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   Lord Sananda on Channeled Messages   (below)
Lord Sananda on the Battle of Light and Dark

Received by Sal Rachele
April 19, 2005

Greetings, beloveds! In the light of the Radiant One, in the Unconditional Love of the One True God, I once again greet you and send you my blessings and energy.

A couple of weeks ago, I brought a message through this channel that upset many of you. Some of you even went so far as to think you were not getting the help you need on your path. The memories of abandonment and the fear of this repeating itself is still within your soul records as it was imprinted in the Akashic as part of your experience of separation from God.

Let me assure you that this is illusion.  Although all soul experiences are valid and real from the perspective of the individual soul, you remain safely tucked in the arms of God. You have always been and will always be safe in the Heart of God. You may dream of terror and abandonment, but this is not the truth. Beloveds, today my desire is for you to awaken from such dreams. They are the dreams of sorrow and misery.

You have not been abandoned. You are not exiled on a "penal colony" world of war and strife, destined to live out your days in abject poverty, slavery and manipulation by forces outside your control. Dismiss these beliefs today. They are not the truth, even though they appear to be very real.

The battle between the light forces and the dark forces is a battle of one illusion against another. Such illusions will continue to dance and play upon your mind for as long as you entertain them. In my books, "A Course In Miracles" I spent several hundred pages underscoring this fundamental truth. Perhaps you would do well to review that material and the many others I have brought forth over the last two thousand years.

I am not hidden and obscure. I do not couch myself in vague and misleading terms. I am not distant and aloof, reserved only for the few who are lucky enough to receive my dispensation. No, I am available to all and offer my love and my services freely and without reservation. When I stated that I do not meddle in the political and economic affairs of Earth, I did not in any way intend that to be interpreted as not caring for each and every one of you.

If you go back and reread my earlier message, you will find that my love and my concern are very much evident. It is out of my great love for you that I caution you about accepting messages that have subtle undertones of fear and judgment laced within them. I do not, and have NEVER judged any of you as unworthy or undeserving. I do not unfairly criticize any of my channels and messengers. I do not attempt to discredit any valid information. I only ask that you look deeper within yourselves and realize that my dispensation does not include blatant interference in your financial, business and political matters.

Every day the energy on your planet is increasing. You are becoming more and more of what you already are - pure light and unconditional love. You are awakening to what has always been - that you are loved by your Creator more than you can possibly imagine. Your Creator would never snatch from you that which is truly precious and necessary to your evolution as individual souls. Any illusions of being rescued from your plight are just that - illusions. We of the Confederation do not rescue anyone because you are not in need of rescuing. You are in need of enlightenment. Enlightenment will solve ALL your problems. There is not one picture of misery, pain, despair, depression or sadness upon your world that will not be healed by enlightenment.

I feel I must address this issue of NESARA that some of your people are attempting to implement on your planet.  I will say that the vision of creating an economic system that ensures prosperity and plenty for all is not misguided.  You have the creative power and ability to raise every person on your planet into a state of cornucopia and plenty.  However, until the mass consciousness of your planet is raised sufficiently to allow this to happen, you will be met with resistance from those who still believe in scarcity and limitation.  This does not mean you cannot create peace and prosperity, but you will find that in the days and years to come, some will join your efforts and some will not.

The issue of economic prosperity does not involve direct intervention by members of the Confederation.  This would be in violation of the prime directive of non-interference. The new dispensation and Divine Intervention is accomplished from within.  It does not involve direct military maneuvering or economic manipulation.  It does not involve our members running for office or materializing in military offices or corporate boardrooms.  The beings responsible for beaming humans aboard spacecraft and materializing into military installations are not members of the Confederation.  For your information, many are souls from other star systems.  Some are benevolent and some are not.  Many are from the Sirius B star system and are attempting to atone for mistakes they made during times past on your planet.  Some are from the Zeta Reticulus star system, popularly known on your world as the "greys."  There are others from Andromeda and Orion.

