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The Monthly Weather Report!
 Updated September 1, 2004

Welcome to Weather Report Number Twenty-Five. 

This particular Weather Report explores the Fall into Winter months of 2004.

We are now in the THIRD year of a Seven-Year Cycle of Integration/Tribulation (2002 - 2008) and it continues to be the most crucial time of choice we have ever known. 

To get a greater sense of how these months fit into a bigger picture, we strongly encourage you to read the OVERVIEW of 2004 first.  I have included a great deal of information in that article that is important to understand each segment of the year.  I will not repeat that information here.

Gabriel has been speaking to us since 1990, bringing clear information about this time of unprecedented change and opportunity. However, he has also made it quite clear that the opportunity to shift into deeper levels of freedom and personal fulfillment requires that we each look deep within – willing to move out of habitual choices of fear and survival, moving into willing, responsive, proactive choices to heal, grow and expand.

We include this segment of Children of Light to facilitate that inner journey, giving clues to the energetic movements that are attempting to take place at particular times. With clear information, we are empowered to make conscious choices.

We are in a time of unprecedented planetary evolution, more accelerated than anything we have known in our recorded history. It is no doubt apparent to people around the world that CHANGE is the watchword of the day. It is also vital to remember that within change, it is our CHOICES that will determine what our world will become.

We are POWERFUL as individuals, particularly as we join together with others who are working to claim the power of their individuality in love.

We have discovered from working with thousands of people in various parts of the world that there are many similarities we all share in the process we are going through as a planet. That is comforting, for it reminds us that we are not alone. In facing the challenges that are presented to us as we move into our present opportunity of planetary initiation, focusing on the similarity of our worldwide humanity will be of great help.

 Physical and Emotional Symptoms:


In this year of Soul Revelation, we now enter the third and final four-month segment of the year.  This is the time of moving into an authentic RELATIONSHIP with Self – the Soul Self for the first time in the history of our planet.  This can only take place to the extent that we individually have prepared the body, by clearing the survival programming of the lower self.  It will take place only as we have prepared for a move into the neutral of the heart.  This is the goal for deeper fulfillment, for the heart is where we gain access to the soul consciously.


The first two segments of 2004 have focused on preparing a deeper inner connection.  And now we prepare for a move outward, back into the world – as we prepare for a more direct awareness of our individual souls and our place in the Divine Plan for the first time on our planet.  This, of course, depends upon having developed a sensitivity to that inner truth and the new energies that are rising.  For those who choose to focus and invest in their lives in this way, this will be a time when the soul begins to direct life more consciously.


Prior to this time of accelerated energies, the soul has only guided from behind the scenes.  You might say it has been waiting for us to each reach a certain stage of readiness – a level of development when we would be able to handle the responsibility of becoming conscious creators.  We have now reached the time of that potential.  And the next planetary initiation that takes place in October and November will bring us into conscious alignment with Divine Will and our place in the Divine Plan.


This time of the rising soul energy was prepared by a powerful alignment that took place with Venus and the Earth in June, 2004 – representing the energetics of physical, soul and spirit coming together as one.  This is all taking place as we move more deeply into a time of Ascension - waking up to our higher potential.


The Earth has now reached the maximum point of expansion away from knowing the true source.  You might say this has been the inbreath in the cycle of our evolutionary movement.  We have now reached the “interval” between, when things will move quickly and powerfully back into an awareness of that Source, oneness and unity.  For those who are deeply committed to looking outside the self as the source of potential fulfillment, this will be a time of deepening chaos and frustration.  For those who choose to move into a soul awareness, knowing the inner as the true Source, this will be a time of more fulfillment and connection to all that is than ever before.


From the perspective of initiations into true creatorship, this is the mid-point.  This vital step is when we bridge from the CRUCIFIXION of the old survival reality into the beginning stages of the RESURRECTION of the soul.  More details on these initiations can be found in many places on this website.


