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Hi everyone, most precious beloved Lord Kuthumi who also mentions the 8th of
June in this channeling.  Site www.thelightweaver.co.za Embracing all in
Pure White Source Light, Fredaricka

Johannesburg :  19 May 2004


Greetings be with you upon this day, beloved brothers and sisters of light,
and I am Kuthumi.  And it is with great joy and pleasure within our hearts
that we gather with you upon this day, bringing to you blessings of light
and love, and to share with you the truth of all life at this time.

Many speak of the word will, but not many are conscious of the energy that
this word holds.  And you will say to your partner or your friend, "I will
see you later" or "I will do this tomorrow".  What is your will to see this
one later or to do your task tomorrow?  For the will is the power of your
soul standing with you to open the avenues of experience that will assist
you to create that which you are choosing to manifest through the power and
the love of your soul.  You have heard the saying that "where there is a
will, there is a way".  You are all having to learn now to will your ways,
and this is the power that you must draw upon at this time - to will the way
of your heart, so that you may live in the full presence and consciousness
of your truth.

When you are feeling trapped within the paralysis of fear, your will is not
in operation.  Each time you are faced with an obstacle or a challenge you
are to will your way through the experience by allowing the will of your
soul to guide you.  Your soul is your God aspect; it is the part of you that
is all that you are.  It is the eternal link that is with you as you walk
within your physical body upon the earth plane, experiencing that which you
have chosen to create in order to gain wisdom as you walk upon this path of

There are many changes within you at this time which you face as individuals
and as a race of humans, and it is now time to stand together and to allow
the will of your soul to will the way.  So in your future time, when it is
that you say to your friend or your partner "I will see you later", you are
calling upon the power of your soul to make this possible.  When you are
facing a challenge perhaps you could say, "I will find the truth; I will
find the solution through the pathway of my heart and my soul".  Your will
is at this time one of the most powerful tools that you possess as it is
through this that you can will miracles in your life if you will allow this
to be.

This is an important message that we bring to you at this time, for this
will serve you in the coming days, weeks, months and years that lie before
you.  Each time you give your power away to another or you fall into victim
consciousness, you are handing your will to an outer source; therefore you
are unable to feel the full presence of your being present and you will feel
confusion, you will feel that your energy is scattered and that there is
nowhere or way for you to feel your feet upon the earth.  Remember in these
experiences that you must will the presence of your soul to speak through
your heart the many truths born of the tongue of God to show you the way.

In your bible the word has been written that God is the way.  If you allow
Jesus into your life, you are saved and you will enter into the pearly gates
of heaven.  Your heart is your heaven, and as you allow light to be present
in you eternally, you are already in this place.  You are created from the
flesh of our creator God, so you cannot be separate from this energy unless
it has been your soul wish to hand this aspect of your soul away to
another -  to another energy, and even in this place of being trapped within
the experiences of darkness, you are still of the flesh of God.  So it is
impossible not to be in his heart.  Do you understand this?

All of his creation has a place, but it is for you at this time to recognize
the place within yourself to find the place within your world.  If you are
lost within, you will be lost without, but you are never lost to the heart
of God.  God does not ever say, "Oops - I have lost this one," or "Now where
did I leave that one?"  God always knows what is in your heart.  Let this be
your comfort and knowing that this presence will not ever abandon you and
neither will those who walk with you in the full consciousness of the light
of truth, abandon you.

So now we wish to ask each one of you what it is at this time that you will
will into your life.  What way do you will?  Is it your will to will the way
or do you find that the way to will your soul is too much hard work?  And
you can be honest in this, too, for then perhaps we can assist you to find
why it is that you are feeling this way.

On the 8th of June 2004 you will move through great transition. This is the
time when Mother Earth surrenders all of the abusive patterns she has
experienced due to patriarchal control. This means that you, too, shall
experience a similar process - one where you release the limitation and
control you have experienced due to your masculine self not giving your
feminine, goddess self room to be an active part of your reality, and where
you have been limited or abused in some form or another by a masculine
energy.  Therefore you will also witness a surge of change in the set-up of
patriarchal-controlled systems as they have to learn to surrender to the
goddess energy and make way for the will of a new age entering into the
systems of your world so that masculine and feminine can be partners and
perfectly balanced.