This is why I continually urge discernment. Although many of these beings are not hostile, some of them are.  You cannot blindly believe any entity just because they use my name or the name of another celestial entity, such as Enoch, Melchizedek, Metatron or Mother Mary.  The genuine celestial beings are real and are highly evolved Lords of Light assigned specific roles within the Universal spiral of evolution.  These great souls will NEVER send you energy that resonates on a level of fear or coercion.  They are enveloped in the Creator's 100% unconditionally loving light.  They NEVER create division or separation.  They do not judge anyone or anything as being less deserving of the Creator's Love.  All of Creation is loved unconditionally by the Creator.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS.  Your Hitlers, your Saddams, your Stalins, they are all equally loved by God.

Beloveds, the day will come when you will love all of Creation with the same impartial and fair love that your Creator has for you. You will look upon those who are lost and wandering in darkness with the same love you hold for family members dear to you.

Darkness is an absence of light.   It is not a separate force to be reckoned with.  It only appears to be an opposing force when you are caught in the web of duality.  The negative ETs that control the governments and economic systems of your world are allowed to remain in that place by fear and deception.  When you raise your vibration to the level of the fifth dimension, they disappear, as all illusions do, into the nothingness from whence they came.   Souls that adhere to principles of fear, manipulation and control may, for a time, appear to guide and direct your world.   I assure you their days are numbered.  They are numbered because you will awaken to the truth of your being and laugh at the absurdity of their agenda.   Even your physical bodies will transcend their agenda.   These holy temples or vessels you inhabit can be fed directly by God's unconditionally loving light.   They do not need food or even water.  For a time they need breath, but even that is temporary.  You will immortalize these vehicles and use them wherever and whenever you need them.  They will not be at the effect of the environment or the so-called "dark forces."

Beloveds, the dark forces have no power unless you give them power through your belief in their agenda. Today, stop giving them power and watch their kingdom wither away. Begin living the truths you feel deep within your being. As you live your truths, you will find opportunities for real economic, political and social change. Do not give up your hopes and dreams, but realize that your personal enlightenment will do more to manifest your dreams than any outer proposed solution. Many of the institutions of your world must fall away before the new can be implemented. Do not be afraid of this. It is an inevitable part of the awakening process. Illusions must fall away, for only truth remains.

Listen to these words, use discernment, and open your hearts to the truth of your being. Let not one illusion fall upon your holy mind to mar the beauty of Creation. On behalf of the Confederation, I am Sananda. Blessings to all.
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Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 815, Snowflake, AZ 85937 http://www.salrachele.com

Lord Sananda on Channeled Messages
Received by Sal Rachele
April 6, 2005

Beloveds, this is Sananda at your service. The channel asked me to say a few words about the confusion and distortion surrounding recent channeled messages purportedly from me, so this will be an attempt to set the record straight.

The channel is well aware that some may be angered by what I am about to say, and some may even take it out on the channel.  The channel is only a messenger.  It is the message that is important.  Examine it.  Dissect it if you wish.  Analyze it.  Compare it to other messages.  Ask your own God Presence to discern the truth regarding this and all messages.  IT IS THE MESSAGE THAT MUST BE LOOKED AT CLEARLY AND WITH FULL AWARENESS.

That includes its Source.  What is the energy of the message?    What is its purpose?    What is it trying to accomplish?   Why was it given?    What is the motivation behind the message?   What is the energy of the being giving the message?    Does it ring true?    Does it assist you in your evolutionary path?    Does it help you expand your awareness?    Is it of service to you and your fellow human beings?   Is it for your highest and best soul growth?    Does it contribute to your happiness, soul growth and well-being?

Beloveds, this may seem like a lot of questions, but how many of you are asking them?  Is it not essential that you DO ask these questions?  The purpose of this message is to shed some light on recent channelings given in my name.  It is not our intention to be overly critical of God’s messengers or to find fault with a particular channel or channeling.  However, it is evident that messages are circulating around your world right now that are not clearly describing our purpose and agenda.

First of all, let me repeat this very clearly and succinctly.   WE OF THE CONFEDERATION DO NOT GET INVOLVED IN EARTHLY POLITICS.   We do not have an opinion on NESARA or the current president of the United States or the goings on within the inner chambers of what you term the “Illuminati.”   We will make general statements regarding the overall philosophy of the forces that have been controlling your planet.   We will make suggestions on how you can spiritually transcend the limited viewpoints of those hell-bent on controlling and dominating your people.   But we NEVER tell you what decisions to make, who to vote for, what economic program to support or reject, or what specific action to take regarding a political bill or legislation.

