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Johannesburg : 3 April 2004


I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet
thee at this time and to bring unto thee the blessing of laughter,
emergence, love and strength.  Greetings, beloved ones.  We welcome you this
glorious day, and we thank each one of you for being part of the energy this
day, for we understand your busy schedules, so we do appreciate this.

Trusting the process of life is probably one of the most difficult tasks for
people to implement, yet it is one of your most vital tools of Soul
Survival.  Today we bring to you a visualization that will assist you in
mastering this process.

Imagine yourself in your sacred place, the space where no thing and no-one
can harm you in anyway whatsoever.  Take three deep breaths in through your
nose, and with each out-breath, exhale through your mouth.  Feel your
muscles relax and allow yourself to sink into the warmth of peace and

Visualise a magnificent white light streaming down from the heavens toward
you.  Allow the universal light to surround your physical body ... relax and
surrender to this light ... let go, release all your stress, all of your
negativity ... all anxiety, all angers, all frustrations.  Simply  surrender
yourself to the moment ... and allow the moment to take you to the next
moment without thinking about what the next moment holds for you.  Just
allow yourself to float ... and to go with the flow ... release the reins of
your wagons - your wheels will not fall off ... just allow yourself to go.
There is no need for you to control, there is no need for you to steer; just
surrender to the moment, to the path that lies before you ... know that no
harm will befall you ... feel the lightness of your being as you let all
anxiety ... all stress ... go ...

You see, beloved ones, when you begin to go with the flow and trust the path
before you, then all would-be obstacles that could be of harm to you are
automatically removed, for you are trusting your process; you are trusting
the path, you are trusting your being, and you are trusting the beings who
are assisting you in being your being, so allow your being to go with the
healing and to go with the messages that are being shared with you each day.

You need not think of what is being said.  Do not make any conscious effort;
just allow yourself to be and allow your heart to do the rest.

When you were born into the physical world, you trusted your mother to take
care of you, to nurture you.  When you looked into her eyes, you could see
her love; you could feel her warmth, and you knew you would be taken care
of.  When you expressed your need for nurturing, you were fed; when you
expressed that you were feeling cold, you were given  warmth.  Whenever you
expressed your discomfort, you were comforted, you were taken care of.  Now
allow yourself to go back to trusting like you did as an infant ... trust
your process; trust that what it is that awaits you is for your highest good

Many of you are working with the issues of trust.  When you express your
needs for assistance, we hear your cries for help.  Express what it is that
is required and trust that we have heard you, and then let it go, for if you
continue to fear that your prayers will not be answered and your needs not
met, you are interfering with the plan; you are interfering with what it is
we are trying to assist you with, because you block the process with FEAR.

When you enter a restaurant and you place an order for a meal, you express
what it is that you want, and then you let it go.  You trust that the waiter
has taken your order - it has been handed to the chef and you trust that you
will get what you have ordered.  You do not keep on calling the waiter and
giving him the same order over and over; you do not run into the kitchen and
ask the chef 'is my food ready?', 'what are you doing?', 'do it like this,
do it like that'. No, you forget about it and you trust that you will get
what you have ordered, and lo and behold, your plate of food is placed
before you and if all has gone smoothly, you will have got what you wanted.

So, brothers and sisters, this is the way you should behave when you place
your order in the universal kitchen.  We are doing the best that we can to
prepare for you what you have ordered in accordance with the highest will of
your soul, but when you interfere, you are lengthen the process; you are
create confusion.  Express what you need and then trust that you will
receive what you have asked for, and continue with your everyday life. Go
through each day; live it as if you already have that which you have asked
for. Trust that exactly what you need WILL be provided.

Now imagine a waterfall ... and the water flowing from the waterfall is
coming from the universe - the universal waters of life ... and as the sun
shines its rays upon the waters, all the colours of the rainbow are
reflected at you and connect with your chakras.  Make your way into the
water and stand beneath the waterfall ... feel the coolness as the water
flows over your body ... imagine the water cleansing your soul ... washing
you clean ... washing all of your pains, all of your sorrows, your doubts
and all of your anxieties away ... allow the waters of life to purify your
spirit and to cleanse you ... allow all your problems to be washed away ...

Now open your mouth and allow the water to flow into your mouth ... swallow
the water ... and as you drink the water, it cleanses you within ... filling
you with the universal life, purifying and cleansing you inside and out.
Visualize all of that which is bothering you or hindering you being washed
away ... allow these sacred waters to cleanse, to heal, to soothe you, to
refresh you ...

When you are ready, dive into the water ... see the life beneath the
crystal-clear water and allow yourself to have fun ... enjoy swimming in the
universal waters of life ... become a child again ... feel the innocence of
the child ... feel the playfulness and the joy and the laughter that a child
experiences when they allow themselves to be ... allow yourself to be the
child playing in the water ...
Now swim towards the banks of your pool ... and as you walk out of the
water, you will see before you a magnificent rock which you may lie upon.
Allow yourself to lie comfortably upon the ancient stones ... feel the sun's
rays warming your body,  penetrating your skin and filling you with its
energy and with joy and its life-force ...

Beloved ones, you have now purified your being, you have been cleansed with
the waters of life, and you have sealed your energy with the warmth of
father sun. From the time that the visualization is performed and the
following seven days you will be working with issues of trusting your path
and of trusting those beings around you who are guiding you. So whatever it
is that you need, place your order and trust that your needs will be met;
trust in the process of your life.

Your affirmation for this week is "I trust the process of life.  All my
needs are met.  I am whole." When you trust in the process of life you are
whole, for there is no-thing that can disturb you or create imbalance when
you trust in the process of your life.  Make use of your waterfall - of the
waters of life each day to cleanse you. I suggest that at the end of your
busy day, take 15 minutes, sit in silence and allow the waters of life to
cleanse and  purify your spirit and your being.  Swim in the waters, have
fun and allow yourself to be.

Now allow the universal light to work through each energy centre in your
body, slowly moving from your crown centre to your third-eye ... to your
throat centre ... to your heart centre ... your solar plexus ... your sacral
centre ... your base centre ... and connecting with mother earth, grounding
your energy ... see the light expand and envelop your body ... allow it to
expand and grow ... allow the universal light to hold you and act as a
protective shield of light against all forms of negativity.

Take a deep breath in, and when you are ready, open your eyes and exhale
through your mouth, feeling yourself fully grounded and back in your body.

Know that you are always loved, brothers and sisters.  Know that you are
always divinely protected and guided, and know that we honour each and every
one of you, for you have so much courage, so much faith, so much love within
your hearts, and this we honour, for we understand the difficulties of
existing upon the physical plane.  But know that we are always with you.
Trust in the invisible arms that hold you.  We bless you with much love,
with much light, and with the strength to see your healing through to its
complete state.  Peace be with you.  I am Kuthumi, Lord of Love, Light and
wisdom, and I greet and bless you in love.  Adonai.

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