As a review from the last Monthly Weather Report, it bears repeating that these shifts are literally changing the energy that moves through our bodies.  Up to this point in our evolution, we have known an aspect of the energy of creation that was based on friction and resistance.  Well, at this time we are preparing for a much more potent force of creation - a solar electrical force.  This is a radiatory force.  This is the energy we experience radiating from the Sun, the heart chakra of our universe.  The light of the soul is the same, and with a body that is prepared, this solar force will now begin moving through your heart and out into the world, flowing infinitely.


As the soul begins to direct our actions more fully, we must remember that we will continue to pass through the Crucifixion initiation, taking us through many layers of matter surrendering to spirit and the direction of the Soul Plan.  Another way to say the same thing is that this is the time when the lower will (gratification of the ego that is outer directed) will be disillusioned as it surrenders to the fulfillment of the Higher Will of the Soul.


For the fulfillment of this soul purpose, we will find ourselves going through many changes.  We may even find ourselves shifting the group of people with whom we spend time, as we are more fully attracted to the soul grids of our group souls.  It is like the members of your Soul Family will need to come together to inspire us into deeper lessons, opportunities and necessary support. 




In this first of four months, we move into a focus on the outer – and a time of RE-EVALUATION.  We will tend to look at the ways we have adjusted our attachments to the world of form – or not.  It will be a time to see how the outer world cannot validate a sense of self that we do not have already, but rather that it can support our inner choices and truth as we learn to take responsibility for our own sense of Self.  The outer gives us a place to explore who we truly are, acting as a mirror only of where we celebrate and love or where we resist and defend.


In this month, we will begin to evaluate our prior choices and how they serve the inner truth of the heart or not.  This will be revealed as we engage more fully in the physical world.  Because of the inner transformation that has taken place in the first two segments of the year, we will most likely see the world and our place in it differently.  We will evaluate how our investments and choices serve our deepest truth.


This will be a time of weeding out those choices that no longer serve.  We will become more deeply attracted to the choices that resonate with the truth of the heart.  As we begin to make these choices, we will see not only how they serve us as individuals, but how they serve the good of the whole as well.  It will be a time when the soul will direct us into deeper service.  This does not need to be anything grand – for it is the great task of opening our hearts and becoming a part of the evolution of loving and valuing that we most deeply serve one another.


As we go through this process, it is important to remember that the lower will is still going through the struggles that show us where we are still attached to things, people and situations in the physical – thinking that our well-being is dependent upon these things. 


An important point to remember is that there is no place for judgment here.  The only reason we were ever attached to anything outside the self is that many of our inner needs were never identified or modeled when we were growing up as young children.  This left us frozen in the waiting stage, looking outside the self to try and compensate or fill in the empty places left by unmet needs.  The soul-u-tion is to focus inward to reveal our deepest authentic needs.  No one is keeping us from fulfilling those needs.  It is merely our habitual, frozen choices of looking outward in fear.


As we learn to identify and fulfill those needs, our attachments to the old things of the world to give us a sense of safety and well-being will fall away.


This will be a time of re-evaluating and discovering what true power really is.  This will involve getting to know the difference between our wants/preferences and our authentic needs.  A want is something that is produced by a desire or yearning for something to fill in the incompleteness or lack of connection on the inside.  This yearning will always keep us powerless and fighting out of control.  Even getting the object of the desire will not create a sense of self or a sense of safety. 


We can see this demonstrated in a world of yearning wounded children who have used up over 60 per cent of our world’s natural resources in the name of trying to fill the self from the objects of the outer world.  We must wake up or we will get the wake up call that we have created such an imbalance in our physical world that we will not be able to survive.  We have, for instance, cut down so many of our vital forestry that we have decreased the oxygen in our atmosphere by almost 25 percent in the last 50 years alone!  This choice will not continue to serve us, if we want to be here for the time of celebrating the soul.


So this will be a time of re-evaluating where we are still using the outer to compensate for a lack of connection to the inner.  As we release this point of glamour and yearning, we will reclaim our power and various parts of self that we begin to nurture and know.


