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Johannesburg :  13 September 2004


The  Gifts  Of  Love


I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love & Wisdom to greet thee at this time and to bring unto each one of you blessings that will enrich you life. And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we gather with you upon this day to bring you blessings of light and love and to share with you the truth of all life at this time.


As you have all probably noticed, your bodies are reminding you very distinctively that you are drawing towards the end of your year.  You are feeling the fatigue.  Your holidays feel so far away, yet it is not such a long time, but you perceive it as this.  As your energy is adjusting to the changes that have taken place, the weight of fatigue and stress draws your energy down, and you find yourself getting caught in the rat-race of life, and many of you forget that life is a game.


How often in each day do you focus on the joy of life?  How often during your day do you give thanks for the rain that comes, or the sun that shines or the birds that fly in your heavens?  How many times do you give thanks for the food that nurtures your body, for the love that you have, for the home that embraces you?  How many times do you give thanks for the fact that you can laugh and even cry?


You don’t do this because you are too busy focussing on the weight of your life rather than the light of your life.  You see, it is often easier to focus on the negatives.  You have made them priorities, yet if you can focus your energy on the joys of life, the gifts of life, you shift the energy automatically, thus supporting yourself in a space of light, and as you are held in a space of light, all of life seems lighter.


No matter what you are experiencing, with a positive attitude the support will come, for you are not drawing the energy down, you are not breaking down that which needs to be created or generated in order to support you.  We have shared with you many different visualisation techniques; one of them particularly was placing your order in the universal kitchen.  Do you recall this?  For those of you who are not familiar with this, we will briefly explain this concept.


When you arrive at a restaurant you are shown a table; you are shown a menu and you decide what it is you would like to eat.  Your waiter comes to take your order and hands it in at the kitchen to be prepared.  In life, you make a choice or a request, you send this “order” off into the universe, and the beings of light take down your order and it is sent to the Universal Kitchen.  However, instead of enjoying the space that is there during this time of preparation, you run backwards and forwards, in and out of the kitchen, confusing the chef!


Whereas, in a restaurant you do not do this; you trust that the chef is preparing what you have asked for in the proper manner, not so?  You trust that the chef knows what needs to be done and you don’t even think of interfering.  So every time you place your “order”, relax and trust that you will receive what you have asked for.  When you place your order, you choose either baked potatoes, French fries or rice.  You choose how you want your meat or your fish done, so be just as specific when you place your orders with the Universal Kitchen.


During this process of preparation, why not have a little fun and enjoy the gifts of life that are all around you?  Know that you have placed your order and that it is being taken care of.  Sometimes it takes a little longer than ordering ice cream and hot chocolate sauce, but know it will come.  You need to believe this.  The best way to support this is by living life to its fullest.  By recognising and connecting with the gifts that life has to offer you.


Gently draw your consciousness into your sacred space.  Visualise this wonderland, the place where you can be all that you are.  Visualise a golden light entering through your crown centre, moving through all of your energy centres, bringing balance and harmony, releasing all stress, doubts, and fear from your body; bringing light to the core of each cell, each atom and molecule of your being.  Allow this light to expand beyond your physical body, embracing your higher sacred space, bringing light to every atom in this space.  See your whole space alive and alight.


Take another good look around you.  What do you see in this space that holds you?  Connect with all the beauty; notice the beauty of each flower.  Look at the intricate patterns upon the petals.  Have you ever noticed that there are veins in a petal that carry the life force of this flower?  Have you looked at the core of a flower and seen the geometric shapes that these creations hold?  Have you looked at the stem of a flower and noticed the fine hairs? - each one of them the same length, each one of them perfectly spaced.  Have you noticed how they grow from a seed?  Have you ever noticed a flower that grows in the middle of nowhere, in barren land?  This takes tremendous strength and perseverance.  This is the gift of life.  This is an indication that you as a human are capable of doing the same.  These gifts from the Creator are indicators, guidelines and confirmation of what you too are capable of doing.


Have you noticed how a bird weaves its nest?  Have you seen how it takes each blade of grass, each piece of straw, the twigs and leaves, and weaves them together to create a safe haven, a home that will hold it, keep it warm, nurture its young? 


If there is grass in your sacred space, go down on your knees and see how this grass grows.  If you are upon a beach, go down on your knees and look at each grain of sand.  Notice the colours, feel the texture.  Wherever you are, look at the little insects that run across the sand or through the grass.  To these little insects, the sand or grass is their world and they trust that their surroundings will support them.  They trust they can create a home.  They trust that there is food.


Look at the many gifts present in life.  These are all indicators of the strength that you,  too, have.  You, too, can generate every thing that you need in life - every single thing, my beloved ones.  The plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, your insects, even the elementals that you cannot physically see - all trust in the process of life to support them.  Can you imagine a flower having a nervous breakdown because it does not know when water is going to come next?  No: it knows the cycle of life will support it.


Now begin to walk through this space a bit more.  Allow your eyes to dart around connecting with all the beauty, all the gifts of life, sounds, scents, feelings, and colours, and as you are walking, allow your heart centre to open and allow your mind to clear.  See how beautiful life looks around you.  Hear the song of the birds; see the smile upon each flower; see the strength of the trees and the dancing of the water.


