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 COSMIC NEWS             Want to Know What Love Is?         below

By M. Kelley Hunter   İ2004

May 4, TOTAL ECLIPSE of the MOON on the Buddha Full Moon. It is said the
Buddha was born, achieved enlightenment and died on the Full Moon in May.
This eclipse occurs at the 15 degree power points of these two fixed signs.
An eclipse closes doors and opens new ones. In this case, some doors slam
shut. Totality occurs between 7:52 p.m. GMT and 9:08 p.m. GMT (3:52 p.m.
-5:08 p.m. EDT, thus not visible in the Americas), with an extended shadow
time of two hours on each side.

The SUN in TAURUS represents awareness of the tangible physical reality of
the world and the senses, while the FULL MOON in SCORPIO pierces beneath
surface appearances to the energetic dynamics that generate the material
world. An essential tenet of Buddhism is that attachment to desire causes
suffering. Life is motivated by desire. It is said that the world came into
being through the power of Eros, the god of desire. Our desires channel life
force, allowing us to fulfill our purpose for being. Eventually we let go of
all but the truest desires that accord with the will of God. Scorpio is the
sign most associated with the desire nature and the will, be it
self-oriented will or surrender to Higher Will. The eclipse in
Taurus-Scorpio makes it more obvious that some old ways are closed and cause
increasing pain if pursued. New doors open based on your heartıs desire.
What do you long for?

This total lunar eclipse is the follow-up of the one that occurred on
November 8, with the Star of David pattern, representing the union of spirit
and matter. This eclipse continues to invite that dynamic and expands it
with the support of JUPITER TURNING DIRECT also on May 4.  Jupiter in Virgo
has been retrograde (moving apparently backwards) since January, sorting and
sifting and shifting priorities and is now ready to open up to further
experience. Listen to the mind-body wisdom of earth sign Virgo. Are your
priorities set?

VENUS in GEMINI is at peak brilliance. It is slowing down and goes
retrograde on May 17, the SAME DAY as NEPTUNE in AQUARIUS also goes
retrograde. Venus and Neptune intone a similar love note on different
octaves. Venus is said to be the esoteric ruler of Gemini. Its magnetic
attraction harmonizes Gemini polarities. Like the positive and negative
poles of a battery, the juice is turned on. Venus aligns dualities on the
horizontal plane, like male and female, especially when Mars is so close to
Venus, the classic mythic couple. With Mars on her left and the star ElNath
on her right, Venus vibrates with pairings. The Black Moon Lilith exudes an
invisible influence. (More on El Nath and the Black Moon in a second article
coming soon.)

Venus can also align vertical polarities, like the higher mind and lower
mind, a particular dimension of the Gemini twinship. You can commune with
your oversoul during this transit, especially since Venus is going
retrograde, auguring an internal communion.. The goddess calls us within,
seeking joy. What does she say to you?

Venus stations at 27 degrees Gemini as she turns. The Sabian symbol:
Where is your untamed soul gazing?  What is your deepest longing?
Opposite the zodiac point aiming at the galactic center, Venus is
translating information from the heart of the Milky Way galaxy. Itıs not
about what you want, but what life wants through you.

Neptune in Aquarius, squaring the eclipse and resonating with Venus,
confuses with a smoke screen or opens new wavelengths of the higher mind. It
is turning at 16 degrees:
Infusing social change with spiritual values is certainly a complex project.
So many are doing just this, beyond illusion and glamour to infuse the
business world with spiritual values.

A NY lawyer builds a house on a lovely Caribbean island. He comes for a
two-week vacation to work on the house. He spends his days on the beach,
snorkels the underwater worlds and begins to wonder if he really has to get
back to the city.  This place is hypnotic, he says. What he values in life
is starting to change.

A financial consultant works for both big companies and individuals. She
gives seminars on financial visioning, with a special interest in getting
this information to  women. She starts her interviews and workshops with the
question, What is your life dream?  She then arranges the financial picture
to support and fulfill that dream.

Comets Linear and NEAT add spice to May, along with the Aquarid meteor
showers. But they take second place to the celestial event of the year, the
rare VENUS OCCULTATION. By the end of May, Venus will set with the Sun and
be lost in its light, on a journey to the underworld, innerworld. Venus goes
retrograde every other year. Over the course of 8 years, Venus makes 5
retrogrades, drawing a 5-pointed star around the zodiac and coming back
almost exactly to the same place as she started. This highly aesthetic dance
of Venus makes a rose. You can cut an apple through its equator and see the
five-pointed star. (See attached drawing from Steve Nelson.)

