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ASCENDED MASTER KUTHUMI    The New Day  &  Accepting You

MICHELLE ELOFF                20 September 2004

Beloved Leaders of Light, it is time to move into the New Light of the Day of the New Age of Enlightenment. Most of you are already aware of this however you still fall victim to your past conditioning and find yourself swimming upstream again.

The New Day brings new thought processes, concepts and abilities. The additional light coming in as you move closer to 2012 is for the purpose of accelerated healing and awakening. So many Lightworkers are complaining about the lack of money or love, sometimes both, in their lives. They feel they have been overlooked even though they work so hard and consciensciously to serve God. Some even believe they have been cursed or are being punished. This is not so. You have to learn the new Laws of Attraction and Abundance. I say new because to many of you it is a new concept. In the old paradigm you learnt that you have to work hard to earn money and that good people/spiritual donít have a lot of money. Many people even feel guilty when they have more money than their friends, parents and/or siblings. This is where many of you sabotage yourself. You also allow limited thinking to govern your mind and embrace poverty consciousness with open arms.

You came into the world whole, complete and perfect.  You were in alignment with the natural laws and expected all your needs to be met.  You TRUSTED that they would be met. As you progressed in age this belief changed because your experience often contradicted what you thought to be true. These contradictions became conditioned in your psyche and you began to expect a different reality. Not only where you having difficulty understanding the laws of 3rd dimensional living, you were also having difficulty understanding why people could not see you and themselves in their wholeness, perfection & beauty. You too fell victim to self-denial, lack of self-confidence and adopted a number of your parentís limited thinking patterns and behaviour.

Today, as an adult you feel frustrated by the limitation and lack but donít know what to do different. The keys lie in your attitude toward life and how you see yourself. What you believe about yourself is generally what you will create. Your beliefs on a subconscious level emit a magnetic energy and attracts itís equal into your reality. This is one of the many reasons people who abuse themselves verbally or emotionally or believe they are bad and need to be punished, will attract verbally, emotionally and/or physically abusive relationships and people into their lives. People who believe money causes pain will probably find that before they can even touch what they have earned it is gone again.

Therefore brothers & sisters look inside and find out what is making you tick. Learn more about what motivates you and what subconscious impulses could be influencing your manifestations. You are a manifestor. You do this everyday. You have successfully manifested what you have believed in to date. Stop for a moment and reflect on your life and recognize how you have created what you have focussed energy on. You may not have understood or been aware of what you were doing. You probably did not understand it as manifestation as such, but that is precisely what you have been doing. Now you need to become more conscious of what you have been doing and you will see how and why you are experiencing your current circumstances.

Spend one day being consciously aware of the dialogue that goes on in your head and what you affirm to people about yourself through your comments about yourself. How much of your dialogue is degrading, limiting, negative, destructive and abusive? If you tell yourself you are stupid or incapable that is exactly what you will create; that is how people will see you and how you will behave. If you verbally pull yourself down in front of others even if it is in jest, you abuse and hurt yourself and your self-image. People unconsciously make note that you do it to your self so you have condoned it as acceptable behaviour and they will do the same even if they can see it hurts you. The type of person you attract who would probably do this, probably also doesnít have the sensitivity to consciously acknowledge your discomfort because it is something have displayed as acceptable because you yourself do it. As crazy as this may seem many people do this. You are probably doing it on some level in some way as well. Your scenario may be different, however the impact is similar and the consequences just as limiting and destructive.

Having recognized how you limit yourself, make the effort to replace the old with something new, positive and uplifting. Make the effort daily to display the behaviour that will communicate to others how you are to be treated. Affirm to the universe that you accept nothing less that abundance, support and joy through your new behaviour, thoughts and attitude. Show the world you mean business!

Blessings be with you beloved ones. Trust in the many invisible arms that hold you and know that not ever do you walk alone, for we are all one and with you always in all ways.   May all that your soul requires and desires be provided through variety of abundant source of God and may all always be well in your world.    I am Kuthumi, Lord of Love & Wisdom, and I greet and bless you in love. ADONAI






I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love & Wisdom to greet thee at this time and to bring unto thee the blessings of a grace, generosity, poise and delight. Greetings Beloved Ones. And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we gather with you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved Ones, your world needs your light, your wisdom and your courage. The Lords of Light ask you to stand firmly in your truth and allow the world to recognize your gifts and abilities. Many people hide in the shadow of illusion for fear of not being accepted for who they are and what they are capable of. If your world is to make the transition into 5th dimension in 2012 you must "come out". Be proud of what God has blessed you with. Accept your role and serve God's people as He serves you.

There is no running away from who you are and what you can do. There is no running away from your past or you shadow. Instead embrace all of this and let it add a new dimension of strength to your being. Allow your shadow wisdom to serve you and others through what it has taught you and where it is taking you. Every dark aspect of yourself has something valuable to show and teach you. By running away from it you run away from the very thing that can liberate you and give you solutions. For too long people have been running away from their truth as well as the truth of their situations; their life. Now you need to stop and face yourself and accept every aspect of who you are and what you have become. This empowers you because no longer are you running from an imaginary demon. Embracing all of this ends the nightmare.

Eventually all darkness will totally & completely be consumed by the Light. This is why you are currently see more darkness. The more light there is the more darkness is exposed. How long this takes is up to you. The faster you run the faster your dark/shadow self will chase you. This darkness is reflected back to you in your environment. So you see dearest ones, there is NO getting away from it.

The truth ALWAYS finds a way to show itself, including your inherent true self. He/She will reveal himself/herself, so why not rather surrender to the process and end the inner battle? Your wounds WILL heal, trust in the power and love of Spirit to help you through this. Trust that God will bring to you the Angels of Support in the form of special and sincere human beings who will be there as a support system for you.

And so it is that we bless you with the Divine inner strength, courage, will, insight, patience & perseverance to continue on your path and see your journey through to completion. Trust in the many invisible arms that hold you and in the truth that guides you. May all that your soul desires and requires manifest under grace in perfect and miraculous ways. I am Kuthumi, Lord of Love & Wisdom and I greet and bless you in love. ADONAI.

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