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DK Teleconference World Service call, Halloween, October 31, 2004
Channeled by Terri Newlon RevTerri@lifetimeaddress.com

Djwhal Khul, here.  Tashi delek.

I would like to begin with a beautiful Violet Flame, the purifying,
transforming Violet Flame going all the way through the body.  We'll make
the invocation to reinforce the energy work which we set about yesterday
which was "Sealing the Doors where Negativity Enters". Just very briefly,
whether you were on that call or not, we put that energy as a blueprint out
on the inner planes so you can ask for your personal energy field to be
sealed so that no negativity can enter.  I might just add that that's been
part of the discombobulation that many have been experiencing or feeling in
some way, that things just don't seem to be in the right place anymore, or
that things that used to look very familiar will look a bit unfamiliar.
Because we're working here with shifting some dimensional energy, if you're
in movement, traveling and such, while we do this work, you may feel like
you need to pull over for at least a little while, or you can ask again for
your Chakra System to be calibrated to accept that rapid movement and that
your Light Body is out in front of you enough to sort of catch up to the
physical body.  Traveling faster than the physical body can move by itself,
a running pace, for example, does do something different to the Chakra
System, so I'm going to work this rather gently today.

We have something interesting happening.  Currently we have the moon
influence, which is really very strong today and I'm really very happy about
it.  Tomorrow morning the moon will move into Cancer.  Right now the moon is
in Gemini and I wanted to take advantage of the fact that the moon influence
is Gemini because it represents the Twins, duality.  We have a lot of global
duality going on.  We also have that duality between the physical plane and
the astral plane being at it's thinnest, so we have an opportunity here to
bridge the duality, just like you would balance a seesaw, right into that
middle point, and hold that middle point.  At that point, the other two
ends, say the physical plane and the astral plane, or war and peace, any
duality with this influence of the Gemini moon is going to collapse into the
middle.  It's just going to cease to have the strong polarities.  That's
what we'll be doing today.  We'll also be lifting the veils that tend to
distort things or hide the truth, or keep illusions masked from awareness.
So I'm very excited about that.  Now, just another comment, that in about an
hour (present time PST about 4:10), about and hour and ten minutes or so,
the moon will go void of course.  During that time, about ten hours, and
this is Halloween night with a void of course moon, it's really very tricky
energy that we'll be working with.  So I do thank you for calling in twice
today to participate in the event and apologize to everyone who waited
patiently on the phone today.

The energy work, then.  First of all let's bring in that beautiful field of
Christed white light all around the planet and in it we are going to see the
numerical code and the numbers that essentially hold the field together.
Imagine Christed energy all over the planet.  Then go to spots where it
looks much like you have a cloud cover, it's going to be that thick,
actually, and you might see a little hole in the cloud or where it's looking
kind of see-through, we want to make it denser.  It's almost going to look
like cotton, white fluffy cotton all around the planet.  And no gaps in
between.  So first we want to pack in the Christed White Light with the
intent that everyone on the planet, all sentient beings and the planet
itself as a sentient being, are all protected in this Christed energy.

Secondly, I want to bring in Divine Love, adding it as a soft pink color,
that beautiful Divine Love coming in.  And you should be feeling this in
your own vehicle as well.  Now we're going to bring in Divine Truth.  Now,
this is a very interesting thing to invoke and to make manifest.  And some
of you particularly, those that walk the path of wisdom, always seeking the
Truth, it's very important to you, and you always want that clear ability to
discern what is true and what is not.  We're invoking now in the entire
planetary consciousness Divine Truth.  That is not a perception of the mind.
It is not something that the mind would rationalize.  It's a direct quality
of Creation, just like Divine Love, which is sometimes called Unconditional
Love; another name for it could be Unconditional Truth.  I encourage you to
ponder on that and talk with some spiritual friends and such about that
entire concept:  what is truth, and is some truth conditional and other
truth unconditional?  It would make for a very good debate and any time you
ponder on something or debate it, even with your own self, it will bring you
to a deeper level of understanding of who you are as an eternal being, how
the Universe functions, how Creation is made and continues to operate, and
such.  It just brings you deeper into your own knowingness of what Creation
is.  So ponder Truth in the sense of Divine Truth or Unconditional Truth and
that should be a very fun exercise.

