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Message from Archangel Michael
August 2004 * LM-8-2004

Transmitted Through Ronna Herman

It is a most wondrous time for us all, an awakening we have waited for since that time in the mystical past when you fragmented yourself and journeyed out into the unknown on your own special mission in the name of our Father/Mother God. In addition to the angelic forces and the great Beings of Light, there are many members of your soul family present at your gatherings, and many who spend time with you during your sleep time when you soar the higher dimensions in your astral body or vehicle of Light. We hope that you can sense their presence, for they are celebrating with you. They have been waiting for you to reach a certain level of awareness so they could also begin to play their part in this grand march into the New Age.

There is so much going on that you do not understand, and it is important that you know you do not have to understand all that is going on in your world and in the higher realms. You need only be aware of the small part you are playing, and we do not mean to make light of the importance of your mission; however, you are only a small fragment within the trillions of fragments that are deeply involved in the process of transformation. Be that as it may, you still have an integral part to play in the Divine plan, for it would not be complete without you. You are a faceted jewel of the Creator with unlimited gifts and talents within waiting to be brought forth and manifested in the realm of physicality. You are a sparkling drop of Divinity within the ocean of life.

We have told you this before, but we wish to place it firmly within your mind: you have had many wondrous and grand experiences since first bursting forth into your individualized consciousness as a facet of the Creator. You have helped create star systems, galaxies, solar systems and planets as you assisted in the wondrous task of pushing the Light out into the darkness of the deep, the great void. You did not fear the darkness then, for you knew it was only the absence of Light and that it was filled with pure unmanifested potential. Will you now accept the fact that your shadow side is also filled with unmanifested potential just waiting for you to fill it with Light? It is also part of your mission to assist your host planet at this critical time to heal her shadow side and to return to harmony in order to rectify all the devastating damage humanity has wrought down through the ages. You, the Light warriors of peace and harmony, have the ability and the tools to help create this miracle and it must be initiated and accomplished soon if there is to be a decrease or cessation of the cataclysmic events that are now proliferating the world.

All that you fear and call evil, Satan or the devil, all of those things that you have fed energy to and have allowed to affect or control you throughout your many incarnations, are really only your interpretation of the negative energy that humanity has created. The negative thought forms of the collective consciousness of humanity did not come from the Creator; it is humanity's miscreations alone that have resulted in the dire circumstances you have undergone in the past and are now experiencing on your planet. The universal law of cause and effect has always been an inherent rule of Creation whereby all facets of Creator-consciousness must experience what they create. The fall into the density of miscreation whereby your auric field and bodily form were gradually permeated with the negative vibrations of fear, quilt, shame, feelings of unworthiness and self-doubt resulted in the formation of a great Karmic Board and the wheel of karma. You have brought forth with you into each lifetime some of the positive and negative thought forms and qualities that you created during past life experiences. One of the mysteries of life has been that some people seem to lead charmed lives in which they break the universal laws and have little or no conscience, but still gain great power and wealth and seem to be above the law, while other kind, loving and honorable people seem to suffer devastating tragedies and losses throughout their lives. In the past, it sometimes took several lifetimes to see the results of present actions and, therefore, you were not aware of what had taken place in a past lifetime or what a person would have to experience in a future lifetime. Be assured that karmic debts of the past always had to be paid in a future lifetime in an appropriate manner decided by the members of the Karmic Board.

The auric field of your soul is vibrantly visible in the higher realms and your every thought, action and deed was/is recorded in the cosmic records. Before each new incarnation, your guardians, teachers and the members of the Karmic Board assisted you in deciding the particulars of your next lifetime: your gender, your race, your parents, your physical characteristics, gifts, talents, as well as the karmic debts (negative thought patterns and imperfections) that you were to bring forth to balance and harmonize. This plan has been in force ever since humanity fell from a state of grace into the density of the third/fourth dimensions, resulting in the horrific living conditions much of humanity is now experiencing and the unconscionable rape and pillage of your host planet.

We have told you that a new phase of Creation is underway whereby some of the old rules and laws created specifically for the unique experiment in which you are an integral part are being replaced with new rules and laws. First, we wish you to know that we greatly honor those of you who have agreed to align your will with the Will of the Creator, thereby allowing us at various times to set aside your free will so that we may work with and through you for the greatest good of all. As a part of the ascension process, a great gift is offered to those who have balanced and harmonized their four lower bodily systems to a certain degree. You have often heard that you can move into a state of grace and this is true. You have also heard that the laws of karma are no longer in effect. This is not true; however, the rules of karma have been modified. Part of the ascension process involves healing the imperfections of the past by allowing the painful memories of your present and past lives to come forth into your consciousness so they can be transmuted in the Violet Flame of transformation, which allows more and more of the vibrant Love/Light of our Father/Mother God to permeate your Being as you rebuild your radiate vehicles of Light.

