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   Venus Transit Astrology Potpourri

"In Paraselsus's opinion, too few look up to the starry
skies 'from which an incessant stream of enlightenment
is flowing which is leading mankind to new sciences and
new arts. Music, for example, comes from the planet Venus.
If all musicians would open themselves to the influence
of her light, they would create a more beautiful, more
heavenly music than the hitheto existing.'"

      - Hans Cousto, The Cosmic Octave, p119


2004 is the Year of the Lovers because 2+0+0+4 = 6, the
Lovers. Uriel, the angel above the Lovers, is “the keeper
of the song that all will sing.” Uriel sings a love song.

The lunar cycle from May 19th until June 17th has been
called the Lovers Moon because it began in Venus (love)
ruled Taurus and flowers through Gemini, the zodiacal
sign of The Lovers, Tarot Key #6. This lunar cycle started
with a beautiful conjunction of Venus and the crescent Moon
on the evening of May 20th just as the Sun entered Gemini.

Venus, the planet of love, will transit the Sun on June 8th.
Five days after Venus will be reborn as a tiny crescent in
the early morning sky. The return of Venus is the rebirth
of the soul and of love.

During the past few weeks, all patterns that keep from love
and soulful union, patterns of distortion, attachment and
sexual impropiety have been being highlighted for elimination.
This clearing process can only occur through conscious awareness
and feeling. Souls stir out the dark within just before the
return of the light.

Attention to a dream, an ideal you wish to make real will
refocus energy being released from old patterns breaking
and move the energy toward possibilities of your choosing.
Look to the light overhead like the infinity above the
head of the Woman in Strength or the Angel over the Lovers.

Breathe deeply and focus awareness on core needs for self,
loved ones and the world. Energies released from pattern
breaking events these past few weeks will reconstellate
toward intentions put forward during the time of June 3rd
Full Moon and in the weeks following the June 8th Transit
of Venus when the goddess of love returns as the Morning Star.

FUCHSIA STARS LUNAR NOTES © 2004 June 1, 2004 by Lorraine Valente

THE LOVERS – Number VI – Gemini

The Lovers card depicts the unclothed bodies of two lovers, a man
and a woman. They bare their souls’ to each other. The man gazes
upon the woman while the woman looks up to the spirit, Archangel
Uriel. As the angel hovers over the couple, arms and wings spread
as if blessing the pair. The sun shines above his head, bringing
warmth and security and light. The leaves on the tree mirror the
hair on the Angels head…a symbol of the fires of passion burning
deep within the lovers’ soul. This Sun and fire is also symbolic
of our life force and our impulse to create. The fertile grass
beneath their feet, and fruit on the tree suggests growth and

However, with all the cards or aspects in a birth chart, there
can be negative manifestations of the symbolism of this card.
The snake coiled in the tree behind the woman is a gentle
reminder of the story of Adam and Eve and the temptations we
may be faced with.

The Lovers card “is” a card of choices. Choices can be between
sexual love and spiritual love although they are closely related.
The card can imply the struggling temptation between our immediate
material desires versus staying true to ourselves on our spiritual
path. There can be a conflict between different forms of attraction.
Gemini is a sign of duality and choices.

When we see the Lovers card, it can augur the coming or presence
of a Soul Mate relationship. It represents our most intensely
intimate relationships. Because this is a card of choices, it
could test our personal beliefs as well as our values within
that relationship. We may need to choose between with is right
for us and what is wrong for us. This could be an ethical or
moral choice. Please see what I have written about THE DEVIL
card which is the symbolic opposite of THE LOVERS
at www.FuchsiaStars.com site listed under Articles/Venus/Pluto.

In the Lovers card, the urge for union is rather powerful and it
takes love to the highest spiritual level, symbolic of the Angel.
When The Lovers appear, it always refers to a relationship based
on a deep, unwavering love. There is no force more powerful. It
doesn’t always have to be a sexual relationship although the mutual
sexual attraction can be unrivaled.

