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The ASCEND Foundation gifts you
Part 4 - The 4th Wave of the New Children

The New Children through Qala Sri’ama Phoenix
The Stellar Children

Blessed Be! We come as a group of Angels to introduce these children to you. Sananda and Mary walk with us as we share this with you. As you begin to read this, Sananda and Mary and the Angelic Heart of all of the Stellar Children, begins to send waves of love and light to you. Be receptive to having an energetic experience with the children as they introduce themselves to you. These pods of new children are birthed on 11 stellar rays. You may call on these stellar rays to flood through you as the new children introduce themselves to you.

Each one of these pods is unique, not so much for their gifts with the light, but with their heart expansion and the ability to give freely to others without conditions. Each of these pods are natural transmitters of energy from the heart of an ascended realm, and each one, when expressing their true nature, is a divine bridge for other souls and their path of ascension, offering them a reconnection to the stars. The stars hold higher dimensional forms of consciousness for humanity, and it is through humanity's reconnection to the stars through their energy body, that a doorway is opened for them to receive a downloading of their higher consciousness. The Starseed children, also named Stellar Children, are natural antennas for starry energy, and their most profound experiences can come from star connection to the night sky. It awakens their memory of who they are as souls and allows them to release any denser vibrations they may pick up from their environment or from their communications in life. Experiencing the night sky under the stars offers an instant rebalancing for all stellar children, and opens their consciousness to anchor and ground on Earth and assists them to connect to Earth without losing their starry connection.

These children are also highly psychic in nature and are partners or activators for the psychic children. They work closely with them and are often seen as psychic children. We share that they are highly psychic, yet do not hold the depth and intensity of psychic abilities that are held by the psychic children as their psychic connection is held mainly through their higher chakras. The stellar children have very large heart chakras and are extremely sensitive. They also communicate on the same psychic pathways (the dolphin pathways) as the psychic children, and share a focus of world peace with them. Their energetic gifts are more developed through the heart than many of the psychic children, due to the profound development of their heart chakras.

Each of the children come in waves or groups of pods, and the wave of stellar children is made from 11 pods. These children have been birthing on the Earth since 1987, with some also coming much more rarely, before this time on Earth. They are still incarnating and very soon many will birth during the period of 2007 to 2009, for through Divine Plan, this is a time when many of these stellar souls have chosen to come to Earth in support of the awakening of all souls on Earth. The children, as they grow in age, will become activators of others in their awakening process. They hold specific gifts for activation of the energy body and activation of new consciousness. Each of these children do not recognise the Earth as, for most of them, this is their first incarnation on Earth. Often they have difficulty digesting heavy vibrations due to this, and their bodies can be affected if they receive too many heavy vibrational foods or toxins.

We begin with calling forth to the first pod of the eleven to share with you who they are, why they come to Earth, what gifts they bring to share, and how you can help them to be here.

34. The Golden Whale Children

Our message is simple. We are here for the Earth herself and the replenishment of her physical body. We are here to build new structures that will enlighten her physical body. We come only for this and our experience of this, so we ask not to be forced to do other things. This is our greatest difficulty, being forced to do what we do not need to do, because of protocol. We have difficulty with responding to any being that wishes us to do what we are not here to do, due to our sensitivity. The whales and our own beings are in communication about the Earth and the state of her being. We are deeply connected, like the whales, to Mother Earth’s akashic records and are here to release the veils of consciousness that create humanity to not know Earth to be a divine being. We also share that we need privacy and understanding so we may silently have our contact with the whales so we ask that we be allowed to sit in silence and communicate with the whales inwardly. We ask for kindness and compassion, for we are different. Our objective is not fast motorbikes or Barbie dolls. We are here for the ocean and water connection and care a great deal about the Earth and her condition. We are sensitive to the Earth’s needs, so give us a garden and animals and we have all we need. The gifts we bring are primarily our ability to know what the Earth and her sacred sites, and the power sites hold over the land. Also we have a deep connection with all ancestors and guardian spirits of the land and we are a bridge for them to humanity so the message of caring for the land may be shared with humanity.”