For those who are less conscious of moving with these soul shifts, there may be choices that seem “forced upon us.”  For instance, some people may begin to lose connections to the old things that no longer serve.  This could be the old jobs or relationships that are merely used to try and sustain the old, survival approach.  As we move into this time of letting go or loss, it will reveal the fear that has been present in our attachments to one particular way of being supported. 


We will find out where we do not know how to trust that we are supported by an abundant universe.  This is one of the soul’s ways to get us to deal with our inner child’s wounded feelings – for those are the primary energies that hold us in an old survival approach to life.


As always, nurturing and healing the wounded emotional body is the MOST important way we can prepare for the rising soul!  It is these distortions that keep us in the illusion that the outer will fulfill – just like a little child who is still looking to mommy and daddy, for they were never taught to grow up into more fulfilling or empowered choices.


This will be a month of cracking open what remains of the subconscious survival programming.  For those who are newer to the Monthly Weather Reports, this involves the lower three energy centers from the base of the spine up to the solar plexus.  As we begin to transform these energies, we will find many symptoms in the lower body taking place this month.


This may also be a time of a great deal of questioning in the world around us.  We will see the opposition of two sides or two approaches to life reflected all around us.  This may be seen as one group versus another, but is truly only a reflection of the ego defense self versus the deeper soul Self, as it comes in to transform us.  There may be a sense of upheaval as this conflict becomes more necessary.


In the interval between the in breath and out breath of creation, there not only comes a time of re-evaluation, but also a sense of being in the Void.  This can be a tremendous time of preparation for the celebration that is to come.  As we re-evaluate, we have the potential to move into a quiet place of true peace, where we celebrate life as it moves through us.




In the second month of this particular segment, we will shift more of our focus to NEGOTIATION.  We will find ourselves weighing the two sides of things.  After having looked at things in the first month, this month will be a time to negotiate between the old and new choices.  How do I fit the choices of my inner truth into the form and structure of my outer life?  What meaning can I bring to my life in these new choices?


We will learn to respond more fully to life, without a sense of giving up the fragile false sense of self we have known.  As we put our choices into practice, we will learn what works and what does not any longer.  By putting our new choices into motion, we will create many synchronicities that support our new commitments.  This will refine a trust in a new inner-directed or soul directed identity and reality.


As we crack the surface of the subconscious that has held us in the old reality, this month we will deal more with the practicalities of negotiating with the new.  This will reveal a sense of true purpose rather naturally.  As we act from the neutrality of the heart connection we are finding, we will find ourselves acting less through opposition, but rather as a way to come together in ways that serve the good of the whole.


This requires that we look at the ways we still act that affirm our old fears.  As we do, we will develop a sense of empowerment within our choices.  This will literally break open the heart chakra – and the symptoms of shifting will move more into the upper body this month.  For instance, there will be a lot of activity in the back of the heart chakra, as well as many movements of energy along the spine.  This particular movement is freeing up the energy of our will centers (which are connected along the back of each of the seven chakras).


There will be a lot of LETTING GO in this month, particularly until October 22.  This is because you are refining yourself as you are prepared for a higher mission in your world – to be revealed at the vortex opens in this initiation in the final week of October.  This is why we have planned our journey to Egypt at that time.  We hope you will all join in the worldwide meditation in the first week of November.


You will find a great deal of dissatisfaction in the world.  There will be accusations, damning this person and that, as well as a lot of “scapegoating.”  This is because the shift of these energies will cause the ego to go to any old control dramas that it can – rather than allowing the circumstances to reveal what is needed.


You will also find people coming in and out of your life.  The reason is that you are beginning to deliver your message as you move from the old probationary path (as a disciple) to becoming a true initiate.  This will allow you to become a true teacher.  This will be different for each person, at different levels.  This comes from being truly authentic and heart directed with no attachments or need to control anyone.