The Lovers card and the number 6 are about unconditional love,
strength, wisdom and compassion. How often do we give love without
judgment or strings attached to it?

Note: This is a portion of Lorraine Valente's free monthly
newsletter, contact her directly if you wish to subscribe.
FuchsiaStars: Astrological Insights www.FuchsiaStars.com
Karmic Astrology: The Soul's Journey 


The exact time of the June Full Moon was 12:20 am EDT on Friday
June 3rd. Then the Sun is at 13 degrees Gemini exactly opposite
the Moon at 13 Sagittarius. The Sun and Moon also made right angles
to Uranus in Pisces which opposes Jupiter in Virgo. These four
points together made a Grand Square that has brought out all the
tensions of the world. Because the Sun, Moon, Uranus and Jupiter
were all in mutable signs - signs of change - this could be called
a mutation or transforming Moon. What's has been brought to awareness
under this Moon can be changed as Venus returns to the morning sky.

All this month Saturn is hanging over the US (and GWB's) Sun at 13
Cancer. This brings a lot of heavy feeling and deep soul searching.
Saturn in its fall in Cancer brings out the shadow. As this shadow
comes to awareness its spell can be broken. Shadow Saturn is Sauron
in Tolkien's story. The shadow spell is broken as enough of us
discover the magic sword of truth and love within and sound the
note of our soul.

Big changes are happening this year with another important turning
point coming July 4th when the US moves out of a lost-in-shadow
12th house year and into a 1st house year of light. The 4th of July
just follows the next Full Moon on July 2nd. This Sundance Full
Moon will dispell the shadow and reveal the soul of nation and world.


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban opened in theatres on
Friday June 4th. The movie centers around a man named Sirius
Black who has escaped from prison. The plot thickens as Harry
comes into contact with Sirius who is a wizard himself capable
of shape shifting into a wolf.

Sirius is the dog star and black is the color of Saturn which now
conjuncts Sirius and the US Sun at 13 degrees Cancer.  Blackening
is a phase in psychic alchemy that requires soul searching and
suffering that prepares way for the whitening or enlightening
phase that follows. The sacrifice of the wolf phase is touched
upon in Liz Greene's Dynamics of the Unconscious and in J.K.
Rowling's Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix when Sirius
Black is lost to the underworld. The script of this book is being
lived out in this year: the shadow wolf will die so the new
world Phoenix can fly.

A Native American myth teaches the difference between the
two wolves that appear in the human psyche.

Lie on your back head north with hands forming a tent over the solar
plexus as seen in the Rider-Waite tarot image IV of Swords. What needs
transforming will be then be focused through the palm chakras onto the
solar plexus “altar” fire. All that's needed for transformation to
occur is to breathe deeply and focus on the light within.


Every 18 months Venus is reborn following a conjunction with the Sun.
Each Venus/Sun conjunction marks a point in the zodiac and these occur
in sequence every 144 degrees around the wheel so that every 8 years
a perfect 5-pointed star is completed in the heavens. So all forms
in nature with 5 symetry are said to be "ruled by Venus." All these
phi proportioned forms are in resonance with and channel the energy
of Venus. So the rose is the flower of love and the apple the fruit.
Love and creative energy are regularly renewed when Venus is reborn
as the Morning Star.

The cycle of the Moon moves tides of emotion as it moves the tides
of the ocean. The outgoing tide takes away what is no longer needed.
The incoming tide brings forth what is seeded at New Moon.

Similarly, outgoing Venus takes away whatever is not working in our
relationships. Old patterns and outmoded attitudes come up to be
released in the weeks before the new Venus. The shadow side of
relationships becomes highlighted. Where there is need for adjustment,
this need will be felt and expressed in some way. This time before
the New Venus on June 8th and during her absence from the sky
(June 4rd - June 12th)is a time for going within, becoming conscious
of what is real, and letting go attachments that keep from love.

