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 Jan 01, 04
Special Message from Lord Enki, 
It has been a day of much activity. Some of that activity has been on the ship Nibiru. We (with St. Germain, Sananda, Archangel Michael, Mother Sehkmet, and Members of the Galactic Federation) have been traveling today, and there are plans afoot that will bring the house down so to speak, for when the outlaying of the plans we have been involved with today comes to be, there will be many people who will lay down their arms, lay down their old beliefs and come to the front of what it is that they know to be true.

 There are also those who will run from the truth, for they fear it so. There will be those who will be in denial of the truth, and when this happens it is up to all of you who know the truth to be there for them, for they will need you. They know not that, but they will need you. Not so much your words, but your love and the energy of understanding and compassion that you send their way that you hold for them in your hearts. There will be many troubled hearts and many troubled souls, for all that they base their lives on, not only through this lifetime, but through others, will be, in their eyes, shattered and become but a mere shadow on the floor around them.  So hold that light strong and sure for these ones, for they will need all of that light and that compassion that they can draw in.   Some of them will not be able to withstand it.  Some of them will choose to leave.  Some of them will choose to banish you from their lives. Some of them will find solace in ways that do not serve them.  Some of them will find that the road that they travel is full of thorns, full of obstacles to their well-being.  These are the ones, dear ones that you hold in your heart, hold in your love, and in some cases say goodbye to them.

We do not wish to be solemn this evening, however we wish for you to know in part what is coming very, very shortly. For we have seen the wailings, and we have seen the tears, and we have seen the confusion, and we have seen the despairing hearts at the news that is about to pop to them on the television screens. And when this happens, all of the work that you have done to this point will be called upon for strength for these ones. There are many of you; there are numbers of you who are ready and waiting for this, and in this we join you. This is why there will be a visitation within a few days of the announcement so that these ones will be able to call upon the increase of energy that will be there for them. I do not wish to bring this somber note into this evening, however it is so close upon us I feel the need. I am compelled to bring this understanding in a closer manner, and I feel that need so deeply, for I feel it in my heart, and I feel the turmoil that they all will go through. This has been a day of trials; this has been a day of laying the footwork. This has been a day of collecting energies of remembrance and assimilating them within our beingness so that we may come and be of service in the best way that we can.

This is a grand time for all who live on earth and all who surround earth at this time. There is to be a major awakening with many people through this next period of time on earth. When we see this all unfolding we will know that we are about to trip into that new golden age. When that happens there will be so many messengers of the truth, that anyone who turns a corner with a question in their heart will find an answer for themselves right there. It will be on every corner; it will be in every theater; it will be in every book. It will be in every church, it will be in every wayfarer s way. It will be in the very air that you breathe. All people need do is breathe in the truth that is hanging close in the air and they will find that recognition within them. That recognition is that they either will accept whatever is going on, or in agreement they will go on in their slumber and find the path a challenging one.

And this is where the compassion comes in, my friends. For those who wish to remain asleep, going through this journey to another place, where they will be able to carry on in the wishes that they desire. No one ever, ever is lost to the Supreme Source Creator. This is always the law of the universe, of existence. There are no lost ones ever. It may not always seem that you take the same circuit, and this is the way it is. There are so many circuits that are taken it is infinitesimal. When this grand awakening of all these beautiful souls on this earth takes place, of those who have chosen this, to awaken and lead the way, there will be a grand procession such as you have never seen in your lifetimes. And I take you back to the origins of your lifetimes on earth. This is something coming that you have never experienced here on earth before in this long and glorious history of experience on earth.

What is about to come is far, far richer than anything that you have had in experience so far. What I am telling you now is, this is not the only time that this whole sequence of history is taking place. There is a parallel to this sequence of history in which what your Bible calls Armageddon did take place as was written in the Bible. Why do you think the energy of that is so strong? Because now you re writing it differently, now you are living it differently. You went through it once in that other parallel. This is what it is to revisit history and change it. This is what you are doing. Instead of doing what you did before, you are not going to do it, because that intent to carry on into your lightbodyness is so strong against that memory of the destruction, that you will not, absolutely will not, allow that. So when we speak of not allowing it, we are speaking in the echoes of your own voices. It is not just us. We are not separate from you. We are speaking and you are speaking through us. It is YOU who are intervening through us, and you will not allow that to happen again. So with this new understanding, take this to bed with you tonight.

Realize the depth of what I speak, for I have, like you come back from that oblivion, and I'm doing it differently this time along with you. I, Lord Enki, carry the banner of freedom and justice and love and infinity through the doors of time with you. This time we get it the way we want it. This is what we revisited today, going back to the Nibiru planet, which is a ship. We revisited that hell, we revisited that oblivion, and we brought back to life the dream that we had when we first set foot on this planet. This time, our vision, when it gets to that point, changes course. You have already gone beyond that point, my dear ones. This time the course is set for success, and you are already making that journey into your lightbodyness.

This is what I am telling you. This is what I am bringing to you, the truth of your own creation,  and your own fulfillment of the promise that you made to yourselves from that void. You came back from that void, and you made a solemn vow to do it again, and to write a different ending to the story. And this is what I wanted you to know tonight, cause it changes history. And it changes the energy in which we go from here in our work. To know the certainty of the road we travel now, and to know what we have done. To know our capabilities, and to know there is no limit. And this is what I wanted you to know tonight, cause it changes history.

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