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The First Wave of the New Children
The Third Wave of New Children

Blessings beautiful brothers and sisters,

This year, much of my writingís focus is related to the new children and the creation of bringing through some practical and energetic assistance from the libraries of light and the Ascended Masters, with a focus for helping all lovelightworkers to assist the new children who carry the seeds of the future of our humanity.  This will primarily come through a monthly message that is called Waves of the New Children.  All who are on the ASCEND list will receive this.  These messages will also be helpful to all adults also, yet will have a primary focus for the new children during 2004.  I hope you enjoy these messages and that you are able to pass these on to whomever you feel will resonate with them. The following is the first message from the libraries of lovelight in regards to the first eleven of the 77 soul families of the new children that are birthing on Earth or have birthed in the last 22 years. This first group of 11 are the first 11 of 22 soul families that birth through connection to the 22 Archangelic rays. In this message, The Divine Mother, Archangels and Angels offer understandings of how these first 11 Archangelic rays can assist each of you also at this time and how by simply calling on them, you will receive powerful alignments energetically that will assist your own life to flower more deeply. You are also offered understandings of the God consciousness qualities that each of the soul families carry and what their essential needs are to maintain the natural frequency of their being as souls. I offer this to you as through my heart I witness many adults whose souls did not receive their essential needs and were unable to maintain their natural soul frequency and their openness in their energy. My heart prayer is that all children on the Earth may be loved, recognised and honoured and supported to be who they are as they are growing so they do not feel the need to shutdown their energy bodies and need to open again and do the release work that many lovelightworkers have experienced on their path. In future time, I will also be offering an understanding of the nature of the soul families that many adults ( in this case beyond the age of 22) are connected to. This will be my writing service to the world after this project is complete. I hope you enjoy these messages and that in some small way they can help you and the new children.

All my love to each one of you,

Qala of ASCEND

* * * * * * * *

Blessings from the One Heart,

We are sharing with you now the love from the Divine Motherís heart as we pour forth this unconditional love through and around you now.  We begin to permeate the environment you are in, and circulate this love through the energy within and around you.  We step forth to support you through your journey.  We are the Angels and the Archangels.  We are winged emissaries who have chosen to merge through the One Heart to assist others in their homecoming through the open heart.  We care for the children of the Earth and the childlike nature within you that is your soul. We bring elixirs to you at this time and ask you to receive them through your breath. Breathe deeply with us now and allow all to relax and be nurtured by us, allowing your soul to relax within you. As you receive the elixirs, we offer you understandings that may support you to receive through the highest benefit for your being.  We offer this in a form of an explanation and connection to the Archangelic rays.  These are the rays that birth the new children to the Earth, and these ones come in colour rays. We are here to assist you to understand and receive these rays, as these rays hold the healing and alignment energies for all souls on the Earth.  We offer the following eleven rays to assist you and as you read each one, a chalice of these rays will be poured forth through you.  Beloved ones, know that each of these rays brings in a soul family Ė a large soul pod of new children.  


Not only do these eleven families share these two elements, needs and gifts, but different groups within the eleven share elements with each other also.  These are divided into three groups.

Each of these children is oversouled by the Divine Mother and cared for by her.  She blesses them and you deeply now with her love, and asks each of you to be aware of these new children and their needs and gifts to support them to be who they are on the Earth.  She places a crystal flower within each of your hearts and asks you to receive these eleven Archangelic rays that bring these childrenís souls to the Earth to assist your own healing and alignment process.

Blessings to each one of you. May this deeply assist you,

Qala and the Archangels

This article was written by and is copyrighted to © Qala Serenia Phoenix, April 2004.   Please network it  to all you feel will benefit but as you do this we ask that you leave this credit line and contact and ask you not to alter the content.    The ASCEND Foundations website is http://www.light-elixirs.com

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