The Mayans say Venus / Quetzalcoatl is in the underworld during her
8 days with the Sun (June 4th to 12th). People who are especially
sensitive, women especially, may feel more vulnerable and may do
better to spend this time quietly. This time is best used for
inner rather than outer journeying. Great good can come from
time spent within when Venus is making her night journey.

Psychic renewal occurs as Venus rises fresh from the sea. Renaissance
comes to the outer world. East coast dwellers will see Venus rising
out of the sea. Boticelli’s Birth of Venus illustrates the beginning
of the Venus cycle. An angelic trinity (the Horae) comes to clothe
Venus as she rises from the waters. Venus symbolizes grace, beauty,
love, and the creative powers of the soul.

All these aspects of the psyche and physical nature are renewed as
Venus is renewed. The degree to which this renewal occurs is in
proportion to the degree of letting go prior to the New Venus.

Graceful flow on the physical level facilitates intuitive guidance
that leads one to be in the right place at the right time to receive
what is needed. Yoga, tai chi, Pilates and other forms of body
culture can help release muscle tensions and related emotional
blockages that inhibit awareness and expression of core being.
Physical exercise is important to help balance and anchor
new realizations and open way for soulful relationship.

The Venus transit on June 8th is a special New Venus, the like
of which has not been seen since 1882 when Krakatoa erupted.
Synchronistically with Venus return, billions of cicadas are
emerging to sing their love song.


I have been reading articles focusing upon the Venus Transit
of June 6-8 2004 and though very exciting & often compelling
in their perspectives as to where we, as a Consciousness Level,
are 'headed', I have been feeling over the months that something
is missing. It began as a small 'bump' in the flow as I would
read articles & has now presenced into a fairly large void!
-----Ready it seems, for a Bridge. A Bridge from what the Mayan
Calendar states, and what astrologers state. There is a vastness
that seems, thus far unaddressed.

A female friend ...shared an article that seems to be part of the
Bridge I sense. This article, in short, states & I quote:

"It seems that the next eight years will be bringing to mass conscious
something that humanity has steadfastly placed in subconscious realm
for millennia -a mass denial, if you will. And that is the existence
of the empathic body as part of our birthright. We may also more
commonly call this intuition, and yet I have noticed that the word
'intuition' has taken on surface meaning, representing gut feeling
or even psychic endowments said to be gifts. It has not been used
very often to communicate the depth and wide range of sensitivity
that is our mature empathic body. This is perhaps because according
to the flows humanity at large has steadfastly held the empathic body
from being validated, not to mention matured. To put this in more
literal terms, this is now going to be given priority, ready or not.
Mass consciousness may initially try to shy away from this raw power
of love and intuition, yet this is the beginning of the new era"…..

Upon awakening this morning I was thinking about the Venus Cycle and
as I wrote to a friend, the following crystallized for me. This feels
like the piece I was missing, along with the 2 previous pieces I have
stated, seems to form the Bridge between the Mayan Calendar and the
astrological perspectives.

For me, as I see it, The feminine is the driving force for the next
8 years. **WE**(those of us in feminine emodiment) are coming into
control & it shall be so for the next 8 or so YEARS. Our years will
be equal to the feeling of 2,000 years!!!  No joke nor doubt about it.
The feminine all over the world are saying 'enough' in many ways &
acting upon it. The men & governments (masculine energy) will have
absolutely no seclusion/reclusion, no more lies and will have to Step
Up Beside us or leave planet. I see the Energy that strongly.

