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The Wave – September 2004 Circular
© Qala Phoenix 2004

All my love and blessings to each one of you,

This month’s Wave is being sent out  later in the month due to health issues within my own beautiful family.  You may like to say a prayer for my divine partner, Zy and the healing of his physical body if you are so guided.  I am sure he would love this support.

I hope that you have been enjoying The Waves that I have been writing each month and that they have helped you in some small way.  This month, I am asking each of you to network these to all beings that you feel will be assisted by The Wave’s assistance and energy.  This Wave particularly focuses on our world situation, and how you can assist the family of love and light to serve humanity and the Earth during this time of great transition. The message is quite long, but enriched with information and a practise for groups or individuals to assist the balancing the energies creating our major world upheavals. This has been written for all who are asking how they can be of more help and service to the healing and balancing of energies in specific areas of the world where suffering is occurring.

Blessed be from the heart of Gaia, Qala

Message of Assistance From the Family of Light

Paul the Venetian now steps forth to each one of you with Hilarion, Sananda, Archangel Michael and Kuthumi.  Each of these Masters now begins to raise your vibration to assist you to expand and experience the divine love that they pour forth to you now.  Breathe and receive as they place rings of love around you to support your energy field to stabilise and increase in size.

So many of you are much larger than the development of your own energy fields, and we are suggesting that many of  the difficulties or struggles in life, that you may experience, are created through restrictions in your energy field.  Presently, the Earth’s energy field is being assisted to raise in vibration powerfully… and just as your soul lives in your body, and at times may feel that there is not enough space for you in the Earth body … the goddess Gaia is also expanding, and her energy body is needing to open to allow the love she is, to pour through. The Earth’s field is changing dynamically as we share this with you …and as the living being or spirit of the Earth is ascending,  the physical body of the earth is also reacting to the cellular changes and energetic changes created by the shifting field resonance.  

Just as your own soul is on the path of ascension, there are parts of your consciousness that may not flow with this ascension.  These may be aspects of your consciousness that hold old fears.  Sananda supports these ones now by offering you a sacred dispensation to support these aspects that live within your consciousness - the parts of you that cannot keep up or flow with your love and light acceleration.  He offers you a golden rod that you may call to activate within your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etheric or soul bodies.  Place your hands out and receive this golden rod from him now, and ask that it activate through each of these bodies in divine order for your being. Know that you may call upon this at any time when you sense your lower bodies are experiencing difficulty and the flow of love and light is not as present in these bodies.

Mother Earth also shares this journey with you.  As the goddess Gaia that lives within the Earth is ascending, there are parts of her consciousness that are also having difficulty with the acceleration of light.  When we see on the news great difficulty occurring in areas of our world, know that this is manifested through a series of energies interacting to create this.  Each one of you is a divine being, and as a collective, you hold the power to create changes with the outcome in these areas.  You may not see ahead into the future to know where the pockets of old consciousness will begin to burst open to release deep fears from our collective and from the Earth mother, but you are able, once situations have occurred in the world, to use the power that God gave you to stabilise and work with the family of love and light to create balance in these areas.  
Gaia has chosen her ascension, and these Earth changes and events will continue to take place in areas around the world.  Where large fear thought forms are present in the energetic grids of the Earth formed by the collective of humanity,  humanity tends to suffer.  In other words, Beloveds, we share with you that in all the areas of the world where humanity is suffering in large numbers, there are large collective thought form energies feeding the creation of this.  

We wish to share with you that there are three primary factors that create situations of suffering to arise in specific areas of your world.

  1. The first is the fear based thoughtforms held by the collective consciousness and anchored in specific areas of the earth grid and into communities and races. These thoughtforms are unresolved thoughts & beliefs held in the ancestral lineage of the people and in the unconscious( astral) realm within the earth grid of this specific area. The unconscious beliefs have been created by repressed energies of the collective where large situations were not resolved to love previously in this area on the earth or by this ancestral race or part of the collective. These thoughtforms can easily be lifted by the Family of Light when humanity as a group  (3 or more people are needed to form a collective) calls for this to occur. The power of 3 holds the power to transform energies like these thoughtforms held by the collective consciousness of humanity- effecting the collective consciousnesss of humanity to be more enlightened.

