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DK Teleconference Wednesday December 24, 2003

"World Service: Releasing Fear of Terrorism, Replacing with Divine Love"

Channeled by Reverend Terri Newlon RevTerri@lifetimeaddress.com

Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek, a very warm greeting to everyone.

Let's begin with a Violet Flame inside the body, a very large Violet Flame.
You can make it a deep purple if you want to or it can be more white with a
little bit of pale violet tint there, but please do a little cleansing. We
are experiencing a little difficulty between the electrical body and the
magnetic body in the physical structure.  They are not necessarily working
harmoniously with each other and that I expect to continue probably for
about another week, so it should be interesting. It will also be affecting
your memory from time to time. So, if that seems to be poor don't worry
about it. Do your best to try to remember things, write notes or set timers
so you don't forget something is in the oven, that sort of thing.

Now, we are close enough to the New Moon that this is an excellent time to
get rid of everything that you don't want anymore. And I mean it could be
something on the physical plane like an attitude, a health issue, financial
issue, and communication issues, that sort of thing. It could be emotional
like some pain, sadness or fear. I highly recommend getting rid of any fears
you have now because there's plenty elevating on the planet. It could also
be a thought form. Whatever thoughts you keep are the ones that get said.
They grow. The more you think them the bigger they grow, or the more they
cross your mind if you aren't deliberately thinking them that is still
feeding it. And anything you feed will prosper. Or it could be something
spiritual like holding yourself back spiritually for whatever strategic
reason you might have devised. So, focus on what you want to get rid of and
then toss it out, just let it leave. I'd say even physically throwing your
hand out and letting it go away that way.

All right then, so that's what I was going on and on about before we had our
technical difficulties. Any questions or any comments that anyone would like
to share today? Please tell me everyone can hear me still. (Yes) Good, thank
you, that silence was a bit disconcerting. You are doing a very good job of
being quiet on the open line by the way. Thank you very much for that.

How are you doing with the Family Pattern Clearing, which is the current QX
program, we have running and the Flower Essence?

STUDENT: Djwhal, I'm really experiencing a profound essence of who I am,
maybe for the first time in my life. In fact another listener and I were
talking over the weekend and we are both having this really keen awareness
of ourselves and it makes conflict or what someone else wants versus what
you want, it neutralizes that energy that is destructive. It's okay for them
to want what they want. It's okay for me to want what I want because I
really know what I want, maybe for the first time in my life. (Good) And I
really know who I am maybe for the first time in my life. And I don't really
mean that I have arrived at a knowing. It's ever increasing everyday. (Good,

DK: When we disconnect from the family programming, because you are taught
even in the womb, certainly in the very young ages you are taught to be who
you are, or who you appear to be would be more accurate. You are programmed
if you will by your family or whatever other influences that you have. So to
get to know who you really are and what you want does come into play when
you start clearing those DNA patterns and those lines, energy connections,
and dysfunctional patterns. Some people for example grow up with the energy
pattern that they are going to become a certain profession, or that they
should have been a boy or a girl, or whatever. All this confusion exists and
as we clear out those lines, it will be empowering also for other family
members and friends because you will be holding a certain presence. We have
quite a few doing the QX. I am very excited. There is over seventy, and that
's clearing several family lines through that. So, I am very excited to
really watch the outcome there.

STUDENT: It ties into what you were saying during our last workshop, which
was that we should be that we are receivers of Light. (Yes) When you are
yourself and you are just receiving this Light, when you encounter another
person, it's like they light up too. I'm having more real dialogues and
interchanges with people. It's just so breath-takingly wonderful. I can't
thank you enough.

DK: You are very welcome. By the way, the Flower Essence is designed to
support. You might want to take it for up to a whole year. If you get done
with one bottle and you feel you need to take another, keep going because
generally speaking these types of cycles will either go in one, three, or
seven years depending upon the depth of the patterning, that it would take
about that long to unravel. Generally it has to do with the time spent in
the womb in the first few months, first year of life, first three years,
first seven years depending upon the programming and the lineage there.
Consider ongoing support if you need it. (Okay, thank you so much.) You are
very welcome.