This Venus Cycle is BIGGER than anything we have experienced. And
as we all Know---we have been experiencing numerous events that are
'once in a lifetime' events and energies!  Most certainly, the next
8 years are a (sort'of) graceful way to shift consciousness. There
is another perspective that is out there which I have heard & feel
the 'rumblings' of thru the grids and that is that the Venus event
is likened to 'The Horn' which blows for the 'Turning of the Ages'
--Turning being the operative word. I sense it like Venus is
representing The Great Divine Mothers of All Existence. They/Venus
are providing ALL the energy, love, support, nuturing, availability,
opportunity, every possible 'thing' needed AND required for the
earth's inhabitants to Shift Consciousness. To balance the
imbalance between the polarities & the masculine/feminine traits
that are so out of balance & control that the expression now is
of war and destruction. Now is The Time for the masculine to fully
embrace their own feminine traits/side and to embrace the physical
feminine in integrity and true Love. It is most definitely THE Time
for us ALL to embrace and to live from Organic Knowing...the full
intuitive abilities that are our birthright.

Note: This is an portion of a letter I recently received from Rebeka.
please email Rebeka Michaels at ReBeKa92003@yahoo.com if you would
like a full copy of this text.


ENTER THE GODDESS Transit of Venus 2004-2012 by Allison Rae

On the stage of our current drama,
“The Transformation of Consciousness,”
Scene II, Act I:  Enter the Goddess

As we glimpse voluptuous Venus, bejeweled and beguiling,
we view our selves in her role.  Confident, sensual, self-assured.
The feminine embodiment of Divine Love, Venus takes center stage.

The script for this evocative scene has yet to be written.  Venus
stands alone.  Our gaze penetrates the depths of this ancient,
rising star, anticipating the jewels of wisdom about to pour
forth from her heart.

She speaks.

I am Venus
Goddess of the Night Sky
Preceptor of the Human Heart
Enter the portal of my loving embrace
Transcend your fear
Let go of longing
Abandon loneliness
Discover your Divine Self, your true nature, your soul
through me
We shall journey together, among the stars
to a place we know of as “home”



We are One
We are Love

Cosmic backdrop

In this time the Hopi call the Great Purification, we are
undergoing massive changes both individually and collectively.
During our lifetime, vast cycles of time are ending and new ones
beginning, basically all at once.  We are awakening to a Golden
Age of peace and enlightenment unprecedented on Earth.

Special planetary alignments facilitate this transformation.
The Harmonic Convergence in 1987 marked the beginning of a 25-year
period leading to the ending of the Mayan calendar in 2012.  This
is when the Maya say we will enter a new cycle they call the World
of the Fifth Sun.

The prophecies of indigenous people around the world, as well as
ancient wisdom texts, concur that we live at the time of a major
shift of consciousness as humanity reawakens to Aquarian ideals of
love, peace, prosperity and humanitarian service.

Throughout this transition period, star alignments signify the
types of changes that are moving us forward in the evolution of
consciousness.  These include a rare Solar Eclipse/Grand Fixed
Cross alignment on August 11, 1999; three Saturn-Pluto direct
oppositions in 2001 and 2002; and the Harmonic Concordance
Lunar Eclipse on November 8, 2003.

Most recently, a Lunar Eclipse on the Wesak Full Moon took place
on May 4, 2004.  This was the culmination of an important cycle
and catapulted many into expanded states of awareness and higher

Each of these special planetary configurations is a moment of
grace, a gateway to interdimensional awareness, a time when the
soul is exposed and ripe for contact.  They are moments when we
may awaken and align with our life purpose more fully.


Through the beauty and symmetry of the Divine Plan, we are
in the midst of yet another transformational experience, an
opportunity to open our hearts and know ourselves even more deeply.

This is the Transit of Venus.  The planet of Love will align
directly between the Earth and the Sun in early June, opening
us to the radiance of our own hearts and transforming us through
the power of Love.  The process is already in motion.

The Transit of Venus is a rare and powerful alignment when Venus,
from certain parts of the world, will appear to make a circuit
in front of the disk of the Sun.  Venus transits usually occur
in pairs.  This pair will occur on June 8, 2004, and June 6, 2012.
The resonance with the generally accepted Mayan Calendar “end date”
is inescapable.