Pause for a moment and feel from your soul what you want to will into your
life.  Be specific because it will come to pass.  Hear this.  This must not
be taken lightly.  This particular choice will act as the catalyst in
opening the gateway for the future that will unfold for you in the next
twelve years of your experience.  Your soul is in full communication with
you at this time, to make your choice.  Do not be fearful of that which you
are choosing.  See this as a great opportunity to make a wish come true, and
remember the time as children where you fantasized of having your fairy
godmother with her wand come to you and say to you, "Child, what is it that
you wish? W e will make any wish come true".  Do you remember the excitement
in your being thinking of this?  Perhaps some of you wish that you had a
genie in a magic lamp and that you would rub it and this genie would grant
any wish?  If this wish is your truth, it will be done.

Always will your way.  Will love into your life; will truth; will light, and
will life, for then you will be eternally happy, at peace and whole.
Remember that not ever do you walk this path alone, and even within the
depths of despair when you feel that you walk this path and no other is
present, it is not so - for we are all one and we are with you always in all
ways.  And I bless you with the love of my presence.  Know that I am Lord
Kuthumi, and I bring each one of you the gift of light.  Blessings be with
you.  Adonai.

Johannesburg : 12 May 2004


I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of light and wisdom to greet
thee at this time and to hold thee in the presence of Christ as we bring
messages from Spirit to fill each one of you with the wisdom of light and
love, guiding you upon the path of your soul.  Greetings, beloved ones.

At this time, we wish to bring to your attention the importance of valuing
life, and in this same breath we wish to pose a question, and that is: How
do you value your life?  If one has to truly take the time to think about
where one is on one's path, to think about life, the body that you inhabit,
the mind that is within you, life around you; how much do you value this?

Many are uncomfortable with the words that are written in the scriptures
that you only get one opportunity, one lifetime.  In truth, you only get one
opportunity to live the life that you are presently living.  You only get
one opportunity to inhabit the body that you presently live in.  The
personality, the character, the circumstances of your life, are unique and
you will not experience it again - not in the way that you are presently
experiencing it.  So many take this for granted - their body and the life
around them, what is within them, how they feel, how they act and the energy
that is put out.  All of this is taken for granted.

I ask you now to put your life on a pause and think about all of that which
you have experienced, where you are now, and the possibilities that lie in
your life before you.  How much energy have you wasted on worrying about
that which has never occurred?  How much energy have you wasted in
criticizing and judging yourself and others?  How much energy and how much
of your life have you wasted on fighting?  This can now come to a close if
you would just for a moment pause and look at what you have.  You have the
unique opportunity to create this life to be glorious.  Even though you have
lessons to learn, it can still be a glorious life.  The time that you take
to learn a lesson is your choice, and if you truly begin to integrate the
importance of living your life to the fullest, you will move through your
lessons a lot quicker.  There is so much in life for you to experience; so
many wonders in the world for you to explore; so much of yourself to
discover; so much of your life already wasted, gone on worrying about petty
dramas.  It is time now, my beloved ones, to stand yourself up, to dust
yourself off and to truly embrace life; to look at what is within you, what
is around you and what lies before you - the glory of what lies before you,
the joy, the opportunities, the adventures of what lies before you.

As you now begin to invest in the riches, the growth and wealth of your
soul, so you are filling your life up with that which is of value.  An
investment in your soul is an eternal investment.  Investing in judgment and
in negativity does not serve you; it does not make the assets of your soul
grow; they diminish, they depreciate, and you are left feeling empty,
feeling lost and feeling that this life is worth nothing - whereas it is
your most valuable gift.  Your most valuable asset is the life that you are
presently living.

