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Be Not Afraid

Change is upon your doorstep. Now, more than ever, is the time for both inner peace and courage.  Fears may come up for you, as is human nature in times of change.   However, fear tends to block your connection to your higher guidance.  Allow your fears to flow through you, accepting, acknowledging, and releasing.  Then come back into your heart, and the present moment.  Know that you are safe, you are supported.

Your being is supported in every possible way through this process. Many may wonder, if there is a shift in the economic structure, how they will survive.  And many others have already gone through a disconnection from the old ways of the matrix, and reconnected to the belief and realization of abundance in their lives, no longer at the mercy of the illusion.  The masses are ready to begin this process also. I t will be a huge and noticeable change, not, as has been the case with the way showers, the blip on the screen of individual lives here and there. It may bring up fears for those who donít understand whatís happening

That is why you have already had these experiences...to be there to hold the balance for others.   This is the time. It is necessary to bring all facets of life on earth into balance. The illusion must fall away. The process may not look the way you expect it to. Release those expectations. Know that whatever upheavals may come, there is a wondrous new world in the process of becoming. It is here now in energetic terms, and you are simply bringing it into form. As the old ways are cleared away, you are able, more and more, to bring Heaven to Earth.

There will be opportunities to find a new way of doing things. Staying open and connected to your guidance will bring you all that you need. Be discerning of what is your own truth. Many may try to impose theirís upon you. Be discerning of all information that comes to you, including these words. Run it by your own heartís knowing, before taking it as your truth. There is no list to get on, there is no "movement" to join. You are the movement! There may be times that you are encouraged to give up your power to those who seem to have greater knowledge, greater abilities. You may do so, if you wish, but it isnít necessary. You see, you have those abilities also. We are all brothers and sisters...we are all sons and daughters of the one creator...we are all one.

Be at peace, be in love...With greatest love, Maria-Sophia

Through Bonnie Waters


ARTICLES: 06/12/05


by Bonnie Waters

A Mother loves her children, always. Even when the child has grown, even when the necessary separation and move towards independence occurs...still she loves. Even when the child has done something hurtful, harmful, less than kind towards herself or towards others, she loves.

In third dimensional terms, she may experience pain, or anger, she may even find a need to distance herself, when interaction continues to have less than positive results. After a certain age, it may be better to give someone the room to learn their lessons in their own way. Sometimes efforts at "helping" and "fixing" create a situation where the child will eventually be unable stand on their own two feet.  But even from a distance, she loves.

She may suffer for the decisions of her grown child, but in love, allow them the right to choose their own experience. She may do her best to give support and guidance, but if it isnít chosen at this stage of the relationship, it isnít possible to force an acceptance. She may weep at the behavior, but still love the person. (Of course, beyond the third dimension, pain and anger are simply illusion, and there is truly only love.)

Even when the situation is so difficult as to seem impossible, she hopes and prays for the best outcome for her child...for a breakthrough in the stalemate, for a healing of the rift...she prays for a miracle...she loves.

This is the time of miracles. This is the time of shifting into a dimension where love is the reality...where all become healed and whole through love. It will happen with each one in their own appropriate timing.

We, as children of whatever age, are reconnecting with the Mother. All are embraced...all is forgiven...all is Love.






by Bonnie Waters

Iíve decided to step into full responsibility for my writings. My process for channeling is not trance channeling, but simply a shift in focus, and what I would consider automatic writings. I recently received a message that I couldnít present in the way that it came through, as it went against all past "knowledge" that I had on the subject. Instead, I decided to put forth questions in an article in my words rather than statements from a higher being. I sense that there will be major revelations soon from the Catholic Church on the subject of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. The deceptions must end. I leave it at that.

My last channeling may have included a very human fear, based more on the intense energies of the time period than on higher input, which I will address below.

We are, indeed, incorporating more of our higher selves all the time...and we are all one. So I choose now to speak in my own voice, with the understanding that there will be higher energies coming through, and still at times, more of my human persona. It is part of the shift in conciousness that we go back and forth between dimensions and abilities. We are raising the human self as the spiritual self descends. The blending continues as we are becoming/have become merged with our higher selves/Godselves. We are connecting more fully with the beings of the higher dimensions. I acknowledge that fact, while choosing to speak as myself.

To address economic changes: they are more than likely.  Most of us who have gone through many changes already, will attest that they experienced a period of disconnecting from the old system and clearing out fears around the subject of abundance and lack in order to create a new way of relating to money and abundance.   While this is likely to continue for others - great numbers of people who are now awakening, it is possible to create new systems while the old falls away, and provide support for those experiencing the challenges of this process.   We can envision a new way of living, and hold that vision for others who are making their own transitions through the changes.   We can, through our own thoughts and actions, create that new reality so that it is waiting for them to step into if they so choose.

We can envision a world where everyone engages in work that they love and find fulfilling, and where there is also plenty of time for leisurely pursuits.  You can contribute to this by courageously following where your own heart leads you.   We can envision a world where there is equitable distribution of wealth around the planet.   Where energy needs are provided for by new sources of abundant energy.   Some may find the inspiration to create these new systems in the physical, some will be helping simply by knowing that these changes are coming, and giving energy to that new reality.

You may say that "envisioning" isnít doing much of anything.  However, the quantum field awaits our instructions, each new step of the way. Weíre in the middle of the shift now.   What would you choose for your reality? Give your energy to it, your prayers, your gratitude, and the focus of your mind and heart.   Together we are a great wave of new creations coming into form. Love, and all blessings,


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