Now open your arms and stretch them to the heavens.  Allow a little skip in your step.  Bring a smile onto your face.  Continue to notice all the gifts and the joy of life around you, and allow yourself to run faster and faster until the wind is blowing your hair back and the smile on your face is now a grin.  Allow yourself to scream in joy if this is what you choose.  Allow the laughter to come from the core of your belly.  Set your spirit free to enjoy and to experience this gift of life, the gift of being able to run, to feel the wind in your hair and upon your skin, to feel the strength in your muscles as they carry you forward, the sound of your voice as it comes from the core of your belly - and all of life responds to the sound that comes from within you.  Run as far as you choose.  If there is water, jump into it.  Be like a child.


Become aware of the pounding of your heart, the depth of your breath; your body is feeling alive.  How often do you do this physically and if ever in your adult form?  When last did you just be silly, play with words, play with sounds or just play and simply cajole?  When last did you do this?  It is extremely therapeutic to allow these feelings to come forward, to just be.  Those of you who do not find it possible to run around like a lunatic, you can even sit in your home, sharing, laughing; taking time to enjoy the gifts of life.  This will also help you to connect with the humour of life.


So connect now with your present moment, your life at this time and where it is that you can recognise the gifts of life that are waiting to be embraced.  How can you shift your attitude to one that is lighter?  There are so many areas of life that have not been recognised or acknowledged because you walk with your chin on your chest.  Observe your surroundings.  See what life has to offer you. There is more to life than bills to pay.  There is more to life than worrying about what may never actually happen.  Each time you find yourself worrying about a specific issue, ask yourself:  What is the worst possible thing that can happen?  What is the guarantee that it will happen?  And in that space, consciously focus on any gift that you can connect with.  And so you will be shifting your consciousness to support you.


So what gift can you give yourself today - a gift of life that will remind you that there is so much more to life than what you allow yourself to perceive?  Place this gift in your heart and acknowledge it.  Be loyal to yourself.  Trust what your heart tells you.  Allow your feelings to flow.  This shall support you in surrendering to your process of life.  Remember all of life is a cycle and it, too, is a game.  Do not spend too much time on focusing on what happened yesterday and what needs to happen tomorrow, leaving out the best part and that is today.  You can imagine your life as a cake or a chocolate with all the best filling in the middle.  Do you truly want to miss out on that? 

Commander Soltec stands in the core of this group upon this evening, and is offering his support to each one of you, helping you to connect with the gifts of life and to recognize how much of it truly is a game.  Through the Science of Love, he will support you if you will accept this assistance.  He offers, too, to each one of you, a blue diamond as a symbol of his love.  When you need his assistance, call his name and visualise the blue diamond holding you and so as to trust that his assistance is with you.  So look forward to much laughter, joy, fun and games.  You need a balance.  It is time now to focus on the lighter side of life.


Give thanks now to the sacred space that holds you.  Give thanks to the gifts of life that you have acknowledged and what they have shown you.  Give thanks to yourself for being in this space; for having the inner strength and the courage to recognize these truths.  Give thanks to Commander Soltec for offering his love and assistance at this time.


Gently begin to draw your consciousness back into your physical body.  Become conscious of your breath and see a ruby-red light being drawn in through your crown centre, moving through all of your chakras, down your legs, through the soles of your feet, grounding you firmly upon the earth.  Allow this light to expand, bringing you the life and the energy to enjoy the gifts of life. 


Feel the energy back in your physical body.  Become aware of your heartbeat … and we welcome you back.  And so - are you ready for fun and games?


As you draw to the close of this year, you all now have the opportunity to release a lot of the energy that you have worked through in this year.  It is a space for you to release everything that no longer supports you in this new space.  As you move towards the end of this cycle, remember that you are also free to connect with the new light that comes in with this new birth.  So the transformational gateways that you are now passing through bring many opportunities of life, and one of the keys here is to recognise that life is truly a game - and if you are going to get stuck in the seriousness of that which you have experienced in the past or trapping yourself by worrying about what has not yet even happened, you are forgetting the joy of life; you are losing touch with that which is happening right before your very eyes and in your heart because you move away from your present self, so it is impossible for you to enjoy your present moment.


So it is that we bless each one of you with the divine inner strength and courage to continue this great journey of self-mastery.  And we bless you with the insight and the clarity to recognise how much of it is truly a game; to recognise that many of the truths that lie within your heart hold the answers to this game.  Remember: you are the solution - whether it is a solution that bonds or a solution that clears. Trust in the many invisible arms that hold you and the hearts that love you.  Recognise the gifts of joy and love that are already in your physical reality, acknowledge what you already have before you, and don’t spend too much energy complaining about what you do not have.  I, Kuthumi, give to each one of you a golden walnut to hold you in the core of my heart.  Remember that I am only a thought away.  Peace and eternal fun be with you.  I am Kuthumi and I greet you in love.  Adonai.


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