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The Monthly Weather Report!

Updated May 3, 2004

Welcome to Weather Report Number Twenty-Four. 

This particular Weather Report explores the Spring/Summer months of 2004.

We are now in the THIRD year of a Seven-Year Cycle of Integration/Tribulation (2002 - 2008) and it continues to be the most crucial time of choice we have ever known.

To get a greater sense of how these months fit into a bigger picture, we strongly encourage you to read the OVERVIEW of 2004 first.  I have included a great deal of information in that article that is important to understand each segment of the year.  I will not repeat that information here.

Gabriel has been speaking to us since 1990, bringing clear information about this time of unprecedented change and opportunity. However, he has also made it quite clear that the opportunity to shift into deeper levels of freedom and personal fulfillment requires that we each look deep within – willing to move out of habitual choices of fear and survival, moving into willing, responsive, proactive choices to heal, grow and expand.

We include this segment of Children of Light to facilitate that inner journey, giving clues to the energetic movements that are attempting to take place at particular times. With clear information, we are empowered to make conscious choices.

We are in a time of unprecedented planetary evolution, more accelerated than anything we have known in our recorded history. It is no doubt apparent to people around the world that CHANGE is the watchword of the day. It is also vital to remember that within change, it is our CHOICES that will determine what our world will become.

We are POWERFUL as individuals, particularly as we join together with others who are working to claim the power of their individuality in love.

We have discovered from working with thousands of people in various parts of the world that there are many similarities we all share in the process we are going through as a planet. That is comforting, for it reminds us that we are not alone. In facing the challenges that are presented to us as we move into our present opportunity of planetary initiation, focusing on the similarity of our worldwide humanity will be of great help.


Physical and Emotional Symptoms:


In this year of Soul Revelation, we now enter the second segment of the year.  This is the time of moving into the EXPANSION of Self – the Soul Self for the first time in the history of our planet.  This will take place only to the extent that we have prepared the body for this shift, by clearing the survival programming of the lower self.  It will take place only as we have prepared a move into the neutrality of the heart. 


The move into the heart can take place only as we let go of the gratification pull of the lower self that keeps us looking outside the self as the source of our fulfillment – to our jobs, money, friends, partners, parents, situations, etc.  The reason most of us have been trapped in this limited relationship to life is that we were not taught HOW to connect to ourselves as the sacred beings that we are.  We were not taught HOW to have a relationship with Self.  We were not taught how to become the powerful creators that we are in potential. 


This time of Ascension is about waking us up to this higher potential.  In order to move out of the limitation of the lower self, we must look at the issues of attachment, attraction and desire.  We are certainly meant to celebrate with every piece of creation that surrounds us in an abundant world of opportunity – however, those things will never fulfill us.  We can only be filled with a focus of consciousness that is inner directed, that knows how to value the Self, to look to the wisdom and guidance that flows through Self.


The old world paradigm that we have known is filled with lots of wounded children masquerading in adult bodies, still wanting our mom and dad replacements to make us feel safe, to validate our existence and yes, even to tell us what to do and who we are supposed to be in order to be loveable and acceptable.  We have looked to our governments.  We have looked to our religions.  And we have looked to anyone outside the Self – still frozen like a child, assuming that “they” must have the power – because we have been sure of one thing…we knew we didn’t experience the power.


This power is now rising in such tremendous potential, through the revelation of the soul.  But it cannot happen magically.  We must learn to work with the energies of the soul Self.  We are the only ones with access to our own lower self, our own subconscious, survival mind.  We are the only ones who have direct access to the wounds of our past and the will to make new, healthier choices.  And it is indeed possible.  I watch it happening every day in my sessions.  It is a beautiful thing to grow up, take responsibility for Self and watch the blossoming of our loving hearts!


This process is being assisted by many sources.  One example is the rising vibration of Earth’s core, which is practically doubling in some places around the world at this point.  As the heart beat of the Earth rises, it reflects the rising of the energy within each one of us.  When this happens, it encourages the density of all that is NOT in the flow of the high vibration of LOVE to come up.  This is so we have the opportunity to respond to these energies.  Nurturing ourselves with clear tools will allow us to raise our consciousness, preparing the body as a vehicle for the rising soul.


