that might have occurred in those areas.  So you see, we never really know.


When the advent of this now predominance of light in the physical world, the Earth herself cannot help but be affected as well.  She may very well shift and shudder, move about, experience wind, rain and all sorts of other movements as she integrates and balances.   But what arrives on the heels of this shift will be glorious!   As mentioned before, I continually see beautiful underground springs and streams arriving here in Flagstaff where we currently have little water.


I recently received an e-mail from Northern Peru where they are experiencing all sorts of amazing and beautiful Earth changes.   Much water where there had been little before has created an incredible sanctuary for thousands of birds and ancient pottery is emerging from the Earth.   In addition, there was an entire lake in Moscow that completely disappeared, as well as over 100 new waterfalls emerging in places in southern and central California .  These things are occurring now, so you can imagine what amazing things will be occurring in the future!


The big “turn” will change things for lightworkers as well. The ascension process has been preparing many of us for quite some time. We needed to be vibrating or “being” the light and our purpose before we could teach it and spread it for all the world to benefit. Ascension released much of our ego selves. We are now embodying more light and more of our true selves than ever before. We have to “be” something and really experience it before we can teach it and walk it.


As much more begins to fall in the physical world, we will be needed and listened to as never before. We will really be beings of light now and called forth to assist many who will be bewildered and need guidance, love and support, as well as a road map for living in the higher realms!


During this time of preparation, some of you may have experienced those great and amazing dreamtimes of learning and being taught New ways. Or perhaps you have recently received many ah ha's as to what you may be doing in the future. Or maybe even having psychic and unusual experiences of late, connecting you to the higher realms and higher ways. We are simply preparing more and more and connecting more and more to our higher selves or souls as well as our star family identities that will enable us to fully embody who we are and support what we came to do.


We are also still having challenges of going back and forth between dimensions. If you are feeling burdened and stressed or down and out, you are in the old world and lower dimensions. It is fairly easy now to navigate upward and out. How?


In a matter of a few seconds, you can jump dimensions by connecting to what makes you feel good.   Listen to some music you love.   Be with the animals.   Go out in nature.   Think of someone you really love and be in that space of how much you love and appreciate them.  Be in your creativity.  The higher dimensions are RIGHT HERE. We need only go there and BELIEVE they are right at our fingertips. If you can, just let go, forget everything, be in the moment, and intend to really “see” where you are. You are not in the old world, as you are just believing that you are. Trust that all is OK.


But here is what I believe to be the most important key: Give yourself permission to go and have fun and do something for yourself. In the higher realms, we have no responsibilities. The old world led us to believe that we were responsible for everything and that we must work and give in order to receive. This is simply not the case.


When we put ourselves first and do whatever we need to, to feel good, the universe gets the message and takes care of the rest.   We have been trained and socialized to believe that we are responsible for everything and we absolutely are not. The new e-course at What's Up On Planet Earth?   has a full module on living this way in the higher realms, as it is so vitally important.


When we evolve and navigate ourselves into this way of “being”, everything naturally COMES TO US with no effort and certainly no stress.   And we are also most assuredly vibrating group energy with shared responsibilities now; we need only start living in this way that our surrounding energies are encouraging us to embody.  We are still living a 3D way in a higher dimensional reality!


So I will say to you now, that I will personally give you permission to put yourself first and feel good at all costs. Take the leap and try it; you may be pleasantly surprised at what you find.


Our new school in Flagstaff will be teaching these ways of connecting and living in the higher realms, as these services will soon be needed for those whose world has seemingly come to an end and they are not sure where they are now residing, or how to navigate there!


So then, there will be an opportunity beginning around the solstice and most notably manifesting in July, for much to fall away.   The solstices always bring deep cleansing (as did the most recent December solstice), and the equinoxes bring the New manifestations and New births of New realities. As we bump up higher and higher exponentially, these shifts become much more intense when they occur.  But in addition, we have evolved so much, that many of us are feeling and experiencing them to a much lesser degree.


These months, then, following the solstice will activate more cleansing and falling away. Some will go deeper within, some will become activated and begin the first phase of ascension, and yet others will connect more deeply than ever before with their higher and true selves and with their identities as star beings.


And with this deeper connection will come many exciting experiences of higher ways of being. Experiences of telepathy, animal communication, psychic experiences and owning our real and true power will begin to occur for many. This will also be a rocky time, I have to say. It always feels rocky when much is falling away and shifting, and this will be a substantial and very noticeable shift.


And again, we have made so much progress now, that these rocky and highly moving and changing experiences will not affect us nearly as much as they would have in years and just months past. Just as Ari experienced in her dream, when we are in the light and in the higher realms, what is falling away will be in another reality than the one we are inhabiting.


