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Part Three: The Third Wave of the New Children

Blessings beautiful hearts,

We welcome you to the third wave of the new children.  Many Angels gather around you as we share about the next eleven soul pods of the new children that have birthed, and are birthing, to Earth.  These children travel to Earth on the Angelic and dolphin heart rays, and are also known as Psychic Children.  This classification has come to these ones as they are deeply connected to the sixth dimension and are advanced souls that all hold an integrated psychic connection to their higher selves.  Each of these eleven soul pods are highly psychic and share telepathy with each other and communicate through the dolphin pathways on Earth.  These dolphin pathways are grids of higher psychic activity that are a powerful form of Earth telepathy anchored within the Earth and oceanic portals. This psychic grid is expanding and growing to embrace and assist many others who do not have their connection to their higher self.  

These children have come as one large family and as eleven individual soul pods with the purpose of assisting all beings to connect to their higher self.   Each of the eleven soul pods is unique and different in a myriad of ways, yet hold one similarity, and that is their connection to the dolphin pathways.  These pathways are the crystalline light pathways that higher vibrational intelligence travels on through the Earth plane.  The grid is held in crystals in the earth and in the north and soul pole.  Each Psychic Child has one of the crystals from this grid etherically interlinked through their heart and brow chakras. In other words, within the heart and brow chakras of each child, there is a beautiful, etheric crystal that links their consciousness to this sacred grid.

These crystals are etheric (made of light frequency) and allow the transfusion of psychic communication to be advanced and instant.  Each of these children has higher knowing of all that is occurring in their environment, and hold a higher love quotient.  The dolphins are very connected to these children and hold a synergy in their communication and share the dolphin pathways with these children.  The dolphins also hold a crystal within their hearts that is a point of connection of this sacred grid.  They have another crystal in their tail that supports them to receive from this grid any messages from other dolphins and also from those who are interdimensionally surfing in communication and transmission through this grid.  

Each soul from these soul pods has a supportive nature and experience interconnection as natural.  They hold the power of communion and ability to go within to know the answer.  They are sometimes and occasionally often bothered by the interference of psychic vibrations that are not emanating from the heart.  This can create them to be filled with energies that are not directly coming from their higher selves.  This may come from their environment or other beings or other dimensions of themselves.  As each of them learn to open themselves more fully, and ground their abilities on the Earth and be accepted by society, they will learn how to be in the presence of all beings without being disturbed psychically.   This at times effects their emotional and mental bodies to be imbalanced when these disturbances occur.  The eleven soul pods are described in the following passages to assist any Psychic Child or the parents, carers and friends of this child to discover connection through the higher dimensions to their soul path and purpose.   Know that these passages are very general and each soul pod has a purpose.  This is described in the passages below, but also know that each child has a purpose that is unique within this.  Through the discovery of the soul pod purpose, each child may become closer to their unique, divine purpose.  This can assist in the education of all children, as each have certain gifts and may need a unique education in recognition of these gifts.  

These ones are from far away, and have not been to the Earth for a long time
.  They were here when the Earth was a non-physical form prior to the physicalisation of the Earth.  They are deeply connected to Lemuria and the cities of light that are anchored in the oceans and waterways of the Earth.  They have songs and carry a language that vibrationally attunes all souls to love and to the experience of love.  Their touch is gentle, yet deep.  Each one is extremely sensitive to sound vibration.  They are here to emanate sound and to change the vibration in environments with sound.  These ones will create this from within themselves and some will also invent new music with this.  The sounds are anchoring a new dreaming for all Earth beings that is related to group consciousness and the _expression of love.  They are powerful group uniters and enjoy uniting others together and bringing souls together.  There are many that have embodied as females – a larger percentage than in male bodies.  They share that this is due to timing, and that over the next five to eight years, others will come from their pod and many more will embody in male bodies.  They share that they have difficulty with distorted sounds or the sound vibration of humans lying.  This is their greatest pain as they know when beings are lying.

