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The Wave - June Circular

© Qala Phoenix 2004

This is a very beautiful and amazing wave circular this month, working with the upcoming Sun/Venus eclipse.  

The next time a Sun/Venus eclipse occurs is June 2012.  This transformative healing assistance is for all beings in relation to their most intimate, romantic relationships and deepest heart’s dreamings.   It is best to work with the Wave for June during the time of the eclipse, beginning Sunday 6th June peaking Tuesday 8th June (the exact day of the Sun/Venus eclipse) and completing a few days later.  If you are unable to complete the process within this time know that it’s all perfect, however the process may not be as powerful.  Qala has asked everyone to share the Wave – June Circular with all others whom you feel may benefit from it at this time and if you choose to do so, to maintain the integrity of the original article by sharing this email in its entirety and in honoring copyright.

Blessings beautiful friends and family,

This month’s Wave comes through to honour the sun Venus’ transit and eclipse that begins on the 6 June and peaks through on the 8 June (eclipse), and completes some days after this.  Mother Mary shares that the Venusian energy is offering a blessing to all on Earth at this time, and that we may all receive this divine blessing more deeply through our hearts as souls if we work directly with Venus and our higher selves at this time.  She shares that each one of us has a deep connection to Venus, and Venus is transiting through our Sun to open this connection more powerfully.  

Mother Venus now steps forth to us and focuses a column of golden, pink and sapphire energy through us, and begins to anchor a column of love around us that extends up into the heavens through Venus’ heart into all the moons of our universe into the One Heart.  She asks us to anchor this pillar of love down through our chakras into the Earth core now, and to receive the love that wishes to fill us now.

She shares that a blessing will come through the peak of her transit, and if we wish to receive this, we may attune through this column of sapphire, pink and golden energy at the exact time of the peak of the eclipse of the Sun with Venus.  She shares that this column will bring the divine energy through our chakras directly and infuse this through our bodies, and this is the time when she asks us all to offer to the Goddess all that we have not resolved as human beings in regards to loving through intimacy, sensuality, and our divine feminine embrace of relationship through the heart and through sensuality and sexuality.  She asks us to call for the Goddess of Love to merge with us, and to ask for our karmic records to be absolved that may, up until now, been binding us in the oldest patterning of dysfunction through relationship in intimacy, through the heart, through sensuality and the expression of our love through sexuality.  She shares that she is the carer of the most intimate love that we hold for our partners and the mother of the romance and love that we each dream of receiving intimately.

Venus asks us to call to those ones that who are souls and soul extensions that have been romantic with us through any lifetime, space or dimension and to resolve any karma that may be creating the very deepest patterning to be held by us.  She asks us to bless these ones as they come to us and encircle us in a gathering when we call to them to be with us during this transit of eclipse.  She shares that we may use the doorway that is opening at this time to release the deepest karmic patterning that does not allow us to be experiencing divine intimacy through the heart and the expression of romance of love as a human being.  She shares that she will come to us at this time and merge with us, and that if we call to the Karmic Board and ask for karmic absolution in relationship to this karmic patterning, that this will be lifted from us and all our soul extensions.  She shares that if we open our hearts and sell love to all the souls that are with us and forgive any of these souls for all that has occurred in regards to intimacy, romance and the expression of love through the heart, this will release from us and our energy bodies, and we will be absolved of this karmic patterning.  

Share this with all others that you know Beloved ones .... those ones that wish to also attune to the portal of this eclipse with Venus to receive a karmic release and a new opening to love and the experience of this intimately through romantic hearts engaging and sharing their love and possibly even expressing this through sensuality and sexuality.  

Know that at this time, the Ascended Masters will focus on you if you call to them to be with you and the Angels will come and lift all energies from you and begin to clear any cords you may have with other souls from other times in relationship, or those ones who began a romance with you in this life, but it did not complete through honouring and the expansion of your soul love.  Know that many hold deep karmic patterning in regards to this for many relationships do not complete energetically, and Venus is offering a dispensation to all who ask for this at this time related to offering to lift all the unresolved energies that may be held by your soul from all the non-completed relationships that did not resolve with love.  She shares of all the times humanity has walked away from others that they have loved with a closed heart and non-forgiveness in separation and rejection of the other one.  She shares that all still hold ties to each other, unless it resolved with love unconditionally with each other, and forgiveness truly was felt from the heart for anything that occurred between the heart.  

