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Hi everyone, herewith from most precious beloved Lord Kuthumi and most precious beloved Saint Germain for those who have not seen the first channeling that came out on the golden flame initiations. When the first channeling came out I decided to use this as a tool for planetary cleansing by intending myself to be a golden flame vortex and cannot tell you how amazing this is. I also in fact utilize this through intent for the cleansing of my energy bodies, aura or emotional body etc. and you can actually feel the spinning of the golden flame vortex within which leaves you feeling fantastic afterwards, so I wanted to mention that.  Also below this latest email from Michelle she has made it clear that unless the channel is for everyone which is seldom than those wishing to receive her channels will need to contact her as she receives a fee for the channelings she sends out which are around 6 channelings a month and it comes to around US$10 = R65 a month. So I will not be able to forward any more of her channelings unless it is for all to see. I love the amazing work that she does.  Site is www.thelightweaver.co.za Embracing all in Pure White Source Light, Fredaricka




Johannesburg :  28, 29 August 2004


Golden Flame Initiation Workshop Channelings


I am Kuthumi and I come forward on the rays of love and wisdom to greet thee at this time and to bring out unto thee the blessings of the new vision of accelerated soul growth, of the expansion of consciousness beyond perceived limitations of your third dimensional material world, and the blessings of integration that come with the initiation activation.  Greetings, beloved ones.


And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with you upon this day as we hold each one of you firmly within the heart of Christ and within the hands of God.  As we gather in the presence of the Christ Consciousness, we wish to acknowledge each one of you as the soul servants of the golden age.  You have come into embodiment into one of earth’s most profound initiations.  Every single one of you has been through a number of mother earth’s cycles: you have advanced with her, you have watched over her, you have journeyed within her and once again you serve alongside her.


The awakening of golden consciousness, which I also refer to as heart consciousness, is one of the greatest shifts in consciousness that the collective consciousness can experience - this being one of the reasons why so many other communities of intelligence observe planet earth’s current cycle of advancement.  There are a number of what people call extra-terrestrial communities not only observing but supporting and interacting with this great time of light. 


The Pleiadians have a long history with mother earth: they have been through a number of the earth’s cycles and what earth experience has to offer as a school of higher learning.  So have the Arcturians; so have the Andromedians, Sirians, the Venusians, as well as the Martians.  One of the reasons why Mars has as yet not been included as a porthole is because you as individuals and as a collective consciousness are already in the Mars porthole.


The deep transitions that you have been faced with, which pushes you in a sense, in feeling the lower baser vibrations is what we call transcending the Mars block - this block being limitations experienced and manifested due to the root system of the earth consciousness being trapped in the lower instinct of fear-based survival.  That is what your earth is currently experiencing.


Many of these races of beings have volunteered to incarnate in human body to join the warriors of light to bring this change about.  They too are recognised as soul servants.  Many of them began their descent into third dimension in the early 1920s.  Numbers of them have come and gone since then.  Prior to that the ascended masters themselves were in physical form and set the templates in place so that the time currently being experienced could in fact come to pass.  All of you have been influenced in some way or another by a number of these great masters. 


An ascended master is one who has completed the journey of higher learning within the earth’s consciousness, but now the levels of consciousness have resulted in the collective consciousness moving into a higher dimension.  This means more light present therefore more opportunity for expansion and as well as for experience.  The imprint of divine manifestation is in its process of complete manifestation.  This is why so many souls are fighting to come in.  However, the time has come where the process of incarnation has become selective by this we mean that the Lords of the various councils responsible for holding earth’s divine plan in place have had to ensure that selected souls reincarnate to ensure that the greater plan of what she has chosen comes into being.  There was a period of time where the earth was left to her own devices, all and sundry could come and go as they wished and experienced vital lessons but because of where you are heading things have changed.


