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Riding Your Dragons

by Kelley Hunter

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The FULL MOON on April 24 is a partial eclipse to follow up the solar eclipse on April 8. Here in the Caribbean we watched a large orange crescent sun setting into the sea. Those of us who saw it will not soon forget such an unusual sight. The lunar eclipse occurs at 6 am EDT, visible in most of the Americas and into eastern Asia, New Zealand and Australia. If you canít see it, youíre not missing anything dramatic, nevertheless, any eclipse continues to shift energy.

Weíre now in SUN sign TAURUS. Venus, planetary ruler of this sign, continues to be invisible in the light of the Sun, yet radiates her influence. Taurus is an earthy sign, ready to enjoy the good things in life. But this is not settle-back-into-cushy-comfort time.

The FULL MOON in SCORPIO stirs the deep cauldron of feelings. What is it getting in the way of enjoying life to the fullest? What is holding you back? Where are you holding back? There is a knock on the door of your heartóit could be your deepest fears or your deepest desires. What is it that you really want? And donít think it is that other person thatís going to do it for you. Life is lived from the inside out. We donít always recognize that what is happening in our lives is based on the energy that we are sending out. We are top-of-the-line energy conductors, receiving and broadcasting units.

The quirky planetoid (more correctly called a centaur object) named Chiron recently moved into Aquarius. In Greek mythology Chiron was a wise centaur, known as the Wounded Healer. Though master of all arts and sciences, he could not heal himself when wounded by a poisoned arrow. Jupiter placed him in the sky in honor. Chiron brings up the issues calling for healing. On this Full Moon, it squares both Sun and Moon, charging up this eclipse with frequencies from the higher atmospheres. Aquarius has antennae tuned into the ionosphere, where peaking solar flares continue to electrify our planet and change weather systems, including our emotional ones. The whole solar system is changing. This is way beyond global warming. We must find a way to live in synch with the universal flow. It starts with you; it starts with me; itís all of us.

We canít change anything around us, before we change ourselves. How do you need to shift your vibrational frequency to be broadcasting at a more resonant wavelength, in tune with the cosmic harmonies? This may mean stepping back or out from social situations that drain you, emotionally, mentally, financially. Look for and hook in with people moving and grooving into a better energy zone. It may mean speaking your truth and opening your ears to others. Where is the common ground?

This Moon cycle, new to full and back again-- and punctuated by eclipses ócan bring out the best and worst. The choices are becoming more clear. What do you choose?

by M. Kelley Hunter

APRIL 8 -- the NEW MOON passes across the face of the Sun for an annular/total ECLIPSE.

Mainly visible in the south Pacific, some people in North and Central America will see a partial eclipse. Here in the Virgin Islands, nearly 68 percent of the Sunís diameter will be eclipsed, maximum eclipse coming at 6:22 p.m. AST, continuing through an unusual sunset. This is an unusual HYBRID eclipse, with the Moon at a distance to throw an odd, pinpointed shadow on the Earthís surface.   (For more info: http://www.space.com/spacewatch/050401_solar_eclipse.html).

Weíll all feel its effects.
The mysterious power of an eclipse is compelling, even in these modern, electrically enlightened times. Eclipses line up with the nodes of the moon. Sometimes called the Dragon Head and Dragon Tail, the nodes are points of destiny where the path of the Sun crosses the path of the Moon, Some cultures imagine that a dragon is eating the celestial disk. It is good to beat drums so the dragon coughs it up. Dragons embody the creative forces of nature, like wind, rain, thunder and lightning, moving along ley lines, the power grids of Earth. We can see their huge backs surfacing above the ground in chains of hills and mountains. Dragon energy is potent, creative, usually beneficent, if unpredictable.

The Moonís nodes are indicators of karma and evolutionary direction, the interface of conscious and unconscious issues. They work in polarity, like the charged ends of a battery. The south node is often considered to represent conditions from the past that are resurfacing, both assets and liabilities. The south node has a familiar ring of deja vu. The path of least resistance, it is a natural release point. The north node, represents growth and learning, what brings us into this lifetime, what is becoming. It is like the subatomic energy fields that merge into manifestation. Incorporating both ends of the nodal polarity creates a heightened consciousness that allows us to naturally integrate the new awareness of the north node and channel it through the south node. With the participation of the north and south nodes, during eclipses we process a round of karmic conditioning, clearing a pathway toward further growth.