You will start to tell a difference between connecting through old attachments, through the drag and pull of control, versus a new and different way of connecting from your neutral heart.  It will be a new experience for most of us.  You are used to the pull of things – whether to have this job or eat something particular for dinner.  This has mostly been based upon the desire to create a sense of pleasure (based on avoiding pain from the past).  Most people are not aware that the fear of pain has directed them, because the imprints have been held in the subconscious.  One litmus test involves looking at how attached you are to a particular choice – or how neutral you are about making a different one.


You will start to know the absolute difference between desire and attachment, because they bring a greater sense of isolation, loneliness and the desire to control thing...versus negotiating your place in the world with YOU as the source.   Rather than being pulled through yearning, you will experience the value in the neutrality of your heart and inner void.  That emptiness will become the space to be still and to discover, the space that is pregnant with possibility.


In short, you will start to become the true initiate who chooses the place in the middle consciously.  And you will start to know that nothing is missing when you are truly connected to Self.  This will be a month to explore that inner emptiness and know that Self.  This is the month that you will discover that doorway to the heart, coming face to face with the truth of your Being.  You will meet the Angel of Presence, which is the energy of your higher self and soul.  This doorway can only be found in neutrality.


This is the month when these energies will begin.  They will be introduced.  And you will be able to begin negotiating with your tools for inner connection and the expression of that inner self in the world.  This will bring you into a direct awareness of things as they truly are.


This will naturally bring you through a time of negotiating the inner conflict of old versus new.  This will be reflected in the world, such as in your governments.  More and more secrets will be revealed and people will talk about all of the injustices in the world.  You will become aware of the effects of these distortions as you reach deeper truths within yourselves.



In the third month of this segment, you are prepared to move into the focus of INTEGRATION of the new.  This will be a month of dealing with the upheavals that have taken place as you have challenged the outer with your new inner truths.  This will eventually bring you into the peace of the neutral center point.


This will be a time of trial and error as you apply new choices and learn how to implement your new truths into the form of your lives.  It will be facing the cold, heart light of what is real. 


The soul sees reality from the point of view that everything that is happening is there to serve, to teach and to inform us in our individual experience.  It does not see the things in the world as there to validate a sense of being.  It serves to show us our commitments – where we are loving parts of ourselves and where we are controlling, fighting, resisting and attempting to get rid of the things that reflect our wounded feelings.


It will be a time to awaken the 6th sensory awareness, beginning slightly in October.  We will begin to have flashes of awareness – as well as telepathic abilities, if we are living in that neutral space of receptivity.  The highest level of communication is through the realm of intuition.  That is directly connected to the soul essence of things, accessed through a neutral heart connection.


In these months, we will be negotiating the astral realm to work our way to the bridge of the soul realm.  This will involve looking at the collective belief systems and how they hold us as individuals in the prison of herd consciousness – trying to fit in and get the love from outside the self.  We will be seeing group consciousness reflected in religious beliefs, governmental beliefs, and cultural beliefs – in order to find a safe place in the world. 


We will realize that sense of safety can only come from a peace with who we are as individuals.  As we learn to celebrate that individuality and our personal power, we will eventually come together as a collective consciousness of individuals who are fulfilling themselves and supporting one another.


The inner reality will take place first.  Then we will learn to act based on that inner connection and truth.  The progression of this four-month period will move us more deeply into the subconscious to plant the new seeds of our evolving inner truth.  This requires the disillusionment of anything that has held us prisoner of the “requirements” to be loved from these group dynamics.


This is the month when the heart chakra will open like never before.  It may even feel raw, unprotected and unsafe as we get used to this new place of soul connection.  It may feel like the self we have known is dissolving.  This is, of course, not possible.  But it is the first connection to neutrality, as it is experienced by the old familiar way of sensing.


As we move through this process, there will be a greater sense of inner light that takes place or reveals itself in the neutrality.  As we allow this in the emptiness, we will come to realize the value of that space.  To not describe ourselves through any limitations or attachments will allow us to know the Self from an inclusive, much bigger connection to all that is.




