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Ask for Angelic Protection

10-15-05 AZ   
Living Light Group

 We welcome you, our dear friends in Light. Speaking to you this morning is the I AM Presence of Kuthumi and Lady Nada. We would very much like to remind you to use your divine knowledge to surround yourself and your loved ones with the protective love and power of the angelic realms. You must at this time, use the consciousness that you have! These beings are Light exist to serve you.   But you must ask!   This is very simple and yet profound.   Many of you are meditating conscientiously, but do not call in the power and Love of the angelic realms!   We simply suggest that every morning you invoke the Light and Love of the angels, of the archangels, or of your personal guardian angel thus:

 In the name of the Light, I give thanks for the protection, love and guidance from the angelic realms on this day.   In gratitude, I am thankful for the loving protection from these beings of light for myself, for my loved ones, and for all those in humanity who are open to receive this celestial guidance!   I AM a being of light.   In gratitude, so be it.

 You may also wish to state this or something similar every evening before retiring to bed.

 We would like to give you an example of why this is important.  Your soul is here to learn certain lessons.   At this time in humanityís cycle of enlightenment, these lessons do not have to be extreme.   But they must still be learned.  Your soul will orchestrate the circumstances in your life to be exactly what you need in order to learn your spiritual lessons and to complete the cycle of becoming.  When you consciously invoke the Power of the angelic realm, these lessons will often occur in a much softer, gentler way than if you simply blundered your way through the circumstances of life.  The angels are here for you our dear friends in light, and they will soften your landings, literally and figuratively.

 Last evening, the nine year old daughter of our messenger jumped onto the top of a glass table. Her foot and leg went through the glass as it shattered into pieces. She was very much protected and cared for by the angels through the direct invocation of her Mother.  This beautiful 9-year-old being of lightís soul needed the lesson of care and caution.  This comes at a time when her energies are accelerating and her wisdom body is lightening.  These are the ďaccidentsĒ of childhood Ė the reminders to the child and the parent to TAKE CARE!   Without the protection of the angelic realm, this little girl could have very easily sustained a serious, if not life threatening injury.  With her own guardian angel and the intercession of the Archangel Michael, the only injury was a cut on the big toe.  That is all. The lesson for her soul is to move forward surrounded by love, by nurturing and through the energies of divine grace and ease. Is it not preferable that this lesson is learned in a simple way, rather than one with suffering and drama?

 We share this with you because it is a beautiful example of how you, as parents, as caretakers, and as servers of humanity can assist those in need.   The angels must be invoked, must be called and must be thanked.   Did you notice how we did not suggest the wording to the angels of ďplease assist me?Ē   No, you have no need to beg or plead with these magnificent beings.   We simply suggest that you invoke the angels in gratitude - for here is the one small thing about the angelic realm:   What you ask of them is already done!   This is so simple that it is astounding and yet deeply True.

 You must Ask, Believing! This means you simply give thanks. You are indeed surrounded by many beings of light. As a reminder to you all, invoke this, be grateful and learn in the energy of grace and ease.

 For the greatest good of all concerned.


Kuthumi and Lady Nada


ARTICLES  10/16/05


by Bonnie Waters


We are within the midway point of the time of the shift.   Some of us find ourselves a bit dazed by the many changes that have happened in our lives over the last few years.  Here we are with the old dissolving from our reality and the new not quite yet brought into form.   Itís a place where itís easy to feel lost and vulnerable, and yet, the old must be released in order to make way for something new.

So now weíre at a point of choosing what the new will be. At times it feels like there are so many possible choices that itís difficult to decide.  The world is a garden being reborn, and all the beautiful, high energy places are calling us to come and explore, and connect with them in love. At the same time there are places requiring our energy in order to be raised up in vibration, cleared and freshened up, and brought along into the new garden.

There were no less than a dozen events, seminars, and journeys to sacred sites that I would have loved to be involved in this fall. Narrowing it down finally became a process of narrowing down my focus to what called me the most, and then fitting what I was able to around that.  And with the rest, of course, connecting through intention to contribute my energy to the proceedings.

I feel the energy of change around me, and am becoming acclimatized to the newness as itís unfolding.  I am beginning to see that the uncertainty of change is really unlimited possibility.  The message continues to come through many people now, that joy and ecstasy are the tools for most comfortably riding the waves of change.

I find many more moments of peace and joy and quiet within the tumult of change going on in the world.   Yesterday while driving along here in the Northeastern U.S., after a week of much rain, the sun broke through the clouds, and a great gust of wind came along blowing almost an entire treeís worth of leaves into the road ahead of me.   They danced like a cloud of gold in front of me and then around me, and I laughed like a child. It felt like the elementals were being playful, and it brought me great joy and gratitude.   A little further down the road, someone had pulled over to photograph the mountains behind me, and when I looked back, I saw a most beautiful rainbow.   These are just moments, but itís possible to miss them if youíre not open to seeing and feeling them, and also itís also possible to choose to experience the joy fully.   Experiencing joy renews and refreshes us.   It is what brings us to a place of love and peace and calm in the middle of the storm.

Connecting with friends who are also in the midst of this process is helpful, too. Itís wonderful to simply sit in their presence and feel the love...words are not required. Thatís why the gatherings are so important. We come together in loving intention, and all are filled with an energy greater than what they came with. Where two or more are gathered in the name of love, miracles can happen. This is the time of miracles.

Love, and joy, and miracles to all...Bonnie




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