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Fountain of Youth Series 8
"Surf's Up for Spiritual Currents"
May 7, 2004

As we begin to slowly examine that which was formerly addressed as a
Fountain of Youth there seems to be some anticipation for its impending
arrival. It is destined to grace the halls across this land as the Tide of
Oceanic events turn towards the moon of higher lights. If you go back to all
past channels regarding the youthing of a human structure the energy aligned
with spiritual currents of modern mastery will ride the surfboard of light
immediately. It will arrive on the coast through the Santa Monica shores May
10, 2004 and sweep the land for those connected to all moons of Source
Generated ignition within this system we operate upon. It is the entity
Apollo making a grand entrance through the moon light of old, shifting the
tides into a new committed force. Upon this area of the planet remains the
original stature of biological perfection. It will flow with a golden
molecule under what is known today as Topanga Canyon. There is a high
celestial being taking this expansion for heavenly flow and his name is
EZRA. The month of May is primary and rich this year in original development
and planning of earths magnetic waves connected inside a space that knows no
old prophets, engineers, or names. This space only recognizes energy
signatures. It is that blueprint we designed upon an electrical circuit
inside the human body termed ions.

You will have three sets of ionic waves to ponder. The first and most
dynamic of course would be the ions that run in accordance with the water of
the body. Since you have three quarters of water inside of the body it will
always be important to claim electrical currents of health by drinking with
the Keys of Enoch, and movement of Ezra with each sip you take. Water is
even more precious then gold in the coming days for those connected direct
with the hands of God to ignite this special elixir. To be exact once the
brain becomes used to strict mathematical alignments of a master it can then
move with the ebb and flow of light particles inside the house of light
unrestricted. The most important measurement in the body will be the divine
proportion of 1.777 in the umbilicus regions. As you imprint this with the
spine many of you are beginning to take note of the value of water aligned
with God/Goddess. There will be a seven-day cycle for many of you when you
increase your volume of water to heal, that which is still locked inside
cells of duality. You are the health care professionals of the incoming
tides. Medicines can no longer heal that which ails many planetary diseases.

There will be two systems rise to the top of society, one more connected to
power through control, or another healthy, vibrant and self-empowered. The
second set of ions is connected to the water inside the brain Alchemical
reactions. These ions take their entrance as soon as the spine, sacral, and
heart centers are aligned properly. It is the very proportion that blends
the head center in accordance with the brain so that the speed of light
transference system locks within. This will eliminate anything termed mind.
A master's embodiment will have the brain and flow of all incoming energy
with purity. The mind came into being as duality came into being. It is
something best left to density so that clarity can be restored to full
functioning capabilities. Some of the greatest scientists were limited by a
creation of the mind. If they had not been so connected to this moon flow
they would have brought forth a healthy balance and higher recommendations
for humanity.

The third set of complete ions moves through the Merkivah, which is the
energy field around the body. This set of electrochemical equipment comes
direct from Shambhalla. It will reside in the seventh dimension. As you
complete earth training and deem yourself ready to move in Ascension then
locks inside your human body which is quite a shock sometimes. Some people
who are feeling the necessity to drink plenty of water are taking this
upgrade as we speak. Notice how plentiful water of eternal light is healing
the physical. This is unprecedented for God Level Light Beings to
collaborate in group essence and develop the consciousness of radiant light
health inside the body. That is exactly what is taking place in recorded
history. Water bottling companies will be lead by new creators of these
molecules. Now doesn't that make sense? What you would pay for a bottle of
water and what you would pay a physician is a world of distinct difference.
Here is how you can begin.

1. Ask to be placed in the ebb and flow of spiritual particles. The ebb
working with Enoch, and the flow anchoring down on earth through Ezra.

2. Ask for the 5-pointed star of golden molecular transformation inside your
body. One on the bottom of each foot. One in the palm of each hand. One
inside the Amygdala region of the brain.

3. Allow your consciousness to connect with the moon essence before it
dimmed its light with duality. A precise timing mechanism that generates
Source activity will enter again.

4. Connect with the Quartz Crystal Kingdom as it measures up to higher
vibratory waves.

5. Eliminate dense patterns through the Solar and Sacral Plexus while
unifying the two sources as one.

6. While sitting up straight tilt your head over until the jaw almost
touches the chest. Place two fingers from your right hand just below the
neck or the top portion of the spine. Place two fingers from your left hand
above that at the base of the neck. You may move your fingers around a bit
until you are certain you have placed them correct. There is usually one
larger bone for people to work around. Over and under it. SET THE IONS OF
PERCENT AND FLOW WITH SPIRITUAL CURRENTS. Hold until you feel the energy beg
in to settle in.

7. Lift your head back up. Place your right hand just at the back of the
base of your head and left hand behind the neck. Open the ions that flow
with God Light inside the brain. Release the mind of lower matters, and
expand your own intelligence.

8. Blend both the spine and head centers together as one. Ask for lightning
speed strength and capabilities to open within.

9. Unleash Radiant Health Particles within the cells.

At this point in the meditation you will have fired the key codes of
Ascension throughout the body. There is no ascended master that can do this
for any individual. You must be able to understand and command in your own
value, quality and strength. Please pay attention to common traps spiritual
ones sink into.

1. Spiritual Warfare and defeating the current system.

2. Lazy behaviors and not taking full empowerment back into your own God
Level hands and hearts.

3. Promoting what is off or illegal on the planet.

4. You have the right to make new laws for others.

5. Religious fever, this happens simply because of fear.

6. Control and Manipulation by presenting self as the only messenger capable
of bringing in such truth.

As you review your own behavior trust that high spirited ones are setting
the stage to train and work with mass consciousness. This will be in the
school systems, entertainment fields, and spiritual education done with
focus and no battlegrounds. Always remember that God/Goddess only knows the
highest and best, and only commands the best. There is no sacrifice under
this arrangement. We must take care now to encode your unique Merkivah with
a multitude of ions from heaven. It takes great skill and a lot of care to
work with this team set up. It has exact foundational measures. Once you
have mastered the original blueprint, YOU ARE NO LONGER CONTAINED TO
GRAVITY. It leaves a set of options open you are not used to working with.
Enjoy the arrangement and alignments coming in. Pay close attention to how
young and healthy many entities living off the Santa Monica beach and
Topanga Canyon begin to look within the coming year. As well pay attention
to those that move from this energy field. It comes now with the moon tides
of Apollo, open for ripe creation with its Sun partner. In love and respect
for the human process, I am Ark Angel Zachary

Dear Friends, it has been quite a while since we have worked on these
channels. I am quite busy these days with online seminars, newsletters and
direct seminars. I have never been so glad I have stuck with these
alignments as this week. There is such a turn around opening spirit into
physical arms that it all seems so easy today. I wished I moved this quickly
years ago when I began training. But it did educate me on matters of the
heart. My life continues to be an everlasting surprise with spirit. I don't
think we have even begun opening our original blueprint. But I sure look
forward to them, as I'm sure you all do, Enjoy, Love, Lisa

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