As the survival or ego defense prepares for transformation, we are each going through a sort of death experience.  After all, this is also the time of initiation on our planet known through the Christ (soul) model as the CRUCIFIXION.  This simply means that as we let go of our childish way of being attached, attracted and desirous of that which is outside of ourselves to replace our sense of missing Self, we are going through a process of dis-illusionment.  This is the process that allows enlightenment (lighting up the truth of Self from the inside).  In-light-ened.


This is literally changing the energy that moves through our bodies.  Up to this point in our evolution, we have known an aspect of the energy of creation that was based on friction and resistance.  Well, at this time we are preparing for a much more potent force of creation - a solar electrical force.  This is a radiatory force.  This is the energy we experience radiating from the Sun, the heart chakra of our universe.  The light of the soul is the same, and with a body that is prepared, this solar force will now begin moving through your heart and out into the world, flowing infinitely.


It is as if we are now waking the cells of God, as we awaken as individuals in the wholeness of this planet.  We are definitely in a time of spiritual initiation – waking the Christ/soul consciousness through seven levels of consciousness.  This is happening whether we choose to become conscious and work with the energies or not.


So as I already stated, in the next four months we will be moving into the EXPANSION of Self – to access the soul’s direction and purpose.


These are the main focus points of May through August.  As we focus on and reveal more of our soul plan, we will be looking at:

Our Intention or What we do – May

Our Motivation or Why we do what we do – June

Our Commitment or How fully we do what we do – July

The Specifics that sustain our actions through making Specific Choices – August


As we begin to direct our actions more fully, we must remember that we are still passing through the Crucifixion initiation, which is the time when matter surrenders to spirit and the direction of the Soul Plan.  Another way to say the same thing is that this is the time when the lower will (gratification of the ego that is outer directed) will be disillusioned as it surrenders to the fulfillment of the Higher Will of the Soul.


For the fulfillment of this soul purpose, we will find ourselves going through many changes.  Even the people with whom we are compelled to invest with might be shifting, as we are more fully attracted to the soul grids of our group souls.  It is like the members of your Soul Family will need to come together to begin inspiring similar lessons and focuses.  Remember, we are not all here to learn or fulfill the same things.  We are here to learn how to love.  We do this by being true to ourselves.  This like-minded consciousness will attract us to the people with whom we have agreed to work and grow on a soul level.




This month will bring us more fully into a focus of action, by directing our INTENTIONS.  This means that we need to sit down and begin exploring the truth of our individual visions for our lives.  It is a big time of not knowing, as we let go of the old way of approaching life.  However, it is important to follow the directions of our lives that we are in touch with.  One way is to sit down and write down the various categories of your life – such as health, inner process, career, relationships, etc.  Then look and see what are the priorities within each of those parts of your life.


As you do, you will begin to get in touch with what truly motivates you.  This will help in revealing parts of the truth of your being.


These four months will bring us into a deeper focus on compassion and balance.  We will become clear where we are able to approach Self and others with compassion and where we are not.  As we begin to set the INTENTION to practice compassion, we prepare for the radiatory movement of the soul – as we begin to radiate its light in the heart space.


The energies are encouraging us to take responsibility for the FORM of our lives in deeper ways this month. 


As always, there will be some primary influences and physical symptoms, as we prepare for a synthesis of the lower will and the higher will to dispel all illusion.   This month will focus on another bridge of the third and fifth chakras (solar plexus and throat areas).  Therefore we will be looking at how to express, commit and direct our intentions more fully. 


We will experience lots of movements in the throat chakra.  As we find the courage to express our truth with compassion, we will reach a deeper level of knowing the power of creation.  This will be a time when we will tend to connect on a very creative level, stimulating the imagination.  The month of May may leave us feeling very ungrounded at times.  So it is important to use whatever tools you have to help yourself stay grounded.


Any fear distortions of self-expression will reveal themselves.  We will see more clearly the unintentional actions we have not taken responsibility for.  There will also be movements of energy in the head, at the base of skull, as well as the manifestation of visions and past life memories for some.  In all of this, the soul is attempting to create greater clarity or clues about what is working and what is not.  The world may not seem real in many ways as we shift more of our focus to the inner Self as well.