Many of you who have diligently stayed the course and who have advanced in the ascension process to a certain point are now eligible to step off the wheel of karma and into a state of grace. We have told you over and over again to endeavor to stay in the Still Point of Creation, in the power of the now whereby you are totally focused on what you are doing in the moment with Spirit perched on your shoulder as your sacred witness. One of the most important thoughts we have given you is: HEAL THE PAST, SET GOALS FOR THE FUTURE, LIVE IN THE PRESENT. In doing so you will not create any new negative thought patterns which will swiftly bring your chakra system and auric field into a more harmonized state. Then comes the time when you will have transmuted and balanced a major portion of your past life karmic actions, and you are ready to let go of and resolve all residual past life karmic patterns/issues. If you are ready and willing, you may go into your Pyramid of Light in the fifth dimension and symbolically place all your remaining negative karma from this lifetime and all past lifetimes on the crystal table and ask that your burdens of imperfection be transmuted back into neutral primal life force substance via the Violet Fire, and the electrifying energy of Creator Light from the great crystal that hangs over the table. It is important that you ask that this be accomplished in an appropriate and timely manner so that you may make the transition into your new harmonious state of Being with ease and grace. More is not necessarily better, and we wish you to be aware that your request will initiate a process whereby many of your firmly ingrained issues/memories of the past will bubble up from deep within your subconscious to be acknowledged and healed. (Many of you are experiencing this process now, even though you are not consciously aware of what is taking place). An important part of the process is to remain the observer and not get caught up in the negative emotions that are coming forth to be transmuted. Say to yourself, "This is the emotion of fear that I am experiencing, or anger, or depression, or guilt, etc." and observe within your body where this energy is affecting you. Sit with the emotions for a while and then you may choose to practice the Infinity Breath and watch as the energies begin to dissipate, or you may tone the vowel sounds which will also help to release the negative thought forms, or you may go into your Pyramid of Light and lie on the crystal table and ask that the particular energies you are experiencing be transformed into Light substance. You will learn to consciously take control of your emotions as you seek to gain the wisdom of what is being brought before you in this new evolved way of transmuting negative energy.

Now it is important for you to understand, you are being offered the gift of releasing all past life karma and any karmic debts from this lifetime as well; however, you will still be responsible for the thoughts, actions and deeds that you initiate now and in the future. The difference is that it will not take years or lifetimes for you to experience the results of your positive or negative actions. The vibrational patterns, both positive and negative, will return to you almost immediately so that you can monitor and fine-tune your cocreative abilities as you reclaim self-mastery. You will be clearing the slate very quickly as you learn to "Return to Center" and you will become proficient at gaining the wisdom from a lesson or interaction so that you do not have to experience the painful results of negative thoughts/actions.

The blessed gift of the Silver Ray, the Light of the Goddess that is now permeating the Earth and all humanity, is playing an integral part in the process that has most recently been initiated. The Gold Ray vibrations of the Father Creator supplied the desire to move out of the inertia of the past and into the forward momentum necessary to prepare yourselves to become builders of the future. Over the past years, you have been in the process of laying the groundwork or planting the seeds of new creation. Now you are ready to give birth to your new, harmonious creations; however, you must go through the elimination process by releasing all the old outmoded thought forms, addictions and limitations that have no place within your evolved body of Light, your consciousness and your new world. Remember, energy attracts like energy, and your intent is one of the mightiest forces of your God-consciousness. You have available to you all the cosmic life force substance that you can ever use, but use it wisely for the greatest good so that what you reap is the glorious bounty of the universe: unconditional love, joy, harmony, peace and overflowing abundance.

