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 LightNews 2004 Index   Saturday, 6:05 AM  January 24, 2004
Turtle Woman's Auto Writings
Saturday, 6:05 AM  January 24, 2004
Come now and say your prayers.  Your heart must be firm and stout.  Your choices are already made.  The outcome is Known on the Most High and in your heart.  But that does not mean that the actions must not be made, for the effort and application are both necessary and needed.  The promises are being fulfilled.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.
You have patiently waited and yet you are in the middle of your ascension right now.  Look around and notice that with all the dire warnings, with all the death and destruction, you are untouched by the darkness.
It is happening in the blink of an eye yet it plays for you as slow motion in time.  This is a paradox of duality, a juncture of time standing still yet fast forward, all holding it's collective breath, as now the scales are evenly balanced between the dark and the Light.  Any movement can cause the scales to tip.  Which way are the scales going to go in both your individual and the collective mind?  The collective mind can go one way while you are capable of being untouched and holding your own.  Whose universe do you live in?  Yours.... or someone else's?
In this delicate balance every thought, word, and deed weighs vast in importance.
You hear of all these terrible events yet you remain untouched.  Both worlds exist together now... the old earth and the new one, and you should be seeing indications of which one is truly yours.  Take that next step up the path of your power.  Claim the world you want.  Know that your path is filled with the Divine protection of All That Is as long as you walk in Truth and service to others.  Humbly.
Do you not see your simplest thoughts manifesting?  Have you not said to yourself "I was just thinking about that!" as it happens?  Are you given a problem one day that seems to "disappear" the next or is unexpectedly resolved?  Do you doubt your connection to your Self and the Source of All Being?  Why?  Look and really see what's going on with your world, not other's worlds. 
Some would label their manifestations as coincidence.  There are no ca-winky dinkies.  Some would label the changes in events as miracles.  There really are no miracles.   It is your personal power through your connection to your Self and the Source manifesting the results of your heart's desires or personal efforts for the Highest Good, according to Free Will.  This is part of what you are/have been striving for... yet many are fraught with doubt and disbelief when the goodness of their work manifests. 
When your power of manifestation presents itself, do you respond with "I can't believe it'?  If so, you are negating that which you just created.  You harm yourself with doubt.  You stop the creation of all which you have lined up to create in the Highest Good.  You negate that which you say you believe.  You are not walking your talk.  Or do you respond with "Isn't that wonderful!" or "look what just manifested, I've been working on that... and here it is!".  The difference is obvious.  Confirm the positive in your life and believe in your Self.
Look to your response at all times, it does make the difference in which world you are choosing to live in.  Look at how you are responding to each and everything.  The higher you rise, the more power you are connected to, the more delicate the balance of every thought, word, feeling, and deed.  The scales can tip in either direction and throw you off center.  Staying centered is of vital importance from now on.  You and only you are in control of your balance.  It is a matter of choice, of attitude.  Only you are in charge of that choice, no matter what the external circumstances. 
Question not your ability.  Doubt, the lesser energy of fear, is just as destructive and has no place in your movement forward.  Doubt will stagnate you and hold you back.  Start looking around.  Recognize all which suddenly changes to the better, to the more positive in your life as that which, in Truth, you have manifested.  The bird that sings is singing for you to hear.  Listen.  Observe.  Recognize.  Acknowledge.  You are the power of the Creator manifested.  Wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a big hug for a change.  Aren't you wonderful?
Aren't you precious?  Aren't you a gift from the Creator to all of us?  Yes.  Yes, you are...  and much more.  Do not let the darkness in the world around you thwart you.  You are the Light, illuminating the darkness.  The darkness can not touch you.... you touch the darkness and make it lighter.  You are the candle in the window showing the way home.  You are safe.  You are sound.  You are the strength for dispelling the falseness of fear.  Your Light is comfort.  Know who you are.  There are no doubts.
Stand tall.  Know who you really are.  Go within.  Meditate.  That is the key to Mastership.  That is the key to ascension.  Meditate.  Mastership comes from going within, for that is your true connection to the Self and the Creator.  That is where the higher dimensions exist.  Within you is All That Is.  It is not complicated.  It does not need elaborate techniques or ceremonies.  Those are only external rituals that do not get you inside.  There is no need to make it difficult or complicated.  A simple meditation with your attention directed to the third eye or crown chakra using the "Ah-um" sound will get you inside to the higher realms.   Preface your meditation with using "Lord of my Soul" and the Golden Light of Christ to protect you in your inward journey.  All power of creation will be at your disposal as you evolve and walk in Truth if you simply go within.  Meditate daily.  Meditate as many times a day and as much as you can from now on.  As you move up and forward, as you rise into the higher dimensions, you will automatically pull all that you love with you.  Your personal work from within is so much more powerful and effective than anything you can do externally.
Take care of your balance.  Be master of your mind.  All is a matter of choice.  Chose well.  Your best effort will be called upon very soon.  You are worthy of the mission you volunteered for on Mother Earth.  The cosmos supports you.  Walk tall and in Truth.  You are a child of God.  "The force" is not only with you, you are "the force".  Obe Wan Kanobie is not dead but alive and well.