As the third chakra is transformed, we may experience burning in the heart and solar plexus, even in the back of the heart chakra.  This is because we are shifting the assemblage point of the etheric body for radiation of the soul (wings of light).


Truth will have a great impact on others in this month, if you resonate with the truth.


In the world, you may find a flurry of activity and action and conflict rising in various locations.




In this second month of this particular segment, we will shift more of our focus to the MOTIVATION of your purpose – why we do what we do?  Why are your choices important to you?  What is behind the actions that you are taking?  As you look honestly and with compassion at these issues, you will gain more clarity, letting go of more illusion and forfeiting the ideals that keep you from your grounded truth. 


You will delve more fully in the subconscious mind, if you choose to look.  As in each step of this healing process, some past motivations of the ego will fight to regain control.  This is because the lower self can feel the real opening of the radiating soul force and you will gain much greater sensitivity energetically.  Discernment in choices will grow as you commit to deeper truth as well.


The energies are encouraging us to look more fully at the meaning of things, getting specific with our individual truth.  This will bring a greater depth to our experience.  There will be great reward in a willing revelation of your inner truth, with profound feelings rising within.  It is important to have an open, spontaneous mind and to be more fully focused in the present moment.  This choice will threaten the limited, controlled choices of your safety zones or the realm of that which is familiar.  However, as you practice, you will align the physical body with soul purpose.


There may be a new level of intensity of energy in our physical body, as we begin to look at what motivates us.


The focus of this month will build a bridge of the 2nd and 6th chakras.  This may create an upheaval in relationships, both personal and with communication.  It will reveal where they are soul connected and where they are not.  There may be a strange sense of what connection is, based on the old model. 


Your choices need a specific motivation that is inspired from within in order to maintain clarity. 


Direction of purpose of soul is located mainly in the third eye or forehead (6th chakra).  You will develop a deeper relationship to your purpose, revealing what sustains your choices.  Headaches and pressure are possible as this attempts to open in your bodies.  Some other physical symptoms that are likely in this month involve activity low in the body (based on how I create form).  It will be an interesting month energetically.


Secrets behind the motivation of the Bush clan and the United Nations are possible this month as well.  For instance, one thing that will be revealed eventually is that the coalition of a huge cartel scam, with large payoffs in third world countries that involves billions of dollars with surprising parties.  More information about the true motivations of oil in Iraq will continue to surface.




This month will bring our focus to COMMITMENT and how we sustain our commitment.  This about HOW we fulfill our purpose and its direction.  Or we will see our commitments dissipating.  This involves consistency, maintenance and sustenance.  If you have not been preparing for this, then you will experience deeper ambivalence.


This can be a very challenging month for those who don’t feel comfortable making specific choices and committing within their lives.  The fears that have stood in the way of making these commitments may rise.


There may be some physical challenges as the life force truly begins to rise in new ways.  This year is literally shifting us from an outer reality to an inner reality, with ME as the primary motivating force.  This is a radical shift to the survival paradigm or model of our lives.  This is such a unique shift.  Your life can become so precious and finely tuned.


Many have been feeling lost and empty, as they let go of the outer attachments.  There will be new clarity to the term commitment in the month of July, as a new sense of knowing begins to rise from within.  When you don’t have a motivation and clear direction backed up by true commitment, this is less possible.  However, when you do develop these abilities, your life will take on such a depth of meaning and value that you have never known.


This month brings us more into a radiatory connection to the inner essence of the soul.  This can create a desire to experiment with new and different commitments.  You may find many new things revealed.  This will bring us into a new level of responsibility.


We will also experience a deeper sense of losing control of things, as we surrender more fully to the revelation of the moment guided by the soul.  This is because you are not so much looking to the future and then controlling the result that you want.  This will be a time for deeper response to the evolution of things moment to moment.  The main thing will be to look at what you are committed to and why you are committed.  Are you committed to having what you say you want or are you using what you choose to AVOID some other feeling or experience?  This will become clearer at this time.


