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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
13 Ix, 7 Moan, 12 Manik

Greetings! We arrive, dear Hearts, with interesting things to discuss with you! As you know, the last cabal's illegal 'agents', who now rule the government of North America, are rapidly seeing many key allies fall away. This ongoing process is opening up new opportunities every day for our Earth allies to expand the coalition pledged to end its rule.  This 'end game' is reaching a point where a denouement of this situation can at long last be achieved.  In anticipation of this, we have been instructed by our ambassadorial and liaison teams to prepare for broadcasts announcing the changes in governance.  This will be followed not only by our formal arrival, but also by the release of presently suppressed, creative energy that will spark the development of centers designed to introduce you to many new technologies and alternative healing modalities. In addition, the distribution of vast, financial abundance can permit you to pursue a plethora of new career opportunities.   We fully expect to witness an extensive re-ordering of your global society. Our role in all this is simply to guide, to teach, and to advise, when called upon.

      Your benevolent and kindly natures have long been subjected to a great deal of pressure, stress, and misfortune.  It is vital for you to understand that this was a necessary aspect of a process designed to show you how the dark works to control and manipulate.  This knowledge can be used, as we have suggested before, viewing this dying world in a new light.  This understanding can breed great compassion within you, which can help you to accept the roles played by your rulers down through the ages.  The point we wish to make is that compassion and Love, harmony and cooperation are your true nature.  The negative emotions are aberrations conjured up by your dark masters and unwittingly passed on by each of you. This 'baggage' is now to be released. Furthermore, ever bear in mind the wisdom of relegating the dispensing of justice in these matters to Heaven and her sacred representatives. The Ascended Masters look forward to assisting you and providing the means to help you move on into a divine and glorious new world.

      This time of transition is quite confusing.  Many, whose role in your society is to gather facts and present you with the news, have used their authority either to mislead, or to lie to you outright.  These deplorable fictions are constantly being blared at you from a number of different sources.  Many in your communities are still caught in a stupefied daze as a result of these media bombardments, and so we ask you to use your wonderful abilities for discerning the truth to expand your personal information networks.  Much still needs to be promulgated by you and to a much wider audience. We are grateful for all that you are doing to pave the way for the coming events. Our broadcasts and communications will expand on your own and permit your world to come to a better understanding of what has been occurring over the last half decade. Besides informing your community about what is truly happening, it is also necessary to explain the truth about many other impending events. Be ready, for instance, to support your Earth allies by explaining why a change in government is indeed vital.

      The historic events on your horizon are actually only the beginning! Other momentous announcements will shortly follow them. You are about to step into an age of miracles, which will not only alter your scientific paradigm, but also put your philosophies to the test. Your part in this is to remain centered and focused. Be ready to provide the requisite information, wisdom, and support to your community. This will help to keep the situation as calm as possible. Rumors are bound to arise. You can assist your neighbors to discern fact from fiction. The coming events can foment social instability or unrest, which you can easily help to quell. After the broadcast announcing our benevolent existence, we can step forth and help you in these activities. The Ascended Masters and our liaison teams are prepared to manifest the Light healing technologies required to help your communities through the great shock that inevitably happens when a planetary society in limited consciousness shifts so quickly and so drastically.

      Once the new transitional governments are in place, your mission will change. Many new career choices will become available involving the development of new styles of community and the creation of community centers to inform and educate the global populous about who we are, and especially about who you truly are. Teachers will be needed to bring communities up to date about the massive changes in body, mind, and spirit, and about new ways of restructuring your society. Forums can be set up to discuss and re-assess humanity's role in relation to itself, its duties to Mother Earth, and your collective, divine place in Creation. A complete re-appraisal of your true earth history can show you the way to live in full harmony with the divine. These explorations will undoubtedly challenge many cherished belief systems, and this is where we can help you by offering creative and divine solutions. Remember, Together We are Victorious!

      As noted in many previous messages, you are now on the brink of great change. This involves not only forging a whole new society; it includes reinventing yourselves in a very short time. Societies at a similar stage of evolution will generally take decades or centuries to do what lies before you. You are, however, transforming yourselves with huge amounts of divine assistance. You also have fellow members of galactic humanity to help you make this truly amazing leap in consciousness. This in turn prepares you for the big event, which is your return to full consciousness. This divine state is your true destiny. And without it, first contact on so large a scale would be impossible. Hence, we have come at the behest of the Ascended Masters to guide you to your divine destiny. Your primitive, dark, limited world has reached the end of its journey. Now, your magnificent new reality awaits!

      As part of our preparations, our scientists have prepared a series of educative technologies, which we intend to introduce shortly after our first broadcasts. These can provide you with a semblance of telepathic abilities and, after some practice, will actually restore your own telepathic senses in a matter of days. This device, which also includes the services of a 'universal translator', can then act as a 'booster' to help you to contact anyone you wish, in any language. Your training in these tools will include signal codes and blocking techniques that allow you to speak and be contacted only when and with whom you desire. This will be the first opportunity for most of you to reacquaint yourselves with your 'lost' psychic abilities.

      This device allows you to receive virtual-reality-style presentations from us, engaging with all your physical senses and allowing you to see, hear, smell, and feel the environments used for the lectures. It will also interface with our more advanced teaching technologies, enabling you to acquire a photographic memory with a 100% retention rate. You will be able to retain vast amounts of raw data and the personal interpretations of the lecturer. This will further expand your own mental and psychic abilities. We plan to introduce you to a broad range of information about galactic society and a special organizing technique called Fluid Group Dynamics, which can be used to solve any problems you may face. As you can see, wonderful experiences await you. We look forward with great joy to completing this first contact mission with you.

      Today, we have continued our discussion of what is secretly happening on your world and of our plans, once the present UFO cover-up is lifted. We look forward, dear Ones, to open, 'no-holds-barred' communion with you. Until this precious moment is realized, know in your Heart how much we truly Love you! We now take our leave. Blessings! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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 A viewpoint:
Dear Ones,
A point in clarification is in order as there has been some confusion about the difference between the Galactic Confederation and the Galactic Federation that Sheldan Nidle reports from.  It is my understanding that the Galactic Confederation oversees the Galactic Federation. I was told that the Confederation consists of delegates from the different ET races and they are like Overlords who direct the activity of the Galactic Federation. I hope this clears us the confusion. It is my understanding that great numbers of the Galactic Federation are circling our earth now in standby to give us assistance.
Love & Blessings,
Suzy Star

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