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Presidential AstroPolitics 2004

Saturn and the Boss

Ó By Ken Kalb      9/11/2004

I freely admit I am a fierce partisan with a visceral abhorrence and distrust of President Bush. Furthermore, I considered the 2000 "election" to represent the meltdown of our democracy, and find it only appropriate that America joins the Banana Republic’s in needing UN supervision of its elections. Nor am I a democrat, as I feel the federal government is way too big, costly, ineffectual, partisan, and out of touch.

That all off my chest, I have some astrological observations about this Presidential election which I’d like to share with you.

We find Sagittarian Kerry with Pluto dirty dancing around his natal Sun during this entire campaign. And sure enough, the Swift Boat Veterans for "truth" (puleeze!) tried to short circuit his awesome bravery and honor and reverse it all into a deep, dark lie. He spends a lifetime as a true decorated hero who passed through the deep scrutiny of the Nixon White House, yet suddenly he is branded a fraud who couldn’t even be a prison guard at Abu Ghraib! We have President Bush with Saturn conjoining his Cancer natal Sun during most of last year, synchronous with enough garbage surfacing, you’d think he’d surely be impeached, let alone re-elected. He has been invulnerable to the works of Paul O’Neill, Bob Woodward, Richard Clarke, Michael Moore, Richard Greenwald, Kitty Kelley, et al. And then we have dishonorable mention of Ralph Nader, with Neptune opposing his Pisces Sun, checkering his great career in a quixotic ego run funded largely by the very interests which he supposedly opposes. Ah, Neptune and the human ego in the new millennium.

We have the 29-year Saturn return of the last American killed in Vietnam (4/29/75), with Vietnam becoming an equal and parallel issue to Iraq. We have Saturn in Cancer, the sign of both this country and Bush, with fear reigning supreme in "the land of the free and home of the brave." We were certainly never meant to have fear dictate our fate, especially while Pluto transits Sagittarius exalting the New Hampshire state motto, "live free or die."

We find transiting Pluto in Sag In America’s 7th house opposing the United States natal Mars in Gemini, synchronous with political campaign’s which have sunken from the gutter to the sewer. We have a talk radio which is so partisan, divisive, and venomous you can just feel the hate, with partisanship as a much higher priority than patriotism. The Jeffersonian in my soul just shudders!

With the electorate so fiercely divided, this election further confirms the Gemini-rising US Chart over the others which astrologer’s hypothesize. Pluto in Sagittarius in the 7th house opposing America’s Mars in Gemini in the 1st suggests to me another contested election and an acid test of the very foundations of our democracy.

We see the polls varying by over a dozen points, though no one I know of has ever been polled, nor do I know of anyone outside the media who believes in them. Yet as I write this on September 11th, Gallup has Bush ahead by 13 points with just six weeks to go, and electoral-voter.com calculates 350 to 173 in electoral votes for Bush! It’s appears like a Bush landslide. Yet this astrologer for one, is going way out on a limb and predicting a Seabiscuit style come-from-behind Kerry victory! Here’s some of my reasoning:

There is a major sea change in the astrological ethers shifting with the seasons. Jupiter finishes its year cleaning up in Virgo and enters Libra with a combustion to the Sun at the equinox on September 23rd, (which just happens to be the Bruce Springsteen’s 55th birthday). Very powerful and positive. A few days later, Mars follows Jupiter’s lead into this partnership sign of justice. Both Bush with his Leo rising and first house stellum in Leo, and double Sagittarian Kerry with his 7th house Gemini cluster and Jupiter in Leo -- will enjoy soft aspects from this Libra parade. But it is Kerry who gets the most benefit precisely because he needs what Springsteen calls "the human touch." Connection. Plus, this Libra stellium will empower running mate John Edwards by trining his Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury conjunction in Gemini. Gentleman, start your equinoctial engines! For the debates, transiting Uranus starts a month long trine with Kerry’s Venus, and I think he will begin to awaken the heart of many who have been sleeping who suddenly see him as Presidential and appealing. And this entire Libra locomotive transits over Kerry’s midheaven and 10th house of professional standing. This favorable astrological weather prevails during the four debates which provide the zenith of exposure for the candidates where many undecided voters sway in the turbulent political hurricane. About this time, the "Vote for Change" tour begins with Springsteen and about 20 other major acts rocking the vote in 37 concerts throughout the battleground states. And I believe the Boss is sincere when he ardently affirms " I will do everything in my power to defeat George Bush and elect John Kerry." An un-polled coalition of gays, blacks, and first-time voters will help swing the changing tide.

Now, at the same time GW Bush, on Oct 8, will experience the first exact conjunction of his second Saturn return. If he thought things were closing in on him when Saturn conjoined his Sun last year, he only got a preview of the taskmaster’s inescapable grip. I have always believed that karmic law was immutable, that there was no way around reaping what you have sewn. I also believe there was lots of not-so-funny business and some very deep and hidden agendas at play around the entire Iraq debacle, for which there must be a potent karmic price to pay. I fully expect the Bush presidency to be held accountable for the disaster and tragedy of Iraq. I do not understand how people can swallow him telling them this war is going well in the face of a National Intelligence Estimate and daily news which says precisely the opposite Then again, these are the same people that let him slide on the false and vehement rationale of Iraq’s stockpiles of WMD and imminent threats, even the fear of the hypothetical "smoking gun which could turn into a mushroom cloud." Bush might squeak away with getting elected, but I will bet on the very validity of the divine science that with a 12th house Saturn return amidst these kind of shenanigans, he will be going down and going down hard — if not before the election, sometime in his next term.

I can just visualize Springsteen belting out, "Born in the USA, I was a born in the USA." like a chant with tens of thousands of juiced fans standing, cheering, registering, mobilizing, voting for the first time, feeling it, willing a holographic wave of change from their hearts! Do you think any of them have been polled on their cell phones? I feel the youth -- the hope of the future -- are one strong seed of many of a surging and shifting tide. I hope everyone reading this has registered to vote and is participating in the process. The stellar floodgates are opening to change. Believe it or not, President John F. Kerry in 2004!


Ken Kalb is a 30-year professional astrologer and author with over 800 published articles in many languages, four books, an astrological calendar, and thousands of consultations. He is the director of Lucky Star Astrological Services (www.luckystarz.com). He has been the vortex of the global LightShift 2000 (www.lightshift.com) peace initiative, helping bring peoples of goodwill together in Spirit in collective attunements. Ken finds a wonderful wordless application of his philosophies in his Electric bicycle/Alternative Transportation business, Electric Star (www.electricstar.org). Ken’s email is dolfunman@aol.com

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