The abuse of free will resulted in a lot of damage being done and goddess Gaia as a living breathing entity, a consciousness of light, sent out a call for assistance.  Her plea for help was acknowledged by the grand masters of light and because of her request systems where put in place to help her heal, just like when you pray for assistance and guidance, your guides and masters acknowledge and act accordingly.  The same has happened on a greater scale with her because the grand masters are taking her request seriously and have observed on many levels the impact of what has happened in the past, very serious damage control is being done. 


Very important methods of utilising energy have been set in place.  Now all of you were aware of the fact prior to your incarnation that this current situation was a possibility and that if it got to the extent of seriousness that you would come into full consciousness of service and of who you are at an accelerated rate in order to pave the way for the rest of humanity to follow.  This was necessary because so many different levels of soul consciousness were incarnating.  Beings from systems that were not accustomed to an emotional body where incarnating which meant that the earth, Gaia would be exposed to some lethal and destructive energy. 


Your role has been important so that those who have not journeyed as long and as far as you have can still experience the blessing of that possibility and still come fully into the light and ascend with mother earth.  This has created that shift in dimensional consciousness and now a number of the grand masters are returning.  They give thanks to the leaders of light who have chiselled through the walls of denial of limited thinking, of conditional love of the conditional application of energy.  Many of you have been referred to as the system busters or the way showers, you are in fact all light weavers, you are light warriors and light workers. 


The opportunity presenting itself to you as a group at this time is serving levels of life that you will not even comprehend.  Many of these levels of life exist within you which you are not even conscious of but you have agreed because you are here to remember who you are and what those levels of life are.  What they are to be used for, how you will serve through them and how it will serve you.  The inner child reflects the damage of the past, this is why the golden child now must come into being to reverse that damage, to reconstruct the original imprint within the spine of mother earth.  Your blueprint is coded into your cerebral spinal fluid, the same coding in mother earth’s spinal fluid which is better known as the river Nile, that is her spine, her spinal fluid.  This light activation of your blueprint and the star chakras opens the world of your star print or your star map, giving you a deeper dimension through which to experience life.  It takes you through initiations that you could not even conjure up in your wildest imagination.  This beloved ones is prelude to the coming of the beings of light who shall walk amongst you and perform miracles like recorded when the grand master Jesus walked the earth.  This too is one of the reasons why currently there is so much conflict amongst the religious sectors because the light ones are already here.  The Christs have manifested, some of the religious teachings speak of the messiah coming or the Christ coming which will turn the world upside down, some have put this as Armageddon, the coming of the archangels in chariots to pick up the faithful, loyal servants of God and remove them whilst the rest burn in fire raining down from heaven.  This as most of you know is a distorted understanding or perception of the messages brought. 


Grand Master Jesus has in fact been one of the key players in bringing this cycle to an end, his role has been to shake humanity awake to see that all who serve with pure heart and pure intent, regardless of the road they choose to reach God, serves God.  Everything boils down to one principle and that is service with, in and through the pure vibration of love.  Intention, beloved ones, is everything regardless of what form of belief system, religiously or spiritually you choose to invest your energy in.  The religious wars have been fought for decades and through all of this these ones fighting so hard to try and prove that their way is the only right way have not seen the Messiah has arrived.  They have not recognised Christ in their presence because they have been blinded by their judgements, they have been blinded by their lust consciousness, in other words the need to wield power, the need to feel safe within their beliefs therefore the need to overpower rather than empower.  This way is why many empires are currently crumbling at the foundation because its creation lacks the pure intent of sacred light of divine unconditional love, which is the source and only true creative force within life. 