This will be the month of SYNTHESIS.   This will bring us into Oneness and intuition unlike anything we have known.  We will learn to trust that intuition.  We will create a resonance of Being, connected to Self unlike ever before.  This culmination of all that we have invested in during the year of 2004 will come together in a much deeper awareness of the truth of things, as well as the vastness of life.


We will begin to experience on an emotional level our connection to all humanity.  We will learn to consider the well-being of humanity on a personal level.  This will bring an intuition that is new and profound.  This will be a presence that is flawless in its awakening.  You may even experience the perfection in it all, with a sense of being the source of your own well-being.


In moments, you will glimpse how it is all Divinely perfect as we continue in our evolution to oneness, wholeness and unity.  There will be no need to control anything in that quiet connection to the center of Self.  There will be less distracting thoughts.  There will be less need to judge or to protect or to defend.  We will come to the point where we have retired this primitive approach to life.


We will begin to make choices from deep within….places that are sacred.  As we make these choices, we will become aware of being the creators of our lives, intimate with all other life.


In the outer world, we will see organizations and friends at varying levels and degrees.  Those who are most conscious will experience the greatest benefits.  It will be a time of new beginnings.  And we will begin to experience the magic of Being, less caught up in outer dramas that pull us from that awareness to life.

That is the potential of this time – a deeper connection to the inner light of the intuition of the soul, taking our place as initiates in world service; an awareness of the Divine Plan and beginning to take our place in it, guided by the truth of our hearts.  We will truly deepen our experience of value and meaning and purpose.


 If there is anything that we can do to be of further help, please do not hesitate to write.  Blessings as we go through this together!


Ron and Robert

Special Note:

For those living in the United States, please remember that November is a time to vote.  Please search your hearts, act from your truth and let your voice be heard.  It is only as we each take responsibility for becoming a part of the resonance of all that is taking place that we will know we are powerful.  Once we have stated who we are and what we stand for, then we can more fully trust that things are unfolding in the ways that best serve our intentions in the collective whole. 


For those who do not live in the United States, we encourage you to meditate and pray for the highest good that will bring us into the vision of unity, oneness and wholeness as a planet. 


And remember that all of these events will reflect all of the parts of ourselves – the parts we love and the parts that we control and resist.  The most empowered truth is the soul, which sees these as necessary revelations of the choices and commitments we are making as a whole.


So please continue to do your proactive part and make the most empowered, involved choices that you know how.  This will help to bring you peace of mind in the power to choose and respond!

It continues to be our goal to reach as many people as possible with these pieces of healing information. However, we also continue to be concerned about the need to gather specific tools with which to respond and integrate these changing energies.

We feel it is vital to be able to put the pieces of the puzzle into a larger context of healing.

That is why we have put together more specifics of the entire personal and planetary movement, as well as what we can continue to expect in each step, and a grounded process of dealing with these changes – in Ron's book, Revelations for a Healing World – Book One

It has already proved to help hundreds and hundreds of people all over the world. We hope that you will consider it as a tool to nurture and educate those around you at this time.

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The only way to let those we have elected know how important our personal freedoms are is to speak up. We have received a number of emails from people asking what they should say. We suggest that you simply speak from your hearts.

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So this is the Monthly Weather Report for now! We hope that you will find it helpful in your life or for those around you. We ask that you help us nurture and educate by telling your friends about Children of Light

Overview of 2004


The Year of Revealing the Truth of BEING

as we Integrate the Rising Soul


2004 is being called a YEAR of REVEALING the TRUTH OF BEING - as we integrate the soul energy which is rising in each one of us at this unprecedented time in our evolution!  With clear information, you are empowered to work with these energies directly - making this year as successful for the ongoing process of fulfillment in your life as possible.


2004 is the third year of a seven-year cycle of Transformation/Tribulation.  This cycle is providing an energetic boost to bring up all that remains in duality in our individual lives and in the world around us.  This simply means facing and resolving the issues that are held in the energies of shame, judgment and fear.


