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DK Teleconference class, October 13, 2004 
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“Turning on the Light”

Today’s focus:  How to Activate and Clear the Light Body; Turning on the Light and Taking Blinders Off exercises to Reveal the Truth;  Flower Essence of Transcendence by Gaias Own; Time Travel to Ganden, Tibet, on 2/28/4,239 A.D. by Harmoniyum; Q & A

Channeled by Terri Newlon, RevTerri@lifetimeaddress.com

Some announcements before the call began: 

KATHRYNE ALEXIS (concerning the new flower essence that she has created:) It is called Transcendence and it will be helping you anchor your light body and establishes for use in the activities that DK will be working with us in the rest of the year and into next year.  It is preparing you for whatever your soul choices are.  It feels powerful.  It is expansive and I suggest taking this at night at least for the first few weeks until you are used to being multi-dimensional and grounded.

TERRI:  . . .There is a lot going down and I think DK is going to start alluding to that in these classes.  There is a lot happening on the inner planes as well.  Marion, do you have any announcements to make about the QX light bodies?

MARION:   Well the protocol is still in draft mode and will probably be finalized in a couple of days.  . . .  It is way different from the other ones, I can tell you that from the draft at this point.  When I get the final I will send it out to the normal email list that I have.  If you want to make sure I have your email, you can always get in touch with me.  Marion@harmoniyum.com   I will know more next week.

TERRI:  Marion has the list to sign up for at www.harmoniyum.com  and then if you want to be on Kathryne’s list, you can go to www.GaiasOwn.com   and make sure that you are able to get direct notices from them.

The channeling begins:

Djwhal Khul here.  Tashi Delek.

All right, well let’s see here.  First things first.  I want to do some energy work on the light body.  As you know, you are multi-dimensional and I have got a little homework assignment for some of you for this evening as well.  In fact we are going to start it now.  The light body would be the part of your consciousness that you take from lifetime to lifetime, from incarnation to incarnation and it is also the part of your consciousness that some day, when you are done with this physical structure, it will be the record keeper for going into the next level.  Essentially, that is it in a nutshell.  Beginning with the next week or two, I will go into detail about what the light body is and why we are developing it right now but just basically, what we want to do is energize it.  We want the light body to be filled with light and not weighed down, both ways of saying light and as full or expansive as possible.  When the light body is very well developed then you can literally disappear your body in one location and re-appear it in another.  In other words, use teleportation.  You can do many, many things, but it is another way of developing communications.  We have worked before with the advanced telepathy and some of the other things that I have been teaching you over a period of time now.  It is another way of communication, light body to light body.  So, again, it sort of accelerates communication as well. 

And so, for today.  Let’s just simply give the command to activate the light body to clear it of any debris and to bring in the divine blueprint directly into the light body.  Then we want to fortify it, like a fortress, for protection around it.  So let’s say you are exposed to some radiation, some electricity, the computer screen, the cell phone or whatever, that it is not going to damage the light body and that your light body is fortified or protected.  So that would be the next thing to bring in and request.  So these are just very simply steps of mastery, by the way.  At first you learn to dwell completely in your physical structure and to absolutely love it and appreciate it just where it is.  Then you integrate in full occupancy of the light body and being in that and cleaning up any, as I said, records.  Say maybe a death in a past life of some other pattern that you have that you don’t want to keep in your records as you move forward.  You actually get to purge or cleanse the light body as well.  So we are going to be working on that. 

For today, I want to talk a little bit about this lunar eclipse and you have, in the USA, your last presidential debate, or the last formal debate, I will put it that way.  What we want to work with in this energy because we will be coming up - - - you are in between 2 very powerful full moons.  This is your first eclipse and then you will have another one in 2 weeks.  And there is a lot going on, on the inner planes.  I would say in terms of how we talk about Halloween where the veils between the worlds is the thinnest and particularly between this world, the 3 D world that you know, and the underworld.  That is the thinnest.  Literally, that veil has already been lifted somewhat.  Now we are going to work on it again in our Saturday workshop.  We are going to learn some advanced techniques of working with the spiritual hierarchy on humanitarian projects. 

