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DK Hotline, Tuesday, December 30. 9003

Three Star One
Channeled by Reverend Terri Newlon, revterri@lifetimeaddress.com

Djwhal Khul, here.   Tashi delek, a Tibetan greeting.

I'd like to begin with a sort of exercise of allowing the previous year to
flow away from you,
something like looking downstream, and you know the
water is flowing away from you.  So, your path --- in effect you know you're
not going to drag it forward with you unless it's fruits of your labor that
you really want to carry forward with you.  Otherwise, I would say, just let
everything flow away as though you are going to start fresh with a new plan
for the year.   That plan might be to increase prosperity --- it might be a
variety of things that you could do.

I think that I will work with some numbers today and some powerful
invocations that you can use to break through resistance
There's a number sequence that goes:

1 1  4      7  8  9       0 !

There's kind of an exclamation point at the 0; you just sort of feel
everything breaking apart.  You don't have to know what the resistance is
that you're breaking --- just any resistance you might have.  Or you might
know it's a specific one: resistance to a new path that you're ready to
perform, or resistance to a new job, or relationship, or maybe getting your
taxes done or whatever you might be resisting.  That's a good one.

Another sequence: to increase available money.  In other words, whatever
money you already have or is available to you and you want to increase
it ---  it's a good one for everyone.  And even if you think you don't have
money available, you really do.  So, this is a good sequence.   Whether it's
by virtue of a garage sale or other means that you can't see, there is
always a way to increase available money.  This is a very long sequence and
I break it up into four sections.  The first section is 4, the next section
is the number 10, then 8  8  8, and the last one is 6 2 2 5.  Really put an
exclamation point on the 5 to welcome change.  Again the increase available
money is:

4    10     8  8  8     6  2  2  5!

It's probably the most common holdback that I see for Lightworkers.  "I can't
 move into my service because I have to do these other things to pay the
bills," or "My service work doesn't pay enough," and so on.  So let's see
you break away from that one.

Also the joy sequence.  Say it a lot.  The number 9, which corresponds to
the blue/green color, which is the Ninth Ray of Joy and it's in three parts.
You say:
999  999  999.

Put it to a tune so you're saying a total of nine nines, three sets of
three.  Really smile when you're saying it, even if you're not in a good
mood, smile.  (Sings:)

999  999  999

Put a peppiness into it and maybe visualize that blue/green color, and so
on.  It will really serve you very, very well.  You can put that before or
after any other number sequence you're invoking.  Add joy afterward, put joy
before.  "I'm going to break up my resistance now" and then say your
resistance sequence to clear it and then joy to end again.  The subconscious
begins to relate to these things from a different perspective.

The other thing I'm going to share on this tape is that we have --- I
brought you an invocation on this Hotline recording in June of '99 which was
an invocation of Three Star One.  She is the Oversoul of Melchizedek, your
Universal Logos, the being that ensouls the universe.
  The Three Star One
can also be termed the Holy Trinity.  Her energy, the  Divine Feminine
Power, and all the other divine feminine powers, are going to be coming in
very, very  strongly, really starting today, December 30th, 2003 and going
very strong throughout the year 2004.

There is an ancient invocation for the Three Star One and I'll spell it for
you first, then we'll work with reciting it.  It is:

Nek  Hak  Nol

(SPECIAL NOTE:  It is very difficult to show you the pronunciation of Nek
Hak Nol.  Please call the Hotline and listen to DK's voice so you know how
to say it correctly.  Please do not email or telephone the channel with this
question.  The Hotline is a regular long distance call to Oklahoma:
1-918-222-7201, Box # 163.  24 hour recording, message lasts about 15

Three words.  The first one is spelled  n  e  k, the second one is  h  a  k,
and the last one is   n  o  l.  It is an ancient language, but it really
translates to "Three Star One".  That's what you're invoking.  It is a means
of reminding yourself of who you really are, that there's only One
.  In all
of creation there is only One and it's duplicated throughout all of
creation.  So you are literally one with the tree, one with all humanity,
one with the planet, one the flowers, one with all the animals, one with
everything.  There is no separation.  Period.  Only the mind sees separation
as an illusion.  So this is remembering.  It's going to invoke your full
feminine creative power and also balance the masculine aspect.  So, again,
it's pronounced Nek  Hak  Nol,  Nek  Hak  Nol,  Nek  Hak  Nol.  (DK softens
and elongates the "k" sound in the first word, seems to sharpen it a little
back toward normal in the second, and admits he doesn't know how the
transcriber is going to deal with that.  Neither does the transcriber.
However she does think it would be wise to point out that the e in Nek is
short, the a in Hak is like the a in water, the o in Nol is long.

So, I'll spell it again in case you don't want to call in again and listen to it:

n e k, h a k, n o l.  Three words with three letters each:  Nek Hak Nol.
Again, try putting it to a tune and singing it or chanting it.  Chanting
that for 33 minutes is very, very powerful energy.  Ancient language,
ancient invocation for the Three Star One which was known to be the energy
beyond Melchizedek, and that knowledge got to resurface a few years ago into
the White Brotherhood teachings.

Again, play with number sequences; see your past flowing away from you or,
carrying it over your shoulders like a bundle, just drop it.  Let it go and
feel the freedom of continuing along your path without the baggage, without
the bundle of the past.  That's what lets that feminine energy creatively to
come in and literally sometimes completely rearrange your life, because then
it can flow.  There's no restriction; there's no mind control; there's no
ego investment.  You really move into knowing what creation is about and
automatically magnetize service work to you --- just having, in essence,
right relationship with creation.  So, I'll say it with you for a little
while here on our Hotline recording. 
Again, the invocation for the Three Star One: 
Nek  Hak  Nol, Nek Hak Nol, Nek Hak Nol, Nek Hak Nol, Nek Hak
Nol, Nek Hak Nol, Nek Hak Nol, Nek Hak Nol.

 I also would suggest that you focus on what it is that you do want for
  I hope world peace is one of them and inner peace has to go with it
hand in hand.  You can't have one without the other.  And perhaps also,
then, your full service, for prosperity to move into full service and the
strong stamina to be required to do your service work or healing work,
whatever it might be.  Really start putting energy into it.  Whatever you
feed is what grows.  That's the way nature works.  If something gets food,
sunlight, and water, it grows.  Your thoughts are the same.  So devise a
thought, if you will, that you want to feed and then keep writing it down,
keep saying it, maybe invoke the Three Star One first, put in your request,
invoke joy.  You can certainly add in invocations for the Angelic Kingdom,
the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Planetary Logos, the Buddha, the Christ, and
whatever adds in for you and what feels like your own personal empowerment.
But design an invocation that takes you from twelve to fifteen minutes at
least, and then if you want to do the chanting for 33 minutes you can do
that as well.  Really put as much of your light into this as you possibly
can.  2004 is a wonderful year of opportunity and the creative potential is
very high, and the potential for world peace coming about is also very high.
Like anything, the other side of the coin is also available.  So, be careful
what thoughts you feed.  Please.

All right then, everyone, a very joyous New Year and a very creative New
Year to you, and as usual, I send you my love.

Djwhal Khul

(Transcribed by Mary Smith)
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