2. The second factor relates to choices made by our collective and by individuals in our communities.These choices are often influenced by the unconscious fear based beliefs and conscious fears held by the collective in the specific area effected or by the ancestral lineage of this area. Choices are influenced by education and new understandings that you may offer to the souls of these areas through a Ascension Council that you create with teh Family of Lovelight for them.

3. The third is related to a weakness in the Earth grid. We share that the weakness in the earth grid is the primary core reason manifestations of the negative aspect of earth changes take place very physically -such as extreme weather changes effecting large groups. The Earth has 12 levels of grids or12 dimensions to her energy field. When this grid is weakened or ripped open partially through the lower dimensions( 1st – 5th) unexpected Earth changes can take place like earthquakes, floods etc. The Earth as a living being is continually balancing her fields from the core of her energetic centre - her core. When extreme weather is a hazard to lifeforms, you may call to the elementals of the weather to calm and channel theri energy into the Earthcore. If a large enough group focuses on supporting the elementals within the weather to channel their extreme energy into the Earthcore, the weather will be assisted to be less extreme in nature.When the earth grid is stressed or tensioned in areas due to rips or tears in the field, the power of effect ( balancing mechanism of energetic release ) takes place in the most stressed area of the grid. When the earth grid is weakened or opened in the higher dimensions ( 4th- 9th) the collective of humanity of these areas are deeply effected by collective fear thoughtforms manifesting through their communities.  If the grid  weakens or opens itself to allow the fear thoughtforms to manifest through the Earth plane,  all begin to be effected by a event that is related to the manifestation of the  fear thoughtform. When the grid is strengthened, the Christ grid floods love and light through an area , allowing the peace to be felt and experienced in this area.

Every world situation we witness on the news is responsive to fear thought forms of the collective anchored in the area where this suffering is occurring, created through ignorance and false belief (based on fear rather than love), and created through a weakness in the Earth grid in this area.  These fear thoughtforms can also be transmitted through the television to humanity in extreme circumstances such as 9-11.
Each one of you has the ability to work as a collective in circles to strengthen the Earth grid in these areas, and to call upon those beings that have wielded their power and used their free will to lead others into this situation.  Each one of you is able to call to the souls of these ones and hold ascension council with them with our open hearts.  Each one of you also in sacred circle are able to assist the cleansing and release of the fear thought forms held in these areas anchoring the suffering and difficulty into the Earth plane.  

Know Beloveds, all in the physical comes through the etheric blueprinting, and these fear thought forms are the etheric blueprints over these areas that create suffering.  If you wish to contribute to assisting the release of these collective fear thought forms held in the astral plane of our collective consciousness, you may join the HALO program and receive the names of the areas in the world where the 96 primary points on the earth grid for the collective consciousness of humanity is held.  Within the HALO program, each planetary point is described, and it is connected to a point in your own physical body.  The truth and the fears in the collective held through this point are offered with a mantra to assist the opening and cleansing of these energies.  You may email
halo@light-elixirs.com and ask to subscribe as a HALO Angel if you wish to receive this information.  
I am offering a group meditation process from the Masters, which I am asking you to network with this information so many people on the planet who hold circles will begin to work with strengthening the Earth grid, clearing the fear thought forms of the collective, and holding ascension councils with the leaders involved in our world situations.  Know that we do have the power as individuals and as a collective, and that this has not been taken from us, and that the greatest power that we hold is the open heart and the presence of non-judgement of our leaders.  Know that each of our leaders offer each of us a divine reflection of parts of our own consciousness that are presently unable to integrate and ascend into the light.  As you work with them, you may find powerful shifts in your own consciousness through the laws of forgiveness, karma, love, reflection, divinity and creation.
All my love, Qala

Assisting the Balance in World Situations, Earth Changes and Humanity’s Upheavals

  1. As you gather in your circles, you will need a specific focus to work with, for this group meditation process.  I recommend that you choose to offer balancing energies to a situation that touches you deeply in some way.  Know that what deeply touches us, also gives us the power to channel the immense love that lives within us.  If you are in a circle, find a common ground, as there are many situations in the world needing balancing and assistance through this form of loving service.