Mayan Calendar scholar Carl Johan Calleman associates this Transit
of Venus cycle -- which he calls Passages of Venus -- with the
Meso-American prophecies of Quetzlcoatal, the feathered serpent.
Quetzlcoatal is another symbol of the Christ Consciousness or
Buddha Nature that is awakening in the Earth plane as humanity
and the planet transform to our naturally sacred and divine state
Allison Rae is a multidimensional channel, author and teacher whose
work inspires Lightworkers around the world. Her free newsletter,
"The Star Path," focuses on enlightenment and peace in daily living.
 For more information, visit http://www.TheStarCenter.org

Note: The above is an excerpt from a much longer letter,
contact Allison Rae directly to receive the full text.



A transworld ley connects 7 chakra cities in an exact straight
line from London to Mexico City.

Mexico City may be thought of as a root chakra where kundalini,
the Mayan "feathered serpent", is coiled. Boston is the Ajna
or brow chakra to which serpent or dragon energy is to be raised.
(Cape Cod looks like the serpent coming from the brow of the
Egyptian initiate.) New York City is the Throat chakra, the
creative center. Philadelphia (city of brotherly love) is the
Heart, Washington the Solar Plexus (with the largest solar
obelisk on Earth) and Atlanta (Hot-Lanta) is the 2nd center.
London is the Crown. In this view the crop circles that appear
northwest of London each summer may be images projected from
the mind of Gaia, mother Ceres, the collective anima mundi.

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands
but seeing with new eyes."   ~ Marcel Proust

JUNE 6TH-8TH FAST FOR GLOBAL ONENESS, a letter from Philadelphia

 Hi!  We are sending this to everyone we can connect with, hoping
you will do the same! We feel that these chaotic times need all the
help they canget and this can't hurt!

   Interestingly enough, the newest terror alert is for Sunday,
June 6 because it is 999 days since 9-11.  Code Red - Fear!
Instead of going there, we will be celebrating 1,000 days, June 7th,
when the Venus Transit begins in Europe,  as a turning point for
global peace.  1000 days of war (since 9/11) now turns to 1,000
years of peace.

     As you may know, we are about to witness a very rare celestial
alignment.  In its very unusual slanted orbit around the sun, the
planet Venus, in a 7-hour crossing passes directly between Sun and
Earth every 130 years, twice, exactly 8 years apart!  We are so
fortunate to be alive at this time as it happens this June 8th,
2004, next Tuesday morning just after midnight, 8 years later,
in 2012, on June 6th, and then not again for another 130 years.
The Mayan culture of Central America have been tracking this
particular transit for nearly 3,000 years believing it to hold
powerful evolutionary potential.

    Wherever you are, we hope that you will mark this time in some
significant way.   Many throughout the world are seeing it as the
beginning of an 8-year commitment to create a non-violent world by
the time of its 2012 return.  Gathering every June 6th until its
return, we will all be renewing our covenant with each other and
the earth to do what we can to end violence everywhere we can for
all time, bringing human evolution to a new place.

     To welcome and deepen this commitment, some of us will be
undertaking a 40-hour 'fast for global oneness' beginning Sunday,
June 6th at 4 pm and ending with the completion of the Venus
Transit on Tuesday morning, June 8th at 8 am.(all e.s.t.).
What is a 'Fast' for you?  No food, alcohol, cigarettes, nail
biting, tantrums, ... whatever it means, give it a try - it
may be the beginning of something very new for you.

      Many of us will be here at our Peace Prayer Park in Doylestown
PA (the Culp's house, 155 Pine Run Road - 215  230 0054).  We are
going to observe with only liquids, juices, tea, or just water.
It is totally up to you if you want to fast at all.  It is just a
way of deepening the commitment message to your brain!

     Sunday begins our schedule in the Delaware Valley as we gather
in Peace Prayer Park,in Doylestown at 4pm til sundown at 8.  It will
open with beginning ceremonies, music, movement, drums, art in the
park, and prayer/meditation.