2. The Faerie Children

This soul pod is very large, yet unfortunately, some of these children are in very difficult circumstances on the Earth presently
.  They have come to open the hearts of all, and to assist the most sensitive and hidden parts of a being to receive love.  They have awareness of what is hidden within a being, and why they are hiding.  They have great counselling abilities and a very deep connection to the fairies on the Earth and in the stars.  These ones tend to play in the other realms and explore this connection, for there is a commitment between the fairies and these children to assist humanity and the Earth spirit to live in harmony.  They have a great love for the Earth and the flowers and gardens, and would like everyone to have a garden.  It is their heart dream that every family can be connected to a garden in the future that is flowering and filled with love and life force.  It is their vision of the future Earth, and it is one of the reasons they have come to Earth – to create the visioning and manifestation of more gardens on the Earth.  They are specifically aware of humanity in cities being disconnected from the Earth.  These ones are very open-hearted and gentle in their divine makeup and willing to be unifiers for others who have difficulties with their hearts.  When they feel it is too difficult for souls to deal with their hearts, they merge with them and assist them to open their hearts and release the pain that may be trapped in their hearts.  These children are powerful seers, and they are highly awakened through their multidimensional sight.  They see into the other realms such as the fairy and angelic realms.  This also assists them to hold their connection more deeply whilst being on the Earth.  

3. The Emerald Crystal Children

These children are keepers of the emerald ray.  They are also powerful in their seership and have awareness of the other realms and what is occurring to those they are connected to.  They have a deep commitment to assist all beings who have difficulty with astral energies and spend time as souls assisting those trapped in astral webs or those being affected by large astral thought forms.  They work deeply with Archangel Michael and the legions of light to assist those in difficulties and trouble in the world.  They have come to support the astral plane to be absolved and released from the Earth, and carry great patience as souls.  These ones are not easily affected by others around them.  They appear to be quite a solid rock when they hold their connection.  They are very grounded and carry a Buddha type energy when they are fully opening their heart and speaking the divine truth and wisdom they hold that is held within.  They have abilities to scan energies long distance and to know how to assist souls to be freed from entanglements of energy that are unseen.  They each carry the sword of the emerald ray that allows them to assist all souls who are emotionally bound by the astral plane.  They have a great affinity with plant medicine and have a unique understanding of alchemy, of blending plants as medicine.  

4. The Ama’nu (Golden Emerald Crystal) Children

These children in soul pod have a very powerful inner knowing and trust in all that is occurring.  They carry some difficulties with relating to the world as it is and how humanity interrelates with each other throughout the world.  They see that this is like a segmented society that has different rules for different beings in accordance to whoever is in authority, and are presently discerning together as  a pod as to how humanity has lost its inner authority and connection as a race.  Their role is related to assisting humanity with this.  They have the most difficulty with humans who wish to overpower them and authorities to them.  Their consciousness does not resonate to authority, but it frustrates some of them.  They are aware of much, and wish to share this in a system that is non-hierarchical.  They are here together to create a way to birth this non-hierarchical system so they may share equally with others and be taken seriously.  These ones wish in their heart for a new education system to be developed for all children, and have the keys to creating this.  Their role is to assist other children to embrace this and be co-creative in this as a future way for children to create and learn together.  They share that they are aware of the gifts that other children have and the keys they hold, and how to bring these out of themselves.  In their hearts, they are aware that there is a timing with this, and they receive directly from their higher self or spirit that this role will be in the near future.  They have a gift of communication when hierarchy is not present, and they have difficulty in communication when it is present.  Each one of them is deeply connected to the mastery of the new children, and have leadership qualities which involve non-hierarchy.  

. The Aquari( Aquamarine& Silver) Children

These souls are incredibly sincere and speak from their heart directly when they are communicated to.  They love simplicity and beauty, and the simple honourings that ceremony, prayer and meditation offer them when they connect within.  They are here to anchor sacred space and create sacred space.  They are here to change in the environment and create new environments, and have powerful creative visualisation abilities and can receive an idea and immediately visualise it as it moves through its creation process and determine all that is needed to create this in the most flowing and perfect way.  Their focus is the creation of beauty, and they like to be surrounded by beauty and serenity.  These children are here to activate the peace energy in all environments by creating sacred space in many different parts of the world that need to receive a sacred connection and activation of the vibration of peace and love.  These children are very much in their hearts and do not philosophise a great deal, but instead, see and recognise the beauty in all around them and in others sharing the beauty within them.  They speak of the positive that others show to them, and encourage the positive nature to grow.  They are gifted with the sight to see the divine potential in everything and a way to create this to grow.  

