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8-9-2005   The Activation of Divine Will       

 Please address the second part of topic of the activation of Divine Will.  Thank you.

 WE welcome you. Speaking to you on this morning of Divine Revelation, is the I AM Presence of Kuthumi, world teacher of love and wisdom.  I AM activating Divine Will by inviting to join us, my co-teacher, the I AM Presence of Sananda, the Christed One.  Let us begin by stating to you one true thing:

 No greater Love exists than what is in your Heart at this very moment!

 Now, there are some of you who wish to immediately disparage this statement or to jump into doubt and despair.  You have struggled in your heart.  You have suffered in and through your heart.  You have loved to the best of your ability, and yet, you do not feel that the eternal font of love exists within you.   You believe that it is exterior to you.  You believe in the ideal of Love, as promised in your religious texts, and as bandied about in many of the discourses you read.  It is also conveyed to you as something to “achieve”, as a true sign of mastery if, by great dedication, you reach a transcendent state of nirvana.    Perfect Love exists for many of you as simply that: an ideal, a goal, a potential to be achieved.   And herein lies the difficulty with the activation of Divine Will:  as long as you are acting from this place of lack within the self, you cannot fully activate Divine Will.   You simply wait.   You hope.   You seek.   You may anticipate greater things to come.   But you are not creating from the center of the heart, where all things Divine originate, germinate, grow, flourish and come into full fruition.

 The Distinction between Desire and Will

 We have discussed on 6-28-05, the distinction between Desire and Will.  We have stated that the spiritual underpinning of Will is Love.  We have stated that, “if you love and accept yourself just as you are, where you are, what you are doing and whom you are with, you will find Divine Will working silently, yet powerfully, through your life.  You will see the exterior as an opportunity to heal the interior places of the self where lack and judgment have created duality and separation.   You will then feel those interior places of imperfection fall away into the perfected plan of the Divine Mind.”   

Duality and the Trinity

 Yes, now, you may wish to ask: are not these last two concepts an inherent conflict?   For the prior phrase “interior places of imperfection” implies that inside your Self, perfect love does not exist!  What a dilemma, you wish to think!  This is the thought-form of duality in one of its most insidious forms: for in duality, one is either/or.   One is either enlightened, or en-shadowed.   One is either perfect or imperfect.   One is either sacred or profane.   One is either whole or incomplete.   One is either found or lost.   One is either certain or in doubt.   This is perhaps why we have spoken so often of the Trinity.   For within the trinity, we are able to hold the either/or energy combined with the AND.

In the divine essence of your soul, you are All Things. This means you contain within, the sacred geometry of all Form.   You are the One, The Divine Mind.  You are the Two, the Dark and the Light, the Active and Inactive Principle, and you are the Three, the manifestation of Love, Wisdom and Power. The trinity exists in many religious traditions: Father, Son and Holy Spirit; Mother-Father-Child; macrophysical (soul), microphysical (body / intellect) and metaphysical (spirit); Atma-Buddhi-Manas (Spirit, Soul, Intelligence), and many other triune concepts. We would say to you that the Trinity is not a Christian concept.  In your “historical memory”, the trinity dates to the old pre-Vedic religion in India (prior to 6500 BCE). The trinity concept is found in nearly every organized religion. It was taught in the oldest Chaldean, Egyptian and Mithraic schools.

 The trinity is one of the most transformational realities you have at this moment in time. It is not an elusive idea to be thought about, but an active form of sacred geometry to live by! The trinity provides you with the model and the means for activating Divine Will. For in holding the Trinity in your heart, mind and soul, you are in the energy of divine manifestation.

 The Process of Transformation

 How does transformation occur, we wish to ask you? Most often it begins with a feeling, a small feeling which bubbles to the surface of your mind from deep within that tells you that something is not right, something is missing. If you heed this small feeling it often will lead you to slow down, to turn inward and to ask. Asking is often the key to transformation, for in asking, you open yourself to hear, and to hear from a source of divine guidance. Now, this can be guidance from many sources: your own higher self, your own guides, angels, devas, messengers of light which usually come in serendipitous ways, ascended masters and even the voice of the Divine Mind. If you choose to heed this small feeling and then to ask (and we do not mean going around taking an opinion poll of your friends, relatives and neighbors), then you may well find yourself entering into the possibility of transformation.  

The next step, so to speak, is thus, to listen to your own source of inner wisdom. For you do indeed have all wisdom within you.

 Your Birthright: The Gift of Hearing

 Before we continue, we wish to diverge for one moment to address an important underlying question on some of your minds: “What if I ask and ask and yet I can’t hear anything?”  We ask you not to limit the gift of hearing, to that of only an auditory function. Many of you “hear” from the heart, in a feeling, in an urge to create something divine, in a sensation of energy which serves as the divine wake up call, in an inspired image or even in a scent which engenders tranquility or excitation. Hearing is not about words in your ear. The hearing we are referring to is the tuning in, in any number of ways, to your own sacred internal source. Many of you simply need to quiet the mind and stay open to your own unique way of spiritual hearing. This entails the fundamental activity of “knowing the self”- Gnosis. For just as your outer appearances are unique in all of creation, so is your internal process of connection to divine hearing. If you continue to compare your sacred way with others and apply the condition of how it “should be experienced”, you will continue to experience spiritual “deafness”. For you are like no other. You are the sum of many energies, many lives, many lessons, many pathways. And your internal hearing will reflect these things.  