The Messiah is within every person who lives and acts within that template of pure sacred and divine intent.  Christ is manifest within every single man, woman and child who chooses to live by the sacred golden principles of life.  So the coming has come, it will continue to come and the more it comes the more those who choose to remain “deaf” and “blind”, the more they will fight, the more they will struggle and battle but there is a way to get to these ones and in fact it is the only way to get to anyone or to anything and that is to lead by example.  If you want to change the world become the change and show the rest how to do it.  Up until now there has been a lot of lip service, now the time has come to take action, to put into practice what has been preached for aeons of time.  Any fanatical group of religious or spiritual following be it old age or new age will be challenged if it does not embody the principles of light and truth.  Where ego is present pure intent is missing, but the Christ within will always be there to suggest or propose a better way.  This is one of the reasons why many people such as yourself regardless of what religion you originate from have experienced so much challenge and limitation, criticism, and rejection. Some of you have had to stand in the very midst of attack by the restricted organisation of spirituality or religion put in place by people who have been motivated by the lower ego.  So know that we are not limiting our _expression regarding this matter to Christians only, it must be clear that we are referring to absolutely every area of religious or spiritual practice because even in the new age movement, there are groups who manifest as much limitation, fear and pain. 


Therefore knowing this remind yourself that your intention is what will take you home, heaven or “hell”.  Many people as you know are already in hell, the hell manifest as a result of limited function and _expression in their world.  The more you remind yourself of how far you have come, what you have achieved and that you are different because you were chosen to make a difference and without your difference, no difference could be made.  Therefore your purpose is a very important one and you have made it possible for the new children to come.  The Indigos, as they are referred to, have probably had to take the brunt of the change but the coming of the initiations and activations taking place globally is rapidly ensuring that the golden flame which will give light to the golden age will burn bright and will burn eternally.  St Germain has graced this planet with his light, with his presence and with his intention to ensure this takes place. 


Your star map holds the information that will explain to you exactly how you will assist him and him you and how with your other masters and guides you will serve in a number of areas to bring more of the golden light into you.  As you evolve so the future generations automatically evolve and the golden age will come into being.  In truth there is now no stopping it.  The battle between the lords of light and lords of lust have been fierce and long, another reason why a number of the light workers currently are experiencing deep inner core exhaustion because your activity of service has not been limited only to the earth plane, this activity has taken place far beyond your physical earth consciousness.  Your gift in return for all this work are the blessings that come with your golden flame initiations.  The activation of your star chakras that present the opportunity of expanded consciousness and accelerated growth that has not ever before been presented to the earth in her history.  This has also resulted in any equal dangers like that of Atlantis totally being overruled or overcome by the completion of the golden flame activations taking place across your world today and tomorrow.   That history cannot repeat itself.



Do you understand what a profound time this is to be on earth?  Do you understand what you have all contributed to and what you have done?  I think not.  As the days become weeks and the weeks become months and the months become years you will integrate that understanding.  You will know why you were driven to be here today.  You will understand why you followed many other instincts and inspirations to come. 


I, Kuthumi, am a master of the second ray.  We are known as the master builders.  Master El Morya of the first ray are known as the master destroyers and Master Djwal Khul of the third ray are the ones who bring intelligence into activity.  These three rays govern humanities awakening process and with the activation of your star chakras you ascend to another level of those rays.  So with the first ray you utilise the energy of will and power and manifest it as divine will, divine power or divine willpower and through that you destroy what no longer serves you, you shatter the illusions through the higher vibration of love and wisdom.  Wisdom gained through the application of love you learn how to build a new way of living.  That new way gives life to intelligence, in other words, intelligence becomes active. 


Now the third ray of active intelligence was not in its full capacity during the time of Atlantis, which was another reason why it self destructed.  In this timeline you have the advantage of the third ray of active intelligence supporting the earth’s development and evolution.  You as individuals are integrating more active intelligence.  We don’t speak of intellect as such but of intelligence, knowledge, higher understanding of how the systems of light, of love, of truth and wisdom operate.  You will receive more of this as this process unfolds.  It is very important that you understand the theory that we speak of today prior to fully stepping into your activations, this knowledge will help to empower you, to support you through the changes that await you, the changes that await your planet.  This knowledge will help you to recognise the promptings that will manifest through your star print.  Therefore I Kuthumi, with Master El Morya and Master Djwal Khul create a triad of light around St Germain, who manifests the three pointed star of the violet, silver and golden flame.  The violet, silver and golden flame give birth to what many of you know as the Star of David.  The Star of David embodies the full activation of the triple Goddess violet, silver and gold flame and the triple God violet, silver and gold flame.  This is why you aspire to manifest balance in your life, man and woman equal as one entity.  That entity becomes the golden flame.