She blesses all now and invites you to join her during her eclipse to ignite the romantic dream within her heart to flow through your heart and embody you in divine order for you.  She shares that she is a keeper of the romantic heart, and that many of humanity’s hearts have given up this dream and the expression of romance is needing to return to feed the souls on Earth again.  She shares that romance is a beautiful elixir of personal intimate love, and that on the eclipse, you may wish to create a romantic altar for your own self to receive the energies of romance through your heart.  She asks you to play beautiful music and light candles for yourself and create a romantic air for yourself.  She shares that as you release the old patterning that has been burdening you, that you may invoke the power of romance and the Goddess of Love will flow through you, and in the future, you will manifest a more romantic life and it will fill your heart with delight.  

She blesses you and thanks you, and sends a wave of romance to you now to remind you of personal intimate love and the truth that it can be received and expressed by you.  

All the blessings of my heart to each one of you,


Qala Serenia Phoenix is a divine channel for the Mothers of Love and the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Angels.  If you are interested in any of her work or connecting more deeply with her, her website is www.g-a-i-a.com, or you may email zy@g-a-i-a.com for further information packages in regards to her events and trainings over the next year. Qala is based in Australia and works throughout many countries in the world and through internet and email correspondence, offering the Sacred Mystery School, Christed Emissary (God Presence) trainings, God Presence retreats and Sacred Mystery Pilgrimages with the Masters.

This article/message is copyrighted © Qala Serenia Phoenix, 2004. This may be freely distributed as long as none of the content is altered, and as original source and copyright is honoured.  If wishing to share this with others, please do not delete this section of the article.

Note:  This is a monthly circular called The Wave. You have received this message as you are on the HALO email list, as the Masters felt you may wish to work with Venus over this transit. If you have received this indirectly from a friend or through HALO and wish to subscribe to the Qala’s personal email list then send an email to subscribe@g-a-i-a.com with the subject “SUBSCRIBE” to receive further Waves as they are written by her.

Hi everyone from precious Sharon.  Site http://www.sharonshane.com/menu.html
Also below have taken from Mitch Battros some site addresses for the event.
Embracing all in Pure White Source Light, Fredaricka

Venus Transit June 8th Channeled Message
from the Spiritual Hierarchy

as channeled by Sharon Shane

Spectral Moon Day 25

The Venus Transit timing of June 8th will be the opening of another portal
and another influx of energy
.  These timed patterned events measured by your
4th dimensional astronomical calculations are a reflective reminder for you
to attune your consciousness to multi-dimensional frequencies.  They have
far more depth of meaning than can be translated into the limitations of
your language and present understanding.

The opening of this portal will offer those that are consciously working
with these energies an expansion of intuition and telepathy.  The intuitive
faculty, if awakened in the individual, will be sharpened.
Telepathic rapport, if awakened in the individual, will be transmitted and
received more clearly.  What this means on a global level of the masses is
an opportunity to choose to step into the place in consciousness which is
aligned with the purpose of unification.   For those looking for grand
positive outcomes to the petty bickering and devastating warring of the
general populace, do not be deceived into thinking that every time a portal
door is opened, that the masses will choose to step through it.  The masses
are generally unaware that these portals even exist.

These messages we send forth are the clarion call for those aligned with
their true Higher Purpose to take the initiative by harnessing these
energies for use as further tools of empowerment.  We suggest you utilize
the energies of this open portal to bring forth a greater connection within
your circles of Light.  We suggest to you that only by the strengthening of
your circles of Light can you build the pillars of support upon the
foundation of the new world.  How can you be the pillars of support of the
new world, if you do not support one another in your tasks?  Where you see
an opening, fill it.  Where you see a closing, open it.  Where you see
something that needs mending, mend it.   Open up your multi-dimensional
channels to attune to the many workers of Light that are heeding this
clarion call.  Engage each other in telepathic rapport.  Step into
synchronicity with one another and begin the dance.  Open to the waves of
joy we are transmitting to you through the etheric net that surrounds your
many bodies.

