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JANUARY 2004    ISSUE 60 NEW YEAR'S Edition
Celebrating 5 years of publication
www.TheQuantumAwakening.com  quantum77@earthlink.net

Created, Channeled, published and copyrighted by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

***2004 Predictions: The Time-Walkers speak of what is to come
***Embrace what you want to Release
***Mother Mary "Initiation by Thought"
*** Everything in life responds to your thoughts and words
***The Gift of a Healing Anger
***Peru Journey, upcoming Workshops, services, products


(Sedona Journal 2004 Predictions written by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

A declaration of releasement is decreed in the year 2004. Each human being will walk through two portals, two-dimensional selves, and two probable realities to enter from the two to the four creating a circuitry of completeness. In 2004, you enter the 6th dimensional vibration, the 6th dimensional self, and the 6th sense as it presents itself in new undertakings and encodings that release captive information from the human spirit. As you walk into this repository of time and awaken dormant time codes holding information to come, information that has already been birthed, and probable possibilities, you will then un-code and decode what has awaited your approach.


What this represents is that circuits or parts of your DNA fabric and your cell coding as well as your chromosomal input will then awaken into a connection point without your knowledge of how to do such. Another strand of physical DNA intersects and interacts with the physical two strands, four strands and the six strands that the human encoding is already aware of. This bio-electrical connection will awaken components within the brain memory that has not been accessed thus allowing you entrance into higher awareness’ that will help you digest the truths, the illusions, and what is under-coated in falsehoods within your particular part of the universe.

Thus enabling you to pick your experiences as a Master that unfolds and in-folds upon themselves in all knowledge and abilities. You will no longer sculpt your world from your limited thinking. This connection in 2004 will open up a panoramic view of possibilities and probabilities. Allowing you to pick which world you wish to live in and what format you wish to evolve through. No longer seeing yourself as a victim of circumstance, but proclaiming and reclaiming your seat of light as a victor in the upcoming progression of creation.

Within the super-galactic center of the universe there is a portal that is 500 billion plus times the size of your sun, an entranceway into other super-universes. You were birthed from the center of that fabric of time. As the super-galactic center makes itself known to every cell within all life forms throughout time and space, you will then be ushered into descriptions and understandings that baffle you, yet allow you to walk into the profound ability that you have inherent within your stellar/cellular time codes. No longer will you feel a lesser species. You will see with the physical internal eye and the celestial external eye, into all abilities that go beyond description.

We herald from the womb of No-Time, as do you. We chose to keep our illuminated form in order to traverse universes and spectrums of realities known and unknown and birth civilizations into higher evolutionary patterns that are dormant within their binary and sub-atomic codes. You have within you abilities to join us in thought and fabric of time if you so choose. You look to your Christed abilities as something so profound that you will never reach it in this physical embodiment. We come to tell you that the Christed abilities that you so seek are but a single grain of sand on the universal beach of time. You are so much more then you allow yourself to see. We leave you with this knowledge that has the ability to divide upon itself.


bulletWhat lives within the cells and the stars becomes exclaimed and explained by those with a keen eye for similarities. Stardust dances in human cells, as human cells dance within the stars. Which came first the cosmic chicken or the eternal egg?


bulletTime reverses itself at a crossroads and cross section of biological matter. Science discovers the eternal fountain of youth and its biological counterpart. Thus endowing those with lines of age to see clearly as they take a deep breath of their second wind,
bulletTime disguises itself as events in the present. When in truth they are events taken from the past. Pictures taken from before serve to trick the masses now. Now you see them, now you don't. White lies, why lies and what lies beneath the surface only serves those who do not believe enough. The human genome matrix births itself anew. As humanity displays it's potential for manifestation through public displays of outward action.
  • People once thought to be controllable now step forward to let it be known and heard they are not, thus sending those in command in a tizzy.


bulletRadio emanations from a far star are found to hold a message. All is kept under wrap as the message warns of a collision of space and time.


bulletFissures in the earth's crust open to expose what was once buried in time that now can unravel biblical truths thought to be myths.


bulletNew denominations of religion are birthed as the old denominations crumble when the world views the new codicils of ancient script.