The Golden Whale Children are deeply connected to Andromeda and are natural channels for spirit. Their primary gift is their ability to channel divine messages from the stars for humanity to awaken and be enlightened by their connection to Mother Earth and the stars. This is so closely linked through their personalities, that they appear very wise beyond their years and always have the right thing to say that will shift energy in any situation. This comes naturally from them and is strengthened by the loving confidence that adults and their parents have in them. Each Golden Whale Child holds a deep connection to the whales through their feeling body and their telepathy body, and will often have experiences in group consciousness with the whales. If you have a golden whale child, we ask that you do not deny this child’s gifts even if they are not understood, as any denial will make this child deeply withdraw within to another realm where they can have free contact with the whales. Encourage this child to connect to the whales in whatever form they are drawn to, and encourage them to express all their feelings freely so they can transform easily.
35. The Unicorn Children
We speak of our hearts as unicorn children and share our connection with the stars is through Antares. All souls on Antares are gifted with seership so we share this gift with humanity through our connection to unicorns and the unicorn body of light. We are understanding in our nature but at times find it difficult to understand others who cannot see the truth and that seem blinded by their old perceptions or the perceptions of those around them. We are advanced seers and at times need to embrace patience with others who cannot see as we do. We see the energy form in others and their intentions, before we see the physical and material manifestations. We see that which creates the physical situations to take place, and this at times creates us to be one step ahead of all conversations. We are natural teachers, yet are learning to listen to others who do not have the same gifts as us so they may teach us about the physical earth and the human reality. We experience great sensations of light and our connection to the stars creates these waves of light to channel through us, yet our physical bodies need assistance to receive this light. At times we have difficulty with our physical bodies receiving our light. As seers, we often know things before hand and with our gifts we plan all in accordance to what we see is possible for us. Our greatest difficulty is being contained and told that we are unable to create this for ourselves, and that we are imagining things and these things will never be real for us. Our gifts of seership are very powerful and we have been given these gifts to assist others. This is our dedication, to assist humanity with our seership, to help humanity see the light in themselves and in all situations and be empowered to change all situations. We only ask for you to believe that we can see the energy that creates the physical, and for you to allow us to be free with our seership.”

The Unicorn Children have delicate temperaments as their sensitivities are related to the upper head region above the brow chakra, where their energy body has a unicorn horn that is their instrument of light for seership. Each one of these children, over their life, will naturally open this gift more deeply if this area of their head is cared for through the following forms of assistance. It is firstly important that these children are listened to, and their seer ship is recognised as a gift from God, and that this gift is encouraged to open in the presence of their family and friends so this child will not become frightened of humanity and using their gift with them. Secondly, it is important that these children are offered freedom to sense energy, and if they sense energy that they are unsure of, they are to be taught to send love to all they see, rather than fear what they see. The third important experience for these children is for each of them to be given time away from other children so they can open their full sensitivities and sensory abilities in the presence of stillness and nature. This would be a great gift to regularly give a unicorn child, as their sensitivity is so powerful that they partially shut it down for most of the time when they are with others, especially other children who are loud.

36. The Blue Crystal Children (the second largest pod of crystal children)
We speak of our hearts and minds as being empowered by the blue ray of light, creating us to all have a very powerful intelligence through our minds. This is our gift that we bring to share through inventions. We are also related to the blue ray children but are presently gifted differently with the following attributes of the mind. We have very expansive memories and abilities with numbers and words. We are able to absorb large banks of information and store them easily for our use at later times. We are able to create powerfully with all symbols and languages, as our mastery or gift is with communication and the development of education. We are here as future educators of humanity. We bring a new ray of clarity to the use of the mind. We are psychic, and both hemispheres of our brain are used by us to calculate, summarise, invent and know, and simultaneously to be inspired, to create and feel the flow of active intelligence and our use of consciousness. We are all inventors and creators, here to use our active intelligence to help humanity grow. Our difficulty is with relationship, as many who are not as active through their intelligence appear to be too slow for us. Once we have met one concept, we have another five already birthing and not many others wish to communicate with a mind filled with inventions and concepts birthing. We are natural communicators as teachers, but our abilities to relate to all humans are very slow. We ask for assistance with this and share that love is the platform we are able to be filled at. A loving compassionate relationship will always bring us back to another being’s reality so we can connect to them.“