6. The Solos (Silver & Platinum) Children

These children in soul pod are alchemisers of all energies and unifiers of all energies.  They unify and alchemise all energies that come to them through their beings and transmute all energies, and then transmit unified frequencies to the source of these energies.  They have huge heart chakras and great compassion for all beings.  They receive all that is given to them openly and take this into their heart to alchemise and unify all energies.  These ones are teachers of alchemy and have the ability to alchemise all energies and share the true power of alchemy.  They are aware that humanity has not yet fully taken responsibility for their own energies, and have compassion for them.  They are aware that humanity is not yet ready to completely be responsible for all energy, and have come to Earth to assist them.  They are aware that in the future, many more humans are willing to be responsible and not project their unresolved energies and have a role with humanity to support them to take responsibility.  These souls often communicate about other ways to work with energy that will not affect others with negativity.  These souls can be protective of other souls who are being projected all this negativity, and at times, take in these energies and unify and alchemise these so as to protect other souls who cannot alchemise these.  They are learning to work together more powerfully to create a greater support network of resolution of all negative energies.  These ones are aware of the circumstances of many other Psychic Children, and that some of them are having difficulty and are needing assistance.  These ones share that they have the abilities to translate and visit other children to assist them to resolve energies.  They have the gift to soul travel, and receive from their source what is needed to assist others in trouble.  They hold the overview and are able to see all energies that they intend to.  They have very powerful, long distance vision, and very powerful zoom lens vision.  They are extraordinary seers and are able to work long distance and assist others because of this.  They have been asked by their God Source to always hold the highest vision of all beings and all humans learning to live in peace and be responsible for all energies.  They have been asked to hold the vision of humanity ceasing all projection of negative energies.

7. The Kumi (Blue & Golden) Children

 This sacred soul pod holds an inventive energy and is a group of souls who have deeply inventive spirits.  They are here to create new forms and inventions in the future that will serve all beings including the Earth.  Their own hearts are magnifiers for whatever intention they attune to.  They are holding new healing gifts for all of humanity.  Each one of them has a deep connection to sound, and sound is important to these ones.  The sounds around them can inspire them to bring their creative spirit through, or it can create them to be effected in a more contracted way.  These souls are deeply expressive, and hold the purpose of sharing this expression freely with others to assist others to express their hearts.  Through this expression, there is great creativity and inventiveness that allows the healing gifts they hold to birth on Earth.  Without the freedom of their own self-expression through their environment, these ones can feel tormented and contracted.  There is a great sea of expression within each one of them that is infinite in its ability to create harmony, balance, and the flow of the divine feminine at play.  These ones have come to assist all to honour the feminine and bring the feminine expression through in creative play.

8. The Dolphi (Pink& Emerald Crystal) Children

This soul pod is filled with souls that are guides and teachers who inspire others.  They hold a deep connection to the unseen worlds as wisdom keepers.  They travel as they sleep to the schools on the inner planes, as each of these souls are deeply focussed on their ascension and the wisdom of God.  These are ancient souls who have incarnated as teachers many times, and have returned to the Earth to bring inspiration to all souls and the offering of wisdom as teachings.  These ones like to do this invisibly and not be seen or noticed, until it is their time to be presented.  It will be their quiet words of wisdom that may astound their parents at times that may show these ones to be possibly from this pod. These ones have great intellect, but are not intellectual as they hold a balance fully through their mind and heart.  They are solid in their vibration and connection to the Earth, as these ones have been on the Earth previously and ascended on the Earth.

9. The Rainbow Serpent Children

These children are embodied in all races and hold the purpose of assisting humanity and all races to open their hearts to each other without discrimination due to race, language, colour or culture. These souls have embodied previously in many different cultures and hold keys to assisting humanity to open their minds and hearts and not judge other races and cultures.  These ones have come for the purpose of linking cultures and assisting all to heal their differences.  They are deeply connected to the new dreaming of Earth, and have a direct connection to the ancestors and guardian keepers of each mountain on the Earth.  They link the ancestors to all other Psychic Children, and to all others who join the psychic network of love.  As they grow in age, they will speak for the ancestors from the mountains and share the wisdom from these Earth guardians.  They hold a deep connection to the Earth current, which is known as the rainbow serpent, and hold spiritual connection to this rainbow serpent. These ones are also mystery keepers who hold assistance for others to find their path and purpose and the free flow of their soul’s heart.  

