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     November 22, 2004

The Thinning of Boundaries
Through Marilu Wilson Peña

 Dear Ones,    It is a joy to be with you in this way again.  My heart is open to be one with yours.  Is you heart open to be with mine?  I invite you in the next breath to release the mental aspects of your being and to flow in the energy of Unity with me.  Breathe.  Breathe.  Breathe.  Feel the infinite bliss of prosperity in your breath.  The ever present celebration of infinite sustenance and nourishment is in the breath.  Breathe.  Breathe.  Breathe.

 Do you breathe into the cells of your being?  Do you breathe into the space between the cells?  Do you allow the energy to expand?  As you allow the energy between the cells to expand, you become less dense in matter.  Your vibration amplifies and your conscious awareness of your infinite essence becomes more awake. This is an ever evolving, ever creating celebration, if you will.  There is no stagnation in the infinite self.  You are never moving or traveling to a certain point.  You are always creating your expression of your infinite self at any given breath.  Can you feel the infinite abundance in this? No limitations.  No boundaries. 

As you allow the breath to be your example of infinite abundance, I invite you to celebrate it as the vehicle of love that unites All.  It is a physical celebration of unity.  As you breathe in this love and allow your body, consciousness, awareness to expand to the infinite, you will feel less and less boundaries in your world.  You will feel as if the nerves in the skin that cause you to feel separate from something, that define the boundaries of your body, will disappear.  Through the energy of love in the vehicle of the breath, you move to the infinite field of possibilities and pure potential.  You are One with All.

 Now that you have moved into a state of conscious Oneness, for you are never separate, I wish to speak to you about the most recent Presidential Election of the United States of America.  Did you approach this election with fear or love?  Did you vote of your heart or hate?  Did you campaign and discuss the opportunities in an energy of Oneness or divisiveness?  Have you seen the perfection in the outcome or continued to believe a conspiracy theory or journey in denial?  Are you worried about the state of the world?  Do you see that the very things that you hold opposition too are the very same ways that you have acted in this campaign?  Have you stopped to realize that the hatred and anger that you have for the current leaders and their objectives mirrors that in your heart?  Have you quieted your mind and judgment long enough to see that many souls are players in a great cleansing of your global family?  There are no boundaries in how these events are playing out.  We have told you many times that the macro-society mirrors the micro-society and vice versa.   Do you feel this election is any different?  Do you feel the world views are any different? 

The current affairs upon Gaia at this time are offering you opportunities for change.  In fact, you are creating these opportunities for change.  You are asking for change in the way governments are run, for more global understanding and unity.  You expect it to change in a breath!  Indeed so and it is!  But it is not changing by the old ways fostered by fear and flight or fright.   The new ways are coming through love and understanding that ALL are involved in every aspect of creation on your beautiful Earth.  So take responsibility?  YES!  Continue in the old paradigms of fear, anger, frustration and feeling separate from what is going on?  NO!  For this is not truth! 

 Celebrate the scenarios you have created for yourself.  When you embrace that which is going on in your life, knowing you are part of its creation, you can manifest the new life you wish to see.  Until then, you will continue to feel separate and judge that which you wish to change, instead of embracing it with love and nurturing it like GOD/GODDESS!  Watch your frustrations and judgments and they will lead you to some very deep and profound opportunities for harmonizing and rebalancing energies on the internal plane, my dear ones, thus empowering you into greater action in the physical.

 As for those impacting your world, see them as the God/Goddess they are.  The more you label them crooks, terrorist, thieves, tyrants, the more energy you feed to this paradigm.  As you think, so it is.  This just does not just mean your micro-life scenarios; this is your entire existence.  The more energy you send to those who do not act in ways that align with you, the more you ‘fuel the fire.’  If you wish to extinguish the old ways and create opportunities for new ways, see the God/Goddess in All.  Speak to the “I AM,” The HigherSelf, The God/Goddess of All beings and see them in the highest of vibration.  You know the power of prayer, holding an intention/vision in your meditation.  Knowing this, how do you expect any of the leaders of nations, anti-establishment groups, etc. to shift their perspectives, motives and activities to ones of peace and love if scores and scores of you continue to ‘through energy of hate, anger, frustration, judgment and fear” at them?  How do you expect them to shift, when you still hold them “in their box?”  Speak to them in dream time of love and peace, if that is what you wish.  Co-create with them in Spirit, to live the lives of infinite abundance in the infinite love for All, if that is what you wish.  You already know that when two or more gather, holding a higher vision, the energy increases in an exponential way.  Use the greater truths of your infinite self to bring about change in your physical world and know that all is PERFECT! 

 Allow the changes to come, as they need to.  Many are taking part in these changes in ways you have not volunteered to do so.  It takes great courage and commitment to walk these paths as others ‘throw daggers.’  Many have died.  Many take on “less than roles” so that contrast and comparison can show you the way.  When you honor these beings for taking on the ‘less than high’ vibration so that the greater good of society can create a new way of love, you can embrace all beings and honor them for the role they have chosen to play.   