2002 brought us into the issues of the 1st chakra (at the base of the spine).  First chakra focus challenges old forms that no longer serve the present direction of our soul evolution - and brings up any unresolved issues of safety, security and survival (all first chakra issues).   The planet was thrown into this energy focus just prior to 2002 (the first year of this cycle) by the events of “September 11.”


2003 then brought us into a year of 2nd chakra (in the naval region) issues and challenge.  Many people now refer to 2003 as the most challenging and rewarding year they have ever known - as we were brought us into the challenge of dealing with all the emotions, which have been out of balance – held in fear, shame and judgment.


The typical survival patterns we learned as children taught us to make our primary life choices in an attempt to avoid these feelings, thinking that would help us feel safer in the world.  All this fearful approach actually created was a life filled with compensating, fearful behavior.  Hopefully during the year of 2003, each one of us made more peace with these sacred, but wounded parts of our lives.  By learning to feel and express and nurture these inner parts of ourselves, we integrate and calm the emotional body.  This prepares us to move into intuition and the EXPERIENTIAL soul energy.


2004 now brings us into a time of actual soul revelation.   This takes place as we heal the energies of the lower self (the first three chakras at the base of the spine, the naval region and in the solar plexus).  This prepares a clear pathway for us to move up fully into the heart - the ultimate goal of this next phase of evolution!


In the heart, we can finally be conscious creators….and we access the energies of compassion, forgiveness, conscious choice, will for life and a direct connection to our soul plan and our place in the world’s soul plan!


The 3rd chakra (focus of 2004) is intended to be the center of personal power and an authentic sense of self.  What has been the challenge of this center is the mental willfulness of control and the systems of defense we created as children.  We created these things, because we were born into a world of patriarchal parenting that left many gaps in the revelation of our true needs.  This taught us to buy into the system of right and wrong, reward and punishment that has been passed on for thousands of years.


As we move into this year of 2004, we will begin to see how powerfully these early fears have continued to rule our lives.  As we learn to make new responsive, loving and intimate choices with one another this year, we will transform our willfulness into willingness!


In order to create this transformation, we need to learn to trust an inner connection to our selves.  As we do we access the intuition and direction of the soul self.  This requires that we learn to get still and focus inward.  This newfound sense of BEING (rather than a primary focus on achieving and accumulating out of fear) will bring us into the potential for peace and joy that has been waiting to emerge from within!


As we learn to bridge into the heart, we access an awareness of our true divinity and the fact that we are deeply deserving, and a sense of real meaning, value and soul purpose!  This takes place as we now reach the mid-point of the initiation process as a planet—becoming a world of soul directed beings!


We are entering the Age of Aquarius.  The last 2000-year cycle of Pisces was spent developing and learning through the opposing pairs of opposites (right and wrong, good and bad), as well as being a time of direct opposition of the physical and spiritual.  We now enter a time to bring the higher self (soul) and the lower together in the heart.


This awakening takes place as love force begins to flood the heart chakra.  Believe it or not, very little of this actual life force has been accessed by most of us so far on the planet.  Our primitive levels of love have been distorted by shame, judgment, control and fear.


The awakening soul not only benefits each one of us as individuals, but encourages us to come together for that which serves the whole.  We are beginning to awaken to the fact that we are like cells in the whole body, each vital and sacred.  It is only in coming

together at this time as individuals who have learned to hold themselves sacred that we will create Heaven on Earth.


This transformation of Aquarius has introduced a new level of energy on our planet.  You might say our planet is being bathed in a completely new energy – which we will call the 7th ray (violet) of consciousness.  This light of Spirit is the light of transformation – literally revealing everything that is out of balance – like it or not.  If we work with this willingly, we will consciously tap the magic of creation.


This requires a major shift of focus, moving from an outer focus to an inner one.  Only then will you know yourself as the Source of fulfillment in your own life.  Only then will you realize that it is the inner resonance (accumulation of choices, beliefs and flow/resistance) that creates your experience of the physical world and has all along.