A SOLAR ECLIPSE takes place on a new Moon. The Moon and Sun join together in their heavenly union every month. Very rarely do we see this cosmic matrimony; normally it is an invisible joining in the darkness of the moon. During a solar eclipse, however, we can see the moon as it crosses the face of the sun--if weíre in the right place at the right time. The path of a solar eclipse is narrow. Too dangerous or sacred for our mortal eyes to look upon, we must watch indirectly or through a filter to see an eclipse of the Sun.

A total eclipse is high drama. Imagine it this way: you are watching a video or DVD on your TV screen. The electricity goes off and the movie pops out of the machine. The electricity goes back on, and you push the movie back in, but itís a different movie!

In ARIES, a fire sign of initiative, invention and trail-blazing, this solar eclipse aligns with the Dragon Headóheading into unexplored vistas. Invisibly aligned with the Sun, Venus sparkles this eclipse with the Color of Love. Imagine Zena, Amazon warrior queen riding the dragon, following the cosmic call, taking a quantum leap in consciousness. She dares you to ride with her. From full integrity direct your energy to what will be most personally satisfying. Heed the deepest desires of your soul. Dare to be Selfish, with the capital S, higher Self. Who else will be YOU!?

It requires a heightened level of self-awareness to fully engage eclipse energy.
The dark disk of the Moon outlines old patterns, instinctive reactions that pass across our lives like dark storm clouds, blocking the Sun. Saturn in Cancer can imprison us in fear or urge us to courageously step forth. Jupiter in Libra is on the South Node. Put your cards on the table, dialogue, negotiate a better deal in relationships personal and professional. New relationships may come into your life to help you move forward. Who rides that dragon with you?

During an eclipse, the seeds planted at the monthly New Moon emerge from deeper ground. Some seeds already planted are likely to shrivel before they blossom. The healthiest seeds will emerge and unfold, some at the Full Moon on April 24, a partial lunar eclipse that continues the change. The full effects of a total solar eclipse can take six months or even a year to reveal themselves.

We look into a circle of darkness, a mirror to our own inner wholeness or lack thereof. What will be revealed? Itís up to you.

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**The latest issue of THE MOUNTAIN ASTROLOGER featured an interview with, Jeff Jawer of Stariq.com, one of the pioneers of experiential astrology, acknowledged the contributions of Kelley and of Barbara Schermer in this field.

**Kelley will be a presenter at:
biennial conference, August 17-21, Indian lakes Resort in Bloomingdale, IL.
COME JOIN US! This is a warm and welcoming experience, with over 100 top astrologers from around the world. Special participation this year by the Association of Young Astrologers (see http://www.youngastrologers.org). More info through Kelley or at www.isarastrology.com.
If you register, please use code KH849 to let them know you heard about it from me!

Astrologer Dr. Kelley Hunter lives in St. John, US Virgin Islands, where she leads star gazing nights. She teaches with Self Centre International at Caneel Bay Resort. Kelley earned her Ph.D. in an interdisciplinary combination of philosophy, cosmology and myth. She was recently named to the Board of the International Society for Astrological Research. To be on her e-mail list for monthly articles or for an astrology consultation, write kellhunter@earthlink.net. Explore her website at www.heliastar.com.