     Monday will be spent in workshops on the Mayan Calendar, Yoga,
spiritual crafts like beaver-stick ritual, astronomy/ology, spirituality,
meditation, etc.  Some people will be camping and keeping watch over the
fire for the 40 hour vigil for nonviolence.

     Tuesday morning we will depart from the park at 4am for the Jersey
shore where we will hopefully observe the final two hours of the transit
beginning at sunrise around 5:20, hoping to see it as well as feel it.
130 years is a long time to wait for another opportunity like this.
8 years from now when it returns it will be over Asia and Australia,
I believe...

    40 hour fast/vigil for the Venus Transit!   Count down to our global
culture's "turning point" from violence to nonviolence!  June 7th, 1000
days since "Terror" broke out in the US ; 9/11... Now as Venus turns to
become the new morning star, and the 17 year locust vibrates and sings
the chorus of transformation, let us commit ourselves to work toward a
nonviolent world in 2012 when she returns like this 8 years from now,
on June 6th, 2012, the year that the Mayan Calendar cycle is complete.
Synchronicity is the key to living an awakened life.

      Love from Venus, Healing from Earth, and  Power from the Sun -
May it all be for one!

 Join the Global Oneness Celebration (on the web)! May peace prevail
on Earth/everywhere!

Letter received from Gary and Jennifer Culp gculp@erols.com

JUNE 2004 ASTROLOGY REPORT © Roxana Muise, C.A.P. [an excerpt]

June 5th  Venus Rx back in bounds. Accountability markers may be
called in, and issues may arise about finding resolution for impulsive
value judgments made during the past two months. Mercury enters Gemini
5:44 AM.  As the dancing grand mutable square process commences, the
rewards of teamwork impart meaning to the next twenty days. Movement
from a collaborative effort to taking charge in a considerate manner
can calm circumstances so that people respond well to a new leadership
role, built on past successes. An emphasis on mutually beneficial
alliances can invite cooperation. A time of crisis emerges on June 8
that brings out a great many previously hidden emotions. These must
be cleared so that reason can be restored. Direct input on June 10
can improve awareness. Breakthroughs in communication, or artistry
developed to expand understanding can contribute to team efforts.
June 12 brings a need to reevaluate and integrate spiritual ideals
within your project. By June 14, guidance from leaders and wise
advisors may seem to falter. However, it may be that new, enriched
ideas are being hatched, and it may take a while to communicate them.
Meanwhile, keep your well-thought-out goals in mind, and communicate
to your leaders the need to be realistic. By June 15, a revisioning
of the project will be available for your inspection. Keep your
perspective open and concentrate on being the peace and harmony that
you desire in your life. By the new Moon on June 17 it can be an
appropriate time to launch an official new version of your plan based
on fairness, teamwork, and a new philosophy of life that merges
timeless values and current needs. This may necessitate letting go
of old patterns, and having faith that those new patterns will help
bring success. Even though they are not yet manifested by June 18,
effectiveness in communicating new models of working relationships
can promise exciting and fulfilling outcomes. With the energy shift
of June 19, there will be pressure to fulfill promises made earlier.
Emotional support will be requested to help support realities that
have not been tested, but are based on sound principles. The coming
week will be the proving ground. If there is enough support by June
26th a powerful alliance can be formed that will take the first step
towards proving its worth. The principles in this scenario can be
transferred to various real situations; with faith and support, you
can use this grand square in a positive and constructive manner.