You have already witnessed the destruction caused by imbalance, either women ruling or men ruling or the head ruling or only the heart ruling.  Let us make it clear, when only the heart rules based on past consciousness it will have lacked the insight and practical application of geometric forces of energy manifested through the masculine aspect of mind and the mind on its own can also not function because it lacks the power and creative force of unconditional love, nurturing and comfort brought through the feminine energy of the heart.  This is why heart and mind must merge, left and right brain, male and female, in and out, above and below.  The balance of masculine and feminine produces the sacred golden flame, the sacred golden child which is the pure, innocent and fully functional master self.


The template of the Star of David can be seen as the universal soul star chakra.  The chakra that allows all systems of truth, of love and wisdom to pass through it, to be integrated and applied in a way that will give more meaning to your life and more meaning to the lives of those whom you will come to meet, and those whom you are currently working with.


The yellow ray also referred to as the golden ray has become the most important ray for the current systems of energy governing earth’s consciousness.  Because it is the master builder ray, people have to embody wisdom through love in order for first ray and third ray to be experienced in its deeper layers.  Now, Master Djwal Khul has taken over much of my earlier roles and works through a number of those students who are studying within the ashram of the second ray and those who have merged with Djwal Khul have not lost what they have learnt from the ray that I have presented but rather have integrated the lessons of love and wisdom and can now learn how to apply it through active intentions.  The yellow ray will eventually be known as the golden ray and that is when earth’s consciousness is fully manifest and the application of wisdom through love governs all systems of action.  The grand teachers fall upon second ray and it is also the ray that governs your solar system, the teachers of light are here to break the old paradigms so that the grand masters of all aspects of life and consciousness can ground what will serve Gaia and therefore will also serve you. 


The more your star chakras align with the energy of the material world, you will become more clear as to how the various rays impact on you.  You will also understand why the fourth ray of harmony through conflict has been necessary in order to evolve through the dimensions.  This too is ascending to a higher vibration, this is governed by Lord Serapis Bey, this shift will be greatly influenced by and through the arts, music, the art of the written word, the art of the spoken word and this already is happening, there are volumes of information in the form of the written word available, more than has ever been available with regards to this awakening time.  Many of the new children are using the art of the written word and is expressing it through the art of singing the word, they are getting their message across through music.  It is a language they understand and it has been the greatest system of _expression for a number of them, especially the ones who have had to face deep inner and outer challenge regarding their uniqueness and their mission.  The freedom of _expression through music is limitless and can be expressed in a number of fashions and levels, every octave of sound will touch the heart of someone.  Some people find certain levels of sound offensive which for another can be a comfort, find your sacred sound and allow the resonance of that sound to support you in hearing your way.


Now the four rays that we have spoken of are connected to the four minds or the four bodies; physical body, emotion or emotional body, mind or mental body and spirit or spirit body and today you will clearing rapidly on those levels, specifically through the first four rays.  So remind yourself of what the rays mean of how they can have and will affect you and you will also pick up the rays _expression through your star chakras based on what that star chakra brings to light in the form of higher learning, of healing and advancement.


So beloved ones, we would like for you to begin your star map.  Begin it by asking your star self what the first step is, bear in mind that this process has no room for lower ego and is unconditional in it’s ability to express through imagination.  We reiterate that the golden flame initiations and activations of your star chakras awaken more of your senses.  Therefore begin to train yourself in using them. 