Of course, I'm working on sending this out to the larger family called
Humanity.  So far, each of you are carrying a fairly friendly loving
presence so that when you are around other people, it may be in a crowd
among strangers, they are feeling that clear and love energy and they are
magnetized to it. You should be seeing relatively favorable responses for
the most part and then perhaps a few triggered responses. There might be two
or three people that are annoyed by it because it is such a contrast to what
they are accustomed to, so don't worry if there are two or three reactors in
your reality somewhere. Just keep smiling and let them have their process.
Good. Anyone else with any comments?

STUDENT: Question. (All right) Last week we talked about I have a son and a
daughter-in-law who you said, stay out of their problems. (Yes) As a mother,
I want to help, and I don't know why if I see some writings or something, I
don't understand why that would not be a good thing.

DK: You are barely audible but I'll repeat that, the one last week there was
some trouble between was it your daughter and son-in-law (son and
daughter-in-law) and I said stay out of it. Yes, you want to help. That's a
dysfunctional family pattern period. It's a common one. People are taught in
being helpful it's all right to meddle in someone else's life, get in the
middle of their argument, or try to be the peacemaker for them. It's
codependency. If you want to learn more about it there are a couple of
places. There's a book by Melody Beattie called Codependent No More. It's an
old classic; points out a little bit more in detail what those codependent
patterns are. Of course, you can also consult with a therapist perhaps. I
also like the work of Byron Katie, and that's at TheWork.com. One of the
first questions in the process is, "Is it really my business?" Almost every
time that you ask yourself that question if you are honest, you are
answering, 'no, it's really not my business'. Then the next step is, 'then
don't put your energy into it'. Oftentimes in family patterns, when you want
to get in and try to fix something, again that is a dysfunctional family
pattern, wanting to make their relationship better, or wanting to help
somebody else out of pain. It does not come from a true love center. It's
actually a twist of manipulating because when you are in your true spiritual
state of mastery what you do is you hold love and you hold the center, and
you stay in your own self-love. Then the people around you have an
opportunity to copycat your energy field. So, they'll either move into
self-healing or they'll stay in their patterns, but it's not because you are
helping them or doing something.

The other thing I recall quite clearly is that neither one of them had
actually asked you to help. Is that correct? (They are talking about it but
they did not come out and say, what do you think?) My suggestion was, you
can ask them. You can say outright, 'you know, I keep getting this urge to
help you but I'm not sure how it would be welcomed or if you really even
want it, so do you want some help?' It would be better for you to perhaps
send them for marriage counseling and gift them a session or buy them a book
if they want the help. But you should stay out of the middle of their
relationship. Eventually what happens is you will become the bad guy. You
will be the one that is resented. It will turn on you. It does every single
time so don't play fixer. I guarantee you, it is the wrong direction to go
in and it's not practicing mastery. Now if they say, 'I really want help'
then you can say, 'Well, I've heard about this book.' Or, 'Why don't you
watch Dr. Phil?' You can kind of guide them somewhere where they can get
some help but I would still keep yourself neutral. (Okay) All right, good,
and a good topic for family time because a lot of families are together on
holidays, or even friends and it's a very interesting dynamic that goes on.
In fact, in some families that is touted as being loving. Being caring is
when you go the extra mile for each other or do all of this other stuff.
Again, it is a dysfunctional pattern. (Thank you) You are welcome. All
right, anyone else?

How about if we tune into some of those things that you would like to let go
of. If you would like to share them out loud, I think that is always very
helpful, particularly if people are listening to the recording of the call
and they might say, 'oh yes, I want to throw that one away too'. Your input
is very valuable and really common patterns if you haven't already noticed
pretty much it's one root consciousness Humanity, and the same things are
rerun or repeated over and over and over to varying degrees. But it's still
usually part of the same pattern. As you say what you would like to let go
of we'll put a little bit of power into that for you as you speak it out
loud you'll get a little extra oomph. If you're listening to the recording
and doing it, again just take that same energy and use it to your benefit.
Who would like to go first with something that you want to let go of?