But particularly today what we are going to project is truth, truth revealed.  If we are looking at it Biblically, it is Revelations.  If we are looking at it in many other records, the Mayan, the Sanskrit records, Tibetan records, and I could go on and on, we are really in a time when there is an attempt to conceal the truth and what light workers are here to do is to shed light on the truth, literally to bring light into it.  You can keep doing this exercise for the next few hours and that would be wonderful.  You have about 4 to 5 hours from this moment before we get enough through the eclipse but you could continue off and on through the evening, as you feel necessary.  If you are listening to this message in a few days from now, or reading the transcript, you can take yourself back in time because time doesn’t really exist on these other levels so you can go back and forth with it. 

So the first thing we want to do is just imagine that you are in a room of darkness.  You are literally just standing in a dark room and you reach up, the chain pull for the light is right there and you just pull it and instantly the light comes on.  Now do this exercise over and over and over until when turn that light on - - - you go into the next room and you pull the chain and you see what is there and you imagine yourself back in the same room and you pull the chain.  What you are going to do is notice, is there anyone in the room with you?  Do they seem to be beings of the light or kind of shadowy beings?  Are they aspects of your past?  Or are they aspects of your future?  Are they people that you really want to be in the room with or would you prefer maybe some archangels or some ascended masters and that sort of thing?  Keep putting the light on until that room is so flooded with beings of light that you don’t even need to turn the light on.  So that is the very simple exercise for this new moon.  It will shed a very different light upon the political debate and I think that will be quite helpful.  Some are going to be dropping off the line soon, so one moment here. 

Kathryne, could you just energetically broadcast the transcendence energy?  I would like everyone to get a little taste of it.  Now, just to clarify, it is not the same getting it energetically as it is getting it physically.  I think keeping the vibration in the cellular level repeatedly over the period of a few months with most people and some people over a period of years would be ideal.  Depending on the development of the light body, I would like everyone to pay attention to being able to feel it.  Much like we have worked with yum or yuck and feeling it in the physical body, ask to feel your light body and feel it receiving the benefit of the essence.  With this exercise and also for those who physically take the essence, anything that will go into the physical level that is the critical mass point where it reaches humanity.  So thinking that you drank some water and feeling as though you have hydrated your body is not the same as actually drinking the glass of water.  Very important to remember, but also the physical plane of consciousness, because of the Aquarian Age, is actually the point of contagious energy as I put it. When you are joyous and you are humming a tune and you are smiling, your joy is contagious on the physical plane.  Or you are beaming unconditional love and it is contagious on the physical plane.  If you are thinking unconditional love and acting angrily, it is the anger that gets spread on the physical plane.  So whatever you anchor into your light body through the physical body is what is going to reach critical mass.  So keep reminding yourself about that.  Because I am teaching about the light body is by no means an excuse to ignore the physical structure.

All right, Kathryne, how are we doing?

KATHRYNE ALEXIS:  There is a very beautiful response from the heart.  I would also like to mention that the chakras that will become integrated with the light body through the hips down through the legs are showing the acceptance and yet they are definitely clearing for the group.

DK:  Would you please give your telephone number and web site to the group so that people can contact you directly?

KATHRYNE ALEXIS:  Yes.  My telephone number is 928-284-9553.  My web site is www.GaiasOwn.com

DK:  And Marion, are we ready for time travel?  (Yes.)  Not quite yet, but what I would like everyone to focus on as we go into the future in Tibet, see if you can take a look at what light bodies look like.  We are going in right after Tibetan New Year, Losar, and we will be looking at how developed is your light body?  Can you see the other light bodies around you?  We are going to a very holy place, Ganden.  Ganden, Tibet, it is very high up and currently a monastery.  We will see what it looks like in the year 4239.  And again, the date is February 28th.  We are using the Christian calendar, not the Tibetan calendar on this date, 2200 years ahead or so.  So we will talk about what you experience when you come back.  But again, what I am wanting you to get it is the flavor.  It will be about 3 minutes of time travel and then to see what you pick up and what benefit it has in the body.  All right, Marion, are we ready to begin?  (Yes.) 

