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 We are Archangel Michael, Sadiyaar, Kirael, Archangel Gabriel, and Tikele, this day for the Tikele Group.
Blessings, dearest ones, we are most pleased to be here this day, in service to you all.  

Know that this is a time of intense shifting energies, that are indeed affecting your energy fields, from moment to moment, in the now.  
For some of you this will be more of an issue than others, for you are each being asked to be who you are.  To be fully conscious of your connection to Source, and to Gaia, at all times.

What does this mean?  It means, dearest ones, that you are magnificent beyond measure, beings of Spirit, rather than beings of physical form, and the Spirit part knows it continues; the physical form, does not.  There is indeed a cellular consciousness that is part of the Spirit.  There is also a consciousness of the body that fears pain, that does not wish to be harmed in any way, and this is needed, is it not, for self preservation.  The fear that we spoke of in the title, "Dealing with Separation" refers to feeling oneself to be separate from all other beings, from Source, from the magnificence that you truly are.  Tikele herself is going through this also, in so many ways, and we know that many of you are doing this journey also.  

We ask you to be patient with yourselves, to know that you ARE moving as quickly as you can, on your paths.  For some of you, this does not feel fast enough - you wish to get out of this place of uncertainty, of feeling disconnected, and frustrated with how your life is turning out, how it is, in the moment, in the practical, 3D world of financial need and demands on time, that you do not always feel you are able to meet with the greatest of love and good intent.  We ask you to understand that the energy that is collecting around the Earth at this very moment, even as you are reading this or hearing this in the future also, that energy is one of a Love so powerful, so intense, in its magnificence of life and brilliance of form, that there are some who are cowering away from it - not because they are cowards; not because they have no wish to be part of the Light, but because they have seen fear as an all encompassing thing that takes them over.  

We ask you to look at fear as a need, to be recognised in some way.  Know that the fear means you have some hurt that needs to be healed, that needs to be expressed, and yet, perceiving it as a need, gives you a measure of control in your perceptual world, does it not.  By thinking of fears as needs to be heard, you can prioritise them, as it were, knowing they are very definitely there on your list of things to do, things to work with, and yet, they do not rule you; they do not take you over - they are simply a need that you budget for in your daily lives.  Is this not a grand concept?  We are most pleased to have developed it with Tikele this day.

The energy that affects your reality, as we said, is one of Love.  When one is faced with a Love that is overwhelming in its appearance, what happens?  You try to hide; or you turn your back on it, or some step completely into it, losing their sense of self in the process - or, that is the fear at least - the need, to gather oneself as a concept, that is not worthy of being who it is, and so must immerse itself in the Love, that is overwhelming.  

The issue that you face in each of these journeys, is 'who are you?'  Who is the you, that you know as yourself.  By immersing yourself fully in what you perceive to be the Creator's Love, you are indeed doing just that.  The Creator will let you stay there, for as long as you please.  For you are the ones who are in control.  You are the ones who are the Co-creators of the world that you live in.  That Love restores, heals, but it also demands that you experience life energy as YOU.  The Creator did not create each of you as separate particles of light, to have you come back and be part of itself, without being ready to journey forth once more.  Understand that the longing you feel to go Home at times, to be part of that beautiful Love, is a desperate cry for healing, for love, for nurturing of Self:  feeling yourSelf as worthy of love, for indeed it is, such a beautiful being.  You must find ways to enjoy your own energy, your own knowing, your own perceptions:  for these are the journey; these are exactly what the Creator is having you do.  

When one runs away from this Love, one is saying, I also am not worthy of receiving love in any form.  This is a complete misconception of what Love really is.  Love is unconditional; there is no judgement, there is no measuring, there is no pressure to return back to where you were a moment ago.  The Love that is there is something to lean into, as you feel the need, to reach out, and direct into your own being, to allow yourself to feel the Love of Self that is there.  For in doing so, you do nurture that self, do you not.  

Imagine that around this Earth, there are streams of energy, and many of you will already be familiar with this concept.  Those streams carry different vibrations.  They were indeed placed there, most carefully, by the guidance and angelic realms, to be of assistance at this time.  We ask you to imagine a thread of that energy, reaching out towards you, and entering through your crown chakra, to fulfil whatever need is there.  That request can be made for energy of Love, for energy of Healing, for yourself and others, for you can then direct this flow out through your hands, or simply by intent, to heal another, who has requested this form of healing.  This energy is powerful; and yet, do not fear it, for it cannot be used to harm - you will find that you will simply not be able to perceive its presence.  We ask you however to know that where your intent is pure; where your connection is one of creating what is needed for the highest good of all, that energy cannot be misused.  We ask you to understand that you may not always have the overview, and where you do not perceive this energy to be present, it is because it is not needed, or the beings concerned have decided not to receive it.  There is no fault whatsoever in your transmission of these energies.

Now, we have covered many topics, and, while we could continue for much time further, we ask you to work on your need for being One with the Creator; on your willingness to do this journey, not as a separate part of you, but as the beautiful connected being that you are - part of that web of energy, those streams of light, that surround the Earth, and nurture her at her very core essence.   We ask you to work with this concept also, sending healing love energy to Gaia, to support her in this process of change, to release some of the fear that is held in the mass conscious mind, that we often refer to as the 'over mastermind'.  Know that this fear is simply a need to be recognised, as one who is worthy of love, and is not separate, but part of the whole, singing and playing one's own tune, that is unique, that is in harmony, with the All That IS, with the Creator Light.

We love you, we bless you, we honour you always, in that Light.

We are Archangel Michael, Sadiyaar, Kirael, Archangel Gabriel, and last but not least, Tikele, this day for the Tikele Group.

And so it is.

Please advise by return email if you would like to no longer receive these messages,

loving blessings,



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