Two Impediments to Hearing

 We see only two primary impediments to your own hearing: 1) the belief system that sacred hearing is somehow unavailable to you, or 2) that you are not worthy to hear the divine voice. In the first case, you must be willing to clear and release the lessons you learned in this and other lifetimes that hearing the divine voice within is dangerous, evil or impossible for those not trained in the formal schools of sacred learning. For sacred hearing is your birthright. You may simply refer to the many misinterpretations of divine prophecy in the Bible to find the source of many of your fears and belief systems. In the second case, you must go to your heart. For you are worthy, you are worthy, you are worthy, our friends in light. There is nothing to fear from the internal voice within, which is inspired, with every breath, by the Divine Mind. When you place your intention on the vibration of Light and Love, you are in sacred space, you are in sacred grace, you are in the sacred embrace. Do you see how very simple this is?

 Accept, Believe, Trust 

You must accept your sacred birthright. You must believe in your ability to hear. And you must Trust the Divine Source, that this voice is within you. We ask you to release the pleading, whining tone and to allow the voice within the surface in your own unique way. For if you believe that you cannot hear, you make this deafness you truth. If you believe that you are a unique expression of the Source and that you DO indeed hear in your own unique way, in silence, in words, in sounds, in images, or in scents, you will find all questions are answered. Is this not a greater Truth?

 Going with the Flow vs. Activation

 Now, let us say for example, you ask, listen and then you perhaps hear a message. A simple message: find your divine purpose. Many of you are seeking just this information now. In-formation, which means the formation of your purpose which is already within. It is already in existence, and it is only in taking the steps of activation that you bring the formation into your reality. And this is where many of you become stuck. For you have been told that all things divine will simply flow to you without effort. We have heard many people saying things such as, “I’m going to go with the flow.”, “If it’s meant to be, it will happen.”, “I’m just going to wait and let it unfold with grace and ease.”, “I’m going to live in the now, so I’m not making plans for the future, if it is Divine Will, it will come to me.” Well, yes indeed, this is a nice attitude for making your way through life, for indeed, many things of divine will come to you in just such a way. Feelings of connection with nature, feelings of love for another person, opportunities to be of service to people who are in need. Yes, these things often connect with your path through no mental conscious effort of your own. And it is indeed a very beautiful energy to stay open to the synchronicities of life so that you are able to respond from the heart, to see what is before you as your divine ability to express love, and to be in the Now, in grace and ease. This energy of the Now works very nicely for allowing energies to come to you.

 But what about the energy of change that may be the answer to that still small voice within? Will the energy of transforming your reality come to you by simply waiting for it? Yes and no. And it depends. Well, “How useful is that?”, you wish to shout at our I AM presence! “Yes, no and it depends. I could get that answer from anyone!” This is True, for there are many types of energy of change. And the key to this, is your ability to discern when it is for the greatest good to allow change to unfold by simply being the sacred witness of it, and when it is for the greatest good to become the active principle element of change. 

 The Active/Inactive Process of the Oak

 You see, even in nature, there is the element of active and inactive, allowing and impelling the energy of change. If you think for one moment of an oak tree, you will see this example. For the mighty oak allows the process of change to occur in both active and inactive ways. The oak takes in sustenance of exactly what it needs, no more, no less, and gives away all that it has to offer to the earth, no more and no less. When it is time, it allows its acorns to drop to the ground. It allows, it releases, it lets go. Perhaps the acorn will rest where it fell. Perhaps a squirrel will carry the acorn away to store it underground.  This activity of the squirrel, planning ahead for the future, is often what leads to new growth of another oak tree. Let us say that the acorn buried in the earth by the squirrel is left there undisturbed. Then, by Divine Will, the acorn begins to sprout, through the process of unfolding into the spring of new life, new potential and new form, simply by existing in the earth at exactly the right place. Thus, by finding itself in the right place and the right conditions, the potential for a new mighty oak tree emerges in perfect order. Both active and passive. Of course, we could enter into a discussion of the role of the squirrel as an external force, but truly, the squirrel and its role is part of the same energy as the tree, but simply represents the active principle of planning and doing.

 Are you in the current or out of the stream?

 This is the place where many of you are choosing to stay in the Now. For there are those activities of Divine Will which require planning and action. And if you stay in the energy of “going with the flow”, without entering INTO the flow, you will be stagnant. For many of you, “going with the flow” is more accurately depicted as standing outside of the stream altogether and watching life’s waters stream by! And then you wonder why, for example, are you having problems with abundance. When that inner voice whispers to you that it is time to activate change, the response may often require planning, entering into the future timelines and taking steps in order for the potential of your divine purpose to blossom into reality. If you stay with the passive energy of going with the flow, you may well be out of the main current of your own life! 