The Blue Crystal Children are divine teachers of awareness with advanced ideas and an advanced methodology of sharing information through communication. They are unlike other children in that they stand out as analytical and as being very interested in the details of all in life. The detail of everything except human relationship, fascinate them. They sometimes recognise they have difficulty with relating without words and without detail, and ask to be assisted to connect deeply, just through the heart, to other humans. They have great connection with all they see, hear and experience but find it difficult to connect to anything that others experience unless they see it or feel it. They are deeply sensitive to feeling and experiencing in the present moment, and these feelings are very deep if their minds have connected to the details of any journey or situation. They can be highly emotional in times of release if they have experienced someone near them in pain or trauma, and these emotions will be extreme if their minds have received the details of this trauma. They are delicate emotionally in the presence of any other stressed soul due to their crystal child matrix that is a natural healer for all souls.

37.  The Lotus Children
We are the Lotus children and we are very close to the Buddha light that lives within all beings. It is the stillness and our clarity that comes when we are allowed to be still and quiet. Our greatest love is the Earth and the many different forms she creates such as the rocks and plants and animals. We are fascinated with the Earth’s forms and see beauty within each form. We are here to assist humanity to see the perfection in every form and to accept and love their own human forms. We are here to assist humanity to love their bodies and the Earth and all the bodies on Earth. Our real gift is our patience and our ability to go deep inside and commune in the stillness of the light. When all in life becomes hectic in our environment, we leave the outer world and go inside to experience the stillness. It is from there that we are given wisdom and love to be in the world. We ask only one thing of our parents, to help us know that we are not strange or unusual just because we seek the stillness and quiet in life. Our connection to the Earth’s different forms is one of our passions, and also that which we have researched and studied in other lives. We have wisdom about the healing properties that each form holds for all other beings on Earth. In this way, we have a unique gift with medicine and healing that is natural to us in every way. We ask for assistance from our parents and guardians to assist us to expand this wisdom and love for healing. We are different from other children as we are always listening inside and sometimes we forget to listen outside.”

The Lotus Children are able to commune with the Buddha heart of all on Earth. The Buddha heart is a place within all beings that expresses only stillness and silence. It is a place of emptiness and at the same time fullness. It is the place of being, and the acceptance of all being in divine perfection. It is the deep centre of one’s inner light and from this place one is able to receive and experience one’s wisdom or love. The Lotus Children are here to share with all beings, wisdom about the healing power of the body, plants, animals and all natural forms on Earth. They are keepers of the wisdom of natural medicine, and specifically, the nature of the inner force of healing (the light) that all bodies have within them. They hold gifts relating to this area of service and if these are supported to open freely, they will bring great assistance to many as they open to their life of service on Earth.