2.  Light a candle and call upon God/dess or the sacred names of those that you work with as the family of light.  This will be in accordance to your own heart resoance, and spiritual lineage. This process works with any form of spirituality and faith Beloveds. You may wish to create a beautiful altar in honour of peace, love and the qualities of the divine.  Build this together if you are working in a circle so as to create the group energy and collective feeling between each other.

3.  As you open your circle,  a beautiful Temple of Harmony will anchor over you, and the Angels and Archangels and Emissaries of Love will enter the room to be with you.  They will first begin to enlighten your chakras and your own energy centres so that you may channel the love and light to the areas in the world more powerfully.  They suggest that you place an image on your altar that mirrors or reflects balance.  Some of you may create drawings, and others of you may use symbols or objects to focus your energy through.  For those of you that are not guided to receive an image or focus, you may use a golden pyramid to focus the energy through.  

4.  A golden pyramid will be anchored in the centre of the room or area that you work in by the loving guardians that work with you.  Know that this will assist the work to take place more powerfully through any other image of balance you may place on the altar physically to focus and support this process.  Know that the ancient keepers and ancestral guardians of the Earth will be working with you through this golden pyramid in the strengthening of the Earth grid in the area that you choose to focus upon. This pyramid will also transmit all energies, messages prayers you send through yrou image of balance to teh area and all souls you call to ascension council.
5.  Bring your own ceremony into this through your prayers and loving offerings so as to build the energy in the room.  Know that it is the energy in the room that will be sent through the golden pyramid to the Earth grid to strengthen it.  Know that it will be empowered 12,000-fold by the Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters working with you.  The golden pyramid is the instrument of magnification for this process.  Your own ceremony of love is for the building of the energy in your circle.  This can only be created through the open heart between each one of you, and through your own open heart prayers and giftings of love and blessings.
6. For each circle that you hold, you may call upon all the HALO Angels that presently work with the Earth grid, assisting the fear thought forms of our collective to be loved free.  This will empower your own circle’s work.  Also, you may ask to be linked with all others who are presently creating circles in the world for balancing and peace.  It is through the power of the collective that all will manifest complete balance in our world, so linking with others in other countries and areas empowers the effect of your balancing work.  
7. As you do this, we ask that you ask that every being in the area that you are focussed upon receive what you receive.  We ask that you receive love infusions through every cell of your being as the Angels step forth to you.  As you do this, allow your hearts to connect to the image that represents balance, and intend to channel this love and light frequency through this image of balance and the golden pyramid to the area that you have chosen to focus upon in the world.  Once each of you is connected in this way, you will have created a group merkaba of divine love and sacred balance.  As you know, it is the healing force of love that balances all. It needs each one of you in circle to lock your hearts in this focus to the image of balance, and then direct energy from the generator of love within your heart.
8.  As you each do this, you will begin to raise in vibration as your own Divine Presences or God Presences merge with you.  You may sing the mantra of God Presence together to create this to be more powerful if you wish:
You will raise in vibration to a high platform, and it is through this open heart feeling of unconditional love that you are then able to call forth to the souls of all beings such as world leaders etc that may be involved in decision-making that affects what is occurring in this area.
9.  Call to the God Presences of the leaders etc,  to be with you, and call to the souls of these ones to be with you.  Call for an ascension council to open with these ones, and invite the Karmic Board to bring the akashic records to these ones.  Share with them your truth of love and your vision of what can occur if decisions are made with love instead of fear.  Send only love to these ones, and do not give them your power.  If you feel that you have given them your power, or that you blame them, we ask that you reclaim your power by opening your heart to them.  Know that many in this world are directed by fear and not love.  It is not your role to judge them, but to support them to use their free will to make a new choice based on love.  