There are thousands of souls wanting desperately to come to this planet to
experience what you all take for granted - for there is no other place that
one can experience in the way that one experiences in this place, yet so
many take it for granted - waste their time away, worrying about experiences
that will never happen, being negative about the self and fighting with the
self and with others about things that do not really matter.

The wealth of your soul is important.  Your development and growth as an
individual is important.  Mastering the lessons that you set up for yourself
in this lifetime is important.  Being loving and true to yourself is
important.  Spending valuable time, loving time with your children, your
closest family, with those who you deeply love; experiencing a quality of
life is important.  By feeding yourself with this energy of understanding
the importance and the value of life and living one's life, a quality of
life, so the rest of your life will automatically begin to fall into a
smoother course of action, and even when you are faced with challenges, you
will see the opportunity in the challenge, and you will rise to it with a
sense of selfworth, with a sense of inner strength and the ability to
overcome this and to grasp the opportunity with both hands and to revel in
the joy and the victory that comes in mastering that which you have set
before yourself to overcome and have achieved.  This is, my beloved ones, a
unique opportunity.

How are you going to live the rest of your life?  Are you going to continue
to squander time and energy or will you look to making the best investment
with your time and your energy, seeing where you can draw the most energy
from in order to support you, to nurture you and to guide you in the
direction of truth and the direction of true value?   As you begin to
recognize the true value of life, you will also begin to recognize what a
valuable link  you are in the chain of life, as is each and every other
person.  As you change your perspective on how you live this life, so others
will follow your lead.  For the only way in this new age of experience to
assist others; to lead by example; to practice what you preach and to do
what you would expect others to do.

Rejoice, be happy, play and live, beloved ones.  Live your life, for not
ever will you be able to live this particular life that you are in right
now, in this time, again.  This is why every lifetime is so precious, each
one unique in what it offers, for the age that you are present in has its
gifts and its challenges.  Every soul is blessed with every lifetime that
they choose to live in.  It is a gift from God.  The body that you choose is
a gift from God.  The place that you choose to live in - the country, your
home, the people around you - are all gifts from God.  Recognize how blessed
you all are.  Even if you are faced with very, very deep challenges, you are
blessed to be able to be here, to experience this challenge, to have the
opportunity to master it, to grow, to evolve and to move on to new

Value what you have, beloved ones; value everything around you.  Recognize
its worth, its preciousness and how all is a part of you and how all is an
extension, an expression of God self, of his/her creativity: all is one.
Your children are an expression of you; your home is an expression of you;
your family members are all expressions of your energy, as you are of
theirs.  See the beauty in it.  Take just one day to see only the beauty in
life around you, in the people around you - just the beauty, and you will
see for that day how full your life feels.  For you will see how much your
world is filled with beauty.  If you cannot value lie, you value nothing of
yourself.  This is the time to recognize this; to live each day as if it
were your last.  Value it, embrace it and experience it in every way.  Live
Ponder upon these words deeply, my beloved ones, and you will come to
realize within your heart the importance of what I share with you upon this
day.  Too much time is spent on that which does not matter.  It is time to
see the other side of the coin.

Because of the lack of value of life, your world is experiencing war and
dis-ease. Because of petty power and ego battles, your world is in disarray.
If people spent more time valuing the gifts of life and THE GIFT OF LIFE as
opposed to squabbling over who has more rights or power than another, more
money or material possessions than another, then attention would be focused
on what is important and on matters that can change and enhance the quality
of billions of people's lives.

And so it is that I bless each one of you with the insight, with the wisdom
and the ability to recognize this, to feel it and to turn your life into one
that is valued in every moment, experienced in all ways and in full.  May
your heart be filled with trust, with light and with the joy of seeing each
day come.  May your being be filled with peace, with serenity and with
balance, and may your life be filled with happiness, with laughter, with
prosperity and with good health.

I am Kuthumi, the bringer of light and wisdom, and I place my lips upon your
forehead, bringing to you the kiss of insight.  May you feel my arms around
you always.  I greet and bless you in love.  Adonai.

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