DK: Anger, good one. Breathe.

STUDENT: Self-doubt.

DK: Self-doubt. Breathe.


DK: Worry. While you are letting go of those, pause for a moment and really
take a moment to feel them, anger, self-doubt, whatever it happens to be.
How does it make you feel when you are in that feeling? Take a moment to
feel it, then as you let it go, breathe, feel what is on the other side of
that. Feel the relief. There, can you tell the difference? (Yes) Good, good.
In other words, sometimes emotionally, and the way it taxes the physical
body, you have to actually take notice, 'this is how it has felt, now that I
have let go of it, I feel much better'. And then what happens is the
emotional body, generally a very addictive thing, and rather than getting
addicted to anger or fear or self-doubt, whatever it happens to be, it will
get addicted to feeling happy, well adjusted, and loving, and then peaceful,
kind of a serenity even. It gets addicted to those feelings instead. Notice
as you let them go. All right, who else would like to let go of something?

STUDENT: Frustration.

DK: Frustration. Again, we'll take a moment to feel that, notice where it is
in your body and how much energy it is taking. You might even see a little
meter, 'it takes about 80% of my energy to maintain frustration'. Then,
breathe and let it go. Breathe and then you might notice that you feel
lighter, free or that you have all of this spiritual energy left over now
instead of maintaining that one sensation. If you want, you can replace it
with something, for example, with frustration, what would you like to
replace it with? I'm not sure that she is still with us so you could replace
it with (love). Love, all right. Who is next please?

STUDENT: Taking on other people's energy or stuff.

DK: Taking on other people's energy, is that what you want to let go? (Yes,
the pattern of that.) Um hum, all right; are you in touch with how much of
your energy has been spent that way? (I can feel it.) Good, that's all that
we need. All right, then let it go. Breathe. Gone for good, let it go and
Breathe. What changed in your feeling? (I feel lighter.) Do you also feel
more energy within, like your energy is coming from within instead of coming
at you from outside? (I think so.) Good, think of it like having your own
generator. You are just generating your own power. When you are viewing
yourself as a generator, you don't take on other people's energy, or their
problems, whatever it happens to be. (Thank you.) Good. All right, good
examples we have going here. What else would someone like to let go of?

STUDENT: Criticism.

DK: Criticism, that's one of my favorites. (Laughter, glad to hear it) All
right, I am assuming you mean all kinds, towards yourself, towards others
(yes) or others projecting at you. (Mostly for me it's towards myself and
towards others, but as I look deeper, it's others criticizing me as well.)
Oh, it goes around pretty good you know; it's a very strong pattern
particularly in certain sections of society. How does it feel, criticism?
(It feels like a weight on my chest.) All right, let's let it all go. We can
all give you a little oomph there. Breathe.  All right, and how does the
chest area feel now? (The weight is gone.) Good. Good. The opposite of
criticism is acceptance. 'I accept myself as is.' I call it 'as is'
acceptance, no condition, like, 'when things are better, or whatever'. There
are little catches people put on acceptance. It's just 'as is' and then
practice watching the divine. Where you look, if you are looking for
mistakes or areas to criticize, what could be improved, or what needs to be
fixed, then that is where your energy goes. That's where your energy is
spent. Look for the divine. Look for the flow of creation. Look for that
Blueprint playing out. Look for unlimited creative feminine energy. Look for
it. Deliberately point it out. Notice it. Feel it. Label it even as an
exercise to play with. Of course, I am talking to everyone. Look for the
divine. And when you look at other people, look at their divine. Don't look
at their body shape, or they seem to have pain in their face, or they look
like they were just crying, or they are acting rude or swearing, or
whatever. Don't go into areas that you can criticize because that's exactly
what the mind will do with it. You have a very strong inner critic so to
speak and that is its job, to do that. Essentially, we want to find
appreciation, 'wow, look at that aura', or, 'gee, that is a great soul', or,
'look at how we are similar'. 'That feels like a kindred soul.' 'That feels
like someone in my family, if you will, at a Light level.' So, find common
denominators of acceptance and look for that divine in there. Or you might
even look and say, 'how masterfully they are playing out that pattern, isn't
that exciting?' You'll have to play a little bit with the mind, particularly
for those who have been raised by other people who are very critical, or you
have criticism in the work place, especially where a lot of perfection is
required in the work place, 'This isn't right', 'that letter has to be
changed', 'this needs to be edited, whatever.' It will take a little more
retraining of the mind. All right. I think we have time for one more,
letting go.