10. The Pan Children
These children are deeply connected to the Earth spirit - the nature spirits, the elves, and Pan, the guardian of all Earth kingdoms.  They have come to bring joy and lightness to all activities, and to connect all to the joy of being on the Earth in oneness with the Earth spirit.  They are highly gifted with communication with all nature spirits and all kingdoms of the Earth as highly advanced telepaths.  Through this, they are able to receive understanding of the medicine of all plants and animals, and the vibrational essences of all on the Earth.  These ones hold the heart keys to assist the restoration of the Earth plane and the restoration and healing of areas that have no connection to nature, where the nature energy has been removed.  They are here to balance the natural flow of energies again through areas in the Earth, and to direct others in the future with projects of balancing these energies. Their deepest heart wish is for Mother Earth to be allowed to flourish, and for humanity to live in harmony with all Earth kingdoms.

11. The Pegasus Children

This sacred soul pod has many gifts including a strong ability to hold the silence and connect deeply into the now moment with stillness.  These ones naturally like to meditate and be quiet and feel the pulsations of the stillness of the light of God.  They need to have this stillness in their lives and be allowed time to meet with this stillness inside themselves.  Their souls have the ability to help others to balance their energies by connecting them to the stillness in each moment and bring all into the present moment.  They are here to assist all to bring their energies into the now, rather than living in the past or future in their minds.  They carry the frequencies of integration and assisting others to integrate their energies through entering stillness, silence and breath, and being conscious. They carry the grace of God for others to be able to be still inside themselves, and easily bless others with this gift by holding their own still connection in the presence of others.  They tend to withdraw their energies when many are in complex situations and the energies are mixed and not harmonised.  They are more attracted to individuals than groups, unless the energies are harmonised in the group.  It is through their connection to the stillness that they find they are able to fly as a Pegasus or expand their consciousness to be one with God.  They are here on the Earth to have this experience and to share it with others and guide others to the stillness.


All these eleven soul pods have unique qualities and abilities, which will activate as they are given their correct environment for their growth and wellbeing.  Each one of these children are aware of what it is that they need, and it is suggested to all parents, guides and friends of these children to listen to what they truly need in their lives in regards to creating an environment that supports them to open to who they are and the expression of this with grace and ease.  The nature of all these children is similar in their connection to the psychic grid, known as the dolphin pathways.  There are many children who have birthed through one of these pods, and they may not have received what they needed as an environment to support them.  These ones may still hold their connection to the dolphin pathways if they have been linking in to the other children.

 Some of these children have partially disconnected to these pathways, and do not receive the support as fully as they could through their psychic link to other children.  If you feel or are guided that a child you know is one of these children, but only holds a partial connection to the grid, you may ask this child’s soul to receive assistance from Archangel Michael to support them to reconnect and receive the love from these pathways and the psychic communication with other children and support.  Archangel Michael will assist all children to re-establish their connection through the dolphin pathways through a simple prayer to him. This disconnection may have occurred through difficulties in birth or early childhood traumas. As these children are reconnected to the grid, they will feel supported on Earth again.

 Each of these eleven soul pods also carry a specific vibrational frequency that they emanate when their hearts are open. This frequency is able to activate the psychic abilities in others to awaken if it is in divine timing for their beings.  When one of these Psychic Children opens their heart fully to another being, and this other being is ready to receive a deeper psychic connection to their higher self, they release a specific frequency of energy that assists this being to receive this connection.  This is one of the purposes of the vibrational ray that these children all have birthed upon. These rays are known as the Angelic dolphin rays.  Each of these rays carries specific frequencies to activate a soul’s connection to their higher self or spirit.  You may call for these Angelic dolphin rays to flood through you now in divine order for your being, and call to each of these eleven soul pods to come to you to assist you to open your connection to your higher self. You may ask for these ones to support you over a period to open your telepathy with your higher self. You may ask for all limitations and old memories or energy blockages to be lifted from you by the Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters who care for the dolphin pathways.  You may call to your higher self to merge with you and open the communication between you whilst in the presence of these eleven souls, if it be in divine order for your being.

 If it is divine timing for you Beloveds, you will have an experience of opening this connection powerfully.  If it is not your time, then you may ask that this activate in divine timing for you when your soul is ready to receive this.

 I hope all this assists each one of you. I send you my love and blessings. We surround you with the Angelic dolphin rays and flood these through you as you open your heart to these children, who now step forth to you.  These ones bring their gifts and offer them to you in divine order for your being.  We bless you and thank you.

 The Mothers of Love, with Qala

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