An Example

 Let us give you an example of how this energy works by first of all illustrating what does not work. Let us say that a person has heeded the small voice within and has experienced the divine message that he or she has within the potential to write a book which will teach others a unique way of how to tap into the source of their own inner wisdom. Let us say that this person then thinks about the book, states affirmations about writing the book, prays about guidance for the book, and even talks to others in the present tense about the book (such as “I am writing a book about inner transformation.”). Well, if one stays in this energy, and does not sit down and write, one is not activating the divine principal of will. One is abdicating responsibility for the active principle in life. For no one can write the book that comes from your own internal formation (in-formation) but you. As long as you do not take the steps of activation, one stays in stagnation in this type of example. This pattern is what does not work when one is intending create from the center of Divine Will. In this case, Divine Will requires activity.

 The Activity of Beginning 

Well, you wish to ask, “what if I am waiting for divine inspiration rather than engaging in procrastination? If I force myself to write when I do not feel ready, am I not engaging in struggle, rather than flowing with Divine Will?” Well, let us suggest that most of divine inspiration for creativity comes into reality with the activity of beginning. Not in the inactivity of waiting, which easily becomes stagnation. Of course, there is the idea first, but then the idea must be followed by action. We have used before the analogy of the artist: For you are the artist of your own life. The artist does not paint a picture by thinking about it and then not mixing the colors, preparing the canvass and choosing the right brushes.  The intentional artist creates from the high self, the image of reality he wishes to portray and then goes about making it happen in a real, tangible way.  

Stagnation is based on Fear and Unworthiness

 What is the energy of waiting and the energy of stagnation? It is simply, in most cases, the energy of fear and the energy of feeling unworthy. This is the same energy, as you may notice, that prevents divine hearing. This is what is keeping many of you from activating Divine Will. You feel that you are not worthy of being an instrument of the Divine Mind. You fear that what you create will not be “good enough”, or will not be appreciated by others, or that it will not provide you with the sustenance required for you to live in the economic world. So, often, you stay where you are, using the excuse of waiting for things to come to you, and thus, remain stuck.  

The Trinity Model

 So now we come back to the Trinity as the model and means of activating Divine Will. Let us give you some examples of the Trinity Activation:

 Receiving an Idea or Inspiration

Making a Plan

Taking Action

 Accepting that you are worthy of Divine Love

Listening to the inner Voice of Wisdom

Activating Love and Wisdom into Power


Feeling the Presence of the Divine Mind (the One)

Experiencing the illusion of separation from the Divine Mind (the Duality)

Releasing the illusion and birthing your ideas as the products of conception: Mother/Father/Child (the Trinity).

 This is how all new life manifests by Divine Plan. The Idea, the One, creates Movement, Movement creates separation which is required for change, and then the two separate parts merge together, and create a third Divine Form. The Birth of the New. 

Transformational Tool: Metatron’s Cube

 We offer to you a scared form for manifestation: Within Metatron’s cube is all of sacred form. You may perhaps wish to use this image to manifest Divine Will. For within, is the Trinity, and in and through the pyramid of transformation, is all possible creation. You may use this form in many ways:  

v     in meditation,

v     in creating affirmative art (for example, by writing key words or phrases is each section of the pyramidal faces),

v     in visualization (by seeing the full vision of what you wish to create contained within the pyramid form),

v     by accessing future timelines (by seeing a movie, so to speak, of future actions playing out within the sacred framework),

v     by focused breath-work on the pyramid within the cube (by using the breath to activate divine inspiration), and

v     many other possibilities which you can imagine on your own.

 This suggestion, like many things, our dear friends in light, will only work if you DO it, if you try it, if you can suspend your doubts and fears, and believe it!

 The Trinity within Metatron’s Cube:

 There are many pathways, there are many methods and there are many teachers. We simply offer you one way of activating Divine Will. One way of many through sacred geometry.

 The Trinity Activation is based on Love

 The Trinity Activation, at its very root, is based on Love. This is where we began and this is where we will end this discourse. For the fount of Love is within you. In order for you to activate Divine Will through the creative, active process, you must do more than simply allow, to go with the flow or to witness. You must create, from the internal source of Love. As stated by the Mahatma: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Not wait for the change to manifest outside yourself first. In this mentality, you will wait outside of the current of your life and then at the end, wonder why so much passed you by. Creativity requires action. And action must be based first of all on right thoughts and right words. This Beauty Way Trinity is simply the expanded way of Living Love.

 For you know in your hearts, without us stating it, that at the very center of the Metatron’s Cube in the Divine Still Point. The infinite speck. And it is, in one word, the energy of Love. Each one of you has within this Divine Still Point, for each one of you is a sacred representation of this form. All life is contained within this form which originated from the one point. Each cell in your body contains the original form. You are created in the image of God. This you have heard, and we show you the Metatronic Cube for you to see exactly in what way you resemble the Divine. If you choose to use this form, you may simply focus the energy of Love at the infinite center and allow all things, through Divine Inspiration, to activate through this Love into Wisdom and Power. The formula for all creative, active, Divine Expression.

 For the greatest good of all concerned, 

Kuthumi, aided and assisted by Sananda 


© Ronna Prince 2005 (This document may be forwarded with permission with the attached copyright.)

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