Those who have held your silence, released your judgment, and acted in love, are creating the new vibrations. Your numbers appear small, but they are not.  Take note that your light is increasing and the brilliance is being seen through out all of eternity.  You are changing the tides.  You are amplifying the energy in each breath.  You may not feel as if a change can come about.  That is why we are here.  We are here to tell you the changes are happening.  The energy is shifting.  Do not believe your media.  The majority is still acting in old energy to preserve their status and income.  See them as the beautiful creation that they are and the ability to create in an even higher vibration. However, you do not have to ‘buy’ into their programming, messages, and negative vibration.  Use your discernment to feel when you are being told truth and when you are not.  Support truth when it is presented to you and you will always be empowered to your highest vibration.  The ripple effect is infinite and you do make a difference!  Drama is no longer the energy of the day.  Release it and flow in love… the infinite, powerful energy of All.

 In Loving Oneness,

Claiming Your Mastery
Kuthumi through Marilu Wilson Peña
24 November 2004

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It is I, Kuthumi, who wishes to be with you today! It is I, Kuthumi, who celebrates YOU today! It is I, Kuthumi, who celebrates you in the infinite eternity of your Divine Mastery! Will you meet me there?

Breathe deeply and allow the energy through these words to penetrate your being.  Breathe deeply and allow the energy of these words to unlock the depths of who you are. Breathe deeply and claim the Mastery of YOU! We do!

We, the Ascended Masters, have shared with you over many months and years that you are Ascending.  You are shifting your vibration along with Mother Earth. You are ever becoming 'lighter' in your mass and the vibration of your physical being is aligning at a greater rate with your infinite being.
Are you claiming this? Are you shifting your perspectives and choices with this understanding? Are you using the 'new energy' and all it brings to create in different ways for yourself and others? Are you still using the same mental processes of old to create your life? We are here to gently nudge you, encourage you, to 'play' with some of the new ways of creation that you and Earth are ready to explore and claim as a New Way!

Let us begin with communication. You have a saying; do you not, "If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?"
Well, of course it does, as you know that the vibration of sound is present whether someone hears it or not.  The other plants and trees feel it "hear it."  The animals around hear it.  The vibration is there whether you are conscious of it or not; you feel it!   Because your scientists have proven sound vibrations to your left-brain, you now believe this with the whole of your being.

Now, let us move a step further.  You are now being shown that your thoughts and intentions have an effect on matter. You have seen the experiments upon water with thought and intentions; you have seen the scientific study of the global consciousness upon computers at the time of the event you call 9/11; you have seen healing take place with prayer and intention.  So we ask you, if you send telepathic messages empowered by love are they still heard though the recipient may not apparently respond? If a tree falls in the
woods...  If a beings offers love....  Of course it is felt!  Of course
there is a sharing of energy! Of course! Of course! Of course!!!  So, do you do this? Do you acknowledge that YOU are that powerful?  Do you acknowledge that every thought you have, every prayer you pray, every utterance carries vibration to others?   Do you claim this power?  If not, why not?   You are this powerful!   You are this brilliant!

We invite you to 'be' in this way. In your silence, you are still emanating great vibrations.
In your silence, you speak with the Universe and it responds to you in like fashion. Are you aware of what you speak!? Are you aware of the influence that you as a Master have upon the Universe, all dimensions, all beings and all realms through your vibrational communication!? We do! We see the Master of YOU! We invite you to claim this. Simply begin to keep the awareness of this in each moment, each breath. Claim your Mastery, your Divine, Eternal Essence in your physical realm and communicate in a new way. It is no longer coincidence. That was a word you used until such time you energy maintained its higher vibration to exist in this world '24/7' as you would say. It is time that you claim your physical world is that of the Ascended realm! Hallelujah!

Many of you are experiencing new energies in your communication.  You are no longer 'hearing' in the same way.  In fact, your physical body is changing so that you are able to hear different frequencies of sound than that which you have heard here to for.   As your body shifts and changes to align with your greater vibrations, you do not 'function' in the same way.  The ability to hear sound as you had in the past is shifting.  While you still hear the sound, such as words being spoken to you, the words no longer may have the crispness or clarity of intonation, as you move into different vibrations.
You may hear the tones that are transferring the energy, but you are not receiving the words.  You are processing the energy through the tones of activating the right brain in these communications, instead of the old patterns of the left-brain analyzing the meaning of the words. Believe it or not, this is a more direct communication as you are communicating through the direct energy and not through a translation of the energy via the words and their meaning. At times, this may seem frustrating as you ask someone to repeat a sentence or question or you may not understand a lecture, message or show on television. Simply laugh at these times, as allow yourself to move into the new ways of communication. Play with these new ways. Play with them in times of joy and love and feel the energy of the communication. Play with this and begin to experience it so that trust will be nurtured for your further development in these ways. Trust allows you to release the old ways and take you to the next experience of these vibrations in a rich and grand way as you claim your Mastery.

Remember it is your choice on how to create!

With empowering Love!
I Am Kuthumi


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