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Online Channeling and Messages          "Masters Q & A"  below

October 11, 2004


 Greetings Everyone! It has been awhile since our last transmission. I have missed you! I’ve been traveling around the country teaching and learning as well. It has been fantastic to meet so many people who are so open to finding that greater way of being. With those questions that come, my learning process jumps by leaps and bounds… and that means that I have more to share with you!


As I move about, one common thread seems to weave the fabric of the One. So many people live the dreams of others, never knowing their truth, as it has been covered by expectations, demands, social morays and frankly, too much misinformation.


Often I meet people who are ready to soar into greater reality but yet don’t understand how to go about it.  The journey has become a set of ideals, of romantic ideas, of needfulness, rather than one of moving through life’s great journey from a sense of fullness. From the heart rather than the head, so to speak.


When we are small, and sometimes even when we are grown, we are driven by the values that others have given to us and that somewhere along the line we have accepted as Truth. Hmmm. How to find ourselves in all of the confusion?


How many times do we get a physical feeling inside when we are doing something that does not fit?  How many times do we force situations because we believe that the situation must happen?  And think about things until we can no longer fathom what the Truth was in the first place?  Justifying, convincing ourselves that we are doing the right thing… or that someone else is… And what results? Chaos. Pure and simple. Failure to achieve our goals.  Disappointment. Lack… Wrong!


The only time that we lose the Truth is when we move away from it. I had a huge “AHA!” when I was in Austin recently. I was telling the story about when the first Master appeared to me after I begged (yes I did) and pleaded (pitiful, I know, but…) to anyone who would listen to show me the way. I had no earthly teacher, and I really wanted to know what was happening to me. I was awakening so fast that my reality was challenged, and I had these incredible gifts that I didn’t know how to use.


Upon my pleading, a most beautiful Being materialized before me, there to show me what I wanted to know. I was so startled that I jumped back (literally), lost my “space” (completely) and poof! The Master was gone!


I couldn’t believe it. I had blown it. I asked, begged, pleaded, there HE WAS, and my own reaction scared him away. God. What was I thinking? Everything. Nothing. I was blown away.


So I hurried up, got back into my “space” and viola! There He stood. Patiently waiting for me. He hadn’t gone anywhere… I had... Hmmm…I had.


My point being is that when we search and ask and study and look externally, we are not bringing Truth to ourselves, only the truths of others. Think about it. I know that when the Masters are before me, it is because I have humbly placed myself before them. I had always thought that They had shown up for me. Not so. I showed up ready, willing and humble for Them to teach me! Wow. Wow!


When we seek greater reality it is only our illusion of aloneness that keeps us earthbound. The Truth is much greater than we are. As you go about your day today, and everyday from now on, when you feel yourself struggling with a person, situation, or for any reason at all, STOP. Step back, and ask yourselves “How do I feel?” Is this MY Truth, or that of another? I think the answer may surprise you.


Your questions for the Masters came like a tidal wave! Fantastic and powerful! You have outdone yourselves! My sincere gratitude, love and kudos to Marti, who with love and patience sifted through the entire list of (over) 1,000 questions, categorized them and gave them to me in a form that I can present to the Masters. This newsletter begins the new format that the Masters have requested. I have to tell you that the Masters are loving this!


I will be working from the list of questions you sent in, based upon the most frequently asked questions and on through the list, asking the Masters to respond, and below giving you both the questions and the answers. Unfortunately we cannot answer all of your personal questions, but will do my best to have the Masters answer everything that will mean anything to you as a whole. My philosophy is that if one person had a questions, there are many more who also need that answer! Thank you from my heart for your enthusiasm!


As always, it is my honor and privilege to serve you. I am grateful for you love, your e-mails, letters, comments and all that makes you who you are. Be in Peace.


Namaste –




Online Channeling                "Masters Q & A"

October 11, 2004


Antahallah ansi ansitu asi, asi, asi. Three times as it has been since the beginning, we greet that Light which you are…


We are grateful for the opportunity to be of service to you. We are most pleased that you have given us a platform from which to share that which you want to know. And so it is that we begin to answer that which are your questions…


Q: Have you ever been manifest in a physicality and experienced the feelings we humans do?


It is not so. We have never taken the form of humanity, as we are beings of Light form. We are the energy of that which is, all of its colors and frequencies, and see all things by their relationships energetically. Feeling is a human experience. We are not prone to emotionality because we are Love. When one becomes that which simply is, there is truly nothing else to be.



Qa: Please comment on dark and light.  Do we help our Light to outshine the darkness wherever it dwells or is the dark an ongoing part of us that we need to integrate?