We will stay quiet for 3 minutes.  Allow yourself to travel forward in time, or circularly, to Ganden, Tibet, February 28, 4239 A.D.  Feel the strength of your light body.  Allow your current light body to make any changes that it needs to make.  You might also notice some physical changes as well.  And if you would please say, out loud if you can, the Om Mane Padme Hum.  It means jewel in the lotus.  Feel yourself standing there very high upon the mountain, perhaps even singing, Om Mane Padme Hum.  If you are feeling adventurous you can spend a few more moments there sort of scouting around the world to see what you see in different locations.  Good.  Then bring your magnificent light body from that era with you to right now, 2004.  Good.  Thank you, Marion.  Do you have any notes for the group?  (No, there is no feedback on this.) 

All right.  Anyone care to share what they have experienced there?

STUDENT:  I will go first.  I felt a tremendous sense of community. 

STUDENT:  I felt lightweight wise as well as light likewise.  I felt like I was floating, weight wise. 

STUDENT:  I found colors really brilliant and beautiful.  A lot of light everywhere.  And when you said to bring that light body back, I wasn’t feeling well before the call, and when the light body came back it is like, Oh, my goodness, I feel great.  Thank you.

STUDENT:  What I saw was like a statue that was cantilevered from the mountain.  And it looked like it was in the open but I realized that it was like glass enclosed like an alter.  It was quite beautiful.  And when I looked over the countryside I felt peace.  But in my own body I felt a lot of activity in the calves of my legs and then up to my knees and to my lower back.

DK:  Good.  You will continue to work in your physical bodies for some time, so again that exercise of continuing to go into the dark room and put the light on is very important because it will provide further healing to the physical body.

STUDENT:  I felt a lot of buzzing in my feet.

DK:  Good.  Let’s go together please.  As a group we are going to try something on for fun, here.  Let’s pretend that we are in the debate hall where the presidential debate is going to take place.  They have not turned the lights on yet, so we are going to go in there a little bit ahead of time now as a whole group.  We can have more than one light or we can have a big one in the center and we all pull the cord together.  Or if you want to see it as a switch on the wall, that is perfectly fine too.  Whatever works better for you.  We are going to go ahead to flip the switch now, and we are going to ask for truth revealed.  And one of the statements that we have been working with here is, “I serve the light.”  And you could say, “We serve the light and only the Divine Light.  We choose peace and I trust in love.”  We are giving the, “love will prevail, peace will prevail and truth is revealed” right now.  And we are going to do it again, sort of going into the room.  If you see any shadowy aspects or anything trying to conceal, mask, alter or twist the truth, this time when we turn on the light together, those are all going to disappear.  And it is permanent and irrevocable.  On three we will pull the light switch.  One, Two, Three. 

Now, I didn’t mention before, but in case you noticed anything leaving your own auric field, it will do the same in your own aura.  It will pull away anything that is masking the truth from you.  Distortion of energies or something you were not wanting to look at yet and that sort of thing.  It is, of course, going to have an effect upon you because you are the worker on the physical plane bringing the light through to the physical body via the light body.  One more time, if we could please.  This time we are going to think, not just in the room, but also in all of the broadcasts, in newspaper articles, Internet articles, that sort of thing.  The way that people hear it and the way it gets reported, so this time we are going to imagine that room, if you will, being very, very large.  Maybe the whole planet if you can.  Actually, yes.  This group can.  You are very good with your light bodies.  This time I am going to say Nek Hak Nol and on the Nol instead of one two three, we will pull the light on.  So truth is revealed.  That is what the light is.  It is the truth of creation.  It is the real energy.  And the dark is what tries to conceal the truth.  So what we are doing here is asking to be filled with divine light ourselves and then to shine that light outward.  So as soon as I say Nol, we will go ahead and pull it.  Waiting a moment here because some of the other masters are coming in to help with the project so one moment here while everyone gets in to play.  All right, we are ready.  Nek Hak Nol!  All right, good.  In your own body I want you to feel the increase of light.  Just let it just go pumping out of your body, very, very strong.  Again, you can imagine, go back to that moment when the lights are all turned on, how much light there is in your own body.  Be willing to be a generator of light right now.  You really are needed as a generator of light for humanity.  Good.  Spread it out in all directions.  The light is no longer in a room somewhere.  It is in your body.  Let it shine very, very bright in all directions.  Truth be revealed.  And again, work with this statement.  “I serve the light, and only the divine light.  I choose peace and trust in love.”  If you prefer, you can say, “I trust love.”  Whichever feels better.  Both work equally well.  Good.

All right.  I am open to any questions or comments.