For a moment shut your eyes, breathe deeply into your body, allowing all the systems of light and energy that feed you to become centred and aligned with the violet, silver and golden flame of St Germain.  Now visualise in the centre of this flame your star self standing, you can imagine your star self any way you choose.  Acknowledge that you are observing your star self from your human nature perspective.  Visualise your star self coming closer toward you, until you can clearly make eye contact.  Your star self is aware of the difficulty of being in the material world, you now, if it is your wish and your will, must ask your star self to open the universal star gate, the universal star gate number is 144, it embodies all dimensions, levels and senses available on every level of _expression.  The moment you ask for this your energy is exposed to the higher dimensions of knowledge and wisdom.  Now look deeply into the eyes of your star self, as if you were looking into your own eye in a mirror, simply stare and become aware of what your body is feeling right now.  Now become aware (tape ran out here) of your star self and ask your fully mastered self to release an impulse of energy to be absorbed by you, which gives life to a thought, a feeling, an emotion or a sensation that this is the point of conception.  The point that you will begin recreating your star map from.  Take another deep breath into your body, allowing yourself to be in the presence of all that you have created.  You will remain connected to your star self and will continue to receive information from him/her, you will continue to receive impulses from the universal star gate and the activation of your golden flame and transition into full consciousness has been initiated.


As we greet you in love at this time, know that you are always held and acknowledged in the light of your truth and as I bless you in love and wisdom know that you have the skills, the will, the power, the wisdom and the love and the active intelligence to complete your journey. 


May all always be well and we shall speak with you a little later.  I am Kuthumi. Adonai.

Michelle Eloff
Metaphysician, Crystologist, Group Mentor, Lecturer,
Teacher, Trance Voice Channel, Author, Counsellor,
Soul Coach, Conflict Management Mediator.
083 478-6777
Michelle Eloff E-mail Address(es): michelle@thelightweaver.co.za
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facilitated by Michelle & Arend Eloff(c)
Saint Germain has started channelling some very interesting information through me which has unfolded into a series of INITIATION & ACTIVATION WORKSHOPS.
Please read the  channelling below to gain deeper insight as to what is currently happening and why these workshops are so important.
Saint Germain will channel a series of initiations and activations over the weekend of the workshop aimed specifically at the participants to help them move through their major shifts into HEART CONSCIOUSNESS currently taking place. This is also known as the ACTIVATION & AWAKENING OF THE SOUL SERVERS OF THE GOLDEN FLAME & THE 7th RAY LIGHTWEAVERS.
The workshops are for adolescents & adults and I encourage both to attend in order for all participants to learn & grow from the wisdom contributed by the combination of ages.
This workshop will accelerate the speed at which your Star Body, Crystal Bodies & DNA align and develop, unfolding in a powerful energy field to support the manifestation of your GOLDEN FLAME.
Over the two days you will receive -
  • Star Chakra cards which will support your Star Chakra Activation & Maintenance Programme.
  • Personal channelled information from Saint Germain through Michelle for your personal development.
  • Channelled information from Saint Germain regarding the Golden Flame Awakening
The attending adolescents (IF ANY) will have their Advanced Codings activated which is intended to assist them with the trials and turmoil of dealing with the current collective consciousness limitations and unrealistic expectations placed upon them, and help them develop a web of support that can nurture & inspire them to believe in themselves & follow their dreams.
The techniques you will experience and learn about are aimed at supporting your personal journey of consciousness awakening and is adapted to suit the dynamic of the attending group.
To be a part of this "out of this world" workshop please e-mail michelle@thelightweaver.co.za or call 083 478-6777
JHB:  Saturday 28 August & Sunday 29 August
VENUE:  94 Eccleston Crescent, Bryanston
DURBAN:  Friday 24 September & Saturday 25 September
VENUE: Durban, Exact venue to be confirmed
CAPE TOWN:  Saturday 23 October & Sunday 24 October
VENUE: Cape Town,  Exact venue to be confirmed
INVESTMENT: R950 includes STAR CHAKRA CARDS, all workshop materials, personal channelled information, tea, coffee, and eats throughout both days.
TIME: 09h00 - 17h00

Saint Germain

Through Michelle Eloff – Monday 09 August 2004


Many levels of Light reveal themselves to the Powers of Confusion, however this does not scare these Souls of Light. They stand in the centre of the Golden Flame and nothing and no-one can touch them in a way that brings their energy down.