Qb: If all things are made of Light, and all things come from the One, then what is Darkness?  Is it different at all?  Or is it simply that a being may have a higher amount of Darkness in a particular incarnation?  Why does there have to be Light and Darkness?  Why can’t there just be Light?


This concept is one of the most misunderstood among humans. Beingness is a dichotomy of that which is Light and that which is Dark, for you cannot have one without the other. It is that in order to fully become that which you intend, you must embrace the darkness which is you in such a way, that you become whole and complete.


It seems that human beings need a dichotomy of ideas in order to sustain that which they have been taught as well as to have some logical understanding for that which they do not.


There is no need to fear Darkness, rather to embrace it, as it is a mirror of All That Is in its infinite possibilities. You cannot measure that which is immeasurable. if you can touch reality with any of your earthly senses, then it is not so, there is no reality to it. To experience the purity of Truth, one must move beyond the Light and into the void where there is everything and nothing, feel the stillness, the infinite. Be everything and nothing. It is in that place of infinite possibilities where all creation began. It is there from which all creation comes.


If one is to recognize that which is Light, then one must also be familiar with that which is Darkness. This is not a reason for fearful experiences, as above so below, those outward dimensions are reflected by inner dimensions. The universe will always require balance of Light and Dark if it is to exist at all. In many ways, the struggle to shift consciousness in your world, if one could see this energetically, looks very much like the moments immediately following creation. There is the energy of that which is the higher vibration, growing, expanding outwardly, and there is that of the heaviness which you strive to change. There will become a moment in eternity in which the balance will shift, and consciousness will become demonstrative Light. That Light will disburse, re-assimilating upon its journey to create new and higher realities.


If not for the Darkness, there would be no awareness of Light.


Q: If there was nothing at the beginning, I mean at the very beginning then how did God come into being? How was he created? I know this is an odd question because we think in terms of linear time and that only applies to our world, unfortunately I can only think in terms of linear time. Why did God create anything at all? What is the story of creation anyway? Reincarnation is also based in the concept of linear time but if linear time only exists in our world, well then it just doesn't make sense. If there is no time in higher dimensions and past, present and future exist simultaneously, does that mean that there are versions of us in parallel worlds that are living in our past or future? Then it would mean that are no past lives as such...Its all very confusing, this concept of no time, please explain.


Masters: It is that in the Beginning, as it has been in every Beginning, there was Darkness. That Darkness was a living entity. As it moved and pulsed, that darkness created among and within itself, certain resistance. That resistance came in the form of friction. That friction was much like that which you call static electricity. In such a way, with each pulsating movement of the Darkness, Light was created.


As the Light expanded, that which was Darkness was pushed outwardly. Ultimately the Light outweighed the Darkness and there became a singular moment when the Darkness collapsed upon the Light. In such a way, the Light was shattered into myriads of tiny pieces and was sent careening into the universes.


That Light contained the memories of the source, the Beginning, and as it traveled, the Light remembered everything that it experienced. Because of this, no two fragments of Light were the same. Each had a conscious memory of all it had experienced and no two experiences were exactly alike.


The Light began to reorganize itself as the fragments sought others which had similar journeys. As the Light began to organize, it did so in pyramidal fashion. These pyramids of Light were four sided. Each Pyramid contained a unique set of light fragments, frequencies and memories. Each Pyramid became a consciousness unto itself. Each contained a unique set of harmonic frequencies which were the memories of all of the fragments combined. Each pyramid contained a spiral within. The base of the spiral at the base of the pyramid containing the densest frequencies, the tip of the spiral being that which is Light.


As it is required by the universal processes, those pyramids began to organize, each searching for others with a similar set of harmonics and consciousness. The pyramids began to order in the shape of an octahedron. In such a way, each octahedron contained a set of 8 pyramids, the consciousness of each formation now contained the harmonic memories of the light fragments, the pyramids, the interior of each one containing a set of 32 facets. These are what we refer to as the particulates. These octahedrons are the fabric of all creation.


The octahedrons began to order. As they did, the aligned with their flat sides toward the flat side of the next octahedron and so on. In between the arrangement of these particulates are the null zones, the “empty spaces”. It is through these corridors that your prayers, your intentions travel. It is also where all communication universal takes place. When those energies or intentions are projected into creation, and as they communicate among the particulates, those particulates respond by turning in their places, causing new harmonic alignments with their neighboring particulates. In such a way, as the new alignment takes place, new reality is created.