Aho!  Here it comes!  Shock!  Shock!  Oh!  Oh!  Keep your feet planted firmly on the ground.  Listen inside.  Follow that inner guidance.  Trust your Self.  Self is getting ready to knock on your door big time.  Pay attention.  Follow those inner promptings.  Those who do not doubt the guidance from Self and the Source will come through with flying colors.  Doubt could be the death of you.  There is no time left.  Make up your mind.  Either you believe what you Know or you are truly lost at the defining moment of Truth.  Walk your talk.  Fence sitters, wavering in personal doubts, will not make the cut.  In an instant you will be presented with a situation.  Your spontaneous response, which will automatically result from either your Knowing or your doubt, will determine your outcome for eons to come in less than a nano-second.  Either you will progress upwards on your path or you will be removed from the game board in a flash.  Literally.  The choice is yours Now.  There is no time left for doubters or foot draggers to waffle.  Meditate.  Strengthen your connection to your Knowing.  There is no time left for doubters.  The wheat from the chaff in a nano-second...  and it arrives when you least expect it.  No time for doubts.  Make your Will firm.  The choice is only yours.
Archangel Michael has sharpened his sword.  Oh my.  Calm before the storm.  It's going to be very interesting.  Let your Self guide you.  Trust your Self.  You will want to be afraid with the adrenalin coursing your veins.  Fear is only a negative choice of the mind.  Your are the master, not your mind.  There truly is nothing to fear when you stand in the Golden Light.  You have "been" since the beginning.  You always have been.  You have only been in this body, this dense clothing for such a very short time.  This clothing is not the last suit of clothing you will have.  The crystal bodies are ready and waiting.  You have a new suit to put on.  You're going to look and feel mighty fine in your new attire...  your radiant Self.  So what is there to fear?  You have shucked countless garments in this journey from the beginning of All.
Hold fast and stand firm...  as the dance continues and picks up speed.  Hold on.  Hold on.  Hold on.  Let go...  A strike in the center.  Oh so shocking.  Lord have mercy.  The enemies giggle with glee.  Forgive them.  It will affect them soon enough.  High black cloud rising higher and higher.  Lord have mercy.  Anguish.  Destruction.  Famine.  Lord have mercy.  Run, run.  Run for your lives.  Lord have mercy.  Many, many die.  Lord have mercy.  Stand firm.  You are protected.  Lord have mercy.  Angels working day and night.  So many souls at once.  Many more to come.  Help them, help them as they cry.  They were not prepared.  Lord have mercy.  Must help them to the other side.  Lord have mercy.  Black, roiling, thick, death.  Come on over the mountain.  No time to run.  No time to hide.  Terrible, terrible surprise.  Stand with the Creator in your heart and mind.  Less than nano-seconds of time.  Passing fast.  Can not run or hide.  In a flash.  Shock!  Shock!  Oh! Oh!  No time.  No time.
Pray you listen just in time.  No more.  Gone.  Sadness.  Heartbreak.  Tears.  Time to spread your wings of Light and fly.  There is no question, you are the answer.  Help those souls.  Cry.  Cry.  Lord have mercy.  Lord, Lord why.  Help us help as many die.  Please don't leave me now to name the lie.  Death, destruction.  Mayhem.  Choke.  Die.  Many, many die.  Based from lies.  Some will survive.  You must prepare now.  No time.  Soon.  All will change soon.  Sooner than you would like.  Say goodbye.  Many die. 
Boom boom boom and your out.   Such sorrow and despair.  No normal repair.  Help coming from on high.  You must be able to stay centered.  You will be a place of refuge and hope.  Know what you Know.  No room for doubts.  Hang on through the most negative surprise.  Oh dear, Lord have mercy.  Lord's prayer every night before you go to sleep.  Surround yourself multiple times per day; morning, noon, and night, with the Golden Light of Christ and the Violet Ray.  Make yourself a stronghold within yourself.  Numbness from shock.  Healing ceremonies from the heart, not from rigid rituals.  This event can not be changed.  It must be played  out as the burden of the negative is too great and released, a cleansing of great sorrow.  Lord have mercy.  There is no turning back now.  Stand for who you are.  Let your Light shine... and be wise in all you do from this point on.  Lord have mercy.  Leave the middle now.  Boom, boom, boom.  The internet will be down as will most venues of communication.  Life as you know it is about to change.  Shock.  Shock.  Shock.  Oh, oh.  No way to change this one.  Too many too heavy in the dark ways - must be played out and paid.  Those in the middle need to move away.  Today, today.  No delay.  Lord have mercy.
Saturday, 11:09 PM
January 24, 2004
Walk in Truth.  Your time has come to take the next quantum leap forward.  You came here to answer the call from the Creator and the Mother Earth.  You came in service to others, not yourself. 
The Mother is moving into position now.  She has claimed and taken her power.  Stand strong and let your discernment come from within.  Your Self will not mislead you.  Hold to what resonates within you, for that is what applies specifically to you.  No one else is walking your exact path... you are the Pathfinder and Waymaker for others.  Let your automatic right action lead the way.  Nothing outside you can hold you back.  It does not matter what is happening on the stage of this play.  You are the Bringer of the Light.
Let the Creator's beautiful Golden Light shine through you for all to see.  Let your love and compassion have free rein.  Let no outside source derail or deter you.  External circumstances do not matter and have no importance.  It is the dark ones illusions.  Archangel Michael stands beside you with his legions.   The Creator's blessings are bestowed upon you.  The Christ Golden Light and It's power are within you.  There is nothing greater or stronger than any of these things.  You are on the winning team.    Know it.  Use it.  Be it. 
The time is Now.  Blessings!
Stay in the Golden Light,
All My Relations in Love and Light,
Turtle Woman, Oma
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