This month will be the 7th chakra raising up the 1st, bringing the Plan of your Soul into form directly.  There may be a lot of shifts in your dream state.  This is the subconscious bleeding through into your conscious mind.  The soul will eventually rise through this cleared part of your energy, as you neutralize the charge of fear, shame and judgment.  You may find past life memories in your dreams.  There may be times when the waking state seems like a dream as well.  This may cause a great deal of confusion mentally, coupled with disillusionment and disappointment.  This will take place as you let go of the physical world being the source of your fulfillment.  It will be a delicate time.  Try not to get caught up in this part of the process, as best you can.


As the soul awakens in this time, you will be experiencing a rise in the energies of compassion.  Compassion is the experience of empathy, the ability to see the common experience of the human experience and evolution.  You need to practice compassion with one another in this challenging time of change.

You may also very lightheaded and ungrounded as these higher energies penetrate your bodies.  It is also a time when you will be learning to experience a deeper meaning and purpose and value.  This will prepare you for the final four months of the year.  Your sense of truth will deepen and things will surprise you as you access deeper levels of inner connection.  You may also begin to understand why you have not manifested certain things in your life, based on the truth of your deeper commitments.  This will be a time when you start to see your life in a different way – from a perspective of being more in charge of your own life.


Physical symptoms may include aching in the joints, as well as activity in the thymus and upper respiratory. 

In relationships, your commitments will change – focused more on the fulfillment of your divine soul purpose.



The final month of this quadrant is when things will truly begin to stabilize your purpose.  This will be determined by the specifics of your choices – as you take responsibility for the inner guidance and motivation that has been built.  It can be a powerful month of manifestation in form in your life.


This can also be a month of clear movements and direction – related specifically to your choices.  There will also be an overall expansion that you will experience definitely in your body in these four months.  You may start to sense that what creates harmony is based on making consistent choices in your life.


You will also find the upper chakras joining together, deepening a sense of truth in how you make the choices that become important to you.  This may also create symptoms of fever, aches and pains that are temporary.  Some may even feel a burning in the heart, wondering if you are having a heart attack.  This is the heart preparing for the radiatory light of the soul in a very real way in the physical. 


You will need to take care of your physical bodies in deeper ways during this time.  You will be quite aware where you are not doing this already.  This may be a time when you go into some real fear as you go through a great deal of physical symptoms, such as a feeling that your head is exploding.


There will be pulsations on the sides of the head, as a circle of minor chakras is activated around the crown chakra.  This will create a sense of vastness, which may be scary or disembodied at times to begin.


The bottom line is that you will discover more clearly than ever which choices are serving you and which ones no longer serve.  You will be constantly evaluating anything that conflicts between attachments in the outer world versus the rising inner truth.  You may find yourself making many new choices.  It can be unsettling at times, like you don’t have any real consistent ground to stand on or rely upon. 


New forms in the world will be taking place, for the good of the whole of humanity.  For instance, there will be more discovery in breaking the DNA codes.


By the end of the month, there will be a greater sense of grounding and consistency beginning to take place.  You will also have a greater sense of clarity about your soul purpose, guided by your inner truth.


So we suggest you begin to live based on your deepest truth NOW, as you prepare for these four months.  Learn to listen to the quiet and calm voice of your heart.  Otherwise, you may find it a very unsettling four months.  If, however, you do listen, you will find a greater sense of excitement and trust in your higher will.  This can also create deeper purpose in your relationships, with clearer decisions and commitments.  You will begin to see your impact in the world in a clearer way as well.


This final month will be a constant measuring of the inner and the outer.  You will be touched deeply by certain things, as well as a sense of deep purpose.  You will likely feel anticipation as well, sometimes questioning your old choices in large ways.  This will be a time of personal negotiation.  To thine own self be true!


These are the primary strokes that you can expect in the second four months of 2004.


If there is anything that we can do to be of further help, please do not hesitate to write.  Blessings as we go through this together!


Ron and Robert

 It continues to be our goal to reach as many people as possible with these pieces of healing information. However, we also continue to be concerned about the need to gather specific tools with which to respond and integrate these changing energies.

We feel it is vital to be able to put the pieces of the puzzle into a larger context of healing.

That is why we have put together more specifics of the entire personal and planetary movement, as well as what we can continue to expect in each step, and a grounded process of dealing with these changes –  Ron's book, Revelations for a Healing World – Book One

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