10. Transmit love to these beings through the image of balance.. Offer through your own heart, all to this council that will support this process.  Ask that God’s will be done, and that the divine plan of love be activated through the area that you have chosen to focus upon.  Call to the Angels and Archangels to release all core fear thought forms that may be affecting all beings in this area.  Ask for karmic absolution for humanity and call to the souls that you have opened ascension council with, to also receive karmic absolution in relationship to all that has manifested. As you do this, breathe in and receive the universal laws of love, karma, reflection, forgiveness, grace, creation and divinity through your being.  Call on these laws to flood through you and directly into the Earth in the area you have chosen to focus on.  Gently invite the souls that you have called into ascension council with you to also receive these laws through them.
11. Breathe as the violet flame and other beautiful rays filled with dispensations flood through you and flood into the Earth in the area you have chosen to focus on for the strengthening of the Earth grid in this area.  At this time, you may become aware of some old agreements that humanity has made to accept these fears in their life.  You may become aware of the core fears and what they are that have been pulsing the souls in this area to be disturbed.  You may become aware of the core fears from your own guidance, and if you are aware of these, you may call for these to be lifted by the Angels, Archangels and the Mothers of Love.  

12.  As you complete with this, ask that every child, mother, father, animal, plant or spirit on the Earth in this area begin to receive rose light flooding through them and the pathways that interconnect them as a collective.  Ask that the rose, blue, gold and white light fill the pathways that collectively link all beings in this area as one family.  Ask that the shock and painful memories that may be trapped in the energy pathways between each being may be lifted into the light.  Ask that the violet flame dissolve all shock and trauma in the energy pathways of the collective.  Call forth to all individual souls in this area, and ask if they wish to receive divine healing and to be placed on a healing program with the Angels and Archangels and the Divine Mothers of Love.  Ask these ones if they wish to ask for karmic absolution and receive the universal laws of grace, love, creation, karma, forgiveness, divinity and reflection as dispensations for their own regeneration energetically in their lives.  Be the messenger for the family of light and call this out loud or telepath this to them, and know that many of these souls will receive this through your divine intervention and love.  Complete your circle with your own blessings through your guidance and open heart.  

Please network this to all that you know.  If it touches your heart, I ask you to write a small personal message to your friends or those that you are networking this to, sharing how important this is for you.

All my love, Qala

This article/message is copyrighted © Qala Serenia Phoenix, 2004. This may be freely distributed as long as none of the content is altered, and as original source and copyright is honoured.  If wishing to share this with others, please do not delete this section of the article.

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Qala’s Events in November, 2004

Retreat in the Heart of Your God Presence
With Qala & The Ascended Masters,
in Australia

In the Arms of the Divine Mother and Divine Father
In the Company of Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters

A One Week God Presence Retreat
November 7th to 13th, 2004

Blessings from the heart of the Masters of Christ consciousness,

We come to you now to share that this sacred retreat will renew and rejuvenate every aspect of your being. It will purify and open your heart to a completely new connection to the divine being you are. Each one of you are invited to travel to Australia to be with us for the second God Presence retreat that we are offering through Qala. Know that the ever-present love and light permeates through every cell within this sacred retreat. Each one of you who has answered your God Presence’s clarion call to reunite through the sacred open heart and enlightenment process in this life, are called to receive a great upliftment that will align you to the path of God Presence. We come in a council form to you each day over seven days, and will share new teachings and direct experiences and journeys that will support you to experience the divinity of love and the ever-present light of God/dess. From this you will receive a new path, a new beginning, and a doorway into the One Heart. Beloveds, we call to you to join us in unified field in a sacred temple created from roses, sacred imagery, crystals, soul family, heart experiences and sacred sound and the sacred sounds of God Presence. Each one of you will be working with us to receive a deep opening through your energy bodies and hearts to the divine love of God/dess that lives within thee.

We call to thee to join us at the Gunnebah Retreat Centre to retreat and experience the God Presence within thee.

Blessed be,
Maitreya, Kuthumi, Sananda, Mary, Archangel Michael, Metatron, Divine Mother and Qala

For More Information/ Bookings:  Zy Phoenix

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