Now, let's invoke it a bit more, because what I'm seeing happening there is
it's sort of being deflected or watered down.  It's having a hard time
getting through the atmosphere, the planetary consciousness.  So, if you
would, please, from your position wherever you are on the planet, imagine
that you can reach right up and make an opening, that you're making an
entryway for Divine Truth to come directly from the Universe, from Creation
itself, straight into the top of your head.  (Pause)  Good!  Now some might
have seen some color, might still be seeing some color with it.  There is an
interesting color.  It's kind of a green/violet, but the green is more of a
pea soup green and then there's a violet, or violet/blue sort of inter-mixed
with it.  It's a very interesting vibration and it's new to the planet.  So
we're bringing in Divine Truth.  First we anchor, anchor, anchor the
energies and then we lift the veils.  We're not quite ready just yet.
Personally, let's lift the  ???  Veils, on your own body --- because I talk
about this repeatedly, you cannot give what you do not have.  So now that
you have the Christed energy, the Divine Love and the Divine Truth, in your
presence just imagine that whatever veil is there --- and it might be a big
dark veil and might be a tiny see-through veil and it might be just a little
swatch of veil, depending upon how much work you've done on your own
evolution --- so just lift your own veil and throw it away.  Throw it into
the ether and let it dissolve.  "I seek Truth.  I welcome Truth.  I reveal
Truth."   Good.

Now in this role, a little cautionary statement: now that you've got Truth
shining in all directions out of your energy field, when you are in the
presence of others who are resisting being truthful, even to themselves  --- 
they might not want to admit something  to themselves about themselves --- 
and they see you, and particularly they see your eyes, but sometimes just
the energy field around you, they're going to feel a bit uncomfortable.
Because it's like looking into the mirror, if you don't know how your hair
looks until you look into the mirror and then you can see it clearly.  You're
like that mirror showing back to them what they have not been looking at in
themselves.  So be cautious and be gentle.  Sometimes you might find that it
is easier to be around someone who is not being truthful if you don't face
them directly, maybe look off to the side or down toward the ground or up
towards the sky.  When you look at them directly they might see it as a
threatening measure.  So do be careful for at least --- let me take a look
here --- well, the 12th of November is a break point where Truth is now more
comfortable for most people, but by tomorrow I think it will be relatively
good for more intimate type relationships.

In terms of lifting the veil, let's help humanity a little bit.  Imagine now
that you're gathered around the Earth, in various points round the earth.
Just float to your position, if you will, whatever feels like your spot, and
then let's grab, literally, just reach in and grab hold of the veil, or many
veils, really, that have been afflicting the Earth and just lift it up.  It
will feel sticky, just like a cobweb or something.  Just pull it up and when
it feels like your arm is far enough away, a little less sticky, you can
toss it out the window, or toss it into a lamp, anywhere toward the light is
a good place to throw something away.  So it can be a light bulb or the
sunlight or moonlight and if you have to send it halfway around the world to
get it in the sunlight, just see it flying that far.  Let's take a few
breaths and focus on being present in the physical body again.  And now we'll
go back up and take another post somewhere round the planet wherever you see
a nice veil there that's creating distortion or twisting the truth or
spinning the truth, sometimes completely opaque, not allowing any truth in.
Once again, just reach down, grab a hold of it --- and again, it's sticky,
has quite a lot of tack to it.  It probably won't feel too good on your
hands, but just pull it up.  You've got quite a bit of help from the
Spiritual Hierarchy and even quite a bit more from the Angelic Kingdom on
this task.  When you feel you've got it far enough up, just (breathes out).
Sometimes you can shake it off of your hands, move them about or brush them
together.  (Breathes out again)  And I think we're ready to pull one more
off.  You're doing fairly well in your bodies.  You seem to have adjusted
pretty well.  So again, lift up and see if you can get a really big chunk of
the veil there (blows outward).  Good.  Good.

Now Let's go back to the focus inside your body, in your nice safe haven
there where no new negativity can enter.  Of course, any old stuff you've
got stored in there, I would suggest you're diligently tossing that out.
And again I do like the Sedona Method  (www.sedona.com) and any other way
that you have of easily and quickly discharging emotions without
re-experiencing them or re-hashing them.  I'm also very fond of the work of
Byron Katie, which is www.thework.org .  It's a little more reviewing and
selecting than the Sedona Method.  Again, if there's anything stored in your
body while the Angelic Kingdom is doing their sweep around the planet, we'll
reassess if we have to go back and lift some more veils or not.  While they're
busy with their task, ask your body to let you feel briefly what it has for
emotional storage.  Then just ask yourself, "Could I let this go?  Is it
possible to just drop it?" and the second question is, "Will I?  Or would I
let it go?  Would I be willing to just drop it?"  The third question is,
"When?  When can I just instantly let it go?" and then, (Blows out strongly)
then breathe it out, down the body, almost as if you could put a vacuum
under your feet and just draft all that energy straight down and away and it's
gone.  And then smile.