In order for there to be manifestation of any kind, these octahedrons must harmonize one with another. As above, so below, the particulates began to become reality around and within themselves. As this occurred, the formations continued to repeat the shape of the particulates. Dimensions were formed in the same type of arrangement and shapes. In such a way, those dimensions with higher harmonics remained close to the Source. Those of a more dense nature remained closer to the interior. The most dense became mirrors to the Darkness until the center of creation was reached and in such a way, therein remained Light.  As above, so below...

As those realities formed, so did manifested reality.  Each reality contained the consciousness of the particulates from which it was created. Created manifestation, because it came from that which was, began to reflect the patterns of organization within the universal construct. All through nature, there are spirals, there are spheres, there are cubes. Your DNA structure is based upon this very principal of creation. In such a way, in order for manifestation to occur there must be at least two aspects (particulates) which come together – In such a way, as this occurs in human manifestation, there is reflected one to another, an exemplification of two strands of DNA which each contain 32 segments. These unique formations on a physical level reflect reality on all levels.  

Because you are created of the particulates, so it is that you contain within you, Light from the original source, the consciousness of all time and space. It is from this place within you that your rememberings, your gifts truly come. Each of you is a unique entity unto yourself. This is why no two of you will have exactly the same experience.

 In such a way, perhaps you begin to understand that you are the God that you seek. The only vengeance which occurs is that which humans create for themselves as their consciousness communicates through the null zones, commanding of the universe that which is in and of each moment. Those commands begin to reflect as new realities. You are the creators of your realities.

 Time is both contiguous and continuous. There is no beginning and no end, as there is a constant recreation of reality from all which has manifested as that reality. In the Truth of all things, there is no such thing as linear time. That which you perceive to be as such comes from your need to hold onto some sort of logical reality. In such a way, you mark events by seasons, weeks, months, days, years and so on.

 Your past lives are your current lives, your then, now and future. All that you are and all that you do, effects the outcomes of all realities.

 You are living alternate realities even as you read our words. There are aspects of you infinitely. If you are balanced and harmonized, these aspects all work together for that which is your experience on every level of being. When you become disharmonic, for whatever reason (usually because of mental or emotional interference) often some of your aspects will fragment from you, no longer participating. In such a way, it is then that your lives begin to twist and turn and you begin to feel a lack of control. You have no control anyway. You are an integral part of the One. In such a way, all that you do in every moment is vital to all of the rest of creation. Remember, all energy which is expended moves through the null zones, communication with all other aspects of creation.

 To utilize the construct in this way, moment by moment, you begin to create whatever realities that you are communication to creation. This is how you change what is happening in your lives. It is also, on a larger scale, how you actually create a shift in your dimensional consciousness. Since reality is all formed with the same patterning of shapes and alignments of those shapes, dimensions will shift just as the particulates do. As this occurs, new and different harmonic alignments occur and new realities are created.

 You can truly change the reality in which you live.

Q: What type of relation does LIGHT have with Music and/or sound?  Are they related?  I believe music/sound can be used to heal the mind, body and Spirit.  I think that in the future, man will use sound and music, much like a doctor performing an operation in a hospital for healing.  Is there any information of significant importance that would help to reach these goals?

 Masters: As we just explained, all things are created of Light. That being said, it is to begin to remember that all of those particulates respond to energy. Light is energy, consciousness is Light energy, all energy moves through the color spectrum, that which is contained in Light. (Is a color spectrum also contained within a spiral formation that which is within the pyramids that became the octahedrons, the particulates?) In such a way, as sound and color are introduced to any manifestation, that manifestation responds to the energy based upon the particulates from which it is made.  If, for instance, there are disharmonic traits within a being, those disharmonies can be directed to change by introducing new frequencies to the particulates within.

 Music is energy. The music moves through your null zones, communicating to you that which is the feeling of the music. All music is based upon mathematic relationships. Depending upon those relationships mathematically, your bodies will respond as your particulates receive the messages from within the music. Color works similarly. If you were to bathe yourselves in different color aspects, those colors would leave you with different feelings as they moved through you.

 Your scientists have only begun to discover that power of Light and color in relationship to the physicality. For instance, lasers are being utilized for specific purposes in healing, communication and even entertainment. But what you have failed to recognize so far, is that the technology that is used to create those lasers is far more reaching than that. It is that when a laser is directed, that laser creates specific change, but it is all so specific. Why not apply the technology in a gentler way so that the reality of healing is complete, rather than just aiming at the symptoms?

 It would simply mean that when the calculations are done on a more universal scale, rather than a specific one, the totality of the experience of reality also changes. It is to find the harmonic relationships within a given being and then to re-harmonize those relationships for wellness. (Of course, you have the capability to do all of this merely with your intent!)

(To be continued next transmission…)


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