38. The Voidal Children

“We are the Voidal Children and there are many of us birthing on Earth. We come from a different world to Earth, a place of no duality, a place where only love is shared and offered as consciousness. We do not have bodies where we come from so the physical body is often difficult for us to deeply connect to, and we need assistance to anchor in our physical bodies and to care for them as the rest of humanity do. We come from a realm where many new souls are birthed from or formed, and we assist these souls to birth and change their form. We have come to the Earth to assist all souls on Earth to change their form, their bodies, minds and ways of being to allow them to experience oneness in being. We speak of oneness with other humans, rather than difficulty. We speak of oneness with their bodies rather than dis-ease. We speak of oneness with their minds, rather than battle in the mind. We speak of oneness with the Earth rather than disconnection from the Earth. This is our path for we hold the love for all souls to experience oneness and change their ways, forms, minds and bodies. Transformation through love is our gift. Our gift of compassion and the direct understanding of how to assist a being when they are not experiencing oneness, come in many forms of love and understanding so this soul can open to this and create a more loving experience. We only ask that as we are supported to bring our gifts of love, we are listened to and accepted, no matter how wild or untamed we are. We have a wildness that cannot be tamed and a part of us is like the wind. We can be gentle, powerful, stormy and cleansing. We have emotions that move very quickly through us as we have a direct connection to the emotions of all beings around us, and our way is to balance all the environmental emotions. If there are emotions that are not expressed in the environment, we feel them and release them. This is our way as we hold the field of love for all beings so they may experience a deeper connection to unconditional love.“

The Voidal Children are brilliant educators and also brilliant communicators. They are very interested in people and what occurs within each person. They are able to merge with any person and know immediately what is going on inside - mentally, emotionally and spiritually for that person. They have a charisma, as they are very powerful children. They are often mistaken for indigo children as they have a wildness that is unable to be tamed and they do not resonate with authority on any level. They are wild and free and have no boundaries with expressing this wildness wherever they wish, if it will serve a higher purpose. As they are connected emotionally to every being in their environment, they often release energy unexpectedly if their environment is deeply blocked, emotionally. This is a part of their wildness expressing itself when this occurs. This release is of the highest priority to them and they have no way of stopping this from taking place. Each voidal child may be supported by their parents to understand that this is what is occurring when they release. It can be of the highest benefit for parents of voidal children to take responsibility for their emotions so their home environment is free of emotional blockages.


39. The Silon Children  

“We are the Silon Children and we share that we are deeply connected to the sun and larger suns beyond the earth sun. We share that the sun is the most important energy in connection to Earth and it brings the light to Earth. We are here to assist all beings that are unable to receive the light from the sun, to connect again to the sun. We are here to assist all souls who have fear of the light and a have a deep depression inside. We are here to assist all who have trauma, memory and difficulty with being on Earth to live a full, happy life on Earth. We have healing gifts to lift the old memories from all souls on Earth and assist them to reconnect to the light and the sun again. We bring a rainbow energy to all souls and it has the power to release all memories of darkness from all souls who receive this rainbow energy. Our gift is this rainbow energy we hold inside, and our heart wish is to help many come out of their inner darkness and experience their joy and light. We, at times, are afraid ourselves when adults or other children play out the games of the dark memories and choose to harm or abuse each other. We cannot understand humans that choose this, yet hold compassion for them and see that they are embodied by their dark memories and it is their inner darkness that plays these games of hurt and abuse with others. We are natural counsellors, yet we need to learn to not fear the humans who are embodied by their inner darkness. We ask our parents to support us and educate us with this, to always have compassion for the beings who are embodied by their inner darkness and to not be fearful of them.“

The Silon Children are very kind and compassionate to all other souls and will often take the brunt of negative energy just so the peace can be held amongst all souls. It is for this reason, their parents are guided to teach them to see the difference between love and light and to remind them that love has the power to heal all, and light has the power to create and magnify all. They are natural channels of love and light due to their loving intention to not judge all beings and to help all, no matter what the souls are doing. They enjoy contact with others greatly and may tend to be very involved in other people’s relationships. They will learn of their natural counselling abilities and when it is appropriate to offer their gifts to assist others. This will help them in their own relationships, for often other people wish to be left alone and do not want assistance. The children are deeply compassionate, yet at times fearful of the beings they are drawn to connect with. They are attracted to people who need assistance with their innermost dark self. This may create these children to have difficulty if they are not educated about the power of love, and how no harm can come to them if they have an open heart, for their love and light protects them.