The Souls of Light embodied in organic vehicles must now stand fully in their truth in order for the Golden Flame of Heart Consciousness to embrace your planet. The Golden Flame gets life from the Violet & Silver Flames. The Violet Flame is the pure wisdom & innocence of the Inner Child and the Silver Flame is the pure power and wisdom of the Feminine Force of the Goddess. The combined flame gives life to the Golden Flame – The pure and raw power of God manifest within the pure and mastered Soul of Light manifest as a result of transmuting all darkness & fear through the Violet & Silver Flames.


No darkness can exist within these flames. All that is intended to harm or dis-empower is disintegrated within this presence. Your task now dear ones is to open your conscious self to this power and consciously intend for the power of The Golden Flame to manifest itself within and around your being. This leads one through an initiation of degeneration and then regeneration. To embrace this power and be able to use it consciously for the good of the whole you have to be clear of any unintentional programmes that could influence the use of this energy.


The Lords of Light and the Lords of Lust have been battling for ages. Your physical presence and role is now needed more than ever. The process of transmutation that Gaia is undergoing calls for this presence and conscious activity. The whole pod of Soul Servers of the Golden Flame are being called into active duty and it is my call they heed. I, St. Germain of the Violet Ray call all 7th ray Lightweavers forth to open and integrate and therefore initiate and awaken to the level of the Golden Flame’s essence of Heart Consciousness. 


This role is not one to be taken lightly. It is one you signed up to participate in prior to this incarnation. You asked that when the time was Divine that my call awaken your heart. Well the call is out and if it echoes in your heart it is time to make your move and allow the process of change to take your forward on your path. This Path of Duty brings you and all who are a part of this plan into a union of a Divine Nature. This union will be facilitated through nature.  The initiations you have to undergo will reflect all the aspects of your human nature to you so that you can attend to the accelerated process of adopting Soul Nature and therefore Heart Consciousness. 


Your process is the prelude to the rest of humanity adopting this consciousness. This is the portal of the Golden Fleece opening and activating the codes in the Indigos’, Crystal & Golden Children who are the new Leaders of Light for the Golden Age. There are many new souls who will now make their way into your world as a result of this opening. Their active role is of paramount importance. These magnificent souls are recognized by the vibration of their energies. They will be seen as The Emerald Ones, The Pearl Beings, The Diamond Light Bringers, The Magnificent Seven of the Order of Sirius, The Platinum Bearers of Truth & The Cosmic Shrine of Divine Light Warriors. These incoming souls vibrate on levels not as yet experienced by a human form in the 3rd dimensional realm. These beings can only exist in an energy field that vibrates at the lowest level humans usually experience as very high and that is 8th dimension. 


As children they display a VERY different process of thought. Everything they do and perceive is processed through the right brain. They utilize their left brain only for the materialisation of the defined plan and for the application of such. They will reincarnate in a balanced number of males and females and their eyes are very different to what you are accustomed to, some displaying speckles of gold, emerald, or violet. Depending on their “race” will determine the nature of their roles. They will choose only enlightened parents in order to fully carry out the tasks at hand. They have no time to waste developing through human nature and incarnate as fully active 48 strand Soul Nature Star Beings. This is another the reasons why they will choose enlightened parents and why many people are being shaken out of their unconscious sleep and into a new awakened state. If you feel this is your current process then you could very well be in your preparation state for one or more of these beings to come through your genetic lineage. These children are very sensitive to the environment which is why “Conscious Parents” are vital to their development within the human world. Chemicals of any kind will hamper their movement through the density of 3rd, 4th & 5th dimensional experiences brought on by the mass consciousness. 