You must learn to prioritize, visualize and then crystallize your visions into harmonious physical creations as your abilities grow and you expand your influence as a self-master and an emissary of Light. Be willing to let go of those things in your life which no longer serve your highest good as you gradually define that which brings you great joy and satisfaction and is beneficial to yourself and all those around you. The world as you know it is swiftly changing, and it is of vital importance that as many of you as possible begin the process of bringing yourselves into a harmonious state so that you may become receptacles for the ever-increasing influx of refined Creator Light substance. There has always been a rescue plan in place within the Divine plan. It was decreed that all of the facets of Creation within this universe would be allowed to devolve so far, and then the reuniting process would begin. That is what is happening at this time, the gathering, the harvesting of all the beautiful things you have created, all your accomplishments that have glorified our Father/Mother God, and those things which have been beneficial to all humanity and the Earth. The plan also calls for the elimination, through the process of transmutation, of all the painful memories, all the failures and negative experiences of the past, for they have no place in the Earth's or your bright new future and the world of tomorrow.

Will you not ready yourselves to accept this wondrous gift that is being offered to you? Will you allow us to support, nourish and protect you as you move through this critical stage of your evolution? Will you be brave enough to test the process and prove to yourselves that it does work? It is a time of testing for all humanity, beloveds; however we know you will succeed. We will not allow you to fail. It has been so decreed. We radiate forth the Divine healing Love/Light from our Father/Mother God. We are with you always. I AM Archangel Michael and I bring you these truths.

Transmitted through Ronna Herman
* Please copy and share freely, however, I ask that you not alter, excerpt or delete any of this message without my permission. I claim the universal copyright for this article in the name of Archangel Michael. Ronna Herman * Hard copy, paid subscriptions via regular mail are available: $25 per year USA * $28 Canada * $36 International. The Monthly messages are translated in a number of different languages and posted on my web site every month. You may read or download them from the site.

Dearest friends: All of my seminars are special and leave me with many beautiful memories; however, the event I held recently in Nashua, NH was one I will never forget. I was a little nervous about the Friday evening with AA Michael whereby I would move my consciousness to the side and allow him to come forth for the two-hour period so that he could answer the attendees' questions. I have done a few Q & A sessions at other venues, but nothing like this. I should have known that it would be "a piece of cake," for the "Big Guy" as I sometimes lovingly call him, was in rare form and the questions were all on topics that resulted in articulate, informative answers that benefited everyone. Beloved Michael was also very present during the two-day seminar and he began to lay the groundwork for the new information he is now bringing forth which will affect all of us now and in the future. His infusion of energy and his message to the group were some of the most powerful I have ever received and it left many of us reeling from power of the love with which he permeated the hall and the group. This month's message gives part of the new information he is now bringing forth. After I came home and was preparing the message/tape for duplication to be sent to those who had purchased a copy, he asked me to record a special meditation on Side B. When I was ready to begin, to my surprise, it was the "Ladies" or the Goddess energy that came through. This is the first time since I channeled my master teacher, TRI-TON, that I have ever channeled anyone other than AA Michael. The energy was so sweet and I could feel the exquisite love of the Divine Mother permeate all my Being. The message is beautiful and very timely. The Ladies offer to initiate us into the Order of the Goddess and they tell us some of what is happening to us all at this time. I feel so blessed to be given this information and to have the opportunity to accept this beautiful gift of love from our Mother God. This is the most valuable gift of information I have been given since AA Michael gave us the "Building Your Pyramid of Power/Light in the Fifth Dimension" meditation several years ago. It seems as though our lives are really "revving up" and something big is in the works. I am excited about the future and what is to come. Please do not let the predictions of doom and gloom divert you from your focus on the Light and the miracles that are available to us all. I send you love and angel blessings, Ronna

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by Claudia Coleman
Email: starwavz@telus.net * Website: http://www.starwavz.com

"Transformation Trauma"

"Many old souls are now stepping out into the world to begin or expand their planetary service. This action is causing a number of deeply buried negative emotions to surface around issues of abundance, self-worth, accepting one’s gifts and abilities, or offering their gifts and abilities at a global level. For those of you who have successfully released core (past life) and current life negative emotional issues and are still experiencing physical or emotional challenges, you might be experiencing "transformation trauma." Negative emotional issues specifically related to personal transformation and planetary service have surfaced at this time accompanied by the additional challenge of the subconscious mind attempting to prevent full activation of our planetary service. I’ve learned that our subconscious mind which holds the memories of all the lifetimes in which we have been persecuted, tortured or killed for expressing our True Selves in planetary service, is refusing to allow us to release the negative emotional issues permanently. Based on its memories, it perceives that permanently releasing any obstacle to planetary service would threaten our survival and therefore must protect us by refusing to let go of the negative emotional issues. For my clients I’ve added a new emotional release exercise specifically for these issues, so that they can "boldly go where no lightworkers have gone before!"

Until next month--Be Well. Claudia

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