STUDENT:  I have a quick question.  About Mr. Kerry, is he a reincarnate of Abraham Lincoln?

DK:  Well, my first thing is to check with his soul to see if that is the type of information that is beneficial, detrimental or should be revealed or not.  So that is the first step.  Checking…  I am not picking up exactly that same entity, but very much in that same group or family.  He has certainly been a world leader more than once in various capacities.  His soul carries that type of energy with it.

STUDENT:  Djwhal, I have been trying to reveal truth all over the place and in some ways it looks as though some of the factual information of what the Bush administration has been up to.  And by the way, if there are any Bush supporters on the line, I apologize ahead of time if I say something that offends you.  I am very active in the Kerry campaign.  But that said, it looks as though some of the misconceptions are starting to be corrected.  Yet, it seems as though on the other hand there is a feverish amount of activity to mask the truth.  In some cases there are things going on that are just downright illegal.  It is all over the newspapers today that in a lot of the voter registration offices, people who have been handing forms to register as Democrats, those forms are being shredded.  They are being destroyed by the thousands.  And I got so depressed about it today and I thought, “Oh, what is the use of all this light work when there are all these people on the ground running around with these shenanigans.”  I just first of all need some encouragement, and second of all need your perspective about whether you think that kind of voter fraud and voter activity is going to, well, hold the day.

DK:  Very interesting subject.  You are in what I would call a very clear battleground.  Not just you personally.  You, humanity, are in a very clear battleground between truth and lack of truth, or there are many different ways of saying it. But there is a polarization that seems to be very clear to anyone who knows the slightest bit about what polar opposites mean.  There is clearly polarization going on.  And there is a lot of deception as well.  I might say that leadership always filters down.  That is something to ponder no matter where you live, if you have a candidate choice or not or if you are in another country and that sort of thing.  Leadership always filters down.  For example, if you were to go to, well I don’t want to go to a particular country, but some other country where there is a lot of corrupt officials, that is always filtered down.  When you are looking at what is reportedly going on, look, just follow the trail all the way up to the leadership.  Now that could be the local leadership as well as national and international leadership.  Just follow the trail all the way up and find the dark room at the top, if you will, and turn the light on there.  Keep requesting.  You are seekers of the truth.  You are seekers of the light.  That is your interest, if you will, in metaphysics, spiritual growth, personal growth and that sort of thing.  Always filter it all the way up and ask that the truth be known. 

Now, I would say that this will be very interesting because the temptation would be to match the deception.  That is the way war has always been a force, a battle of some sort is whoever is willing to match the deception can sometimes win or excel and temporarily beat the opponent.  So, what is happening here is an attempt to truly, truly hold the light.  And yes, I will comment, by one campaign that tends to distort the truth or hide things by another camp.  As human beings, as light workers incarnate your focus is to hold everyone who lives in this God created reality or source created reality to the utmost potential of their light.  So you want truth revealed.  You will see newspaper articles coming out and you will see some truth, some not truth, some being distorted and so on and it is going to be interesting to sift through it.  But that is your job to use discernment and sift through it and don’t let your masterful thinking slide off into, “How can we be equally deceptive?”  Or, “One bad blow deserves another bad blow back” or something like that.  You have got to hold the higher standard in a masterful way to co-create on the physical plane.  And let humanity at large - - it might take them a little bit longer to reach that point.  It might take them another 4-year term or whatever it takes.  But right now, because those veils have been lifted, the ones that are normally present a little closer to Halloween are off now and they will stay off. The point being with that is, the dark energy is going to be a little more tempting than normal.   It will be a little bit easier to fall off of your masterful thinking.  A little bit easier to want to harm somebody because they are not coming along with the light or whatever it is.  So, you have got to hold a very strong, bright, just light in your own body and keep asking that truth be revealed and that people see it when it is revealed.  That they are not still putting their blinders on. 