The areas they choose to incarnate into will undergo massive change in order to support their presence. This means that denser vibrations of any sort will AUTOMATICALLY transmute in order to accommodate their vibration. It will appear as if nature recognizes them for who they are and responds accordingly. I anticipate a period of 25 years during which they will arrive and influence humanities development, beginning in the year 2004. 


Asia is major area of development within the cosmic light of change and a number of the Pearl Beings will incarnate within that area. The Magnificent Seven of the order of Sirius are 7 of the Grand Lords of Sirius who will incarnate to ensure that everything unfolds according to the Higher Plan of Light especially now that the battle between Light & Lust is becoming such a major & conscious process. The Cosmic Shrine of Divine Light Warriors will be responsible for penetrating the isolated aspects of humanities consciousness by being involved in exposing all the hidden information that has resulted in a dis-empowered world. This information will also come through the discoveries made by the New Order of Scientists who will show humanity how Science & Spirit are one energy – many of the New Scientists are Indigo adults, adolescents and Crystal children. They need to be given the space to explore every aspect of life which attracts them in order to display to the world the nature of Spirit & the nature of Science. 


Many current adult Lightweavers, Lightbearers & Lightwarriors are creating the space for these souls to be able to carry out their missions. Within this process they too achieve Soul Level Achievements and receive the relevant blessings and new colour rays added to their energy field to show this achievement. It is also important that these current Light workers work on building their Star Bodies, Crystal Bodies & Star Chakras. I, Saint Germain facilitate this process of activation. It is through these initiations and stages of consciousness awakening and star chakra activation that your Golden Flame grows in strength and so does Heart Consciousness. 


You have no idea how important this project is. It determines the future of your planet and therefore the future of your descendents. Step away from fear and lust and come into the presence and power of your divine essence and accept that your authentic self knows all truth and will show you the way to the Doors Of Capriccia – the entrance to the 12th dimension which leads into the heart of Shamballa. The Golden Age is the full manifestation of Shamballa and the manifestation of Heaven on Earth. Those who are ready to recognize the Divine Plan of Shamballa will know this to be true. I am a Master of the Higher Order and represent Shamballa upon the Golden and Violet Ray of Awakening alongside Lord Kuthumi, Lord Maitreya, Lord Metatron, Sanat Kumara, Lord Soltec & Lord Hilarion. We are contracted to ensure the full awakening of the Souls of Light take place and carry out their Divine Orders and follow their Divine Plan. (Shamballa is also known as Camelot.) 


This process has come into full being now that the second wave of the Sun Chakra has completed it’s cycle and fully re-awoken the masculine & feminine force of creative power. The awakening will now unfold faster than you have seen to date and penetrate levels you did not imagine existed within your self as well as within the world you see as your current home. Concepts never before entertained will come into being and shift consciousness beyond the Light Barrier and into Universal Consciousness so that Heart Consciousness will become the governing principle of life through the senses of humanity and the faculties of development within the current active realms of consciousness development. 


The crystal, animal & plant kingdom are your allies and will aid you in many ways. You must open your consciousness to receive their transmission and guidance. Much is and will continue to change. The way you previously lived your lives in a degree of unconscious reality will change and you will have to adapt rapidly in order to benefit from what will come to usher in the new order of new life and new consciousness. A vast amount of this project must be completed by the year 2008 in order for the Divine Plan to come into it’s full potential. This will automatically create a new reality for those who have shifted consciousness beyond the density of lower vibrational dimensions. This is often referred to as “the world as you know it no longer existing”. There is still much to share with you, I however leave it for a later time. 


Blessed be your lives. I am Saint Germain. Farewell

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