bulletRefuge comes to the surface that was long ago buried politically and earthly to keep it under wraps. Fingers are pointed to no avail. All have passed with time and the trail dead ends in the now.


bulletVirtual viruses still will abound but now they cross reality and infect the masses through thought transference. Thus proving all begins and ends with a thought.


bulletObjects abound in the skies/flying and still. Are they yours, ours or mine? Or a combination of all? Truth will not be known publicly until 2006 when humpty-dumpty falls from grace and all the kings' horses and all the kings' men cannot put it back together again.


bulletHolographic broadcast images are used to sooth the souls of countries in turmoil. Signs in the heavens begin at a desk.


bulletThe human soul uprises, as injustices can no longer be justified, a three-ring circus prevails as it merges with a Wild West show. The actors of the play take off their costumes and come down off of their high horse. Thus empowering the people once again.


bulletNature is beside herself with birthing the unknown, weather and animal patterns shift not with seasons but with the touch of a button. The light within the White House dims to keep others from seeing within. Nature rights herself in unexpected ways, which show her power to all. She comes in the form of disease, which invades the body of those who have done harm to her. Like the saying goes it is not nice to fool with Mother Nature.


bulletCures for diseases yet to be named will be birthed unknowingly.


bulletTime travelers come back to set the record straight, who what, when, where as to the origin of man.


bulletTwosomes abound as a horse of a different color relationship is created. Loves know no boundaries in or out, but reshapes its self to fit what is to be. Families that have pasted 'go' and no longer exist in a legal thought, now make their way toward each other. Husbands and wives that have parted renew their friendships but not their vows thus creating a place of healing.
bulletThe intelligence of animals once thought to be none, now proves itself through a series of unexplained events thus showing that the animal kingdom understand itself within itself. Mankind looks to the animals for natural truths that he cannot find within himself. They offer their advice through an intersection of healing without words. Tests prove the depths of these truths. Birds speak to animals upon the forest floor of upcoming dangers and dilemmas. Animals respond with a knowing. Humans are not so perceptive in this matter, as they await a final notice of what is to come.


bulletNew worlds are found within the oceanic depths that place mankind into another world. Many are lost, some remember. Ancient tokens make their way to the surface to be described and deciphered by those in the know.


bulletClimatic changes in pressure, personality, and weather all ride as a motorcycle with a side companion car in tow. Humans are more influenced by weather changes than previously known. As the barometer of self rises so does the temperament of disease and mental instability. Mental patients are offered a place to go with therapeutic pressures and barometric relief. These are artificial in nature. More and more will want to unplug from the weather as it is designed and redesigned in fashions that are not natural.


bulletCorporations are found to have a spider consciousness as they wrap themselves around the black the white the right the wrong of what society deems correct. The daddy long legs of all corporations is crumbled with one swat. Reverberations and re-calibrations of that swat are heard through out the world. Nothing exists as a singularity any longer in the corporate dialogue.


bulletTankers hold within themselves secrets as their water line is lowered. The heaviness of their load is discovered thus stopping them from embarking on a journey of destruction across the seas.


bulletColdness and refrigeration is found to deter satellite probings and heat seeking thermogenic display units. Thus refrigeration is used in illegal and threatening modalities as cover for what does not want to be seen.
  • Chicken Little runs about squawking as many things fall from the sky. Those in the know say no worries, but all should listen closer. Debris of unknown origin makes it way to earth. Satellites find themselves in living rooms and airplanes will lose their payload as molecules that once adhered out of shear joy now divorce themselves,

  • Elections will take a licking as the world scolds those that throw feces and dark debris at one another. Unleashing a new though of morality to be used as a cookie cutter design by those who know what works. Stencils for improvement are used by many.

More about 2004

Within the vibration of the year 2004 lives a portal of balance and opportunity to transcend our respective self described limitations in every action and non-action. 2004 brings us to a platform of balance as perceived and observed by those in polarity. It offers us a chance to open lines of communication between us and our Maker, no matter what or who we perceive that to be.

Our 6th sense becomes animated in all of its glory, opening windows to futures of choice and not condemnation. Allowing us to truly know where we drive ourselves at the intersection of every thought. A reversal of fortune and perceptions allow us into the truncated future we have created from our past thoughts. Perceiving all of its flaws with a heart that understands and lovingly picks up the fallen thought debris and places it at a higher octave of Christed manifestation.