We are simply moving along and evolving in divine perfect order as these shifts unfold at precisely the perfect time. Step by step, we are most assuredly evolving into beings of light that will inhabit a planet of light.


Are you ready to create the New World? Are you ready to make your unique and special contribution through your passion and joy?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert. Many blessings, much peace, and incredible joy in these miraculous times,



   www.whatsuponplanetearth.com  Karen Bishop

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For those aware of The Ascension Game
The following is Karen Bishops article from her
Web page at www.whatsuponplanetearth.com


The mid-point has been reached as of June 21 and now we are most certainly "turning" as we forge the way for the New Planet Earth to emerge in form. The balance is now wavering as so many have risen in vibration, along with our planet herself, creating this now much larger accumulation of light.

The "whirlwind", fast moving, over-stimulating, too much coming at us energies are still here, but serving a distinct purpose in this on-going process of human and planetary ascension, as they will assist in pushing us "OVER".

As the energies escalate in speed and intensity, they are bringing much to the surface for release, as always, only this time they are designed to bring much "to a head" as much needs to "crash".

So the current theme, then, is bringing things to a head in order for much to crash that can no longer survive in this New vibration and New world that is unfolding for us now.

How are these energies and how is this phase currently manifesting in our lives? We may feel that there is an unusual amount of activity going on in our lives. We may feel that there is "too much for us to do.” If you are sensitive, you may be feeling a lot of pressure within and without for perhaps no apparent reason.

Things may feel "out of control.” Again, if you are sensitive, you may feel that things are "falling" and a strange sense of fear that something is soon to "end.” You may even feel "attacked" as so much is coming at us now and moving so fast.

For sensitives, these shifts can really affect us as we feel so much, even though what we sense is not particularly in our own arena and reality. A "craziness", a fear, anxiety, feelings of not being safe and an ending and shaking to the core with a sort of hysterical frenzy is earmarking this unusual time at present.

You also may have had the experience while writing of superimposing letters or words. While spelling a word or sentence, you get the letters all mixed up. You are simply getting ahead of yourself, as your energy or vibration is in a different time than the physical.

In addition, breakthroughs are also occurring. For the past several weeks, we had that energy that seemed to be holding us back, as no matter what we did, we seemed to get nowhere. The energies had been building, were at a sort of tidal wave spot of an out-of-balance dance, and what was coming ahead for us had simply not yet been prepared for us to enter into.

Remember, all time is happening at once. During this time of reaching the higher realms, we can have experiences of past, present and future occurring at intervals not matching a linear time frame. Although unnerving at times, if you understand what is occurring, it helps to know you are not losing it or developing some kind of mental disorder!

With the faster moving energies affecting us for the past several weeks, and continuing to build in intensity, we are most certainly being supported in this phase of the crashing of the old. In 2004, while viewing things for 2005 in preparation for writing the energy alert for the year to come, it appeared over and over that 2005 would be the year of "destruction.”

And remember that this will be the destruction of the old. And know as well that the Old and New are passing like ships in the night. The crashing and destruction is occurring because, and in tandem with-- the arrival and implementation of the New

This is the way of the ships passing in the night. As more and more of the New comes into place, more and more of the old will come crashing down. This is designed so that the process will be as gentle as possible and we will have a soft place to fall. And there may very well be a time coming when many will simply be walking away from the old without trying to salvage a thing; from their homes, their businesses and their relationships.

At the physical levels, you may currently be experiencing a lot coming at you at once, having experiences of things "closing in on you", much "in you face", and so on. As these boundaries are now diminished, along with the rapid moving energy, this time can create crabby, irritable, snappy and combative experiences between people. In the physical, you may find yourself defending your space and setting your limits more than ever before.

The other prevalent theme now is the group energy. As we can no longer do it all ourselves, this rapid moving energy (as well as the ascension process in general) is creating a weary human who is tiring of all the responsibilities. This sets a perfect stage for giving it up and for surrendering to some kind of help.

Letting go of the need to control and trusting that a partner or team will arrive with their own special gifts to contribute is part of the ascension process. Not a new concept here, but one that we are FINALLY ready to embrace and experience.

This is how it will be for us. We will go back and forth between worlds as we go back to teach and share. So here we are, poised again for yet another leap forward in our passions and joys while we also experience this on-going process of human and planetary evolution, expansion and growth.

Are you ready to create the New World? Are you ready to make your unique and special contribution through your passion and joy?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert. Many blessings, much peace, and incredible joy in these miraculous times,



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