June is the month of love and relationships. It is named for the
Roman mother goddess, Juno (Hera in Greek mythology). Juno was the
patroness of women, the sanctity of marriage and the family. She
was also the guardian of money and wealth. She was honored at Rome
at the midsummer harvest. In Christian symbolism June is one of two
months (also October) when the Blessed Madonna and her Immaculate
Heart of Love is venerated. In Babylonian and Sumerian mythology,
Ishtar and Inanna were both honored as creation-mother-guardian
goddesses, and symbolize the story of Venus’ change between morning
and evening star. (See the book, “Venus” by Ronnie Gale Dreyer.)
Both goddesses descended into the Underworld, and both arrange to
have their husbands resurrected from death. Inanna’s husband was
Dumuzi. Ishtar’s husband was Tammuz. Tammuz is also the name of
the Hebrew Lunar month, which begins the Hebrew year. Tammuz has
its equivalent in the goddess month of Rosea. Rosh Hodesh (Hebrew
for new month) begins with a day of fasting at the Gemini new Moon.

The full Moon of June is known as the Celtic Oak Moon, the Wiccan
Dyad Moon (or the Strong Sun Moon), and the Pagan Rose Moon, about
which is said “Everything she touches – changes”.

Note: This is a portion of Roxana Muise's Astrological Report for June.
Email Roxana at roxana@roxanamuise.com to receive a free subscription
of her monthly newsletter. Roxana's website is 



Hello, everyone, this is Barbara Wolf.
Global Meditations Network.

Here are June events on the calendar page,
Especially important is the June 8 VENUS TRANSIT:

June 8, Michael of michael@spiritualpage.com.au has
compiled the following VENUS ARTICLES on
Our solar system is changing; Kirael - Venus Transit;
The Meditation at Venus Passage 2004 by Carl Johan
Calleman; Aluna Joy - Venus Transit_ Star Elders.

June 8, 12 noon central Europe time. GLOBAL MEDITATION
for the Venus Transit. A call for Global Oneness.

June 8, from Louis Mejia, lmejia@the-beach.net. On June 8th Venus
will cross our Sun. Imagine all the Love of God being showered on
the Earth at this time. It will be like a shower of loving light
from our sister planet preparing us for the Summer Solstice of
June 21st and our new body of Light.

This Venus transit has not occurred for 122 years and will happen
again in 2012. Venus, the planet of love and beauty brings a soft
energy, a gentle mirror to see ourselves in new light.

June 8, Maggie Erotokritou sends two links on the Venus transit.

June 8, SilverStar sends this URL,
which gives an interesting account of the year 1769 when sea
captain James Cook reached Tahiti to view the transit of Venus.
June 19-22, SOLSTICE. JAPAN, Mount Fuji,
WORLD PEACE AND PRAYER DAY, a gathering of all nations,
all faiths, one prayer, joining hearts in prayer for world peace and
global healing. Chief Arvol Looking Horse, spiritual leader of the
Lakota people and the 19th generation keeper of the Sacred
White Buffalo Calf Pipe, will attend.
June 24-27, Black Hills, SOUTH DAKOTA. Spiritual Unity of Tribes:
Gathering of Eagles. The Spiritual Unity of the Tribes is a gathering
of all people from all nations uniting spiritually through sharing
and respecting each other's traditions and philosophies of life.
Contact: Adell, adell@sunsinger.org; Gary and Mary Kate,
Tel: 605-673-4096 http://www.sunsinger.org/

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf

NOTE: These are excerpts from Barbara Wolf's monthly posting,
email bjwolf@globalmeditations.com to be added to her list.



MOONBOW OVER MAUI 5/4/04 (Sun 15 Taurus/Wesak Full Moon)
Post at http://www.spaceweather.com/ 5/13/04
"Dedicated to cicadas, the most amazing insects in the world."
Cicadas come out in droves every 17 years to sing their mating
song. More are expected emerge this year than ever before and
their population will peak this June during the Venus transit.
VENUS INVOCATION by Mary Orser & Richard Zarro
Please click on this last link to invoke the power of Venus.
Thank you Liz Magnus www.mermaid-uk.com
SABIAN SYMBOLS http://www.sabiansymbols.com


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Happy New Venus

Steve Nelson

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