2004 relates to love and passion made manifest through higher levels of a knowing heart. Conditions within the world and self once thought to be deemed so, now reverse themselves in a new pattern of healing an Old World heart. Passion is raised to compassion; compassion renews itself through passion. All is balanced as seen though a new part of the "I". What was once thought to be a gift of insight, is now common place among the masses. All come home to their divine attributes embracing the 6th sense as one of their own.

The polarity within the number two of 2004 walks hand in hand within itself through two levels of the void as displayed in '00' to begin at a place of be-four. Before what is yet to be seen, before what is yet to be created. Place your thoughts gently into the future as you describe to the DNA composition, the future of the future.


Written By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Every New Year when the clock strikes twelve ushers us into a new doorway of time. We make our decrees, our declarations, our resolutions and our intentions known to the universe. We sit with baited breath as we snack upon all the sweetness that the holy season placed upon our doorstep. Watching the calendar until that magical day of January 1 appears. Then we can be happy, then we can be slim, and then we can quit whatever bad habit is bringing us joy at the moment. Everything good, new, and shiny depends upon that single solitary magical day, when we enter the temple of discipline. No longer worshipping the sugar god or the carb goddess.

We read every new discovery and thought about how to become what we dream of being, of doing of achieving. Knowing that this is the time the year the place we will succeed. Focusing all of our attention and intention on what is wrong with us, instead of embracing what is really right with us. The universal law of creation is active within all of our thoughts. It does not stop and observe only that which is negative but loving embraces every shaved and hairy aspect of our human design. We ask the universe via thought and action to focus 100% on what we want to achieve, to become, to have. Leaving all other aspects of our soul and human growth un-tethered and unattained. We move forward like storm troopers going to battle.... with the bulge and the bad habits. The soldiers move forward, line up and are ready like antibodies fighting a disease. All hands on deck are sounded triumphantly, assuring success in this newest battle. The soldiers look out unto an empty battlefield, for in truth there was nothing to do battle with except self. Since we are one being in totality the right arm cannot do battle with the left little toe for they are one.

When you try to discard any aspect of your humanness whether a bad habit or big nose, you must first come into a place of loving what you do not love. Embracing what you want to release. As you Change the decor of who you think you are to conform with an unformed image of who you think you should be, release 'what was' lovingly. Don't just smash and discard what you wish to replace. Release it with love. Honor all things as you release them, whether 5 pounds, nicotine or a misplaced love.

In this world there are many more stresses strains and toxins than before, everyday a new food is bad for you and an old food is god for you. Go ahead and drink coffee this week but next week it will be harmful. We are defined by what others tell us is a truth, good for us or bad for us. Not longer do we use the inherent power we have to create within our own personal universe.

All bad habits are aligned with past lives that are carried forth emotionally or mentally into the now. Everything we have a charged emotion to reveals this to us. What we love. What we hate. What we Want or don't want is birthed from the past. Either present past (recent) or past-past (long ago). How many lifetimes did you vow never to starve to death again? How many times did you give up something to another, never to have experienced it, never having quenched your thirst? Does bread wine and cheese bring you comfort from a French lifetime? All memories are etched in our souls records and cell memory. Those that are incomplete or uncompleted come into this life to be fulfilled. In the heavenly realm there is no Godiva (notice the God-give-a) chocolate or Barnies Coffee. Sex is just a thought and not an action. Good wine goes to waste without a glass to hold it or lips to drink it.

Many who are alive as this time came in with a full karmic plate. All the cold veggies you did not eat lifetime after lifetime. For many this is a clean up, fix up, paint up lifetime the last one in earth's incarnational cycles. You come with multidimensional bad habits (bad habits need a body to work karmically through). Savoring all that life has to offer, subconsciously knowing that this is the last time to indulge, to taste the fruits of earth.

Come into a sacred place of respecting and honoring your humanness. Love your good bad and ugly equally. Taste all that earth has to offer in moderation; a little wine...a little cheese... a little chocolate. Let your soul smile without remorse. Live this life fully not fooley.


Listen to yourself as if you were
meeting yourself for the first time.
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