Smile, giggle laugh.  Think of a joke or a funny image, something that
switches your hormones. Retrain your hormones and you retrain the pituitary
gland, you retrain the gonads, all the brain chemistry, and then cell by
cell by cell, all the hormone receptor sites, which retrains the RNA and
then the DNA.  So this is a whole chemical shift at the cellular level which
takes place just by smiling.  Particularly so if you're letting go of, say,
some anger and you replace it with joy, or you let go of some fear and you
replace it with joy, or you let go of some sadness or pain, even physical
pain, financial pain, relationship pain, just let it all out.  And keep
clearing the emotional body.  This is the worst --- and I don't mean just
pretend to be happy in your head.  I mean really ask yourself, "What is
going on in my emotional body and how can I make it clearer?"  Because
anyone storing negative emotions during this time period, especially through
November 5th or so --- and on November 12th there's another break point --- 
if you're holding that kind of energy you're going to point it at other
people, maybe do some damage in your personal relationships.  Just know that
everyone is working at about the same point and don't expect yourself to be
clearer and don't expect others to be clearer, and just keep working.  As
soon as you notice, "That's an emotion I don't care to keep," let it go as
fast as you possibly can.  It's your survival recipe, frankly --- and I do
literally mean it's a survival recipe.  Don't keep emotional baggage.  It's
very important.  Either you're in control of your emotions or they're in
control of your entire life.  So, very, very important.

So, back to the veils.   We do have more to do.  Again, let yourself drift
up into the atmosphere, looking at the Earth, looking much better now.  And
again get a hold of one of those veils. What will happen with the Christed
White Light, by the way, is it will become a clear white light; so remove
anything that is sort of fuzzy, foggy, opaque.  Then we put a very bright
dense white light around the planet.  We're going to make it a clear,
see-through, truthful energy.  So pull up another veil or two or three,
whatever you feel you can handle (blows out), get rid of it.  Good.  All
right.  I'm told we are at our energy point, so stay in your post and
imagine that just reaching out with your arms that you can connect with all
the other Lightworkers.  We're going to see the grid of Lightworkers.  Now
we're going to bring in Clarity, a Divine Clarity, just clear, clear, clear
energy. We're going to channel that with the Divine Truth, and with the
Divine Love, and with a Universal Christed Light and all of them will be
clear.  When the Light is clear, it takes away the illusion from the mind
that it could hide behind a color or hide behind a pillar of white light,
much like children think they can hide the chocolate on their faces and
pretend they weren't into the candy.  The mind is that na´ve in terms of
working with the Light; it sometimes thinks it can hide.

All clear.  Truth revealed.  Truth be known.  Truth be revered, in other
words, so respected that everyone wants to move into Truth and disclosure,
communication, negotiation, agreements, again, talking on a global scale.
And we're going to work with a little command:  Abolish deceit now.  (Blows
out)  Just sort of decree it.  Abolish deceit now.  Feel the power in those
three words spoken that way:  Abolish deceit now.  (Blows out)  Declare it
as if you were getting rid of it for all of Creation.  It can no longer
survive.  Period.  It's a way of working White Magic in that you are
decreeing it to be so.  Not praying for it, wishing for it, hoping for it,
but decreeing that it's so quite powerfully.

Now, we'll go to the final step here, which is: ask your body, please, to
give you the sensation when everything is in the Light, when everything is
in the Divine Truth, when there's clarity, when there's brotherly love, or
sisterly love, when there is peace.  Ask your body, what does that feel
like?  Because your body will remember, forward or backward in time, or
inner-dimensionally.  Your body knows the sensation.  It's very important
that you can feel it now.  And to continue to feel it several times a day
until it's realized on a global level.  So you, as a sentient being, when
you feel the power of Truth revealed, when you feel the energy of Divine
Love, when you feel the energy of reverence for the environment and all of
those things that you're here to help bring into being, you need to let your
body have the experience of that kind of energy.  For some of you it will be
kind of delightful, and for others it will be calming, for others it will be
kind of joyous and exciting.  You'll want to skip and hum, that sort of
thing.  Others will feel like they've come out of being a warrior of the
Light and they can just relax and be on vacation now, like they're in their
sauna/spa experience, like they've gone to a great resort.  Ask your cells
in the body to feel the effect of Divine Truth, Divine Love and all that
Universal Christed Energy present.  And then when you have that feeling in
your body, send it out like a ripple in the water that goes out in all
directions and just keeps going for all of eternity (blows) and then gather
it up again and (blows) send it out in another ripple of energy.  Just send
that cellular knowingness, that cellular intelligence; it's a feeling
sensation, so, so important.  Noting is ever made manifest until it's able
to be felt.  And whatever you're feeling repeatedly is what will get created
in your life personally.  If you feel afraid a lot, you're going to have a
lot of fear-based reality magnetized.  If you feel happy a lot --- and I
mean feel it, not think happy, falsely so, but really feel it at the
cellular level, a genuine authentic happiness.  So again, bring the energy
one more time into the body, really feel it and then (blows) share it.  Send
it out to humanity.

Excellent work.  Now, just a little protection.  Imagine transferring that
protection aura to all the children (you're not really imagining --- you're
doing it), all the children of the world, especially to be protected now and
for their futures as well.

All right, everyone, thank you very much and my love to you.

Djwhal Khul

(Transcribed by Mary Smith)

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