STUDENT: Attachment to outcome.

DK: Attachment to outcome. All right, any outcome, correct? (Any outcome)
All right. It's very interesting to be a creator, to focus in a direction
and not be attached to the outcome which is a very powerful thing actually
because usually the way you think it's going to come out isn't exactly the
way it comes out anyway. So that divine detachment while you are still
focusing can be done, it is done, but then, not needing the outcome at all,
or not needing the outcome to be a certain way. It's very very important
because otherwise you start limiting the creative process. So how does it
feel to be attached to an outcome? What emotion does it invoke in you?
(Rather suppressive. It suppresses in the mental body. It gets repeating on
a one track.) And do you get mad when you can't get the outcome that you are
attached to? (No, I think I get worried. I'm concerned.) Worry is a form of
fear. So, it scares you. (Um hum) Right. Good. Be in touch with that. Some
people just get really angry, other people would get afraid, some would take
it as a notch down in their self-worth, failure, but that's again still
fear, fear of failure. If you were to give it a percentage, how much of your
energy when you are attached to an outcome, how much of your energy is being
spent that way? (If it's something that I really care about? Way too much.)
Give it a percentage, what percentage comes to mind? (60%) All right, good.

All right. Feel that in the body and then let it go. Breathe.  You might
replace it with 'any outcome is okay'. "I can desire something but not be
attached to it.' 'Any outcome is okay.' You know even if the holiday dinner
isn't ready on time, it will be okay. If you don't get to work on time it is
not the end of the world, it will be okay. There might be a consequence but
being so attached that you worry or get into a state of fear is not healthy.
Let's see; let's bring love in because it is the counter balance for fear.
For you, let's replace that with love, self-love, love of the way creation
works, how it can be just a gamble sometimes, you really don't know for
sure. You can just kind of like a child, be surprised at what gift you are
getting from creation. How does that feel in your body now? (That feels a
lot better. I think there was even an inner child there that participated.)
I would agree. (Laughter) Good. All right!

I would like to do a group one, kind of a world server assignment, on
terrorism. Let's have everyone, not just in your own body, because some of
you really are not all that affected by terrorist threats and such, but I
want you to take a moment to feel how Humanity at large responds to it. So,
take a moment to feel the 911 experience or people blowing themselves up
with bombs in shopping centers, car bombs and other things going on around
the world. Do you really feel the fear in the body? It could even be causing
stiffness in the knuckles, etc. The fear is very very great. So again, on
behalf of Humanity, as a member of Humanity, let's let go of terrorism.
Breathe; let it out of the body. Really let it drain out. It should relax
the muscles and feel peaceful there. And let's replace it with Love, Divine
Love, pure healthy Divine Love, not the associations you might have put on
that word through living your life, true Divine Love, true Spirit, white
Christed Light, Universal Chi, Three Star One energy perhaps. Let that
energy drain into the Earth and into Humanity. Just let it go all the way
around. I would also like to see it extended all the way around you, just
really see if you can push like you would in Tai Chi, or Chi Gong. Just kind
of push the energy out in all directions using the palms of your hands. See
if you can make yourself a very very large ball of Divine Love and you are
right in the center of it. Keep it large. Wear it around with you even if
you are busy doing details whatever. Wear it everywhere you go. Be very
conscious of it and that will help tremendously during this holiday season.
All right everyone. Thank you and my love to you.

Djwhal Khul

(Transcribed by Laura Ainsworth)
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