We wish to remind you to celebrate these times.  Many of you work so hard on
behalf of Divine Plan without remembering to celebrate life.  Create the
celebrations.  Create the times of coming together in community. Celebration
is a very important part of creating the new way of living. Living and
breathing joy and laughter will aid to neutralize the energies of war.
Teach joy and celebration by being joyful in celebration.  Do not allow your
self-made dark shadows of guilt over others that are suffering to siphon off
the energies of joyful celebration.  Do not allow guilt to inhibit your
expression of joy.  Your joy will uplift the sufferings of your world.

There are many messages being transmitted through to your plane regarding
this transit.  Each in its own way addresses different facets of the
multi-dimensional aspects of these transitions.  There is no coincidence in
the use of the word "transit," for this astronomical sign is indeed an
indicator of a point of transition.  Transition is an evolution from one
stage to another.  Some messages are technical in nature, and other messages
are addressed to the spiritual essence of the transition.  Each channel has
their unique gifts to present to the world.  Each individual has many gifts
to awaken.  Among many varied tasks, this channel working with us in this
manner is attuned and working with awakening to the levels of the spiritual
essence in all things. We speak to you now of the spiritual essence.

The Venus Transit is also the opening of more energy of compassion that
emanates from Divine Love.  This is the clarion call to bring forth more
compassion into your world.  Your world is ever in need of compassion, but
now more than ever it requires all the compassion that each and every being
standing in the Light of their own center can bring forth to your plane.
With each violent uprising, more anger and hatred is produced.  With each
injustice, more pain and sorrow is produced.  Compassion is the energy
to use in this transition towards regaining a harmonic balance of
equilibrium created daily by the discord.  We suggest you open up to this
energy of the enhanced levels of compassion.  When you open to this energy,
begin to feel it in the center of your Heart of Hearts and allow it to
expand to all of your chakras.  This will bring you the divine attunement
with the healing of compassion for your self.  From this newly found energy
of compassion for your self, expand the compassion to all living beings.

We speak to you now about the "Sweet Angel of Peace."  This angelic energy
emanates the energy of peace that is powerful.  Peace can be powerful.  It
is not always a passive state of being.  It can be powerfully energized to
be directed into your immediate surroundings and then expanded to the
greater world.  We suggest you harness this energy in the coming months.  We
suggest that this energy is not directed in a laser beam of concentrated
energy but more like a warm blanket of energy that emanates
from your center outward in a spherical emanation that surrounds you then
surrounds your immediate environment and then surrounds the entire earth.
Call on the "Sweet Angel of Peace,"         and this energy will be
available to each and every One who calls forth this essence.

It is the task of the workers of Light to take the initial steps of
harnessing and living in the new energies.  In this way, you will teach by
example.  Even as this message is being sent through, there are those
working in preparation of becoming the pillars of support.  You are
stationed in every part of the globe.   Some will be moving around to shift
the energies.  Some will remain steadfast in their present tasks only to
shift at some future point.   During this transit, each one of you will be
given the opportunity to understand more clearly your Higher Purpose that
you have chosen to align with.  Telepathically connect your thoughts to one
another and become in unison with the visions of unfolding Divine Plan. Step
into your tasks with joy.  The time to preach and proselytize is no more.
The time to live in the Light is the present.  The Light is always and ever
present.  It is you who have been absent.  We forever and a day
await you at each threshold of your evolutionary transition and offer up the
loving embrace that is the unification of all Souls into harmonious accord.

Taken from Mitch Battros
Producer - Earth Changes TV

Venus Transit 2004

Time of "Apex":  Tuesday, June 8th at 6 AM (Eastern) 7 AM (Central) 3 AM
(Pacific)  UTC Conversion Chart: http://tycho.usno.navy.mil/zones.html

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