There is a prime directive that is still very much in place.   Divine Intervention does not mean we have come to save you or beam you up into a fleet of ships.   It does not mean we will do everything for you.  It does not mean we will tell you how to invest your money.   It does not mean we will zap little grey aliens with energy beams.   It does not mean we are fighting the “dark forces.”  Fighting ANYTHING means acknowledging that it has power over us, and our reality is far different from that.

God’s Love is our reality.   God’s Love is not fighting any so-called “dark forces.”   God’s Love merely creates beauty and harmony wherever it shines.   It does not judge the righteous and the sinner.   It does not see the so-called “negative ETs” as any less a part of God than anyone else.

Yes, we acknowledge that you have been misled and fed lies for the purpose of appeasing the power-hungry desires of a small group of souls.    Yes, we acknowledge that there are ETs in the astral space of your planet that do not understand the nature of Divine Perfection.    Yes, we acknowledge that it is imperative that you practice discernment and not allow yourselves to be led astray from the goals of your own souls.

We have repeatedly asked you to be aware of your own psychological conditioning and programming.   We have repeatedly asked you to be aware of your belief systems, including the so-called “sacred cows.”    These are the beliefs that hinder your spiritual progress because you think they are absolute truths when in fact they are based on illusion.   Any belief or resulting manifestation on your world that promotes separation and judgment is a distortion.   Any belief or resulting manifestation on your world that keeps you from being more fully aware of your Divinity and your connection to All That Is, is a distortion.     There is no enemy to be overcome, except your own self-judgment.    When you judge yourselves, beloveds, you then in turn judge others.   Then a world of hate and malice arises within your own consciousness and you see that reflected in the world around you.   There is no enemy to be overcome, except your own belief in illusions.   The negative ETs and dark forces cannot have power over you BECAUSE YOU ARE A SON OF GOD (or daughter, if you prefer).    You were created in the image and likeness of your Creator.   You are perfect, whole and complete.   When you realize this, you will stop giving power to so-called “dark forces” and they will have no control over you whatsoever.

The sooner you realize this, the sooner you and your beloved planet will ascend into your rightful place in Creation.   We are here to assist, but WE ARE NOT HERE TO SAVE YOU.   Sorry about that.   You are much too powerful to be patronized in that manner.   You are much too magnificent to abdicate your power to someone else.   You must take responsibility for your own Creations.   We are here to help you see where you are mis-creating, but we will not do your work for you.   That would not be empowering.   I know some of you are angry with us over this message, but that is for you to work out.    Why are you angry?    Because our goal is to empower you to think for yourselves?    Because our goal is to empower you to be the greatness that you are?    You are Gods, each and every one of you.   Would we expect any less of you?   Would that be serving you?

Beloveds, you need to up your level of discernment.    There are messages circulating on your Internet that do not represent our views.   You need to look a little deeper into the messages. You need to look a little deeper into yourselves. You have the answers within you.   GO WITHIN. THE TRUTH IS NOT OUT THERE, IT IS WITHIN THERE.    You are the way, the truth and the life.    That has been my message for millennia. It will continue to be my message.   The answers are within you.    It is time to go within to the Source of your being.  
When you TRULY go within, then your outer actions will reflect this.    You will no longer be looking for someone to save you or tell you platitudes to soothe your ruffled feathers.   We are not here to soothe you.   We love you too much to do that.   We are here to help you see yourselves in a brighter light.   Send love and blessings to those tortured souls who believe the only way to survive is to dominate and control others.   Theirs is a call for love, not condemnation.   Of course, we are not saying you should approve of their actions.   Only that you see them as they are –  children of the same God that created you and deserving of the same Love that you are enfolded in as we speak.

Beloveds, put away your fingers of accusation and your weapons of righteous indignation.   Open your hearts and minds to the truth of your own being and awaken to the glory you are!    I am Sananda, in the name of the Most Radiant One.    In the name of Father/Mother God,   I send you love from all of the Confederation.

Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 815, Snowflake, AZ 85937 (http://www.salrachele.com) (928) 528-7118

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