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Good Morning! Is It Really?

Nademus Channeled Through Brenda Hill

Good day entities. And a fine day it is. This is a day like no other, yet this is a day that rides the tide of history and also plays its role in the creation of history. And you, each of you, are the instruments of creation. What a sense of creative participation and what a level of cooperation is required for a glorious day to unfold and make its own distinct mark upon the pathways of life!

Now, your pathways of life, though varied, do indeed hold a similarity born of Oneness and yet they are as distinct and self-authored as your individuated selves can construct. What does your day look like as you wake from your slumber, dreams already fading into that soft and elusive phase of your reality? What are the thoughts that permeate your waking moments? Do you realize that these are the thoughts that create the template for your day, this glorious and stupendous moment of creative gesture that you call the morning?

Yes, indeed. You set the tone of your expression and that tone literally plays itself out in the simultaneous Now Moments of your expression. Now that implies a huge responsibility and that, in fact, is exactly what I am suggesting. You are indeed in charge of setting forth the templates of creation that will unfold for you in manifest reality as “your day” and “your life” and “your marriage” and “your relationships” and “your career”. We could go on and on here but remember how creative you are. Your imagination will quite easily and naturally extend this picture into every arena of life. In other words, you are totally in charge of your creative templates.

So what determines the tone of your mindset? A better or more accurate question may be “how do you hold a vibrational pattern of thought that excites and supports you in the creation of a reality that you prefer and one that offers you the passionate involvement with all of creation? Do you see and feel the difference between these two question formats? The first implies that your mindset can be modified or adjusted or influenced by something outside of you. The second question format aligns to the notion that you are in charge and you as creator set the pattern of thought that, through your pure focus of attention, will see the outcome or resulting manifestation of the thought through the illusion of time.

Holding a pure pattern of thought vibration sounds simple enough, but in practical practice, many of you feel less than adequate to maintain a particular thought pattern. Rather, you bend and succumb to legions of thoughts that are supplied for you via your media, newspapers, television and “good morning shows” that literally lead your focus to follow a particular pattern of thought. This may seem comforting to you in your groggy mornings; however, I invite you to rethink this often-habitual ritual you have designed in your lives.

It seems innocent enough to awaken unto your day groggy and somewhat hesitant. Most of you have created such full plates that the day looming before you is often felt to be overwhelming. So, what better way to gather your senses than to quickly grab a cup of coffee, sit down to read the newspaper that has been conveniently dropped at your doorstep and allow your open field to be programmed by the agenda of media magnates. Wait! That is not what you want. It is just the newspaper after all, telling of the most recent news and events. What harm is there, you say? Or, you pour that cup of coffee to assist in your wake-up ritual and you sit down to a morning news show, again with your open field ready to be supplied with the latest breaking news or what may be more correctly termed, the latest fear-making stories to set the tone of the world stage and set the tone of the individuals upon that world stage to mold and conform to that tone.

Allow me to return to my original premise of your setting the tone for your vibrational patterns of thought. Setting the tone is about holding a vibrational pattern as template for creation. This means that the kind of vessel that holds the fluidity of thought will determine the shape of that thought. Each vessel, each form, allows for a different experience. Your mind literally designs the vessel and it also designs the fluid that conforms to the shape, size, and potential of the vessel. In other words, your mind, your field of awareness, holds an individuated formatting pattern and that pattern holds the vibrational tone of expression. This expression is partially experienced as the vessel and partially experienced as the fluid that fills the vessel. You are a whole being having a whole experience.

Now, when you are lax about your empowered potential to be consistently in the state of aware open fields holding pure open focus, you sometimes can become habituated into forgetting your God state and disallowing your potential by defaulting to rituals such as the morning news and coffee we have been talking of, where your vessel is pre-shaped for you as well as the fluid which fills it. In other words, by assuming and creatively allowing yourself to be a default, wide open field of vibrational energy pool, you set up the scenario to be led like a lamb to slaughter, innocently, yet deliberately, opening your mind to fear. Fear then becomes your template of creation and your day takes on a theme. Yes, with great intention and deliberate effort you can, of course, change course within your day. You are, after all, a magnificent creator and in total charge of your reality. How can you be both an unwitting participant in an agenda not truly your preference and the absolute creator of all aspects of your reality?

That is easy to answer. You create all vibrational patterns of self and work together as a collective to create a world arena of expression. You either do so by default or you do so by deliberate creation. Default creations are born of fear with an absence of disciplined thought and often holding the thought process of a follower. Deliberate creation involves deliberate intentions, self-empowerment and alignment to the divine self within. What is literally occurring is that you vacillate between these two states of consciousness. You are awake and asleep and everything in-between in varying degrees at different “times”.

So, let us recognize and remember the magnificence of who you are. You are God, reflecting and experiencing Itself in the realm of the physical within the embodiments of mankind for the purpose of joyful expression and exploration of the soul. All experience is marked by growth. Joyful experience is marked by growth born of conscious awareness of your creative functioning. If, more and more often, you remember who you are, you also hold the key to a joyful, love-expanding experience of life.

Allow yourself the experience of self-empowered, self-realized, self-propelled creation. Be in charge of your creation by setting the tone of it. When you awaken from the slumber of the night, a state truly representative of God connection, carry that God connection into your waking state of consciousness as the vessel, then intentionally fill that vessel with thoughts, statements of clarity, statements of love, statements of powerful creative flow, and allow yourself the vibrational pattern of thought called joyful expression. It is your birthright; it is your absolute potential; and it is your excellence.

You are a divine vessel filled with love, the substance of life. I encourage you to live life. Think and feel on that. I will say it again. I encourage you to live life, live all the glorious days of your life.

You are profoundly loved. I am Nademus. I bid you adieu. With God you are and I am. So be it. Indeed.

Copyright © 2004 by Brenda Hill


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