Which brings me to the next exercise.  Blinders.  Let’s imagine for a moment that you have got…it is interesting…I am seeing humanity literally lining up in rows to have their blinders taken off.  So, imagine that you are there, smiling, beaming light and you can just open the blinders for some, and some want them totally removed.  As they come up to you just go ahead and gently, lovingly do that, as a service to them.  Sometimes they will bow or make a prayer sign or do different things or a peace symbol.  Just keep doing that service on the inner planes.  And then what we want is not ugly truth exposed.  We want light, like oh, there is joy, and there is hope.  People are really looking for hope and they will keep their blinders on if they think they are not going to get it.  So we want joy, hope, free will, and co-creatorship.  And they are asking, “ Do you mean I can help now?”  Yes, you can help serve the light now that the blinders are off.  That is another exercise that you can do throughout this evening because the eclipse will be very powerful.  So there are two.  Keep turning the light on in any dark room you find and keep doing it until it is totally filled with light beings and assist in taking blinders off of anyone who steps up and says, “Yes, I want my blinders off.”  And keep in mind that they might only want that for an instant, but then again, they might want to keep them off.  So we are really opening the portals here for truth to be seen and truth to be felt and truth to be known at a very deep level. 

And by the way, it is going to be a close race, so those of you that are encouraging people to use free will, keep encouraging that. 

Anyone else with a question or comment?

STUDENT:  Djwhal, this morning, for the first time, I woke up afraid of humanity.  Do you think that was possibly in direct response to the thinning of the veil at this time?  Is there just a lot going on?

DK:  Yes, I do.  And yes, you have nailed it exactly.  Humanity, I would say 90% or better, I really think it is closer to 95%, but let’s say 90 or 91 to 95% of humanity at this point, even at this point of evolution on the planet; they don’t want to use their free will.  They are afraid of it.  They would rather be controlled by events or perceive it that way.  Certainly they are not being controlled, but they perceive themselves as a victim of circumstance or a victim of economy, what can I do, I have just always lived here, or the only job I know how to do or whatever.  I think 95% is the most accurate number, who doesn’t really want to choose the light and become responsible for co-creating reality. Therefore, that means that there is 5% of you that are very dedicated and awake and aware and working on it and doing your best to help spread that consciousness.  That is one of the reasons that I am working with the development of the light body is to spread it much faster than what we have been doing.  Because as the light body develops, that is really going to be a great benefit to humanity.  It will take away a lot of the things that keep the blinders on and keep the head buried in the sand.  Specifically, a fear of death.  Because humanity has such a fear of death and such a fear of the dark side, they are actually letting themselves kind of operate like a yo yo, kind of up and down, up and down on an emotional scale and not really feeling in control.  So you are getting briefed, if you will, on the inner planes in your dream state.  Please don’t allow yourselves to continue to be frightened of it.  It just means that it is time to pull up the bootstraps and roll up the sleeves and really get busy.  Get busy at assisting as many other people on the inner planes and on the physical planes as you possibly can. 

We are also right on the crux here of humanity not believing that they can choose these things themselves because eventually the system that is in place will work.  Eventually it will come looping back to free will choice.  But currently what humanity uses are things like war, volcanoes irrupting, hurricanes or other natural disasters, earthquakes and so on.  They use these things on a kind of mass scale to sort of stay in the excuse of not needing to be responsible for their own emotions because some big thing is happening to them.  So what we are working with very busily between now and about Halloween, might go into November about 5 or 6 days, is to really trying to get humanity to turn the light on.  Wake up and say, “Wait a second.  I have got a choice.  If I make choices, the world will change.”  And that is essentially why I am stepping up the programs here on Wednesdays and doing major white magic work. 

Next week, by the way, that is October 20, our focus that week is “Activating Free Will Choice” and understanding how it awakens humanity.  So that is what we are going to go in depth to next Wednesday.  And for those of you that don’t like to wait a whole week, you can go to the inner planes classes while you are sleeping.  I will be instructing about that and you are welcome to join me in night school. 

And of course, this evening, again, especially this evening, October 13th, turn on all the lights, just keep flooding everything with light until you can only see light beings.  And then also work with anything that is self-empowering and is truth revealed.  Mostly the turning on of light is the one that I am interested in.

By the way, just another mention, you are always protected by the Spiritual Hierarchy as long as you are working with the Spiritual Hierarchy of which I am a member.  So feel free to call upon me, using specifically the term, Ascended Master DK and the Spiritual Hierarchy. You can call upon archangels as well.  We are teaming with you to help reveal truth, so don’t view yourself as going out alone doing these things.  Always view yourself with a group of light workers. 

Thank you and my love to you.  (Thank you, Djwhal.)

Djwhal Khul

(Transcribed by Joan Taylor) 
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