M. Kelley Hunter Ph.D.
PO Box 37
ST JOHN VI 00831-0037
Two Pair and Three of a Kind
The Galactic Time
s for April 4, 2005
by Philip Sedgwick
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Two pairs make a good hand to hold I've been told. Not being much of a poker player, I'll assume "they" are not bluffing on that. But take two pair and add three of a kind and what do you get? More than a helping hand. Transits of several named centaurs eagerly seek to enlighten specific social and personal issues for healing. At present, the healer Chiron and the unconscious transformer Nessus, align in early Aquarius. The rapid and swift centaur, Okyrhoe (Chiron's and Chariklo's daughter), and the devoted Cyllarus meet at ten to eleven degrees of Gemini. Add the strength of Bienor, the drive of Pelion, and the intuition of Asbolus all in Pisces and there's quite a mixture of subtle, but potent messages from the centaur clan.
First, Chiron bears the dubious reputation as the master healer who could not heal himself. While skilled in virtually every healing modality, he could not cure his own wound, which ironically, resulted from an arrow for which he concocted a lethal poison. Add the strange, otherworldly temptations provided by Nessus to overcome the grasp of the mundane world and a time of very healing in physical issues is at hand. Considerations of greed, substance abuse and wanton desire come to mind. For each person, opportunities to overcome those obsessions that have rendered a lack of consciousness appear in most subtle manners.
The Aquarius placement of this conjunction, though, can offer its own liability. Aquarius tends to compare with the objective of determining its position on the bell curve. Without care, this can skew into aspects of superiority and inferiority. Here, we see those so evolved, righteous and enlightened that they'll force others to subscribe to their views of life, spiritual protocols and moral codes. Recent examples would be the Terry Schiavo medical crisis, a call for the ban of commercials for erectile dysfunction drugs during prime time television, steroids in baseball and cleaning up of the behavior of high school cheerleaders during their routines.
Chiron and Nessus will provide each individual with specifically what they need for personal evolution. Choices are made to undergo transformational experiences, unconsciously or consciously, which must remain personal and part of one's own evolution. Should one be able to share the experience later, fine. But during the course the evolutionary track is customized for each person.
The rapid motion of Okyrhoe does tend to want to get there quickly. Add the swiftness of Gemini and the situation becomes compounded. Cyllarus, now aligned Okyrhoe, was one of the most devoted centaurs of all. To his love, he gave everything he had. While being absolutely drop dead gorgeous, he remained loyal and with his mate Hylonome to the end. He even died in her arms as she sought to resuscitate him by blowing into his lungs. Given the trine of this conjunction to the grand and expansive Jupiter, now retrograding, a huge "hurry up and relate" theme appears. Given the blitz of "find your soul mate" commercials also running in prime time, the collective consciousness adds its squeeze. To sustain the kind of bond that Cyllarus shared with Hylonome, rushing in foolishly probably defeats the agenda. Taking a little time to sense the connection between yourself and others, whether romantic, friendship or professional, serves a great purpose and ensures the highest fidelity in the relationship.
Pelion is the one centaur not named for an actual being. Pelion is the mountain near where the centaurs frolicked. Those who hike and climb know the endurance and strength required to make any summit. Those with monumental tasks ahead of them in life also know the objective that creates the irresistible crest in the Piscean mist on the distant horizon. It takes strength says Bienor. Indeed. Should ample strength not exist, false starts, set backs and failures occur. These offer the opinion that life does not support one's efforts. Here, Asbolus comes in to save the day. You must rely upon your pure instincts and assessments of your energy and ability to remain capable of the tasks at hand. Sense, preserve and revere your personal energy. Know what you have to give and what exceeds your task capabilities. Do not go beyond that which you can do. Trust your need for rest, recreation and the time required to properly "intuit." Given that, all goes well.
It's a full hand. No doubt about it. Should consideration of these elements be given, the most subtle bit of roughness disappears from the gem in the rough that is your ever evolving life. Two pair and three of a kind offer multiple facets to reveal in the next few weeks. Let the light catch you just right to show all your inner clarity.

New Features!! For you baseball fans, check out Stars of the Diamond. Here, you'll find ongoing baseball articles about the current season. For those of you who could give two hoots about baseball, certainly the Centaurs/TNO page will provide you with some astrological protein. Hopefully your appetite is whetted after today's GT. You'll get keywords and current positions (updated roughly once a week) for the named Centaurs and TNO's. You'll also find out how you can acquire more information on these bodies.
Copyright, 2005, Philip Sedgwick, all rights reserved.
Philip Sedgwick


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Pluto's Pivot - Promising or Pernicious?