40. The Obsidian Children
We are the obsidian children. We have many gifts but our primary gift is the ability to dream and imagine our reality powerfully so we can manifest our reality as we wish to be. We are filled with a determination that other souls may not have so deeply. This determination is to pave our way and create the life we wish to experience. We are able to manifest and also share with others, how to manifest the life they wish to experience on Earth. We do not create it with our minds although we use our minds to imagine, exactly as our hearts dream it, our reality in the future. We are directed by our hearts and the dreams that our hearts give us. We focus on every detail with our minds and hearts and through our gifts we create the full reality that our hearts dream. This is our full purpose in life, to manifest the heart dreaming and to share with others how they can also do this through their determination and the inner focus of their energy. We only ask that our parents not be too strict with us, and allow us to dream and speak of our heart dreams, and we ask that they not limit these due to their belief that we dream of too many wonderful things, and that only the lucky people in the world can have those things. We ask to be allowed to manifest freely that which we dream, and ask our parents to believe in us and learn how to change their reality by dreaming with us as well.“

The Obsidian Children are brash in their determination at times. They have strong beliefs in the ease and grace of life, and do not believe in struggle. They do not identify with struggle and the belief systems based on life being limited by circumstance, family upbringing, finance, connections, health, gifts or destiny. They hold the knowing that all beings create their reality and through many lives, have learnt how to manifest exactly that which they wish to experience. They respond powerfully to their hearts and the dreaming of their heart, therefore they are passionate children and passionate about their interactions in life. Each child is aware of their life and of each choice they make in determining their quality of life, and therefore they are drawn to go within when they are required to make decisions. They have difficulty with believing their teachers and parents, and relating to their teachers and parents deeply, if their parents or teachers do not hold the same knowing of this universal teaching in life.

41. The Blue Rose Children
“We are the Blue Rose Children. We hold a deep connection to the sacred sites on Earth and the angels that bless sacred places. We hold the gift to create spaces into sacred spaces where the energy of love and light flows powerfully and freely. We are alchemists with sound and our songs open the environments to be cleansed and filled with the love and light of God. We are here to transform environments from places of illness, to places of sacred connection to the light. We are able to transform the energies of illness and sickness to love, with sound. We have a wonderful gift with sound and vibration and are always happy when we are allowed to create sound for transformation and alchemy. We ask our parents to support us to play with sound and music in a free way so we can be free with this. We do not wish to have a structure within music, binding our sound. We wish to be able to channel it freely for transformation of the energy within all spaces. We ask that our feelings be honoured also as we are deeply sensitive to the environmental energies, and if there is sadness or illness in the land or in people or animals, then we immediately feel it and this draws us to wish to sound to assist the sadness or illness to be transformed and freed.”

The Blue Rose Children benefit from quiet times and soft loving experiences with other children or adults as they are aware of energy deeply and feel when deep wounding is present in the environment. They often wish to sound for hours and are very connected to music because of this. They are each drawn to their own instruments for creating music and their own sacred sound experience. This is unique to each of them as they explore sound and music through their lives. Their gift to transform spaces with sound and assist the transformation of people with sound is immense and profound, and will be their life endeavour and exploration. The Blue Rose is a divine instrument of love and light, offered by many Ascended Masters to souls or areas where there is deep grief or illness. The Blue Rose is a sacred medicine rose and these new children each carry this rose in their heart. The Blue Rose may be called forth if you are ill or experience deep grief, to lift these energies from you.

42. The White Crystal Children  (The 6th largest pod of crystal children)
“We are the White Crystal Children and we are very happy children. Our light is white crystal light and this is a very protective white light. As we hold this light, we often are protectors for others when they are in potential danger or trouble. We are deeply connected to the large trees and are also protectors for these trees and their families. We often feel them if they are being killed unnecessarily and when they need energy. Our energy is connected to the trees very powerfully. We naturally transmit white crystal light to those in need of protection without needing to focus deeply. We are grounded in white light so we make strong decisions in relation to how we use our energy. Each one of us has their own unique way of transmitting white crystal light, and it is this gift that makes each of us divine instruments for God’s protection. We are happy as we are always protected with our white crystal light and shielded from fears. We ask our parents to trust us fully even though we often act more maturely than others our age, and for them to truly know that we do have the gifts God gave us to protect others in a special way. We are not overprotective as our light guides us clearly on when and how to protect another with our light.”