As you learn to balance all fear, shame and judgment, you will move into a direct

experience and awareness of the love force – opening you to your own personal Heaven on Earth – no matter what others are choosing or at what stage of the process they happen to be.


This year is basically being divided into three four-month segments.  Having been prepared in the last months of 2003 with a focus on CAPACITY for BEING, the first four months of 2004 have to do with revealing your inner DEPTH of BEING.  This involves being willing to break away from attachments to the symbols, people and situations of our lives as the source of our fulfillment and sense of safety.  This does not mean that we will have to give up the things in our lives.  It merely means we must look to how we have objectified one another and our material things, thinking they would GIVE us a sense of self and make us feel safe.  This is merely the perspective of a wounded inner child who has never learned to individuate, grow up and know itself as sacred and powerful.


As we now move inward, we will awaken and experience the truth of our adult

realities, healing the myths of the wounded child that have held us in a sense of powerlessness – waiting for rescue, while we have merely played with the objects of our gratification.  What we need to realize is that remaining in this place only keeps us in fear and limitation, while we have the opportunity to become truly powerful creators with depths of fulfillment that the child within has never even imagined possible!


As you become aware of the DEPTH of your being, you will move more fully into an experience of NOW.  This brings you into a deeper presence of being and an awareness that you have an infinite number of choices with which you can respond fully to every moment.  You will then feel safer to move beyond separation into intimacy with your life.


Once you prepare an awareness of the depth of being, you are ready for the second four months, when you will move into an EXPANSION of BEING.  This is when the soul begins to move from that inner sense out from the body as a radiatory force.  This is when your soul energy begins to move out into the world for the first time ever!


As you now share and act from the DEPTH you have discovered in the first four months, the presence, power and influence of the soul/love force will move directly through YOU.  You then begin to be a constant radiance in the world.  Over time the soul will become the dominant force of your being.  Your referral to your physical world will then have less and less influence.


This is when all that inner work over the last years truly begins to have potential payoffs.  You now begin to experience your actual influence on the world around you.  In the past, you have looked through the ego mask of your wounded child to try and

impact the world through controlling the environment.

As you instead connect to a deeper sense of self, valuing your own qualities, talents and abilities, as well as your physical make-up – you will now learn to actually value the physical, rather than remaining addicted to it to fill up the inner emptiness.


As you access and begin to work this these aspects of self, you begin directing your life consciously and it becomes a playground to express all parts of your being, having fun with the true gift of being alive. This will be like a child learning to stand on their own - valuing Self for the first time.


The last four months of the year are focused on the RELATIONSHIP to BEING – balancing the inner and outer worlds.


In this time, you meet life on the middle road or the razor’s edge.  This is when you will learn how to be in the world, but not of it.  You will create a relationship from the core of self and then moving out to the world of form to express and create.  You will create inter-relationship with the world and the people in your life.


In this exciting time, you will begin to discover the delightful experience of being autonomous and independent for the first time in your soul’s development.  You no longer need to learn from unconscious guidance of the soul behind the scenes – facing the same challenges over and over through fighting the situations of life.


In this year of 2004 your life will become more directly focused on SOUL connection and presence of BEING.  However, we must remind you that this is not an automatic process.  You must build a conscious awareness of each stage and step of this process through conscious choices.



As you do, you have the potential to experience inner silence, peacefulness and the true joy of living.  Just being alive.


Value of being must come first.  From that value of self you will contain the energy of the soul.  Then you can begin to direct it into the world to express the meaning of self.  Then you will then move it into purpose in the world in the last four months.


By the end of the year, you will have integrated the basics of the experience of the soul.  Just a glimpse of the experience.  But you will no longer be attached or driven by a desire for that which is outside of you.


This is the most exciting opportunity that you have had as individuals in the history of your planet.  We encourage you to rise to the challenge, look within, nurture the garden that is YOU….and prepare for the blossoming soul!

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