This year, and again eight years from now, in 2012, Venus will cross the
face of the Sun. This is rare, a once-in-a-lifetime event that hasnıt
happened since 1882. Most of us will be able to see the small disk of Venus
cross the face of the Sun. The life force of the Sun shines through Venus,
sounding an extraordinary harmony, offering personal and beautiful feelings.
The divine feminine in her invisible potency. To see Venus when she is
conjunct the Sun is like seeing into the soul of the goddess. Use eclipse
glasses! She calls you inside, to tell your heart a secret. She wants you to
be happy, to love yourself and others. You can find astronomical info at

The zodiac degree of the occultation is 18 degrees Gemini:
Like the Gemini twins, two people understand one another in a foreign
environment. In addition to this meeting of East and West, letıs think South
and North for global harmony. Communication is a main theme. Who are the
people you can truly commune with?

With Venus in Gemini from April 3 to August 6, Venus is communing with
Neptune for an extended time. Also with Pluto. The Venus-Pluto opposition
was exact on May Day and will be twice again, on June 2 and July 25. The
Goddess of Death and Rebirth stimulates the power of desire and seeks to
reveal the highest truth. Relationships will be challenged, will end or
transform, and new potent ones begin. People in your life may come back
around for various reasons. What do you believe about love in your life? Do
you love yourself? The Universe does.

by M. Kelley Hunter


(with help from Foreigner)

May 19 --     The NEW MOON in TAURUS begins a lunar cycle ruled by Venus.
This new month opens the door for the goddess of love and beauty.
Appreciate those you love, consider what you value the most, think beautiful
thoughts, imagine true happiness. Thoughts invite experience.  Possibilities

May 17 Gemini, opposite the portal to the Galactic Center. She will translate
messages from the heart of the galaxy through those who listen with Love.
Venus has reversed her course, how heading back toward the Sun. We begin a
retrograde cycle that plays out into early August, a communion within our

Gotta take a little time
A little time to think things over
I better read between the lines
In case I need it when Iım older

MAY 17 ­ AUGUST  2-3
This Venus cycle is extraordinary and world-enriching, with its centerpoint
moment on June 8 when the disk of Venus crosses the Sun for the first time
since 1882. Venus will shine out through the rays of the Sun. The Three
Graces personify these life-giving rays, dancing like the flickering
sunlight. Flowers blossom in their wake, fruits ripen. Thalia is She Who
Brings Flowers, Aglaia is the Brilliant, Euphrosyne is She Who Rejoices the
Heart. The Graces remind us of the graciousness of life, even in a world
constantly pushing terror in our faces. Pause a moment, often, to stop and
smell the flowers. You may decorate yourselves and your homes with their

This mountain I must climb
Feels like a world upon my shoulders
Through the clouds I see love shine
It keeps me warm as life grows colder

As much as Venus in Gemini is like a butterfly that flits from flower to
flower sampling various sun-rich pollens, this retrograde evokes the dark
side as well. When Venus-Aphrodite made her appearance, it was said, the
heavens are assuaged and pour forth torrents of light; the waves of the sea
smile on her. But what about her disappearance, when she sinks beneath the

In my life thereıs been heartache and pain
I donıt know if I can face it again
I canıt stop now, Iıve traveled too far
To change this lonely life.

Itıs not all roses and romance when the goddess of love descends to the
underworld. With Pluto opposite Venus during the bulk of this retrograde
cycle, this descent is very deep. Venus can have a rather nasty side,
especially when prodded by Pluto. The arrows of Eros evoke frenzied passion
that can be dangerous. Venus is very aware of the many facets and faces of
love, from lustful passion with its possessiveness and jealousies to the
mutual respect and caring of spouse and family to sensitive compassion,
charity, gratitude and friendship of the soul. Strong, hidden feelings are
stirred, for better or worse. Aligning with the powerful, creative life
force may require letting go of old thought patterns, attitudes, biases,
judgements. May the Truth be known!