The Galactic Times for March 23, 2005
by Philip Sedgwick
Important GT note: To continue receiving the Galactic Times by e-mail after 20 April, you must sign up on my website. Please go to www.philipsedgwick.com, click on Star Blogs, and follow the directions. You will be sent a confirming e-mail that you must answer for the address to be entered. Several of you have not responded to the confirming e-mail. The registration is not complete until you do. That done, back to the Cosmos!
This coming Saturday Pluto comes to his less than screeching halt and reverses direction in the sky from our relative point of view. Such motion on Pluto's part stands as more common than it does with the other planets. Pluto spends nearly 44 percent of the time retrograde. However, Pluto now inches his way toward the Galactic Center (26 Sag 55) and all it's progressive potential. Can we see it? Surely we can.
One of the potential conflicts of the GC (or Z) is that of the emotional ability to cope with the changes of technology. Consider the current fight of Schiavo family in Florida. They desperately strive to keep their daughter alive as medical technology promises to do despite her non-improving medical maladies. Part of the argument addresses quality of life. What is living? For certain, proxy legislation appears unavoidable. Because of science we can clone and reproduce human life without the need for intercourse. However, for those being old-fashioned in their desires, medicine guarantees you can have the quality reproductive experience, but at what cost? Efforts now exist to ban "ED" drug advertisements from prime time television.
Meanwhile, Richard Branson wants to fly you to the Moon, or at least a bit closer to it in a super-duper airplane. The GC figures prominently in commercial aviation as the Wright Brothers first flew their plane with the Sun and Uranus aligned with the GC. Presently, Airbus Industrie seeks to launch the heaviest, largest, greatest capacity commercial aircraft ever. A big hitch is to see if they can evacuate 800 people from the massive plane in 90 seconds. Based on my last flight and the behavior of deplaning passengers on it, I'm not getting on that plane.
Of course, when airplanes started flying people said, "If God had intended for people to fly, he would have given them wings." Slowly, we got over that. Such attitudes describe the emotional ability to cope with major "progressive" discoveries in technology and science. Recent discoveries in space defy previous understandings. The Galactic Center region has been blasting us with repeating gamma rays and spit out a star into unknown dimensions. Yikes.
Between now and 2007 Pluto does his dance with the Galactic Center. This precedes the next alignment of Venus and the Sun as well as the highly touted conclusion of the Mayan Calendar (visit Cosmic Questions on the website). This is good. We, individually and collectively, can choose what discoveries and innovations correctly lead our progress. Some may apply. Some may not. Consciousness is another matter. The discoveries and leading edge realizations require implementation without denial, rejection or fear. New understandings exist whether you listen to or accept them, or not. Not long ago I spoke with a bloke in a dinosaur-rock shop in Santa Fe. We talked about how these bones that exceed the age of biblically suggested creation of the Earth can exist at all. What a cosmic paradox!
Evolutionary evidence, and not in the ape vs. Adam and Eve kind, seeks to provide a super highway of insight, illumination and realization that sequentially propel us down a smooth road of life. All that is required is objective, non filtering reception. Yeah, that's all. Nothing to it, right? The Galactic Center, as do several of the black holes in Sagittarius, ask, "Why do you cling to beliefs that don't get you where you want to go?" Better yet, "Why retain dogmas that do not provide you with the soulfully sustaining quality of life you seek?"
The most common theme I hear as Pluto increasingly derives the benefit of the Galactic Center says something to the effect of, "I want a better quality of life." Great. Then include the innovations and inventions that contribute to that. More important, receive, comprehend and apply the energetic whispers of the Galactic Center and the rich core of insight near the center of our little galaxy. These simple steps ensure a quality of life that your spirit can tolerate. Any other way could potentially create a living hell. Pluto does not care. He does not seek to punish, nor blame. The Galactic Center operates in the same impersonal way. Therefore, when you hear the cosmic street barker promising treasure maps, it might be worth a look to see if these maps have the heavenly hologram of cosmic approval signifying their authenticity.
This way, you can actually read ahead in your cosmic text book past the chapter of the alleged end of time coming in 2012. You might end up becoming a cosmic tour guide, then directing traffic around portals of confusion and ill-founded realities, consensus or otherwise. One thing for sure, the uniform is very chic.
If you're interested in the Galactic Center and other enigmatic phenomena, please visit the store on my website for all the products and services. By the way, the galleys for my short story collection Glimpses have gone back to the publisher. It looks great! Good time to order in the pre-publication offer.
Copyright, 2005, Philip Sedgwick, all rights reserved.
Philip Sedgwick


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