The White Crystal Children are guardians for humanity and are deeply connected to other guardians such as the older trees or archangels of the Earth. Their role as a guardian creates them to be watchful of other beings and careful in their nature. Their carefulness is not created through fear, but through higher awareness that they sense through their energy field. They have a natural power to heal through their hands, with light, as they carry the white light within them strongly. They have particular gifts also with activating the grids of the Earth as their crystal energy creates this powerfully. They hold deep respect for all living things and through their life have chosen to care for all living beings. They are natural educators and activators of this respect for all life on Earth, because of this gift.  

43. The Pink Crystal Children (The 4th largest pod of crystal children)
We are the Pink Crystal Children and we are here on Earth to bring assistance to all beings to unite as one. Our gift is with unity consciousness and assisting all to open themselves to the oneness. Our difficulty is that we often live inside ourselves and find it difficult to come outside to be in the outside world. We have an inner world of love that we often travel to, to receive love from if we do not receive it in the outside world. We are made from a special frequency of love that is closest to the pink crystals of Earth. These pink crystals transmit love throughout the physical earth and assist us to ground on Earth. We are not always able to ground as our frequency is so high and we are not always happy to live in a human body when it is filled with density or emotions, repressed from other lives. We are very connected to the ancestors of the Earth and the angels of the Earth yet when we do not feel love, we become very lost and find it difficult to be on Earth. We ask that our parents gift us pink crystals and allow us to speak of the oneness and unity of all beings, and not educate us to be fearful. It is the fear that affects us mostly to withdraw from the outer reality and go to our inner world of love. If we are supported, we will teach about love and unity and assist all to experience the oneness of God.”

The Pink Crystal Children are very delicate in their nature and are one of the most delicate soul pods of the 77 soul pods. The soul of a pink crystal child has known deep oneness with the love grids of the universe and due to this, seeks this oneness deeply when embodied on Earth. Due to the delicate nature of these souls and their sensitivity to vibration, the children need clear direction and assistance in raising their life force or the vibration of their body with clean foods, non-fearful thoughts and clean water. If their bodies and minds are not holding density, these children flourish and naturally bring their gifts of opening others to unity consciousness, to all beings.   

44. The Silver Children

“We are the Silver Children and we are a kindred soul pod to the Pink Crystal Children. We also have a gift with unity consciousness and it is to assist all to receive this love and consciousness. We are able to assist beings to learn to receive again from God/dess directly in order to hold their power of connection with God, and to let go of any hierarchy or any other being that may have been a bridge for this. We are sentients and are able to feel over long distances, all that is occurring in neighbourhoods etc. We do not take on negative feelings but are able to sense them so we can transmit the silver ray to all souls who need to open their receptivity, so they may feel again. We are able to feel across the oceans to other lands, and sense any occurrence with a large group of souls or with the land. We are able to powerfully receive divine energy and then share this with others if they are willing to open their receptivity and feminine energy. We are here on Earth to help all souls embrace their feminine energy, their feelings, and bring balance to the honouring of the sacred feminine on Earth. We are also here to assist all mothers on Earth to heal their hearts and be receptive again to love. We hold a protective energy for all mothers, and are here to see that they are cared for and respected and honoured with love.“

The Silver Children are able to sense across very long distances, and support other souls to open their inner nature to their ability to heal any old feelings and blocked passageways of emotions. These children are natural emotional counsellors as they are always aware of the emotions of others and feel inspired to help others with the flow of their emotions. They have a strong ability to direct others in the opening of their hearts and living their truth, as long as their feminine power is respected and supported to speak its truth. These children ask that feelings be honoured and that all be allowed to speak about their feelings and be supported with the acceptance and transformation of these.

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