I want to know what love is
I want you to show me
I want to feel what love is
I know you can show me


The Black Moon Lilith is standing by Venus, whispering seductive mysteries
that lure the soul into ego-crushing territory. Like Kali, the goddess of
death and renewal, she brandishes her sword of truth. She strips away what
prevents your deeper soul satisfaction. Some relationships wonıt make it
through this cycle. New relationships can be compelling and transformative.
It takes more courage that one knows to get married during this retrograde.
Soul mate relationships tend to expose unconsciousness expectations, sailing
beyond familiar shores into adventurous oceans of the heart. Aiming toward
the heart of the galaxy, the cosmic connection.

Iım gonna take a little time
A little time to look around me
Iıve got nowhere left to hide
It looks like love has finally found me.


Venus circles your Sun sign and you are strongly affected by this cycle.
This extends to mid-to late Geminis, born May 24- June 12. Peak days are
June 8 (the day of the Venus occultation) and June 16-17, with your Sun at
the Venus stopping point. Look back to May-June of 1996 when Venus was last
retrograde in Gemini. What was happening in your life then?

Some born in 1947, O48 and early ı49 will have Venus on natal Uranus. Are
you one of Venusıs messengers of the higher mind this summer? Social
interaction and networking are valuable to you and others

People born with Jupiter in late Gemini are priests and priestesses of this
Venus cycle. Generally open-minded and multi-talented, these people tend to
be expansive thinkers, communicators, teachers or salespeople. They are
networking, seeking opportunities, exploring options. These people, young or
old, will be come out with all sorts of interesting gems.  This group
includes people born especially in the following peak months, though those
born several months earlier may also contribute:

MAY-JUNE  2001 These young ones also have Chiron opposite Jupiter, close to
galactic center point. They are really tuning in. Though probably talkative,
encourage them to tell you what they are thinking.

JUNE-JULY 1989  This group has the rare alignment of Saturn, Uranus and
Neptune in Capricorn. Perhaps they can write out some of their insights.
They are so ready for new experiences.

JULY-AUGUST 1977     July people have Venus in Gemini and August people have
Mars in Gemini, so this cycle is particularly emotional.

JULY into SEPTEMBER 1965 ­ Born in the height of the 60ıs, with Uranus-Pluto
in Virgo, these people are experiencing a huge consciousness shift now.

AUGUST into OCTOBER 1953 ­ Just completing their Chiron, there is a whole
new dimension of experience being shaped by this group. They may be
politically active or otherwise feel a responsibility to be involved with
shifting into a new reality.

AUGUST 1941-early JUNE 1942. Jupiter went retrograde, so this is an extended
group, ready to put the Word out. These people can make a big difference
through this Venus experience.

MAY - JUNE 1931   These elders have a wealth of experience to talk about,
and they do need to talk and be listened to during this time. Many offer
fresh, open-minded points of view. There are many power people in this group
that are re-evaluting life styles, values, etc,  and/or encouraging others
to do so.

JUNE into JULY 1918   Witnesses to almost a century of history, these elders
may share words of wisdom that stimulate new ways of thinking about things.
Ask them.

Of course, we are all having a special experience with the Venus cycle.
These are just some groups that are generally connected through a
slower-moving planetary placement.

CHART SPECIALS through June:

YOUR MESSAGE FROM VENUS: In honor of Venus retrograde, Iım offering a chart
reading focussed on the affect of the Venus cycles in your chart. In some
area, you are re-evaluating life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Our
discussion may draw on asteroids and Black Moon Lilith for further insights
from the cosmic feminine. One hour: $108.

Venus retrograde cycles are a time to re-evaluate relationship. An
astrological perspective can be helpful. Honoring the integrity of each
person, we explore the meaning of the bond between them--emotional needs and
dynamics, communication, underlying expectations, lessons to be learned
alone and together, the potential for shared growth over time. 90 min. $175.

 NOTES: Iım starting to plan my summer-fall travels, invitations welcome.

Astrologer Kelley Hunter lives in St. John, US Virgin Islands, where she
leads star gazing nights. She is astrologer-in-residence for the Self Centre
at Caneel Bay Resort and for the Omega Institute winter programs in the
Caribbean. Kelley recently earned her Ph.D. in an interdisciplinary
combination of philosophy, cosmology and myth. For an astrological
consultation or to be on her e-mail list for monthly articles, write
kellhunter@earthlink.net. Explore her website at www.heliastar.com

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